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King Tai shouted loudly, and summoned a two meter tall star-beast. Its head was like that of a leopard, its body was like that of a tiger, and its tail was like that of a scorpion. Its entire body was blood-red. It looked exceptionally ferocious.

Ye Xiwen had seen the record of this strange star-beast in the ancient books. It was the combination of three animals — leopard, tiger, and scorpion. It wasn't known to which species of demon-beasts it belonged. All the fierce beasts of the world like the demon-beasts, the star-beasts, and so on followed a simple principle... the purer the blood, the more ferocious the beast is. The human race also followed this rule. The men who possessed the blood of the ancient humans were awfully powerful.

However, this hybrid beast was clearly an exception to this rule. It looked insolent and fierce as it raised its head and roared. Its roar shook the entire surrounding space. It was incomparably dreadful.

This star-beast possessed an incredibly ominous dominance. It looked like the king of the beasts. It looked up and stood straight. Then, it trod with its four claws, and ripped apart the space.

This fight had attracted many experts here. A lot of experts had left for the Great Gas Collar. However, some of the experts believed that they wouldn't get any good opportunities to obtain divine treasures at the Great Gas Collar. After all, those fortuitous encounters came with brutal killings. They either believed that they didn't possess enough strength or they believed that they didn't have good luck. Basically, they were just too ordinary. The majority of them were the experts of the Great Gas City who knew everything about the Great Gas Collar. Therefore, they didn't want to go there to throw away their lives.

A lot of people had heard that King Tai had been talking about killing someone in the past six months. That someone had turned out to be Ye Xiwen. Now, Ye Xiwen had come out, and King Tai had set out to kill him. And, these people didn't wish to miss this epic confrontation.

Many people had arrived here one after another. They looked from afar that the ominous energy of a star beast was boiling in space.

"My goodness, isn't that the hybrid beast that has been accompanying King Tai for many years now? It is said that many people had gone to suppress the group of tiger-leopard-scorpions after King Tai had fallen into their group. However, they had seen that this tiger-leopard-scorpion was calmly accompanying King Tai when they arrived there. It is said that this tiger-leopard-scorpion is of a different nature from birth. It is inherently bold and powerful!"

"Of course, there's no doubt about it. It looks extremely terrifying. It seems that it can tear the world to shreds!"

Ye Xiwen's complexion turned serious. This hybrid beast didn't lack in strength when compared to King Tai. In fact, this demon beast of variant origin had also reached the Sage Great Perfection realm. It seemed that it would be very difficult to deal with it.

"Kill!" King Tai stepped onto that hybrid beast, and shouted loudly. The 'spirit energies' of the entire space began to vibrate crazily. They vibrated and twisted. The scene looked extremely terrifying.

King Tai pulled out heavenly and painted halberd, and held it in his hand. It issued a dreadful charm. Ye Xiwen snorted as he saw this. Then, the golden vitality in his entire body surged out. It transformed into an energy pillar, and soared up. Then, that energy pillar swept all across in an overwhelming manner.

There wasn't even a bit of fear on Ye Xiwen's face as he faced King Tai who rushed towards him like a small mountain. In fact, he felt somewhat excited deep in his heart. That expert of Sage Great Perfection realm whom he had fought earlier was no challenge when compared to King Tai.

Ye Xiwen spread out his hands at this time. Then, he suddenly clenched his fists, and transformed them into a big star. Then, this big star swept forward with a loud rumbling sound.

"Rumble!" The big star collided in the sky with the halberd. And, this collision issued a metal clanging sound. The tip of King Tai's halberd and Ye Xiwen's fist pressure collided. Both of them had attacked with their entire strength.

King Tai's body got swept away by a dreadful astral wind. His complexion turned slightly discoloured. He hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen could be so powerful. After all, he had believed that Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of the late stage of sage realm; nothing more. However, Ye Xiwen was fighting with him bare-handed. Moreover, it seemed that his strength was incredible… and so was his potential! In fact, it could be said that he would develop to a great extent if he was left alive.

The entire starry space suddenly exploded. The spot of collision in the space had already transformed into smoke and dust. Numerous cracks had appeared even at faraway places.

The complexions of those experts who had dared to arrive here to witness this fight changed as soon as they saw this. They felt that they might get to see this kind of a fight only once in their entire lifetime…

However, what had shocked them the most was that this unknown boy before their eyes had turned out to be a match for King Tai. Moreover, he was fighting with King Tai unarmed.

This was what King Tai used to do with others in the past. He often used to take on his opponents like a beast by relying only upon his tyrannical body. However, the situation had reversed in this instance.

King Tai's complexion slightly changed. He had come across such a tough opponent for the first time in his life. His opponent was fighting with him barehanded. This meant that his body was extremely tyrannical. Perhaps, it was even more tyrannical than his.

Otherwise, how could an expert of the late stage of sage realm fight with an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm?

"You've got some trick up your sleeves. It's no wonder that you've dared to oppose me. However, it's still useless. Nobody can save you. Today, you shall die!" King Tai furiously said. A proud and cruel grin appeared on his face.

Ye Xiwen eyes were ice-cold at the moment. King Tai possessed outstanding strength. He deserved to be one of the four heroes of Great Gas. He was indeed strong enough to rule among his peers. However, Ye Xiwen didn't have the slightest intention of retreating. He raised his hand, and clenched his fist. He then said, "I will take on whoever dares to fight with me. This day shall be your death anniversary next year!"

"That's very audacious of you!" King Tai burst into laughter as his halberd pointed towards Ye Xiwen once again. He then attacked carrying a dreadful 'imposing aura'. He rushed forward sitting on the hybrid beast, and shattered the void. And, a wave of murderous aura erupted to complemented King Tai's tyranny.

King Tai's halberd sketched a long imaginary shadow in the space. It suddenly issued countless halberd-beams, which went flying towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen simply disregarded it. A fist swept down, and transformed into a huge star. The huge star crushed everything in its path. Those halberd-beams bombarded on top of this star. However, a burst of golden light suddenly appeared in that instant, and annihilated those halberd-beams. Consequently, the halberd-beams disappeared without a trace after giving rise to a few ripples.

"How is it possible?" King Tai didn't dare to believe what he had just seen. [What is his body made of? How can it be so tough?]

A bad feeling appeared in his mind at this time.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't give him a chance to react. And, he quickly launched another attack. Each of his fists pounded like a big star. It blotted-out the sky and covered the Earth, and set off strong energy storms.

This was the most unusual fight. Both sides had gone all out. The speed of their attacks was so quick that it had dazzled the majority of experts who had been witnessing the fight from afar. In fact, they couldn't even tell how many times these two individuals had clashed in that instant.




The two individuals attacked each other, and metal clanging sounds were issued. However, it seemed Ye Xiwen had suppressed King Tai by using his fist alone.


Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded. King Tai retreated several times in front of everyone while remaining seated atop his hybrid beast. In fact, he had nearly fallen off the hybrid beast. He spouted mouthful of blood; a big and round hole had been opened on his chest. Moreover, his metal armor had also been shattered. In fact, he would have died if that metal armor hadn't been protecting his body.

King Tai stared at Ye Xiwen in a malicious manner. He hadn't paid attention to Ye Xiwen at first. He had only wanted to tear him into shreds, and devour his flesh thereafter. However, he had realized how wrong he had been after he had fought with Ye Xiwen.

He had always fought with everyone depending solely upon his tyrannical body. People used to say that he was a star-beast in the form of a human. He had always toyed with his opponent to his heart's content. However, his strongest aspect looked extremely weak in front of Ye Xiwen. In fact, his most tyrannical aspect had been rendered useless because he had come across an opponent with a more powerful body than his own. And, that was why he was suffering right now...

His strongest aspect had been nullified. So, what could he depend on now?

He had become aware of the terror of Ye Xiwen's ferocious body… just like those demon beasts that had died at Ye Xiwen's hands.

His attacks couldn't shake Ye Xiwen's defence. In fact, it seemed as if he were a Golden God of War. However, Ye Xiwen hadn't even paid any attention to his defences. Moreover, it had been his simplest of attacks that King Tai had been finding trouble coping up with...

King Tai had tried very hard to injure Ye Xiwen. However, he hadn't been able to do so. On the other hand, Ye Xiwen's casual attacks had injured him to the point of leaving him to vomit blood.

"Are you okay?" King Tai's hybrid beast opened its mouth and asked.

"I'm fine!" King Tai clenched his teeth, and somehow suppressed the vitality that was surging inside his body. However, he still continued to spout blood because of his wounded vitality. "I'll kill him. I'll rip him to shreds!"

Ye Xiwen was standing in the void. He looked average, and nowhere near spectacular. However, he carried a terrifying and outstanding aura. Everyone had come to feel it… especially after he had completely repulsed King Tai.

King Tai looked at Ye Xiwen. His eyes were ice-cold like electricity. They were brimming with killing intention and intense hatred.

"Bang!" King Tai lifted his halberd. The space exploded, and halberd-beams swept out. His murderous aura looked boundless. Such battle prowess had surpassed the level of an ordinary expert of Sage Great Perfection realm!

Everyone was terrified when they saw this. After all, such fighting strength was enough to slaughter all of them at the same time! The most powerful person among them was merely an expert of the late stage of sage realm. After all, the experts who were stronger than the ones in this group had already entered the Great Gas Collar.

It was impossible for the ordinary experts that were present here to not get terrified while witnessing such fighting strength. However, what made them even more terrified was that King Tai who possessed such incredible fighting strength had been forced into a disadvantageous position by Ye Xiwen. In fact, King Tai had been brutally battered by Ye Xiwen's attacks. Moreover, he had been left exhausted and distressed.

In fact, the experts who were witnessing this fight had begun to believe that Ye Xiwen was as terrifying as an ancient killing god!

"Kill!" King Tai's murderous aura burst out. He knew that he had fallen into a disadvantageous position. However, he didn't become weak. On the contrary, his killing intention rose even higher. He then stormed towards Ye Xiwen while carrying the long halberd in his hand. He felt that he needed to seize this opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen!

"It seems that you haven't understood it yet!" Ye Xiwen smirked. There was no doubt that King Tai was very powerful. However, he couldn't pose any threat to him unless he was a heaven's pride expert of the same realm. What was a heaven's pride expert? They were the so-called 'peerless geniuses' who appeared one in millions. The True Martial University had a few heaven's pride experts among its millions of disciples. However, those millions of experts who had arrived in the True Martial University were the best ones among god-knows how many experts in the Southern Region. Moreover, even those experts had been selected from countless ordinary people. It needn't be mentioned that the Southern Region was so huge that it was hard to count how many people populated it.

It didn't matter how big the Great Gas City was. After all, it was only a city; nothing more. It wasn't on the same level as the Southern Region.

(To be continued)

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