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Chapter 545: Cut the Weeds and Eliminate the Roots

Another expert of the late stage of sage realm had collapsed under the pressure of Ye Xiwen's fist. The bones of his entire body had gotten crushed, and his soul had been shattered.

It may have seemed that all of these things had happened over a long duration of time. However, all of it had happened within the blink of an eye. The attack of that middle-aged expert of Sage Great Perfection realm finally arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. His attack wasn't slow. It hadn't taken a long time to reach Ye Xiwen. However, it seemed slow compared to Ye Xiwen's extremely fast speed.

Ye Xiwen's devil wings weren't just a magical power. They also contained a cleverly crafted agility skill that made Ye Xiwen's attacks as fast as lightning. It took a long time to describe everything. However, Ye Xiwen had defeated these experts in an instant.

Ye Xiwen didn't blink his eyes as he faced the attack of that middle-aged expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. A scarlet screen suddenly emerged from his body, and appeared in front of him.

"Bang!" a loud sound was heard. It seemed as if the Heaven and the Earth had collided. This had been a terrifying collision. It had given rise to a dreadful wave which had swept out, and had smashed the vast space layer by layer.

Everyone saw that Ye Xiwen stood motionless in the space as the shock waves dispersed. He looked incomparably outstanding.

"Damn it!" The complexion of that middle-aged expert of Sage Great Perfection realm changed. He hadn't expected that such a blunder would happen because of his late response. Three sage experts had died within a split second. It was a big loss. Losing three sage experts could be considered as a disastrous loss even for a colossal force like the Dominating Heaven Dojo.

There weren't many sage experts in the universe. Moreover, it wasn't very easy to either create one or recruit one. Therefore, even the death of a single sage expert was considered a significant loss.

However, the Dominating Heaven Dojo had lost three sage experts in one fell swoop. The Dojo Lord wouldn't spare that middle-aged expert of Sage Great Perfection realm if he returned without Ye Xiwen's head.

"Kill him!" the complexion of that middle-aged expert suddenly changed, and he shouted.

The remaining ten experts took out

their long bows, and nocked their arrows. Then, they shot their arrows towards Ye Xiwen.




A barrage of arrows cut through the vast space like a giant dragon, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

Those experts had attacked with their entire strength. Their arrows formed a densely packed rain of arrow in the space.

Ye Xiwen coldly snorted while facing the approaching rain of arrow. Then, he shouted loudly, and the sound of the shout set off countless 'spirit energies'. They appeared like an avalanche, and swept out after they had transformed into divine beams. Those arrows weren't able to approach Ye Xiwen. They had been shattered on the way by those divine beams.

"Whoosh!" A figure penetrated through the dense rain of arrows, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. The middle-aged expert had taken advantage of the distraction caused by those arrows, and had arrived near Ye Xiwen.

"Boy, I will send you on your way. Damn it! You've dared to cause so much trouble for me. I will make sure that you die without a burial ground!" The countenance of that middle-aged expert turned ice-cold as he looked at Ye Xiwen.

He had rushed over with a dreadful 'Real Elemental Energy'. Consequently, a terrifying power had swept out, and this had opened numerous cracks in the void. The scene looked unusually terrifying.

That expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm was only one step away from entering 'Sage Accomplished' realm. He was only one step away from attaining the highest level of the sage realm. Such a person had attacked with his entire strength. Obviously, his strength was incredibly dreadful.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen stretched out his big hand, and blocked the offence of that expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

"You're very skilful. It's no wonder that you're so arrogant. However, you shouldn't have dared to oppose our Young Lord. You're like an ant in front of our Dominating Heaven Dojo!" A look of astonishment had appeared in the eyes of that middle-aged expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. After all, he hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen would be able to stop his attack. This was completely beyond his expectations.

However, soon his complexion became even more sinister. And, he rushed out at an even faster speed. Then, his aura burst out of his body,

body, formed a dreadful tide, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

He then brandished his palm. It smashed down, and shattered the void. He had attacked with his entire strength this time. He hadn't held back one bit.

"Bang!" The palm of that middle-aged expert suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. However, it got stopped by a golden wall that had been formed by the mighty golden waves under Ye Xiwen's feet.

It seemed that two big stars had collided. Both men had unleashed insane powers, and their violent collision had set off energy waves that surged everywhere.

The face of that middle-aged expert finally exposed a look of terror. Earlier, he hadn't attacked with his entire strength, and his attack had been stopped by Ye Xiwen. However, he had attacked with his entire strength this time. But, he still couldn't shake Ye Xiwen's defence...

In fact, his attack had seemed useless. It seemed as if a moth had thrown itself into fire.

"It's my turn now!" Ye Xiwen sneered. His entire vitality surged out of his body. His golden divinities surged up into incredible divine waves, and swept towards that middle-aged expert.

"Bang!" That middle-aged expert wasn't able to escape. And, the attack struck him head-on.

"Poof!" He spouted a mouthful of blood, and his body went out flying upside down. In fact, his body had nearly gotten torn into two halves.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen didn't stop after that middle-aged expert went out flying. Instead, he rushed after him while breaking the space. His figure transformed into a golden streamer, and violently dashed forward.

The tremendous repulsive force propelled Ye Xiwen forward as fast as lightning. He had covered a large distance in a flash… as if it were only a few inches. He instantly caught up with his target, and formed the Hanshan Seal.

"Bang!" The Hanshan Seal fell down from above like a huge mountain. The void collapsed under the immense pressure.

"Bang!" The body of that middle-aged expert got crushed under the tremendous pressure of Ye Xiwen's attack.

The entire space turned quiet. Everyone was blankly watching this scene before their eyes. They felt like idiots. They had never imagined that this could happen. They hadn't anticipated that the situation would turn out like this.

The main reason why

reason why they had arrived here was that they had wanted to curry favour with King Tai by killing Ye Xiwen. And, it should have been very easy since Ye Xiwen was only an expert of the intermediate stage of sage realm half-year ago.

Sage realm was very difficult to reach for most of the human experts. However, it was no big deal for this group. They had brought more than a dozen sage experts. In fact, their group even included a senior expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, no matter how formidable their target was… He wouldn't be a match for them.

It was precisely because of this that they had rushed here of their own accord while striving to be the first and fearing to be last. They were willing to do anything to curry favour with their future Lord, and this non-risky mission was most welcome.

However, they hadn't thought that things would eventually change like this. The most powerful expert among them couldn't stop Ye Xiwen's attack, and had gone out flying.

"Run away quickly!" Those remaining ten experts couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't clear who had shouted. However, everyone began to turn around to escape. They had arrived here to curry favour with King Tai. But, they were indeed afraid of death. They didn't want to throw away their lives for the sake of the Doming Heaven Dojo.

Their speed was quick. However, it wasn't faster than Ye Xiwen's speed. Ye Xiwen went all out, and killed them rapidly.

The space once again turned quiet in a matter of moments. In fact, there was a dead silence.

Ye Xiwen had obtained some information from King Tai's subordinates. So, he knew that King Tai had transformed into a streamer of light, and had been shuttling through the space towards Ye Xiwen's location.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! I want to tear that bastard with my own hands!" King Tai fiercely said. It was hard to imagine how much hatred he possessed for Ye Xiwen. He wanted to tear Ye Xiwen into pieces, and devour his flesh.

He knew that Ye Xiwen had already left Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. So, he was in a hurry. Also, he knew that his subordinates would have already confronted Ye Xiwen. Therefore, he wanted to reach there even more quickly. Otherwise, his men would've already killed Ye Xiwen by the time he arrived, and his half-year long wait would go in vain.

"Make sure you wait sure you wait for me. I will rip you apart with my own hands!" King Tai said while laughing fiercely.

His speed was extremely fast. He had reached that battlefield rather quickly. However, he was surprised to see that the entire scene was in a mess, and a figure was sitting upright in the centre of this scene. He looked like a Buddha who had been quietly cultivating, and had fused with the Universe.

"Boy, you didn't try to escape?" King Tai had recognized in a glance that this figure was Ye Xiwen's. It could be said that he hated Ye Xiwen to the core. He had seen him only one time. However, he had such a deep impression of him that he could recognize him in one glance.

Ye Xiwen stood up, and exposed a smile from the corner of his mouth. It looked somewhat ice-cold.

"I don't have the habit of putting aside danger. If there is a threat, then I must destroy it as soon as possible!"

Ye Xiwen had been waiting here for King Tai. He had come to know that King Tai was going to arrive here from those experts he had killed. So, he had decided that he would settle the deal with King Tai once-and-for-all right here.

He already knew that King Tai was the kind of person who would take revenge even for the slightest of grievances. He hated Ye Xiwen, and wanted to kill him just because he had snatched away an item from him in the auction. Such a person would do anything if left unattended. This represented the so-called saying 'cut the weeds and eliminate the roots'.

It would be better to attack first and kill him instead of waiting for him to attack!

"Ha ha ha ha. You've got some courage!" King Tai furiously laughed. His ominous power shook the space in the surroundings, and shattered it. "But, it's fine. The heaven is helping me. Now, you die!"

This was the ominous power of King Tai. He had acquired it when he had lived in seclusion among the demon beasts for a long time. He was also an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. However, he and that middle-aged expert weren't on same level. There was a difference of cloud and mud between them.

He looked like the King of demon-beasts in this starry space. He looked incomparably ferocious.

(To be continued)

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