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A+ A- Chapter 533: Things Take a New Turn

The entire Poyuan Villa had turned quiet in the morning. There was an unusual silence everywhere. It seemed as if everyone had gone to see the duel between Yan Hong Yi and Li Fei Bai.

Numerous whistling sounds were coming from a distant place. Numerous people were heading towards the Poyuan Villa on their flying lights.

Such a commotion alarmed many experts along the way. After all, there were no ordinary civilians in this city; everyone in this city was a martial arts expert. Therefore, it was hard to say how superior their perception skills were when compared to that of ordinary people.

The divine senses swept from all around and caught on this huge group.

"Li Clan? They are Li Clan's people! What are they doing here?"

"Oh God, they are the famous experts of Li Clan. Aren't those eight men in the front the Li Clan's Eight Tigers? I've heard that each of them is an expert of the Sage Peak Realm. They enjoy a huge reputation in the Li Clan. Each of them can rule over a region. They rarely appear together. However, they've turned out in full strength now. What is Li Clan planning to do?"

"Is that old man in the front Li Clan's hidden Great Elder? Look at his aura! Has he already broken into the Sage Small Perfection Realm?"

There was an old man leading the group of experts of Li Clan. He was dressed up in a green robe. His countenance looked ice-old, and a bit pompous. His unstable aura was occasionally leaking from his body. He was a dreaded expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm.

He had entered the Sage Small Perfection Realm very recently. So, his aura was a bit unstable. Nonetheless, he was in Sage Small Perfection Realm, and Sage Peak Realm couldn't hold a candle to it.

"He's really at the Sage Small Perfection Realm!" Some weak experts in the city trembled under the coercion of this old Great Elder. They couldn't even prevent their bodies from shivering!

"Look at the direction they are headed towards… Is it Poyuan Villa? Yan Hong Yi and Li Fei Bai are fighting outside the city. And, a group of experts of Li Clan has turned out in full strength…? It's obvious that they want to exterminate the Poyuan Villa. This is a very good strategy. It's game over for Poyuan Villa this time!"

The experts of Li Clan were moving very quickly. They were advancing aggressively, and didn't seem to care about concealing themselves. In fact, it

seemed that they wanted everyone to see them.

Some insightful people had already understood what was going on. After all, Li Clan's actions had explained everything very simply. Li Clan wanted to establish their prestige. They wanted everyone to see how a colossal force of the Shang Yang City like the Poyuan Villa had to collapse in front of them.

The Shang Yang City was very big. However, those experts of the Li Clan had crossed it within a short span of time upon their flying lights.

The barrier formation that was protecting the Poyuan Villa had gotten activated while facing the group of experts from the Li Clan.

Li Clan's Great Elder stepped forward. His imposing aura surged up. Then, it transformed into a gigantic glowing red light, and soared up. He looked like an ominous devil at this moment. His blazing gaze could pierce the Nine Heavens.

"Humph!" the Li Clan's Great Elder coldly snorted. Then, he suddenly stomped his foot, and issued a wave of bright red light. The light carried tremendous power as it swept down like a tide towards the barrier.

The red light collided with the matrix formation that was protecting the villa. Endless divine beam spattered in all directions for a moment. The spirit energies in the surroundings got churned and thrown in all directions. The space also collapsed as this happened.

"Bang!" The entire matrix formation that was protecting the villa broke down within a split second. After all, it couldn't resist this attack from such a close distance. The dreadful strength of an expert of Sage Small Perfection Realm had manifested itself.

"Who has dared to cause a disturbance in our Poyuan Villa?!"

Suddenly, a delicate shout came from inside the villa. It then transformed into sound arrows, and shot towards the Li Clan's Great Elder.

"This pathetic little trick won't work!" The Li Clan's Great Elder took a step. Countless spirit energies instantly gathered under his feet, and condensed into a thick shield before him.



Those sound arrows tore through the atmosphere, and crashed into that 'spirit energy shield', and 'metal clanging' sounds were issued as a result. It seemed as if a giant bell had rung through the atmosphere. In fact, a terrible storm had been set off because of this.

Several figures flew out of the Poyuan Villa at this time. They were led by Yan Yun Ting. She seemed to have lost her mischievous vibe. On the contrary, she looked reliable and experienced.

"Why have you Li people come here?" An expert of the Sage Peak Realm attacked from inside the Poyuan Villa at this time. A long sword cut open the space as he attacked, and took the form of a hanging galaxy. The boundless galaxy then suddenly swept down. This was an attack from an experienced Sage Peak Realm expert of Poyuan Villa.

"A mantis trying to stop a chariot, eh? Don't overestimate your capabilities!" Li Clan's Great Elder sneered. His skinny figure appeared incomparably large as he stood there motionless.

That hanging galaxy arrived in front of the Li Clan's Great Elder within the blink of an eye, and he finally moved. However, he then stretched out his big hand. And, it covered everything in an overwhelming manner as it swept out. In fact, it seemed as if boundless clouds had fallen down.

The scene looked like an apocalyptic sight. The galaxy and the clouds collided, and issued a dreadful storm. The vast atmosphere got shattered, and dispersed in all directions.


A scream was heard at the same time. That expert of Sage Peak Realm screamed, and was sent flying away by the explosion. He collided with several buildings before he come to a halt. And, most of his body had begun to collapse as a result.

"How audacious! Your Li Clan has gone too far!" a loud shout came from inside the villa as a spear was shot out. It slashed out unrestrained divine beams that took the form of a giant dragon; it was a terrifying sight.

This long spear was carrying incomparably powerful energy. It locked on Li Clan's Great Elder, and streaked across the atmosphere with an irresistible force.

The Li Clan's Great Elder didn't dare to neglect this attack. In fact, he got a bit scared this time. It could even be said that the terrifying power from this spear had left him to tremble.

Moreover, he didn't have enough time to react this time. That spear reached near him in a flash. He had laid out several defences in front of him. However, these defences got smashed to pieces under this spear-attack.

However, his defences gave him some time to react. So, his figure turned around, and flew away. But, that spear had still opened a large wound on his body. And, blood gushed out from that wound as an overbearing energy invaded his body.

"Who?" The Great Elder's vision swept across the Poyuan Villa's buildings.

"Old Man, I'm surprised that you are still alive. Your Li Clan is vicious and merciless. You couldn't even wait for a

for a little while!" A figure emerged from inside the Poyuan Villa along with these cold words.

It was none other than the Villa Lord of Poyuan Villa — Yan Hong Yi!

"How can Yan Hong Yi be here?"

Many experts who were watching this scene from afar were stunned. "Yan Hong Yi is here… So, who is duelling with Li Fei Bai outside the city?"

This question appeared in many people's minds.

They got very excited since things had taken a new turn. Many people had run from the city because of the impending duel between Yan Hong Yi and Li Fei Bai. And, the Li Clan had taken advantage of this situation. They had launched an attack on the Poyuan Villa under the leadership of that Great Elder who had recently entered the Sage Small Perfection Realm. They wanted to wipe out Poyuan Villa so that they didn't have to worry about it in the future. However, they couldn't have imagined that Yan Hong Yi would still be inside the Poyuan Villa. After all, he was supposed to have gone for the duel with Li Fei Bai…

The situation had become very confusing. Many people had been certain of Li Clan's victory before the event had started. However, they weren't entirely sure now…

"Yan Hong Yi, is it really you?" Li Clan's Great Elder asked with a look of astonishment on his face. [Yan Hong Yi was supposed to have gone for the duel. However, he is here. So, who has gone there? Is it a trap?]

Li Clan's Great Elder started to think of all kinds of conspiracies.

His countenance had turned even more complicated as he looked at Yan Hong Yi — the youth who had grown up under the pressure of Li Clan, and had eventually become the role model for people who came from a humble background.

Yan Hong Yi's countenance had turned cold. He was extremely glad that he hadn't taken the wrong step. He had certainly believed that Li Clan would attack Poyuan Villa, but only after Li Fei Bai had killed him. So, he had felt that they would have the time to rescue everyone. However, he hadn't thought that the Li Clan's attack on Poyuan Villa would take place parallel to his mortal combat with Li Fei Bai. It seemed that the Li Clan didn't wish to give Poyuan Villa any chance of survival. Yan Hong Yi felt cold in his heart as he thought of this. After all, he would have dragged the Poyuan Villa's people to death along with him!

However, he fortunately didn't take that step.

"How can you be here? It's impossible!" here? It's impossible!" Li Clan's Great Elder shouted in disbelief.

"Nothing is impossible. But, it's time to settle our centuries-old score!" Yan Hong Yi's eyes had turned ice-cold.

In the extraterritorial battlefield on the other side…

Li Fei Bai was alone, and was showing off his exceptional fighting strength in the space. A formidable coercion radiated from him in all directions. In fact, even the experts who had wanted a better view hadn't dared to come close.

Li Fei Bai's middle-aged handsome face revealed an ice-cold and ruthless expression.

He had anticipated Yan Hong Yi to appear before his eyes. However, Yan Hong Yi hadn't come. Instead, a green-clothed young man had appeared before him. His figure was slim, and his aura was surging. Moreover, his aura gave off a sense of arrogance… as if he looked down on the world.

Ye Xiwen was extremely quick. He had suddenly appeared in front of Li Fei Bai by treading on his flying light. Then, he sized up Li Fei Bai. He noticed that Li Fei Bai's battle armour was giving off an icy shine. He looked like a god in the space. Even the stars looked insignificant in front of him.

Even Ye Xiwen was a bit cautious. After all, Li Fei Bai had already entered the pinnacle of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. Moreover, he was only a step away from obtaining the strength of the Sage Great Perfection Realm. Therefore, he was much more powerful than that fierce star-wolf king.

"Who are you? Where is Yan Hong Yi?" Li Fei Bai asked somewhat indifferently. "Is he such a coward that he hasn't come himself and has sent an amateur-ish young boy instead? Get lost, and ask him to come. Otherwise, I will go and trample his Poyuan Villa flat myself!"

Li Fei Bai had become restless. [Yan Hong Yi isn't here. So, the people I had sent to launch a raid on the Poyuan Villa must be in trouble!]

"Don't bother. I have come to fight with you on behalf of Villa Lord Yan!" Ye Xiwen stated.

"Who do you think you are? You don't deserve to fight with me!" Li Fei Bai said disdainfully.

"I am the one who defeated the Five Huang Brothers. And, you're saying that I don't deserve to fight with you?" Ye Xiwen insipidly replied.

"What? You're the little bastard who injured my son?" Li Fei Bai opened his eyes wide.

(To be continued)

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