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Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged on the mat. The Enlightening Mind Ancient tree had fully flexed itself. And, the divine rays that hung down from the tree had completely shrouded him. So many years had passed, but the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree had grown barely a few inches.

It was hard to say how much time it would take for it to grow to the level mentioned in the fables.

Ye Xiwen's chaotic and distracting thoughts had gotten suppressed since he was shrouded by the divine rays of the Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree. So, his mind had become clear and calm now.

The Observing Person Scripture had begun to operate crazily within his body. The star power had started to boil inside his universe. His universe looked like an ocean full of stars at the moment. The Real Elemental Energy flowed through his entire body.

It could be said that Ye Xiwen's foundation was extremely profound. Many of the experts who had been cultivating for several hundred years did not have a foundation as profound as his'. He might not have been able to break the norms and challenge experts that were several stages higher than him if his foundation hadn't been so profound.

Therefore, he wasn't worried at present. It seemed that things would naturally take their course. The Primary Spirit Dans were burning unceasingly inside the Heavenly Source Mirror. After that, they were gradually transforming into a long stream of 'spirit energies' and were channelling inside his body. He was absorbing these spirit energies, transforming them into Real Elemental Energy, and then attacking the barrier of the late stage of sage realm using this Real Elemental Energy.

He put his whole effort and didn't hold back even a bit. The Observing Person Scripture was working at a crazy speed. It didn't stop even for a moment.

The small Universe was also frantically spinning inside his body. Those spirit energies derived from burning the Primary Spirit Dans were issuing buzzing sounds, and were gradually being absorbed by him.

This seemingly endless supply of 'spirit energies' was a big aid for Ye Xiwen. He didn't even need to convert them into a suitable form of energy for absorption. He needed the support of these 'spirit energies' if he wanted his small Universe to expand and grow bigger.

The 'spirit energies' gradually entered his small Universe. Consequently, the small Universe inside his body began to expand inch by inch.

The solar system inside his body had fully taken shape. Moreover, it would improve every time he made a breakthrough. So, it would obviously improve by leaps and bounds when he'd make the breakthrough into the Great Sage Realm.

His Real Elemental Energy gradually advanced towards the barrier of the late stage of sage realm under the shower of the 'spirit energies'. Earlier, it had been difficult to advance towards the barrier. However, it had suddenly become a lot easier due to the support of the spirit energies. It seemed that an endless flood of spirit energies had broken out of a dam.

A page of the Ancient Scripture was emanating dazzling divine rays above Ye Xiwen's head. It seemed as if an ancient voice had been reading aloud these scripture since forever. Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen was trying to gradually break through the shackles, and advance in a stronger direction.

Time passed day by day. And, two months had come to pass soon enough. An increasing number of people had arrived in the Great Gas City as the time for opening of Great Gas Collar was getting increasingly close. So, the Great Gas City had become even more lively and crowded.

The Great Gas Collar had spouted an increasing number of divine treasures with the seventh, eighth, and ninth vibrations. And, an increasing number of rumours about Great Gas Collar had also started to circulate.

A large number of experts had arrived inside the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce as the time for the opening of Great Gas Collar was very close. Ye Xiwen also knew of these developments. He was submerged in the closed-door training. However, he had left a part of his soul outside for keeping watch on the affairs. Therefore, he knew of everything that was happening outside.

Half-year's time seemed to have passed within the blink of an eye. Ye Xiwen had been inside the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce for more than half-year.

~~In a room inside the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce~~

"Young Master Ye has been undergoing closed-door training for more than half-year. Why hasn't he come out yet?" Yan Yun Ting said somewhat anxiously. "The Great Gas Collar will open soon. It would be very difficult for him to reach the Great Gas Collar in time if it continues like this!"

"You need to be patient. It's useless to worry. There is no problem even if he goes there a bit late as I will also go to Great Gas Collar this time in order to get the Green Scaled fruit for your mother's treatment. I will certainly help you in finding it!" Wen Yi Ren comforted Yan Yun Ting. She wasn't worried about when Ye Xiwen would come out.

"Thanks, Elder Sister Wen!" Yan Yun Ting relaxed a bit.

Suddenly, it seemed as if the entire world was left to shake. An Earth-shattering sound came from afar, and shook the entire space.

The atmosphere in the vicinity of the Great Gas Collar had agitated. All the experts were stunned.

"The Great Gas Collar has opened!"

"The ninth vibration is over. Haha. One year! I've been waiting for this for one year. Finally, this Great Gas Collar has opened now!"

The experts in the Great Gas City had become very excited. Countless experts transformed into streamers of light, and flew towards the Great Gas Collar.

"Elder Sister Wen, what should we do now? It has opened!" Yan Yun Ting asked somewhat anxiously. She had known that it was about to open soon. That was why she had been worried, and couldn't wait for Ye Xiwen to come out.

"There's no need to wait for him. I will ask someone to deliver a message to him. We must be the first ones to reach there. We can't fall behind the others!" Yan Yung Ting decisively said. "I don't know when he will come out of the closed-door training. But, we don't have much time!"


Ye Xiwen had also felt that fierce vibration inside the secret underground chamber. He realized that the Great Gas Collar must have opened. However, he couldn't afford to get distracted right now. After all, the small sun at the centre of his universe was becoming increasingly hot.

This wasn't the real sun. Rather, the true power of sun in his small universe had barely condensed inside his body as of yet. Basically, this was the representation of the light sources inside his body. And, it was the point of origin of all power sources in his universe.

Ye Xiwen had arrived at a crucial moment. He had been attacking the barrier for more than half-year. So, it had become very thin. And, he was only one strike away from breaking the barrier, and entering the late stage of sage realm now…

He had burnt more than 300 million Primary Spirit Dans in this half-year's time. Every strike on the barrier had consumed more than 10 million Primary Spirit Dans. Other people would be shocked to the core if they came to know about this. In fact, they would rain curses on him for being such a spendthrift.

He had attacked the barrier at least 30 times in the past six months. However, it hadn't broken. His foundation was extremely strong. So, the barrier was also very strong. In fact, it was hundred times stronger than that of an ordinary person. A lot of power was needed for each of his strikes on the barrier. Therefore, a huge amount of Primary Spirit Dans had been burning nonstop in order to provide him that unceasing supply of energy.

He had used up a huge amount of Primary Spirit Dans. However, he had become habituated to this. His wealth came quickly, and also went quickly. But, this price was nothing if he could enhance his strength.

However, Ye Xiwen would never give up his profound foundation to decrease the problems in making a breakthrough.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen exhaled a breath. Those energies had been condensed into a picture; a star chart to be precise. And, it seemed that a world itself had been condensed out of nowhere during this breath... as if done by a legendary god from the fables.

If he said there is light — then there is light!

Ye Xiwen inhaled one breath, and absorbed the entire star chart. Then, he spouted it. Then, he inhaled it once again, and spat it out again. He repeated this process a number of times. It became bigger and better every time Ye Xiwen inhaled it and spat it out.

"Bang!" An imposing aura suddenly burst out of Ye Xiwen's body. It was ten times more potent than his aura from before.

Ye Xiwen felt that his entire power had surged out in full swing. He had finally entered the late stage of sage realm! This feeling was indescribable. He felt that he could blow away a senior expert of Sage Great Perfection Realm with a single fist attack now.

The Real Elemental Energy had flooded his body, and had finally overcome the obstacles. It had broken the barrier of the late stage of sage realm!

Ye Xiwen's aura broke through the barrier formation, and rushed towards the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce.

He felt several tyrannical divine senses sweeping over there. They also swept over his body.

However, a scarlet light suddenly surged out from inside his body, and shrouded him. The Heavenly Source Mirror had automatically protected its owner…

Those divine senses swept over his body, but left one after another. One of those divine senses was that of a person whom Wen Yi Ren had asked to pass on the message to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen knew that Wen Yi Ren would have rushed to the Great Gas Collar by now. She also knew that she would've taken the people of Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce with her. After all, it had been three days since the Great Gas Collar had opened.

However, it didn't bother him since he didn't want to go there with Wen Yi Ren anyway. Being a solo operator was the best way for a person with so many secrets like him.

Ye Xiwen was very happy. However, the biggest reason for his happiness wasn't his own progress. Instead, it was Ye Mo's full recovery. He had been wandering here and there all these years for Ye Mo's treatment since he had wanted to try all kinds of methods to do so.

Ye Xiwen's biggest achievement in this more than half-year's time was that he had helped Ye Mo in recovering his soul by giving him the 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'. Ye Mo's soul had completely recovered after refining and absorbing it for more than half-year. Moreover, Ye Mo's level had increased as well.

"It has been half-year. The Great Gas Collar has finally opened!" Ye Xiwen said. He was already late by three days. So, he didn't waste any time. He transformed into a streamer of light, and flew out of the Great Gas's Chamber of Commerce.

The news of Ye Xiwen's departure soon reached the Dominating Heavens Dojo.

"Good, good, good. I have been waiting for you to come out!" King Tai said in a cold voice and laughed. "I knew that you wouldn't hide there for your entire life!"

King Tai's expression turned exceptionally sinister. His hatred for Ye Xiwen knew no bounds. After all, Ye Xiwen had made him lose face in front of Wen Yi Ren. King Tai's hadn't left for the Great Gas Collar even though it had opened. Instead, he had been waiting for Ye Xiwen to come out. The hatred in his heart would only disappear after he had brutally killed Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)

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