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Chapter 536: Great Gas Building!

"Li Fei Bai is dead? He died at the hands of a mysterious man?! Who is this man? How can he be so outstanding?"

"I hadn't expected that such an expert would be hiding inside the Poyuan Villa!" The experts trembled as they saw Ye Xiwen's slim figure from behind. His slim figure looked majestic whereas Li Fei Bai's figure looked like a tragic painting that had been nailed in the space.

Soon after, another piece of information proliferated in the Shang Yang City. Li Clan's Great Elder had been killed by Yan Hong Yi. In fact, no one had survived among those elite experts of the Li Clan who had launched a raid on the Poyuan Villa.

"The Li Clan is finished. Their two top experts have died along with a large number of other elite experts. The Li Clan is now doomed!"

Li Clan's decline was the most popular topic in the Shang Yang City for a month. Li Clan's Clan Lord, Li Fei Bai, had been impaled to death before everyone's eyes by Ye Xiwen. This news had shaken the entire Shang Yang City. Li Fei Bai was a powerful and arrogant hegemon of the Shang Yang City. He was about to make the breakthrough into the Sage Great Perfection Realm. In fact, he would've dominated the entire Shang Yang City after he had done so.

However, he had been killed in a battle. The entire Shang Yang City was seething because of this news. Everyone had become extremely excited. However, there hadn't been any fanciness to the battle. Li Fei Bai had been forced into a disadvantageous position, and then impaled to death…

The Poyuan Villa was solely dependent upon Yan Hong Yi. However, the Li Clan was different from a newly emerging force like Poyuan Villa. After all, the Li Clan was thousand years old, and was regarded as a luxuriant force in the Shang Yang City. How could it be that easy to destabilize it?

The Great Elder of Li Clan was another Sage Small Perfection Level expert. He had been killed by Yan Hong Yi after Li Fei Bai's death. Even those other elite experts who had launched a raid on Poyuan Villa hadn't been able to escape. All of them had been killed.

The death of Li Fei Bai alone wouldn't have been enough to collapse the Li Clan. However, two senior experts of Sage Small Perfection Realm had died along with many other elite experts. And, the Li Clan had thoroughly declined as a result. The remaining members of the Li Clan had been expelled from the Shang Yang City in

a matter of few days. And, the slow runners had been killed…

Moreover, the Poyuan Villa wasn't the only force that had attacked them after this incident. It was hard to tell how many people Li Clan had offended during its prolonged dominance in the Shang Yang City. Nobody had dared to say anything to Li Fei Bai and his men because of Li Clan's integrated power. However, those previously hidden enemies had emerged after the Li Clan's support pillar had been eliminated.

The Li Clan that had enjoyed an illustrious reputation for a thousand years had been uprooted within the short time of one month. And, this had shaken the entire Shang Yang City.

Those thousand-year-old or ten-thousand-year old clans might be extremely tyrannical for ordinary people. However, this incident had made everyone realize that even such clans were nothing for genuine experts.

A force that was dependent on its millennium-old strength had become a big joke in front of true tyrannical strength.

Everyone was happy in Poyuan Villa since such a big problem had been resolved. They felt as if a huge rock had been lifted from their chests. Moreover, they didn't need to worry about facing destruction anymore.

Yan Hong Yi showed gratitude towards Ye Xiwen in his study room inside the villa. He said, "We were fortunate that Young Brother Ye saved the entire Poyuan Villa this time. It's a huge favour. I don't have words to thank you!"

"It's no big deal. It was very easy. Moreover, I was somewhat responsible for this whole mess!" Ye Xiwen waved his hand as he replied.

It had been a month since the battle. However, this was the first time that Yan Hong Yi was talking to Ye Xiwen since then. And, that was because he had been bedridden this entire time. That Great Elder of Li Clan had entered the Sage Small Perfection Realm only recently. However, Yan Hong Yi had been suffering from old injuries. So, he hadn't been in his peak condition. Therefore, he had sustained serious injuries in an Earth-shattering fight with that Great Elder. Consequently, he had been bedridden for an entire month. In fact, he had only 'somewhat' recovered even now…

Yan Hong Yi had decided to revel for a while. He had only brought a person along with him so that they could spend some time together and have fun. However, that person had ended up saving his Poyuan Villa. This represented the so-called saying 'lead a leisurely life drinking and enjoying, and leave everything in god's hands'.

"Forgive my audacity for asking Young Brother Ye to come here so untimely. I have something that I would like to request

request you to do!" Yan Hong Yi sincerely s¬aid.

"Please say!" Ye Xiwen replied.

"The Great Gas Building in our River Shore Star Field is about to open very soon. I would like to request Young Brother Ye to visit it if he doesn't mind!" Yan Hong Yi said.

"Where is this Great Gas Building?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Great Gas Building is the most magical place in our star region. It is said that an almighty force had left behind a divine tool long time ago. And, that tool is locked at that place in our Star Region. Many people leave for the Great Gas Building every time it opens. And, many people have gained enormous benefits there. Some of them have skyrocketed, and become top-notch experts of their generation!" Yan Hong Yi explained.

"However, only a limited number of people can enter the Great Gas Building. The 10 people who possess the maximum strength and the most outstanding innate talent get the approval to enter that place. I can see that Young Brother Ye is very young. However, your strength is enough to awe the entire world. Your innate talent must also be outstanding. So, you definitely have a chance!" Yan Hong Yi continued.

"I'm also telling you this because of my selfish motive. There's a strip of domain called the 'Great Gas Collar' in the immense domain surrounding the Great Gas Building. One can find different kinds of precious treasures inside that strip of domain. However, fierce-beasts and demon-beasts are also present there. My wife is seriously injured, and I need the Green Scaled Fruit for her treatment. I believe that it can be found there because someone had once obtained it from there. I had previously planned to go there alone. However, my injuries haven't healed yet. Therefore, I won't be able to go there in such a condition. I hope that Young Brother Ye will pay a little bit attention to this matter. I will be very much grateful to you if you do so!" Yan Hong Yi bowed again to show gratitude towards Ye Xiwen.

[Green Scaled Fruit, Great Gas Collar?]

He had heard about this matter from Yan Hong Yi in the past. Yan Hong Yi had originally planned to go there alone. However, he had sustained a lot of injuries after having been in several fights.

The records of this Great Gas Collar were present in the Northern Dipper's secret map that Ye Xiwen possessed. However, the Northern Dipper didn't have much information on the Great Gas Building. They only recorded legends that said that a God had left behind a divine tool at this place. Many people had obtained heritages whenever the Great Gas Building had opened. Moreover, many different heritages had

heritages had been found there. Power techniques, divine tools, and many other precious treasures had also been found.

Ye Xiwen didn't wish to miss the opportunity to go to the Great Gas Building since he wanted to increase his strength by leaps and bounds within a short span of time.

Ye Xiwen left Shang Yang City while the entire city was still immersed in the shock of Li Clan's collapse. He had once again set foot on his journey back to the True Martial University after bidding farewell to Yan Hong Yi and the others.

A golden light streaked across the space as a young man dressed in green clothes shuttled in the space at an astonishing speed. A pair of golden wings was fluttering on his back, and the sound of wind and thunder faintly echoed every time his wings fluttered.

The spirit energies transformed into an astral wind, and blew against his face. The wind blew his clothes, and a 'flapping' sound echoed. He had enhanced his devil wings to an entirely different level. So, he swept out wind and thunder as his wings fluttered. Moreover, it could be said that this magical power resembled the 'wind and thunder wings' of the legendary character Lei Zhenzi.

Ye Mo had once mentioned about the Wind and Thunder Wings. However, Ye Xiwen had made fun of him. How could something as primitive as 'Wind and Thunder Wings' be the superior form of his devil wings? After all, the Wind and Thunder Wings merely showed the beginning of magical power and nothing more.

It seemed that time had passed very quickly since only a few years were left to prepare for his appointment with Cao Yuyu. Therefore, Ye Xiwen couldn't relax even a bit.

He had finally reached the peak of the intermediate stage of sage realm. And, he was about to enter the late stage of sage realm. He would be able to blast away even the experts of the Sage Great Perfection Realm after his next breakthrough.

His fighting strength was one step away from entering the Sage Great Perfection Realm. Perhaps, Cao Yuyu had underestimated Ye Xiwen when he had issued the declaration of war.

Cao Yuyu had already become a top-tier expert of the sage realm at that time. However, Ye Xiwen hadn't even reached the sage realm. Cao Yuyu had issued the declaration of war because he wanted to kill Ye Xiwen in front of everyone. After all, this would allow him to establish the Law Enforcement Hall's prestige.

"He has miscalculated!" Ye Xiwen secretly muttered. Ye Xiwen was no longer that boy who had barely been able to withstand the impact of Cao Yuyu's of Cao Yuyu's war declaration. He had been continuously bridging the gap between himself and Cao Yuyu. However, he didn't need to look up anymore. In fact, he would be able to look his opponent in the eye sooner or later... or even overlook him.

However, he also remembered Mu Sheng Jie. [That guy had once fought with the Big Brother for the hegemony. And, even the Big Brother hadn't been able to suppress him in a proper manner. Moreover, he has obtained many enormous benefits from the ancient ruins. And, he will become even more ferocious once he comes out of the closed-door training.]

Ye Xiwen was more wary of Mu Sheng Jie as compared to Cao Yu Yu. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen was nothing more than a clown who jumped around for an expert of Mu Sheng Jie's calibre. Even an expert of the Sage Great Perfection Realm would seem only slightly stronger than an ant to him.

Ye Xiwen became even more afraid as these thoughts crossed his mind. Crushing ants was no big deal when compared to killing fellow human beings.

[I would be treated as an ant if I am not strong enough. And, I would then get crushed to death!]

Ye Xiwen looked far into the distance with a cold look in his eyes. It didn't matter whether it was Cao Yuyu or Mu Sheng Jie. He wouldn't let them off if they wanted to harm him. Their plots to murder him wouldn't kill him. Instead, they would only make him stronger.

[Wait until I return. I will give them a big surprise!]

Suddenly, waves of scarlet light began to emanate from Ye Xiwen's body. This made his body shine red, and made him look like a bloody shadow.

"Ye Xiwen, where are you going?" Ye Mo's voice reverberated inside Ye Xiwen's mind.

"What's your recovery status?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"I've recovered... at least 70-80%!" Ye Mo laughed and replied.

Countless sage experts had died at Ye Xiwen's hands during these few years of expeditions. Not many of those sage experts had possessed sage tools. However, the number of sage tools he had acquired was still significantly large. And, all those sage tools had been devoured by Ye Mo along with their tool spirits.

It was clear that Ye Mo had become much more conscious after he had swallowed Li Fei Bai's sage level spear as well.

(To be continued)

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