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A+ A- Chapter 531: Can’t We Ask Ye Xiwen for Help?

Li Cheng Tian had gone out flying. He had crashed into the ground, and a huge crater had been formed as a result. He had also lost consciousness because of this impact. In fact, it was hard to say whether he would survive or not…

Ye Xiwen's incredible strength and ruthlessness had shocked and terrified everyone. They secretly compared his strength with their own. His attack had looked gentle, and they could see that Li Cheng Tian hadn't died. However, Li Cheng Tian had definitely sustained some serious injuries.

"Isn't he afraid of the Li Clan's retaliation?" someone whispered

"He has defeated the Five Huang Brothers. It shows that he can challenge the experts of the Sage Small Perfection Realm with ease. So, he may not face much trouble even if the Li Clan flies into a rage."

"Who is this man? He certainly doesn't belong to the Poyuan Villa. Otherwise, he would've become famous in the entire Shang Yang City by now!"

Yan Hong Yi was also in a state of shock after having witnessed Ye Xiwen's fierceness. It wasn't like Yan Hong Yi hadn't killed many people himself. However, the way in which Ye Xiwen had casually beaten them up had left him extremely scared.

That look of indifference in Ye Xiwen's eyes had shaken him in particular. [Such a resolute disposition is hard to imagine.]

He couldn't help but sigh as he thought of this. He had wanted to recruit Ye Xiwen. In fact, he was even willing to step down from the position of the Villa Lord of the Poyuan Villa for Ye Xiwen. However, it suddenly seemed that his desire to recruit Ye Xiwen couldn't be fulfilled. [It's impossible to contain this extraordinary young man in such a small place.]

Suddenly, Yan Hong Yi realized that Ye Xiwen had hurt Li Cheng Tian very badly. Li Cheng Tian was in a miserable state as result. In fact, he was lingering between life and death. This worried Yan Hong Yi so much that he started to have a headache. He clearly knew that Li Clan's Clan Lord loved his son very much. After all, he had even arranged goons like the Five Huang Brothers to guard his son. So, how could he leave the matter after he had come to know that his son had been beaten up this badly?

Anyway, everything had already happened. So, there was nothing he could achieve by thinking too much about it now. Also, it didn't

matter whether Li Cheng Tian survived or not. After all, his condition would make no difference anymore; the Li Clan wouldn't spare Poyuan Villa once they had moved into action.

Yan Hong Yi shot a glance at Ye Xiwen, and pondered over something. [We may get over this calamity if this man stays here with us!]

Ye Xiwen looked at Li Cheng Tian. He had attacked without holding back. He hadn't killed Li Cheng Tian. However, he had left him half-dead. The impact had even shaken Li Cheng Tian's mind. Consequently, he would only be a fool from now onwards…

"Villa Lord Yan, I have increased your troubles by doing this!" Ye Xiwen turned around towards Yan Hong Yi and said.

"It doesn't matter. It's not a big deal. The Li Clan has long been eyeing our Poyuan Villa. We would've been killed by those star-beasts back in the Hallucinatory Star Field if Young Brother Ye hadn't helped. So, I think we owe you one!" Yan Hong Yi replied very cordially. He would never harbour ill-will towards Ye Xiwen… even if he had to face Li Clan's fury.

Nobody had imagined that Li Cheng Tian would arrive in search of trouble at this time. However, he hadn't been able to cause any trouble for them. Instead, he himself had gotten into trouble, and had been left crippled in the end.

This news had spread throughout the Shang Yang City overnight. Many people had witnessed the fight. So, it was impossible for the Poyuan Villa to stop this news from spreading. And, it had caused a sensation in the entire city in no time.

"Did you hear? Li Cheng Tian has been crippled by someone!"

"Li Cheng Tian…? Isn't he the eldest son of Li Clan's Lord? Who can dare to harm him? Do they have a death wish?"

"Ha ha ha... God is watching. Li Cheng Tian had it coming. He was always bossing around people by using the influence of Li Clan. But, he messed with the wrong guy this time... and got wrecked for it. Damn!"

Rumours had spread in abundance overnight. Many other forces had also added fuel to the fire. They wanted to see an intense collision between the two giants; Li Clan and Poyuan Villa. They hoped that the clash would be earth-shattering. After all, nothing could be as good as this.

Different kinds of rumours had begun to prevail. Some people were also saying that Yan Hong Yi had fought and defeated the Five Huang Brothers.

Brothers. And, he had then brutally beaten up and crippled Li Cheng Tian. After all, there was no other logical explanation for what had happened to Li Cheng Tian and the Five Huang Brothers. People couldn't believe that some young man had defeated the Five Huang Brothers. Consequently, the information about Ye Xiwen nearly got concealed under these rumours.

The Li Clan eventually made a move amidst these rumours and anticipations.

A declaration of war was sent to the Poyuan Villa as a result. The Li Clan's Clan Lord would personally arrive after three days, and he would ask for an explanation regarding what had happened to his son. Moreover, he had challenged the Villa Lord Yan to a mortal combat; and, only one of them would survive it.

The entire city was already bustling with noise and excitement when this news added fuel to the fire. However, everyone suddenly became eager to watch this battle now. The collision between these two big forces would lead to the establishment of one huge force in the Shang Yang City; the other would obviously be eliminated. Moreover, a senior expert of the Sage Small Complete Realm would be overseeing the battle.

This was set from the beginning that one individual would certainly die in this mortal combat. So, one amongst these two forces was bound to collapse after this death-match.

Almost everyone was optimistic about the Li Clan in this situation. After all, the Li Clan's Clan Lord had already reached the pinnacle of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. And, he was soon going to enter the Sage Great Perfection Realm. He would dominate the entire Shang Yang City once that had happened. Moreover, the news about Yan Hong Yi's injuries had also started to do rounds…

The Li Clan's Clan Lord was a bit stronger than Yan Hong Yi. Moreover, Yan Hong Yi's injuries hadn't healed yet. Wasn't it already obvious who would win, and who would lose?

The news that two big forces were on the verge of collision had stirred up a storm in Shang Yang City.

Yan Hong Yi was reading the declaration of war that he had received from Li Clan's Clan Lord. He was inside his study room in the Poyuan Villa at this time. He sighed as he read the declaration. His daughter Yan Yun Ting was beside him. It seemed as if she had matured all of a sudden; the immature temperament of a little girl had vanished from her persona…

She understood that Poyuan Villa was currently passing through its most dangerous time-to-date.

The entire

The entire Poyuan Villa was solely relying upon Ya Hong Yi. In fact, it might collapse in a flash if they lost the support of a senior Sage Small Complete Realm expert like Yan Hong Yi.

There were several other experts of the Sage Peak Realm in the villa. However, there was a huge gap between the Sage Peak realm and the Sage Small Perfection Realm. The gap was like the natural moat around the city; it kept most of the experts from advancing. And, those sage experts would remain stuck at the checkpoint between the Sage Peak Realm and the Sage Small Perfection Realm throughout their lives.

Therefore, it could be assumed that the Poyuan Villa's decline would only be a matter of time if Yan Hong Yi died.

"Daddy, you mustn't go. Li Fei Bai would stop at nothing. He's about to enter the Sage Great Perfection Realm. So, he will certainly resort to extreme methods to kill you!" Yan Yun Ting bit her red lips, and said.

"I know... but there is no other way. The courage of the Poyuan Villa's people will collapse if I don't go!" Yan Hong Yi sighed as he replied. Such is always the condition of a force that solely depends on one person. The entire force collapses in-time if that person dies…

"But daddy, you could've given all you've got if you weren't injured. However, you are badly injured. How you can you be a match for Li Fei Bai in this condition? Li Fei Bai wants to use this opportunity to get rid of you. That's why he has proposed a mortal combat. Daddy, you should wait until you've recovered from your injuries. You can face him after that!" Yan Yun Ting said.

"Silly girl, my injuries won't heal easily. In fact, they will take many years to fully heal. I hope that they will heal in one fell swoop if I make the breakthrough into the Sage Great Perfection Realm. Besides, do you think Li Fei Bai is so honourable that he will wait for my injuries to heal?" Yan Hong Yi sneered. He was very familiar with his old rival Li Fei Bai. They had grown to understand each other well during this hundred years old enmity. "I reckon he won't even wait for three days if I don't accept this declaration of war. In fact, he might even launch a surprise attack on Poyuan Villa tonight itself!"

"Isn't he afraid of being punished by the City Lord?" Yan Yun Ting asked startled. Her pair of wonderful eyes opened wide in wonder.

"City Lord…? Can he do anything after everything were to have taken place? have taken place? Once something happens — it cannot be changed. So, why would he provoke the Li Clan for us?" Yan Hong Yi replied in a straightforward manner. However, he knew that people could be very fickle when it comes to their own survival. Nobody knew better about the inconstancies of human relationships than him. That was why the thought of recruiting Ye Xiwen had previously arisen in his mind. After all, Poyuan Villa's situation would've changed significantly if he had recruited Ye Xiwen.

"I've been in conflict with Li Fei Bai since several hundred years. I know him well. He must've made a strategy to kill me since he has chosen to send a declaration of war so confidently," Yan Hong Yi sighed and said. "However, I don't have any way out this time. Our several-hundred-years-old resentment must get settled this time. Moreover, I must go and fight for the sake of the Poyuan Villa. You must take your mother out of Shang Yang City along with the other people of the Poyuan Villa. And, you must never come back..."

"Daddy!" Yan Yun Ting nearly jumped up. "How can this be?"

"You must be obedient. Li Fei Bai is very merciless by nature. So, he won't spare Poyuan Villa after he has killed me. Therefore, you must take everyone out of here when everyone's attention is drawn to our fight!" Yan Hong Yi said. "You will have to take care of your mother in the future. Fortunately, I think that you've also grown up now!"

Yan Yun Ting looked at Yan Hong Yi. Her eyes had turned red from the crying. She softly said, "Daddy, No! I will marry... I will marry Li Cheng Tian!"

"No!" Yan Hong Yi immediately replied. "Li Cheng Tian has been notorious since hundred years. Who doesn't know about his evil acts? You will undoubtedly tread dangerous grounds if you marry him. Moreover, he's nothing more than an idiot now. How can I helplessly see you throwing away your life?

"Anyway, Li Fei Bai hasn't been targeting me for one or two days now. Our enmity is very old. He won't spare our villa even if you marry Li Cheng Tian. He won't give up until he has either destroyed or annexed our villa!" Yan Hong Yi shook his head. He had rejected Yan Yun Ting's idea without even giving it any thought.

"Daddy, can't we ask others for help? Isn't that Ye Xiwen very powerful? He has even defeated a demon-beast of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. Things can change if he gets involved!" Yan Yun Ting bit her lips and said.

(To be continued)

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