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Ye Mo had recovered more than half-way till now. However, he hadn't recovered completely. But, he would recover very quickly if he got this 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'. And, Ye Xiwen would get a strong assistance when that would happen.

The ordinary experts who sat downstairs were whispering. However, not many of them could dare to open their mouths to place a bid. After all, the base price of this commodity was 100 million. So, they couldn't participate in this auction since they didn't have a lot of Primary Spirit Dans. In fact, a lot of experts couldn't collect this much wealth in their entire lifetime. Moreover, it would have been worthwhile to spend this much money if it were a sage tool. However, spending such a huge amount of money for 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass' wasn't such a good idea since it wasn't even certain whether it would ever come to use.

Those ordinary experts looked toward those private rooms located on the second floor. Only those rich people who occupied those private rooms could afford this kind of price right now.

"150 million!" the first one to make a bid was King Tai. This was obviously expected. Everyone believed that he would snatch away the first and last commodities as long as Wen Yi Ren hosted an auction. After all, he had the support of a colossus like Dominating Heaven Dojo behind him. An ordinary person couldn't quote such a large price.

However, Wen Yi Ren never hosted an ordinary auction. So, King Tai didn't get many such opportunities.

Many people held their breaths as they heard this bid. King Tai was the chief disciple of the Dominating Heaven Dojo. So, he didn't care about wasting Primary Spirit Dans. He had increased the price by 50% in one fell swoop.

"I want this 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'!" King Tai stated. His voice sounded ice-cold and a bit hoarse.

It seemed as if a beast was proclaiming dominance in its territory. Moreover, there was a strong sense of threat in his tone.

"200 million! Pardon me, but I also want to have some fun. I want this 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'!" a chilly voice came from a private room at this time.

"Isn't this Sky Moon Sword School's Young Master Tian Jian? Why does he want to take part in this game? Does he want to compete with King Tai?"

Somebody soon found out that this voice belonged to Young Master Tian Jian. Young Master Tian Jian was one of the four heroes of the Great Gas City. Many people became excited as a result. They had enjoyed watching Ye Xiwen and King Tai competing with each other a while back. But, Young Master Tian Jian's bid had made them even more excited. A contest that involved two of the four heroes would always attract people's attention the most, and would become a hot topic for discussion. After all, these four heroes were the future leaders of the four forces of the Great Gas City.

"210 million!" King Tai clenched his teeth and said. 200 million Primary Spirit Dans had already surpassed the genuine price of the 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass'. Moreover, King Tai couldn't spend money so extravagantly even if he was the chief disciple of the Dominating Heaven Dojo.

An ominous light flickered in his eyes, and he secretly became furious. The first item had been taken by someone else. And now, he had to compete for the last one too!

"220 million!" Young Master Tian Jian shouted. Both of them had clearly become careful after the price had increased to 200 million. So, they weren't raising the bid by a large amount anymore.

"Bastard!" King Tai had become very angry. The Young Master Tian Jian wanted to oppose him today. Wen Yi Ren was the only woman among the four heroes of the Great Gas City. And, she didn't have any conflict with the others. The City Government's Eldest Young Master remained aloof from the other three heroes. So, only these two men had a conflict with each other among the four heroes. They would obstruct each other's path whenever they got the opportunity.

King Tai hadn't made his bid when a loud and clear voice sounded, "250 million!"

King Tai instantly recognized this voice. [Isn't this the same guy who competed for the first item with me?] Ye Xiwen had placed several bids so far, but he had been very low-key. So, King Tai had almost forgotten about Ye Xiwen after Young Master Tian Jian's bid. He had also forgotten about teaching Ye Xiwen a lesson. However, Ye Xiwen had dared to challenge him again now. Therefore, King Tai's believed that Ye Xiwen was courting death this time.

Everyone was left dumbstruck. Someone had dared to interfere in these two men's contest. They too had obviously recognized this voice. [Isn't this the same guy who had competed for the first item?] Everyone had become excited, and it seemed as if a boiler had suddenly exploded.

Moreover, the price had increased to 250 million. So, it was clear that this mysterious person was as wealthy as the other two contenders.

Ye Xiwen had spent more than 200 million already. And, he had quoted 250 million this time. So, he had at least 450 - 500 million Primary Spirit Dans.

Some people gasped after they made this calculation. Only the top experts of sage realm, or the ones who had entered the Great Sage realm could possess a wealth of 450 million. In fact, this figure was enough to be the net worth of a Great Sage expert.

Young Master Tian Jian's and King Tai's confidence had stemmed from the forces that backed them. They had spent millions once or twice because of this backing. But, what was the background of this man?

Could he also be a disciple of some super-force? This was also a possibility. The Great Gas Collar was about to open. So, experts from all parts of the River Shore Star Field had arrived here. Some experts of neighbouring star regions had also arrived. So, it couldn't be considered strange if a disciple of some super-force had also arrived. In fact, everything would make sense if it was so.

Of course, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen was alone. Otherwise, they would've gotten scared to death.

There were never enough Primary Spirit Dans for Ye Xiwen. He would soon use up whatever he had earned.

The mysterious space was like a mega beast. It would soon swallow his entire wealth like a bottomless pit. However, he couldn't separate it from himself!

True Martial University had much more resources as compared to these forces of the Great Gas City. However, Ye Xiwen's current status in the True Martial University wasn't on the same level as that of these people in their respective forces. Naturally, he couldn't freely spend the entire force's resources like them.

"That's intriguing!" Young Master Tian Jian slightly raised the corner of his mouth inside his private room. He had begun to take some interest in this man who had interfered in his contest with King Tai. After all, such a man could either be a big idiot, or have some serious backing.

He preferred to believe the latter. After all, how could an idiot possess so much wealth? Such a person would have already been robbed by someone in this world full of powerful people.

"260 million!" King Tai quoted his renewed price. However, everyone could tell that he was extreme enraged. Blood dripped in his heart. 260 million Primary Spirit Dans was an astronomical figure. However, he had no choice but to quote this price since he didn't wish to lose face in front of Wen Yi Ren.

"300 million!" Ye Xiwen stated without batting an eye. This 'Nine Leafed Dragon Primary Grass' was extremely important for Ye Mo's recovery. So, he had to get it even if he had to spend the entire amount of Primary Spirit Dans that he had in his stock.

Ye Xiwen had given many sage tools to Ye Mo to swallow. The total cost of those sage tools surpassed 2 billion Primary Spirit Dans. So, he obviously wouldn't regret spending a few million more.

It could be said that he was always short of money. So, he had always faced the shortage of Primary Spirit Dans during his cultivation. However, it must also be said that he was rich when there was a need to be. He could spend as much money as was required if he considered the cause to be important.

Ye Xiwen's bid blew everyone away. This person had to be a rich lord. The other bidders were also considered rich. But, they were increasing the price by ten million at a time. However, this man was increasing the price by fifty million at a time. It seemed that this person had recently acquired a lot of wealth, and that money wasn't money for him… it seemed as if it was merely a pile of papers.

Even Wen Yi Ren was astonished by Ye Xiwen's bid. She had been hosting auctions for many years now. So, it wasn't that she hadn't seen a lot of 'rich men'. However, she had seen such an extremely extravagant rich man for the first time.

"Everyone wants it so desperately. So, I must behave like a gentleman, and I mustn't snatch what they want. I withdraw!" Young Master Tian Jian spoke-up in a nonchalant manner.

"Damn it! This guy was only messing with me!" King Tai was secretly tensed. Young Master Tian Jian was only messing with him. After all, he knew that King Tai wouldn't want to lose face in front of Wen Yi Ren. Therefore, he had forced him to bleed a huge amount of money.

"310 million!" King Tai almost roared this time.

"Bastard, bastard! I must kill him. He has forced me to spend so much money!" the sound of King Tai's roar reverberated inside his private room. Many of his subordinates hid far from him. They didn't dare to come near him. It would certainly be disastrous if his wrath fell upon them.

A feeling of intense hate for Ye Xiwen and Young Master Tian Jian had surged inside King Tai's heart at this time!

"350 million!" Ye Xiwen spoke up. However, his voice was calm. There was no hint of hesitation in it... as if this price was practically nothing for him.

He could have spent his entire wealth for Ye Mo's recovery. However, he didn't want to behave like a local tyrant. This King Tai wanted to buy this last item of the auction at all cost because he wanted to act as a very wealthy person in front of Wen Yi Ren. Perhaps, he would have trailed after Ye Xiwen's bids unceasingly if Ye Xiwen had increased the bid by ten million at a time. And then, Ye Xiwen might have had to pay a lot more. Therefore, Ye Xiwen believed that he could force King Tai to quit only by acting as a rich person. In fact, King Tai would have continued to compete if Ye Xiwen had acted timidly.

King Tai's complexion had turned a deep shade of red. [Bastard, I will crush you along with your wealth.] King Tai used to crush his competitors using his wealth. However, he-himself had been made speechless by someone who had used the power of money. This had happened to him for the first time in his life.

King Tai didn't have any choice but to quit since he only had 300 million Primary Spirit Dans; and that too after adding the Primary Spirit Dans of the Dominating Heaven Dojo. In fact, he wouldn't have been able to increase the bid so crazily without the Dominating Heaven Dojo's backing.

He had been distressed at first because the price of the last item had become too high. Therefore, he would've had to spend a large amount of Primary Spirit Dans to buy the item. However, he had become even more distressed now. And, that was because he couldn't increase the price anymore. So, he felt that he had lost face in front of Wen Yi Ren. And, he hated Ye Xiwen even more because of this.

Ye Xiwen had stunned everyone. A lot of people had started to speculate about his identity. [Where has this local tyrant arrived from? He is so wealthy that he is throwing away money recklessly.] They wouldn't have been left dumbstruck if Ye Xiwen had increased the price by ten million at a time. However, he had increased the bid by a large amount every time. This had blown everyone away.

King Tai didn't raise the bid any further, and this last item smoothly fell into Ye Xiwen's lap.

The auction had finally come to an end. However, numerous experts were still excited. After all, they had thought that King Tai or Young Master Tian Jian would play the leading role in this auction. However, they hadn't expected that someone would appear in the middle of their contest, and would snatch away the limelight.

Ye Xiwen quietly went backstage along with Xiao Ya while everyone was still discussing spiritedly. After all, he wanted to receive the things that he had bought in the auction.

(To be continued)

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