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Li Fei Bai had decided to better not delay any further. After all, it was hard to say how things would turn out to be if he continued to delay.

A dangerous aura began to permeate into the surroundings from his body. Then, thick hair began to sprout on his body. And, they soon covered his body entirely. Consequently, he started to look like a hairy monster from afar. In fact, Ye Xiwen even got some 'star-beast' vibes from his body.

"How has Li Fei Bai transformed into this? Isn't he human?" Someone among those spectators who were watching this fight from afar had gotten scared. In fact, that boundless and ominous aura had scared a lot of people.

"This is Li Fei Bai's special ability. He can transform into a 'beast man', and his strength increases enormously after he has had this transformation. I've heard that he had once sucked the blood of a star-beast. That's how he obtained this special ability."

Ye Xiwen frowned as he looked at Li Fei Bai. After all, he had become even more dangerous after becoming the beast man. He was very unscrupulous; to think he'd even transform into a monster in order to gain strength…

"Young man, I haven't undergone this transformation for more than a hundred years. But, you have forced me to take this step today. So, I can say that you're pretty good. However, that's all that you could've done. It's over now!" Li Fei Bai coldly stated. The hair on his body had become even thicker and longer. In fact, he bore no resemblance to his original appearance now. He had radically transformed into a hairy and humanoid monster.

"Bang!" Li Fei Bai suddenly trod forward, and numerous cracks appeared in the space. He had used a dreadful reactive force to propel himself forward. His body had grown much bigger after the transformation. And, his speed had also increased significantly.

He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye. Then, the spear in his hand issued an ear-piercing sound, and swept out towards Ye Xiwen.

"Whoosh!" Ye Xiwen simply raised his hand, and grabbed that spear. The tip of the spear struck his palm, and this collision issued a metal clanging sound.

Vigorous 'Real Elemental Energy' gathered in the middle, and then swept swirling across in the air. It opened a huge crack in the void.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they witnessed this scene. The fight had become even more intense than before. Neither of these two individuals was letting up. It had seemed that Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to withstand Li Fei Bai, and would be defeated very quickly. However, Ye Xiwen had become increasingly calm. In fact, it seemed as if Li Fei Bai couldn't give him any trouble even after he had turned into a beast man.

"Crack!" A huge mountain fell from above as the intense sound of breaking of space was heard. It then swept down towards Li Fei Bai.

It was the 'Hanshan Seal'!

However, Li Fei Bai reacted very quickly. He broke away from Ye Xiwen's entanglement. He then trod away and escaped from the range of Hanshan Seal's bombardment.

"Rumble!" the 'Hanshan Seal' bombarded, and the entire space in its attack-range sunk-in and collapsed like a sinkhole.

The spectators held their breaths. The 'Hanshan Seal' had shattered the space in a large area. This technique had indeed carried enormous might.

"Buried Person Sword!" Li Fei Bai had barely avoided the attack of the 'Hanshan Seal' when he heard an ice-cold shout in his ears.




Sword energies formed in the space, and then spread out to cover everything in the range as they swept towards Li Fei Bai. They swept over like an overwhelming wave.




Li Fei Bai unceasingly brandished his spear in order to block those sword energies. However, each of those swords had carried enormous power. In fact, it seemed as if they would pierce the world itself.

The palm with which Li Fei Bai held the spear had been badly mutilated. Each incoming sword-energy appeared like a small mountain as he tackled them. It was like facing a barrage of hills!

Li Fei Bai became extremely scared in his heart. [How can someone have such terrifying strength? He's like a beast disguised as a human!]

It was a strange scene to behold. Li Fei Bai looked like a monster. However, he was retreating under the continuous sword-attacks of the slim-looking Ye Xiwen. Everyone found it absurd. [Who's the real monster?] This question had aroused in everyone's minds.

"Bang!" Li Fei Bai faced the raid of the sword energies once again. However, he couldn't dodge them this time, and went out flying by the explosion. He collided with a nearby meteorite, and the meteorite got shattered by the impact.

It wasn't clear how long it had been since the fight had started. However, Ye Xiwen had gotten complete control over it. Li Fei Bai had appeared very powerful at first. However, he had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen, and had been retreating again and again.

"Haa!" A golden figure flashed in front of Li Fei Bai. Ye Xiwen had rushed over, and had appeared in front of him. Then, his iron sword slashed down, and cut open a pitch-black rift as it fell down on Li Fei Bai.

"It's over..."

Everyone's eyes became wide open as this thought appeared in their minds. After all, this outcome was beyond their wildest imaginations. However, it looked inevitable… and a matter of fact in a way. It was beyond everyone's imagination because they had believed that it would be a one-sided contest in which Li Fei Bai would be victorious. In fact, no one had thought that he would fall into a disadvantageous position. However, this outcome had later seemed inevitable because everyone had realized that Ye Xiwen had maintained the upper hand since the beginning of the fight. The people who had been watching this fight hadn't been sure how long ago the fight had started. However, they were sure that Ye Xiwen had suppressed Li Fei Bai the entire duration of the fight. Therefore, this outcome couldn't be considered as strange.


The sound of an explosion stirred the entire space. A blood-red figure emerged from it; it carried a dreadful and ominous aura.

Li Fei Bai hadn't been killed by Ye Xiwen's move. Instead, he had moved away from the range of Ye Xiwen's attack.

Moreover, his stature had become increasingly large. And, his entire body looked blood-red. He had previously transformed into a big and hairy monster. However, he hadn't transformed completely. But, he had completed his transformation, and had now become a blood-red demon beast! He looked hideous and vicious. It was hard to say which demon-beast's blood he had swallowed that had made him so terrifying.

Li Fei Bai's body had transformed completely. And, everyone could feel the dangerous aura on his body. The 'Real Elemental Energy' swept out uncontrollably from his body. It then swirled around, and distorted the vast space. Even the light had gotten distorted.

It was a humanoid demon-beast!

"Die, kid!" Li Fei Bai roared in a low voice as the blood of the beast rushed into his brain. Consequently, his consciousness became a bit fuzzy, and he became even fiercer. His eyes had also turned a deeper shade of red, and looked very ominous.

His eyes were fixated on Ye Xiwen. Nobody had ever forced him to undergo the complete transform. He knew that the complete transformation would harm his body greatly. However, he didn't have any other option at this time. Moreover, everything was worth the risk as long as he could kill Ye Xiwen on the spot.

"Tyrant Heavenly Demon Spear!" Li Fei Bai shouted. Terrifying 'Real Elemental Energy' began to surge on his body. And, his spear shot out within a split second. It ripped apart the void, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye.

The extremely terrifying force of the spear had shattered the space. And, the space didn't even get enough time to repair itself.

"Big Bang Stardust Fist!" Ye Xiwen shouted in a deep voice. The star power began to boil on his entire body. Then, some amount of star power boiled out from his small Universe. It seemed as if his small Universe had expanded countless times in a split second as it swept out. This was his universe. And, it had enveloped Li Fei Bai in a flash.

There were only two individuals inside this Universe — Ye Xiwen and Li Fei Bai.

Ye Xiwen was the only true God in this Universe, and Li Fei Bai was a great devil who wanted to destroy the world.


Ye Xiwen's fist transformed into a huge star, and swept down. It then collided with Li Fei Bai's spear. The space couldn't bear this collision, and collapsed as a result. Ye Xiwen's universe had also begun to distort at a rapid pace.

A huge mushroom cloud rose in the Universe. And, rays of light swept out and dazzled many spectators. They screamed and hid away since the rays of light were unbearably bright. These experts of sage and semi-sage realm had found it hard to withstand this…

A huge storm had been set off by the impact of the mushroom cloud.

A figure went out flying upside-down as the storm dispersed. His entire body was covered with blood. Everyone stared at this figure to find out who it was. [Isn't that Li Fei Bai?]

Old Li Fei Bai spouted blood from his mouth. He had gone out flying in front of everyone. His entire body had turned red. However, it wasn't because of his long and red hair. It was because of the blood that had gushed out from the pores of his body. In fact, it appeared as if he was made entirely out of blood.

Li Fei Bai couldn't maintain his appearance of a beast-man after he had sustained these severe injuries. So, his long hair returned inside his body as he transformed back into his human form.

Li Fei Bai couldn't conceal that look of terror within his eyes this time. Other people hadn't witnessed everything clearly. However, he had experienced Ye Xiwen's ferocious strength first-hand. His body had become as ferocious as that of a star-beast after he had transformed into the beast-man. However, he had still appeared weak in front of Ye Xiwen. The beast-man hadn't even been able to perform better than the human Li Fei Bai. In fact, his internal organs had been ruptured by Ye Xiwen in just one move.

[He isn't human! He's a monster draped in a man's skin!]

"Crack!" People hadn't even reacted when they heard a shrill sound of breaking of space. Then, a blood-red spear suddenly fell down from above.

"Puchi!" Everyone was still distracted when that blood-red spear cut through Li Fei Bai's defensives, and pierced his heart!

The entire space had suddenly turned quiet. In fact, there was a deathly silence. After all, an expert of Sage Small Perfection Realm had been impaled to death in the space.

They had seen the entire fight with their own eyes. There hadn't been any fanciness to it. Li Fei Bai had been suppressed in this fight from the beginning. He hadn't had the power to fight back. And, it didn't matter how formidable a strength he had revealed; it was simply not enough. He had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen, and had ultimately been impaled to death.

The faces of the experts of the Li Clan had turned ashen after they witnessed their Clan Lord being suppressed, and eventually killed by Ye Xiwen. The entire population of the Poyuan Villa were dependent upon Yan Hong Yi. Similarly, the people of Li Clan had also solely depended on Li Fei Bai. Li Clan's background was comparatively more profound than the Poyuan Villa's. However, it still wasn't that much better…

The faces of the Poyuan Villa's experts revealed a look of excitement. They felt elated. After all, a huge stone had finally been lifted from their chests.

This incident obviously caused a huge sensation in the Shang Yang City…

(To be continued)

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