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A+ A- Chapter 534: Fights Li Fei Bai

"Then, you'll have to pay the price with your life!" Li Fei Bai sneered. He hadn't placed Ye Xiwen as his first target. After all, he had believed that the people of Poyuan Villa would have no choice but to die once he had killed Yan Hong Yi; the person who had injured his son would be no exception either. However, he hadn't expected Ye Xiwen to appear before him instead of Yan Hong Yi. So, he had become enraged since things hadn't gone according to his plan.

"I hadn't expected that Yan Hong Yi wouldn't come, and would instead send you to die. When did he become such a coward?" Li Fei Bai spoke-up in a disdainful manner as he belittled his old rival.

"He hasn't become a coward. But, you're not worthy of fighting him!" Ye Xiwen calmly replied. His lofty figure was standing tall in the space.

Not worthy of fighting him!

The first word that had come in the minds of the spectators after they heard this sentence was 'arrogant'. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't some ordinary arrogant person. Li Fei Bai had an outstanding reputation in the Shang Yang City. He had established supreme prestige since several hundred years. So, who would dare to say that he wasn't worthy? However, Ye Xiwen had indeed said it.

Each of these spectators could rule over a region since they were sage experts. However, they didn't even dare to breathe loudly in front of these two supreme individuals. Moreover, they were afraid that the aftermath of this battle would blow them away.

"Not worthy…? Those are big words! An insignificant expert of the intermediate stage of sage realm dares to act audaciously in front of an experienced man?!" Li Fei Bai sneered and said. His gaze pierced Ye Xiwen like a sword.

Li Fei Bai's incomparably tyrannical aura swept out like a vast ocean. It surged forth overwhelmingly as it swept out towards Ye Xiwen.

Golden waves suddenly appeared under Ye Xiwen's feet as his aura swept towards Li Fei Bai.


The two stunning 'imposing auras' collided in the space, and cracks proliferated in the surroundings from the point of collision. The space was left to crack like glass as a result.

Many experts had been watching from afar. However, they were forced to retreat; especially some experts of the semi-sage realm since they still hadn't reached the sage realm. In fact, they had an even more frightened expression on their faces as compared to the sage realm experts around them. They retreated again and again. In fact, the aftershocks had even swept

some of them away. They were even forced to defend themselves with their entire strength. After all, they would've gotten crushed by the aftershocks if they hadn't…

"You've got some skills. However, you're still a long way off from me!" Li Fei Bai coldly shouted. Then, he brandished a spear. He looked like a general who had been on expeditions for many years as he thrust his spear forward. The spear issued an incredibly stunning 'murderous aura' that subsequently transformed into an evil dragon. The energy spread out in all directions. The dragon suddenly opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl, and advanced towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

However, Ye Xiwen stood fearless, and brandished his long sword. It was merely an ordinary sword. There was nothing fancy about it. And, it didn't issue any gorgeous looking divine beam either. Then, Ye Xiwen performed a simple sword attack. However, it still seemed that it would smash the world within a split second. The sword-slash opened endless cracks as it went forward to face the incoming spear attack.

"Bang!" The two weapons collided. And, the sage-level spear in Li Fei Bai's hand issued incredible rays of light.

However, Ye Xiwen's iron sword pierced through those rays of light like the sunlight cuts through the darkness. And, his sword eventually collided with the tip of the spear.

"Crack, Crack!"

Numerous cracks appeared in the sky, and left it to look like a spider's web.

A 'killing intention' flashed in Li Fei Bai's eyes as he saw that Ye Xiwen had blocked his attack. He had also realized that this young man's realm didn't matter. This young man possessed the strength of Sage Small Perfection Realm to say the least. And, there was no doubt about this.

This youth belonged to Poyuan Villa as per Li Fei Bai's knowledge. And, it seemed that he had become very strong at a very young age. He hadn't merely maintained a youthful appearance like others had. Rather, he was genuinely very young. And, such a person could pose a huge threat to him in the future if he was allowed to continue his cultivation.

He clearly knew how terrifying such a person could become later on. Therefore, such a person had to be strangled in the cradle! He had to be killed before he could cause greater damage.

The people of Li Clan who were witnessing this duel also felt the same. The elite experts of the Li Clan had gone to launch an attack on Poyuan Villa. However, some of them had arrived here along with their Clan Lord. It was hard for them to conceal the look of astonishment in their eyes. It would have been acceptable if it had been that famous and outstanding Yan Hong Yi. After all, Villa Lord Yan had

had been able to contend against their Clan Lord in the past as well.

However, this unknown young man had proved to be a match for their Clan Lord so far. And, this was beyond their very imaginations…

Some people of the Poyuan Villa had also arrived to watch the fight. However, they also hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen would be able to block Li Fei Bai's attack.

However, their confidence increased enormously once they saw that Ye Xiwen was handling this with ease. They had come prepared to die since they were determined to delay Li Fei Bai after he had won the fight. After all, they wanted to buy time for the evacuation of the villa. However, it suddenly seemed that they didn't need to think about dying just yet.

"Is that all you've got? Li Clan's Clan Lord… a man who has shaken the Shang Yang City for several hundred years with his power! Does he only possesses this much strength?" Ye Xiwen softly taunted. He had spoken this with disappointment and contempt. His voice wasn't loud. However, it had exploded in everyone's mind like thunder.

Everyone was looking at Ye Xiwen's slightly slim figure. However, nobody felt that he was too wild and rash anymore. In fact, he suddenly seemed to have the qualification to back such words.

"I didn't know that a young man who doesn't know the profoundness of this world could be so wild after making such a small accomplishment. I've seen many so-called geniuses like you. However, all of them have turned into dust!" Li Fei Bai coldly replied. His words were sharp and penetrating.

"I've also seen many old dogs like you... dogs that have been practicing for several hundred years. I would have smashed you like an ant if I had gotten to even one-tenth of your cultivation time!" Ye Xiwen sneered back in response. It could be said that he wasn't lacking when it came to glib-talking…

"You're courting death!" Li Fei Bai's face turned pale. This had poked a weak spot of his heart. Many outstanding geniuses had died in the past before they had even reached the sage realm. They had perished before they could make a name for themselves, and proclaim themselves as hegemons. None of those peerless geniuses had survived. And, he had managed to become the late-comer who had outlived his more-deserving peers. Therefore, he had become the hegemon in this region even though he was nothing but ordinary in comparison to his now-dead peers.

Indeed, many of his peers had died and turned into dust. However, those who had survived had risen to the point where he couldn't even look up to them.

The spear in Li Fei Bai's hand issued endless 'spear beams', and they then swept out towards Ye Xiwen. He felt

He felt that such a person couldn't be left alive. Otherwise, it would be a huge disaster for him.

Li Fei Bai's foundation possessed the accumulation of several hundred years. His foundation had become incredibly deep. A person like Ye Xiwen couldn't match this since he had reached this level within a short span of time.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid. His eyes looked deep. And, his golden divinities crawled over his entire body as he raised his iron sword to face the attack.




The tips of the spear collided countless times with the iron sword within a split second. Li Fei Bai's spear was a sage tool that had been improved for countless years. And, the iron sword in Ye Xiwen's hand was an ordinary long sword. However, it had still revealed unimaginable might in his hand.

The actions of both sides were getting increasingly faster. Li Fei Bai's realm was much higher than that of Ye Xiwen's. However, Ye Xiwen's body had already been toughened to a terrifying extent. Moreover, his attacking speed was at the peak because of his clear mind.

The ruthless and tyrannical expression in Li Fei Bai's eyes intensified as the fight progressed. He had been underestimating Ye Xiwen so far. However, he had started to take him seriously now. In fact, he was becoming more and more afraid of Ye Xiwen. So, he had become even more determined to kill him.

"Bang!" The tip of the spear collided with the sword in the space once again. Li Fei Bai didn't retreat. He instead stepped forward and ferociously leapt towards Ye Xiwen. He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye... like lightning! The imposing aura of the spear in his hand made it appear as if it was a dragon. The dragon-like spear swept out, and shattered the void as it thrust towards Ye Xiwen's head.

"Go to hell!" A sinister look appeared on Li Fei Bai's face as a crazed look flashed in his ice-cold eyes.

However, Ye Xiwen's speed wasn't any lesser. And, he instantly responded by raising his sword to block the attack.

"Bang!" Li Fei Bai's spear collided with the sword's body. "Bang!" The tip of Ye Xiwen's iron sword broke down. After all, it was merely an ordinary iron sword. However, Ye Xiwen used his divine wisdom, and mended it within the blink of an eye. His patchwork skill wasn't at a very high level. However, fortunately his sword was only an ordinary iron tool. So, it could be repaired in a flash.

Ye Xiwen didn't budge under Li Fei Bai's attack. He merely attack. He merely stood there motionless. On the contrary, Li Fei Bai was sent flying by a tremendous force. And, his eyes were left to reveal an incomparably terrified look. How could his opponent have such terrifying strength? It was too frightening! There was no limit to how much scared he was right now. In fact, Ye Xiwen appeared like a super-monster whose body was cloaked in human skin. After all, Ye Xiwen's realm was far inferior to his. However, it was him who had gone out flying by the impact of this collision.

Ye Xiwen's toes moved slightly at this moment. Then, his figure transformed into golden streamer, and suddenly arrived in front of Li Fei Bai. He immediately used a very basic sword move. And, his long sword transformed into a viper and rushed out.

The attacking side and the defending side had switched places. The strengths of both parties had surpassed that of an average sage expert. They were fighting at a lightning fast speed. They were moving so quickly that an ordinary person couldn't even track their movements.




Cracks appeared in the void every time they clashed. Li Fei Bai's offensives became more and more urgent. However, Ye Xiwen's defensives were impenetrable.

Both individuals had gone all out. However, it still wasn't possible to determine the clear winner.

"Who is this man? How has he proven to be a match for Li Fei Bai?" Many people were in doubt. After all, they didn't know how Ye Xiwen was managing to hold his own against Li Fei Bai to this extent. In fact, Ye Xiwen's strength was enough to scare a person to death.

"Yeah. It's insane. We mustn't go near them while they are fighting. Otherwise, we may get suppressed to death by the aftershocks of their fight. It's no wonder that they are fighting in the space. The Shang Yang City wouldn't have been able to withstand such an intense battle!"

Li Fei Bai wasn't calm like Ye Xiwen. After all, he was failing to defeat Ye Xiwen. So, he had gradually become very anxious. Moreover, Yan Hong Yi was probably still in Poyuan Villa since Ye Xiwen was here. And, this meant that the experts he had sent to destroy Poyuan Villa would've bumped into Yan Hong Yi by now. They would've landed into big trouble as a result. And, they would probably suffer heavy losses if things didn't change very quickly.

A crazed look appeared in his eyes as he realized this.

"Boy, you are courting death!"

(To be continued)

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