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[My wait is finally over. That Ye Xiwen has come out of the turtle shell of the Great Gas Chamber of Commerce's protection. And, he's going to die now!]

King Tai's hand trembled somewhat because of excitement. He had waited for almost half-year for this day. He wanted to tear Ye Xiwen into shreds so that he could make a meal out of him. King Tai had been rescued from the lair of the star beasts when he was younger. However, he-himself had transformed into a beast after staying in that lair. He didn't feel like a beast on ordinary days. However, he would transform into a beast if he became angry.

Ye Xiwen had left the Great Gas City. His journey towards the Great Gas Collar had been smooth so far. However, he frowned at this moment since the entire place seemed too quiet. He knew about the Dominating Heaven Dojo's influence. So, he knew that the news of his departure from the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce couldn't be concealed. However, everything looked very quiet right now. And, this seemed strange to him.

Was King Tai's such a generous person that he would let him go this time?

It wasn't possible. Even King Tai wouldn't have believed it if someone had said this to him!

Ye Xiwen believed that King Tai was the kind of person who would take revenge even for a small grievance. After all, he had arrived after the auction to kill him because he had snatched away his items in the auction. Such a lawless man could dare to do anything.

The more powerful a person is, the more likely it is for them to become lawless. Nothing could be done about this. Who would want to talk about equality with weaklings? Who would want to talk about giving them respect?




An incomparably sharp sound of breaking of space was suddenly heard as dozens of spear-like long arrows arrived while piercing the vast space. They surrounded Ye Xiwen from all sides; thereby blocking off his escape routes.

It was clear that this extremely proficient attack had been well-coordinated. The opposite party hadn't unleashed their attack in a disorganized manner.

The Heavenly Source Mirror ferociously emitted a scarlet light from Ye Xiwen's body. It shrouded him, and formed a scarlet boundary.




Those rushing arrows struck the scarlet barrier, and issued metal clanging sounds. They couldn't break the Heavenly Source Mirror's defence.

"Go, kill him!" a loud shout came from inside the void. Subsequently, more than a dozen figures appeared in the space around Ye Xiwen. All of them were powerful sage experts with extremely tyrannical auras. In fact, the weakest among them were also at the intermediate stage of sage realm. They were headed by a middle-aged expert who had already entered the Sage Great Perfection Realm.

"Dominating Heaven Dojo!" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes, and his countenance turned serious. Those people had the Dominating Heaven Dojo's logo on their bodies. King Tai had sent more than a dozen sage experts. He certainly had a disposition of seeking revenge even for a small grievance.

Ye Xiwen had the strength of the intermediate stage of sage realm half-year ago. And, King Tai didn't know that he had made a breakthrough in these six months. Still, he had sent a Sage Great Perfection Level expert to stop him. He was either extremely cautious… or he had given Ye Xiwen too much importance.

It seemed that he was still very much angry because of what had happened in the auction half-year ago.

However, Ye Xiwen's face exposed a trace of excitement. After all, he had recently made the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm. So, he needed people to practice his newly obtained powers on. Moreover, he hadn't fought with an expert of Sage Great Perfection realm yet.

"He is still smiling. Isn't he scared?" an expert of the Dominating Heaven Dojo burst into laughter, and said. He appeared to be somewhat crazy. The other experts also followed suit, and burst into laughter.

"It's useless to pretend to be naive. You will die this time. Nobody can save a person whom our Young Lord wants to kill. You would have been safe if you were still hidden inside the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. However, you will die since you've come out!" the chief middle-aged expert who had reached the Sage Great Perfection Realm said with a sinister grin on his face. "Brothers, attack. We must give the head of this boy to the Young Lord when he arrives!"

That middle-aged expert's voice had barely faded when those experts of the Dominating Heaven Dojo attacked one after another. Different kinds of attacks swept out like waves. These grandiose attacks captured the entire space around Ye Xiwen. They swept all across, and crushed the void.

However, that expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm merely stood there with his arms folded across his chest. He didn't mean to interfere. What was Ye Xiwen in his opinion? He was an insignificant expert of the late stage of sage realm; nothing more. He differed from him by several levels. He had personally arrived here not because King Tai gave very much importance to Ye Xiwen or because King Tai was very much cautious. Rather, it was because he wanted to curry favour with King Tai — the future Lord of the Dominating Heaven Dojo.

Everyone in the Dojo knew that King Tai was going to be the next Lord. So, that expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm could enjoy endless wealth for several hundred years if he could curry favour with him. Many people in the Dojo were under him because of his Sage Great Perfection level strength. So, he was regarded as a high-level person. In fact, the people of the Dojo believed that the next Lord of the Dojo would have to rope him in. And, this may have been true for average people. But, this Young Lord was different.

Everyone knew that this Young Lord had been captured by the star beasts in his childhood. Consequently, his temperament had become similar to that of a beast. He had been acting normal in these past years. However, that incident from his childhood had left a very profound imprint on him. His temperament had become incomparably violent... so much so that he would kill a person if that person disobeyed him. In fact, he would even eat their flesh later. This represented the so-called saying 'You will flourish if you obey, and die if you disobey'. So, it would certainly be better for that Sage Great Perfection level expert if he could improve his relation with such a Young Lord in advance.

However, he had brought people along with him. After all, he didn't wish to do this job with his own hands since he believed that Ye Xiwen was unworthy to be his opponent.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen lightly shouted. A big hand stretched out, and a golden light scattered in the surroundings. Then, the big hand grabbed and extinguished the attacks of those experts of the Dominating Heaven Dojo. In fact, it appeared as if a big hand had smashed a group of ants.

"Ha ha. Consider yourself worthy to face us!" Three experts of the late stage of sage realm rode on a Small Three Echelon Formation to outflank him.

The first expert had a sword scar on his face. His complexion looked sinister as he laughed furiously. These people had been following King Tai for a very long time now. So, they had also become somewhat violent and fierce.

Those three men rode on the Small Three Echelon Formation with great coordination. This formation looked simple. However, it contained the power of countless dao principles. It wasn't easy to produce and make variations in most of these matrix formations such as Univariate formation, Yin Yang formation, Three Echelon formation, and Four Elements formations.

Moreover, these matrix formations must be used in coordination with the user in order to display the greatest might. This was especially true for these three small barriers which needed concentric offensives as well as defensives in order to display their might to the peak. Their might was equivalent to that of three senior experts of the late stage of sage realm at their peak. Even an expert of the sage peak realm could contend against only one or two experts of the late stage of sage realm. So, the strength of these three small barriers was even greater than that of an expert of the sage peak realm. It wasn't as exquisite as the Five Elements Great Barrier of the Five Huang Brothers. However, it was already enough for these three men who were quickly moving back and forth.

The combined attack of the three men issued a strange fluctuation. And, their murderous aura shook the entire Universe as their offensives swept out towards Ye Xiwen like mighty tides.

"Heh!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He looked like a God as he stood motionless in the middle of these violent attacks, and allowed them to hit him.

Finally, he moved, and a fist swept out. This fist then transformed into a big star, and fell down on the Small Three Echelon Formation. And, the resulting scene looked like an image from a doomsday depiction. A terrifying force swept out in all directions. The space shook and ripped apart under the crushing pressure of this big star as dreadful waves of star power swept all across.

The complexions of those three men changed significantly after Ye Xiwen's fist swept out. They could feel this extremely terrifying force. The Small Three Echelon Formation that they were riding on was unable to withstand this crushing blow even with the help of its inbuilt heavenly principles.

[Such a dreadful brute force... how can this man be so powerful?!]

This thought appeared in the minds of those three men. They had already entered the late stage of sage realm a long time ago. In fact, they weren't far from the sage peak realm. So, an ordinary expert of late stage of sage realm wasn't a match for them. Moreover, they had attacked together while riding on the Small Three Echelon Formation. They had never come across someone who could contend against them even after they had started to use the Small Three Echelon Formation.

However, they hadn't expected that this guy who had been at the intermediate stage of sage realm half-year ago could possess such terrifying strength at present. However, they had finally experienced Ye Xiwen's incredible power at this time...

The complexion of that chief middle-aged expert of the Sage Great Perfection Realm had also changed significantly by this time. He had realized that he had underestimated Ye Xiwen's strength. Ye Xiwen's strength was perhaps even more tyrannical than his.

"Stop!" He couldn't continue to watch anymore, and attacked promptly. Consequently, boundless divine beams suddenly swept out towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen fist had transformed into a big star, and had crushed the Small Three Echelons Formation. Then, that dreadful fist pressure had slammed upon the bodies of those three men.

The defensive divine tools on the bodies of those three men activated within a split second. However, they got disintegrated immediately-after.

"Aah!" The weakest expert among those three couldn't endure Ye Xiwen's dreadful fist pressure. The pressure of that fist wasn't sharp. However, it was as heavy as a giant mountain. That man got crushed by the enormous pressure.

He screamed loudly, and blood gushed out from every pore of his body. His skin wasn't able to endure the tremendous pressure, and ruptured as a result. His entire body was covered with blood at the moment. He looked like a person made of blood.

Those other two men attacked at this time. They had finally understood that Ye Xiwen was far more powerful than what they had imagined. He had looked like an expert of the late stage of sage realm. However, they had come to realize how stupid they had been after they had started to fight him. After all, they would've killed him by now if he was an ordinary expert of the late stage of sage realm.

A terrified look appeared in their eyes. They were thinking about the legendary heaven's pride experts who could fight people who were much more powerful than them.

Now, they could only wait for that expert of Sage Great Perfection Realm to arrive, and save them. They had to put their entire effort, and constrain this man till then. Otherwise, nobody among them would survive.

The combined attack of the two men fell from above like a star river. It transformed into a whirlpool in the sky, and swooped towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen stretched out his big hand. The golden light spread out in all directions. Then, the big hand grabbed the star river, and exploded it.

Ye Xiwen shot another punch immediately-after. It transformed into a big star, and swept down.

"Bang!" Suddenly, a massive explosion occurred. Both men trembled with horror under Ye Xiwen's fist pressure. They tried to run away. However, they couldn't rival Ye Xiwen's speed, and their heads got pounded upon by Ye Xiwen's fist.



Two muffled sounds were heard as their bodies got smashed by Ye Xiwen's fist, and their blood got splattered in the space.

(To be continued)

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