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A golden streamer was randomly shuttling around in the space at a great speed. And, a big hand was unceasingly pressing down from above. The big hand shattered the space and transformed it into a mass of chaos every time it pressed down. It appeared as if this big hand was giving birth to a new world each time it slammed down.

"Ah!" Ye Xiwen heard the roar of the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo coming from behind him. The spiritual power contained in that big hand was tightly locked on his body. His pair of golden wings fluttered faster and faster.

Great Sage experts were extremely ferocious. They could cover a thousand miles in a single step. Their incredible speed was simply beyond anyone's imagination.

It would be useless for an ordinary sage expert even if they tried to escape as fast as possible. A Great Sage could catch up with them in an instant.

However, Ye Xiwen was no ordinary sage expert. Moreover, his speed would become very high whenever he'd use his devil wings. In fact, he'd look like a golden lightning when he'd use his devil wings. This was how he had managed to escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert even when he only possessed the strength of semi-sage level.

However, he was considered a super expert in sage realm now. It wasn't clear how much his strength had increased. Moreover, his devil wings had reached a whole new level as well. He had been chased nonstop by a Great Sage expert in the past. In fact, he had come close to being grasped on several occasions. However, his speed had become even faster now.

The rage of the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo had soared. He roared again and again. However, he couldn't catch Ye Xiwen. He was missing to catch him by a bit every time. Ye Xiwen's present attitude was much more calm and confident as compared to when he had been chased by that Great Sage expert of the Fire Cloud Cave.

However, the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo chased Ye Xiwen continuously. He wasn't willing to give up. It seemed that he wouldn't spare Ye Xiwen even if he had to pursue him to the end of the world. It felt that he would definitely tear him to shreds since he had killed his beloved disciple.

"Ye Xiwen, quickly go towards the Great Gas Collar. He won't go in there!" Ye Mo promptly reminded.

Ye Xiwen nodded. However, Ye Mo didn't need to say that since Ye Xiwen had already been flying in the direction of the Great Gas Collar. Ye Xiwen had slaughtered King Tai. So, the Lord of Dominating Heaven Dojo wasn't going to spare him. In fact, it seemed that he would pursue him to the world's edge. The devil wings were too awesome, and he didn't need to stop even for a bit. However, he didn't wish to spend his remaining life being chased like this.

Therefore, he could go only in the direction of the Great Gas Collar since the Great Sage experts didn't dare to enter that place.

However, the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo made out Ye Xiwen's intention soon enough. And, he flew into a rage when he figured out that Ye Xiwen wanted to enter the Great Gas Collar. [He would escape if I let him enter the Great Gas Collar. And, I won't be able to take revenge on this vile murderer who has killed my disciple.]

Therefore, he tried to increase his speed. However, his speed had already reached to its limit. So, his speed didn't increase further no matter how much he tried. And, he kept falling short of Ye Xiwen by an inch every time as a result.

He had obviously become furious. He didn't know what kind of agility technique Ye Xiwen possessed that had enabled an ordinary sage expert like him to escape from the hands of a Great Sage expert. This seemed like a big miracle which would shake the entire starry space if declared publicly.

The Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo roared again and again. However, he couldn't catch Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen looked like a golden streamer that was far too fast. Moreover, it seemed that his momentum and power weren't reducing with time.

Ye Xiwen's foundation was very deep. And, his Real Elemental Energy was even more profound. Even an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm might not have such profound cultivation. So, it wasn't clear how long it would take for his energy to exhaust. In fact, he had all kinds of spirit dans for replenishing his Real Elemental Energy. He had certainly consumed a huge amount of Primary Spirit Dans in these six months. However, a huge amount of it was still left in his stock. In addition, he also had a lot of medicinal pills in his stock for replenishing his Real Elemental Energy. So, it was basically impossible for him to exhaust the entirety of his resources.

A lot of people were on the trajectory to the Great Gas Collar from Great Gas City. They saw that a flustered-looking senior Great Sage expert was chasing an ordinary sage expert in exasperation. The sound of his roar surged up like thunder, and shook the surroundings. A chunk of the space collapsed every time the big hand slammed down. The scene looked extremely dreadful. It was hard to tell how many people had been affected by this chase so far. After all, the mere aftershocks from this chase had injured many sage experts.


Both men had reached the borderline of the Great Gas Collar. The Great Gas Collar looked different from earlier when it had been blockaded by the poisonous gas. Now, it had finally revealed a bit of its true appearance. However, some areas still had a weak presence of the poisonous fog. The ordinary people in these areas were able to enter the Great Gas Collar. However, the Collar looked like a giant continent.

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen suddenly arrived while streaking across the space like a golden streamer, and vanished into the Great Gas Collar without even stopping for a moment.

"Roar!" the sound of the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo's furious roar reverberated behind him. He had gone mad in rage since Ye Xiwen had escaped. Ye Xiwen had entered the Great Gas Collar. So, the Dojo Lord couldn't pursue him any further.

"Phew!" Ye Xiwen let out a sigh of relief. He had planned how he would escape if he were to come across a Great Sage expert. However, he heaved a sigh of relief after having executed that plan.

"There is a difference of Heaven and Earth between Great Sage realm and sage realm. They simply aren't on the same level. The Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo is just at the initial stage of Great Sage realm. However, he is as awe-inspiring as a God!" Ye Xiwen said this. He still had a lingering fear in his heart. A Great Sage level expert was far more powerful than what he had imagined.

"He will definitely send people to blockade this Great Gas Collar. He won't let you escape very easily!" Ye Mo warned. The Great Gas Collar was very big. However, it wasn't impossible for these super-experts to blockade it.

Ye Xiwen developed a headache as he thought all this. An ordinary sage expert would certainly be screwed if he got chased by a Great Sage expert who was dead-set on not letting him go. Therefore, this was only a temporary escape. He would still have to face him later.

"However, it's not impossible to deal with it!" Ye Mo sneered and said. "You speed up the process of refining the soul of the star colossus. Your blood slave can grow up quickly to the initial stage of 'half-step Great Sage Realm' that way. And, it will be able to display the might of Great Sage Level by controlling the corpse of the star colossus once it's there!"

Ye Xiwen wasn't the only one who had made a fast progress. Ye Xiwen had surely made the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm, but that blood slave had already reached the Sage Accomplished realm. In fact, it had made much quicker progress than Ye Xiwen. The blood slave itself was formed by absorbing the star colossus' soul. Therefore, the so-called bottleneck, realization of realm, and so on didn't matter for the blood slave since its growth was based on 'direct borrowing'. Its cultivation increased by absorbing the star colossus. So, the quicker it would absorb… the faster it would progress.

The blood slave could now display the strength of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm when it controlled the corpse of the star colossus. However, its body would become even more tyrannical than Ye Xiwen's with the aid of the star colossus if it-itself could progress to the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, it could contend against the experts of initial stage of Great Sage realm at that time.

However, it was easier said than done. The blood slave wouldn't need to enter the Great Sage realm. However, half-step Great Sage realm still had those two words in it — 'Great' and 'Sage'. So, it was still very challenging.

Fortunately, the blood slave didn't have to face any realm-barrier. Therefore, the task could be accomplished as long as the rate of absorption was accelerated.

"Anyway, I've shaken off this guy for now!" Ye Xiwen ignored the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo as he continued to roar in the background. Ye Xiwen then rushed inside.

"Brother, please wait for a moment!" a crisp yet elegant voice came from behind.

Ye Xiwen turned around to see an approximately 20 years old woman. Her skin was as fair as snow. Her eyes looked like pools of limpid autumn water as they flickered like the stars in the sky. Her fine black hair hung over her shoulder, and an ivory-silk long skirt outlined her graceful body. In addition, she had draped another water-colored slim-fit robe which had embroidery of light-cyan threads at the collar and cuffs. She wore a pair of shoes which were also cyan in colour. And, each of those shoes had a light-pink lotus embroidered over them. The lotuses looked prominent yet elegant.

Ye Xiwen frowned as he saw that woman slowly emerging from the void. He also became a bit vigilant since he had discovered that this woman possessed the strength of Sage Great Perfection realm. In fact, she was no less than King Tai.

"What's the matter?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Please forgive this younger sister for being presumptuous. This younger sister is Ding Tong. I've just seen your outstanding might. Even a Great Sage expert was unable to deal with you. I would like to invite you to join our team!" the woman, Ding Tong, faintly smiled and replied.

"You saw that?" Ye Xiwen frowned, and looked at Ding Tong. His eyes flashed a few times.

He suddenly became vigilant in his heart. The Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo couldn't come here. However, it didn't mean that no one from the Dominating Heaven Dojo could come here. There were a lot of experts in the Dominating Heaven Dojo. Some of them had even reached Sage Accomplished Realm. And, he believed that those Sage Accomplished Level experts wouldn't let him off if they found him. In fact, they wouldn't rest until they had hunted him down. The experts of Sage Accomplished realm weren't as powerful as the experts of Great Sage realm. However, Ye Xiwen still couldn't contend against them unless he took out the blood slave while it was controlling the star colossus. However, he reckoned that the blood slave would get affected by the Great Gas Collar if he took it out here. It would then get ganged up and destroyed by his enemies. After all, the Great Gas Collar didn't allow anyone with the strength above the sage realm to enter its boundaries.

Ye Xiwen would still manage to escape. However, it would be very troublesome.

"Don't misunderstand me. We and the Dominating Heavens Dojo aren't together. In fact, we don't even belong to the Great Gas City!" Ding Tong explained. She was afraid that Ye Xiwen had misunderstood her. After all, she had seen him escaping from the hands of the Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo just now.

She clearly knew how much the difference between sage realm and Great Sage realm was. However, Ye Xiwen had escaped from the hands of a Great Sage expert. So, he had to be a famous person. In fact, he had to be a top-player in the sage realm.

Moreover, it was also clear that Ye Xiwen was a fierce person. Therefore, it would be very bad for her if she messed up and he misunderstood her for a disciple of the Dominating Heaven Dojo.

"Our team isn't from the River Shore Star Field. We have come from another star field. We have arrived at Great Gas Collar in order to make some profit. Would you like to join us?" Ding Tong asked.

Ye Xiwen raised his eyebrows. He was very familiar with the method of such small groups. There was advantage as well as disadvantage in joining them. The advantage was that it would be safer to operate in a group of people inside the Great Gas Collar. However, the disadvantage was that that one might die if the other group members had evil intentions.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care about this. Even an expert of Sage Accomplished realm couldn't stop him from escaping.

Anyway, he hadn't gotten the time to collect information regarding the Great Gas Collar because of King Tai. So, he could also obtain some information by joining this team.

Ye Xiwen nodded after he had thought this, "Very well then!"

(To be continued)

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