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Ye Xiwen arrived at the backside of the room. He was surprised to see the silhouette of a familiar person. That person was none other than Yan Yun Ting. She was chatting nonstop with Wen Yi Ren.

"Sister Wen, I have arrived in order to ask you whether you have any information about the Green Scaled Fruit." Yan Yun Ting asked.

"We have already been paying attention to this matter. We will surely hand over the Green Scaled Fruit to you once we find it!" Wen Yi Ren replied.

Ye Xiwen saw both of them talking and laughing. It seemed that they were very familiar with each other. However, he hadn't expected that. After all, Wen Yi Ren and Yan Yun Ting didn't share the same social status.

"Young Master Ye!" Yan Yun Ting became happy the moment she saw that Ye Xiwen there as well. And, she became even more excited when she saw that Xiao Ya had also come. Xiao Ya didn't appear to be intimately acquainted with her. But, that hadn't hindered her fondness for Xiao Ya. In fact, she became excited every time she looked at Xiao Ya.

"I didn't expect to see you here!" Ye Xiwen was very surprised. However, he was even more surprised to see the relationship between Yan Yun Ting and Wen Yi Ren.

"How has Villa Lord Yan allowed you come alone?!" Ye Xiwen asked. He hadn't expected that Yan Hong Yi would send his daughter instead of coming by himself.

"My daddy hasn't recovered from his injuries yet. Even my mother is unwell. So, it's just me in the end!" Yan Yun Ting let out a chuckle.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, and he raised his head to see who it was. It was Wen Yi Ren.

"So, you are that Young Master Ye Yan Yun Ting had mentioned about!" Wen Yi Ren lightly stepped forward. Then, she let out a smile and said.

Ye Xiwen shot a glance at Yan Yun Ting. He didn't know what capacity he had been introduced to Wen Yi Ren in.

"Yes. It's nice to meet you, Lady Wen!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and replied.

"Young Master Ye is outstanding. Even King Tai suffered a loss at your hands!" Wen Yi Ren slightly smiled and said. She possessed a peculiar charm.

"It wasn't my intention to compete with him. I needed those things!" Ye Xiwen lightly replied. King Tai believed that Ye Xiwen had made him lose face. However, Ye Xiwen didn't care about that since he hadn't opposed King Tai on purpose.

Wen Yi Ren's wonderful pair of eyes scanned Ye Xiwen's body. Then, she chuckled and said, "King Tai isn't a nice person. He may come after you. You can seek help from our Chamber of Commerce in case you need it. After all, this matter has started in our Chamber of Commerce!" Wen Yi Ren said. She knew how King Tai's attitude was. So, she warned Ye Xiwen… as well as offered her assistance in the matter.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat surprised by this. King Tai had an infatuation for Wen Yi Ren. However, Wen Yi Ren didn't seem to have a very good opinion of him.

"There will be no need for that. I only wish to take away the items that I've bought. However, I would like to borrow a place in your Chamber of Commerce for closed-door training!" Ye Xiwen said. He had decided that he would carry out closed-door training to make the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm once the auction had ended.

"It's not a problem. I will ask someone to make arrangements for you!" Wen Yi Ren nodded. This matter was nothing for her. Ye Xiwen had spent millions of Primary Spirit Dans in their Chamber of Commerce. So, this matter was nothing compared to what he had done.

However, she was still looking at him. She had maintained a smiling expression at the corner of her mouth this whole time. [He has spent so much. Undoubtedly, he must be thinking of having a bit of protection from the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. He's not an idiot. He must know that he has offended King Tai very much.]

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of King Tai. However, he needed time until he had made the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm. He wouldn't have to be afraid of King Tai at that time even if he didn't use the star colossus.

"Boy, I've finally found you. Now, you must accept your death like an obedient kid!" a coarse and wild roar came from not far way. A group of people arrived from around the corner. They were headed by King Tai.

Ye Xiwen saw King Tai's tall figure. His coarse and wild aura resembled that of a beast. His pair of red eyes was glaring at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that a dangerous divine sense had locked upon him. It was like a warning sign before a beast throws itself towards its prey.

"It's such a wonderful coincidence that Lady Wen is also present here!" King Tai's gaze fell on Wen Yi Ren who was beside Ye Xiwen. So, he restrained his murderous aura, and a smile appeared on his face. But, it seemed as if a beast was smiling. It looked bizarre.

"I don't know why Young Master King has arrived here. Have you arrived here to collect the items that you've bought in the auction? Don't worry. Our people will deliver it at the Dominating Heaven Dojo!" Wen Yi Ren let out an engaging smile as she spoke to this well-known old friend of hers.

A fierce look appeared on King Tai's face as he heard this. He then said, "Wen Yi Ren, I think you know of my temperament and habit. No one can save the person whom I wish to kill. This boy is going to die!"

Wen Yi Ren knew this very well. However, she couldn't let King Tai prevail. After all, the reputation of their Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce would get ruined if a person had to face retaliation for having purchased some things from their auction. In fact, no one would dare to buy anything from their Chamber of Commerce if such news spread in the city.

"I'm sorry. But, this is our Chamber of Commerce. I'm sure that you're familiar with the rules of our Chamber of Commerce. No one can touch our guests inside our territory!" the smile vanished from Wen Yi Ren's face as she coldly replied.

King Tai's complexion turned ashen. He hadn't expected that Wen Yi Ren would come out in Ye Xiwen's protection. He started to burn with rage because of this. Was their hundred years old friendship inferior to this boy who had come from god knows where?

He took a few steps while looking at Ye Xiwen. However, he was surprised to see that Ye Xiwen merely stood at his place with a seemingly unaffected attitude. In fact, he didn't give King Tai any attention whatsoever. He had only created a ring of Real Elemental Energy around Xiao Ya for her protection. And, he had isolated her from King Tai's gaze in this way.

A gaze could also kill a person. This wasn't a fable for the real powerhouses.

"Good, very good! You are merely an insignificant expert of the intermediate stage of sage realm. And, you have still dared to oppose me. So, you're very ambitious, and have the courage of a leopard. However, your days are numbered. Hide if you want to hide. But, you won't be able to do so for long. You'll be safe only if you never step out of the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. Otherwise, you'll die!" King Tai's complexion had turned dark.

King Tai's beastly aura surged overwhelmingly as it rolled towards Ye Xiwen. It was enough to crush the imposing aura of an average sage expert of the intermediate stage of sage realm. However, Ye Xiwen stood calmly... as if King Tai's beastly aura hadn't affected him.

King Tai had to restrain his aura in the end. After all, Wen Yi Ren was present there, and this place was the territory of Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce. So, he must not act presumptuously. However, he shot a firm glance at Ye Xiwen. Then, he turned around and left.

"This uncle is so ferocious!" Xiao Ya grabbed the corner of the lower hem of Ye Xiwen's jacket, and said. "He looks like a mad dog fighting for food on the street!"

Xiao Ya had said these words very innocently. After all, children's words carry no harm. However, Ye Xiwen started to laugh loudly. King Tai hadn't gone far when he abruptly came to a stop. However, he didn't take a step further for a while. [Mad dog fighting for food on the street…]

King Tai's dark face burst with rage as he walked away from the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce along with the Dominating Heaven Dojo's. However, he had vowed that he would kill this boy of unknown origin in a brutal manner.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Ye Xiwen laughed wildly while holding his stomach. Xiao Ya's single sentence had made the impact of a thousand sentences.

Xiao Ya had spoken innocently. However, it was the most appropriate remark one could have made.

"Young Master Ye, I wanted to mediate between you and him. However, it seems that I've failed. King Tai won't forget this matter very easily!" Wen Yi Ren said. She looked a bit worried.

"I will crush him to death if he dares to cause trouble!" Ye Xiwen replied indifferently. It seemed as if he was talking about a flea that he would crush to death.

A look of surprise appeared on Wen Yi Ren's face when she heard this. [I'll crush him to death if he dares to cause trouble. Who would dare to speak such words about an extremely powerful person like King Tai?]

[He has dared to say such a thing even though he knows about King Tai's status and power. And, he doesn't seem to be foolish either. So, he must have some solid backing.] She didn't believe that Ye Xiwen was a stupid person. That meant that he certainly had some strong backing. [What is his background?]

Wen Yi Ren was also slightly amazed. However, she didn't say much since it looked like Ye Xiwen had planned everything in advance. Anyway, he was not in danger as long as he was in the Chamber of Commerce.

Ye Xiwen soon completed all the formalities. And, he got the things that he had bought after he handed over the Primary Spirit Dans.

"Ye Mo, you should recover quickly with this 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'!" Ye Xiwen's heart had been unburdened greatly after he had finally obtained the 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'. It was the most precious item for him among all the things that he had bought.

He would have a powerful assistance once Ye Mo had recovered. So, he would have much more assurance if he left for the Great Gas Collar after that.

He hadn't spent 400 million in a blind frenzy. The amount of money which ordinary sage experts couldn't earn in their entire lifetimes had been spent by him without thinking too much. So, he had probably come across as a spendthrift who wanted to become a local tyrant. And, Wen Yi Ren had perhaps come out for his protection because of this reason.

"Haha, I can finally get rid of this half-dead and half-alive state!" Ye Mo laughed and said. "However, you must be careful. King Tai isn't the friendly kind. He must be scheming against you, and can attack you anytime and anywhere!"

"I know. However, my strength will increase significantly after I've made the breakthrough into the late stage of sage realm. At that time, I'll be able to urge the Heavenly Source Mirror to thoroughly transform the soul of star colossus into the blood slave. Then, the star colossus's body will exhibit even more might. Sooner or later, it will make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm as well. And, I will be able to travel anywhere in this big world when that happens!" Ye Xiwen said. He was certainly aware of King Tai's threat. However, he would follow his own plan for now.

"Then, I will crush King Tai to death if he dares to cause trouble!" Ye Xiwen stated in a cold voice.

Wen Yi Ren didn't make Ye Xiwen wait for a long time. Soon, she had a secret chamber tidied up for Ye Xiwen's closed-door training. This hadn't been a difficult thing for her due to the influence of Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce.

Ye Xiwen placed Xiao Ya inside the Heavenly Source Mirror in order to prepare against contingencies. Then, he laid out layers of barrier formations inside the secret chamber. This would buy him enough time to wake up in case something happened. This represented the so-called saying 'don't do harm to others, but don't allow others to do harm to you either'. After all, he hadn't been familiar with the Chamber of Commerce to a great extent.

Ye Xiwen sat down on a mat, and began the 'closed-door training' after he had made all the preparations.

(To be continued)

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