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A+ A- Chapter 532: Fight Begins!

"Young Brother Ye is obviously very strong. Perhaps, even an expert of Sage Small Perfection Realm is no match for him. However, Li Fei Bai has reached the pinnacle of Sage Small Perfection Realm. He's about to enter the Sage Great Perfection Realm. So, Young Brother Ye may not want to face him. Moreover, he has already helped us once. How can I shamelessly ask him to fight for us again?" Yan Hong Yi shook his head and said. Moreover, he was afraid that he would land into a big trouble if he made Ye Xiwen angry. "Forget it. This matter is already decided. You will take your mother and the others out of here after three days. I must take care of this matter on my own!"

The night gradually turned darker. Ye Xiwen was blasting his fists in the air inside a small courtyard. He hadn't even used a trace of his real energy. However, the air would still get disintegrated wherever his fists would go. The sound of explosion could be heard from time to time. However, the sound from most of the explosions had been contained by an energy field that didn't allow any sound to proliferate.

Sweat dripped from Ye Xiwen's forehead as he panted unceasingly. These several years of expeditions had put him in many dangerous situations. There was hardly any time when he could relax and didn't need to be vigilant. So, he had decided to work on his fist technique now that he had gotten the time to relax.

He had been practicing 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' for a long time now. However, his comprehension of this fist technique could only be called 'normal' when compared to his blade technique… or his sword technique.

He knew around a hundred forms of his fist technique. However, there was still a big disparity in comparison to those people who had been practicing their fist technique for many years.

He had been reducing the gap between 'Lifting heavy weight as if it's light' and 'Lifting light weight as if it's heavy'. However, he wasn't some genius who would 'understand it all' at a glance. The comprehension of these foundations was the most basic step on his cultivation journey. The stronger the foundation… the faster his cultivation speed would be in the future.

He hadn't been able to enter the realm of 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' even after so many years. However, he believed that his fighting strength would increase enormously once he had entered this realm. This tremendous improvement wouldn't take place because of his physical strength… or because of practicing some great secret technique. Rather, it would happen because of the promotion

of the foundation of his cultivation. Consequently, his powers would also become more efficient.

Xiao Ya was looking at Ye Xiwen practicing the fist technique. She was calmly looking at him with a rare smile on her face.

Suddenly, a sound of rushing footsteps came from the outside. Xiao Ya slowly walked out to check. However, she collided with Yan Yun Ting as she rushed in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" Yan Yun Ting became anxious when she realized that she had collided with Xiao Ya. After all, she liked this quiet little girl very much.

"Little sister, is your elder brother here?" Yan Yun Ting asked. She liked Xiao Ya very much. However, she wasn't in a mood to think about this issue at the moment.

Xiao Ya quietly nodded. Her small and delicate face carried a faint smile. So, it seemed that she was in a good mood.

"Ye Xiwen?" Yan Yun Ting entered the courtyard. Then, she saw Ye Xiwen sitting on the branch of a big tree inside the courtyard. The starlight was falling obliquely on his body, and was illuminating it.

"Excuse me!" Yan Yun Ting stopped as she realized that her actions were discourteous.

"What's the matter?" Ye Xiwen jumped down from the branch of the tree. Then, he looked at Yan Yun Ting and asked.

"Young Brother Ye, please save our Poyuan Villa!" Yan Yun Ting suddenly knelt down. Her eyes filled with tears as she said this.

"Get up; get up first!" Ye Xiwen's eyes moved swiftly as he extended his hand. He didn't allow her to continue kneeling. His 'real elemental energy' held Yan Yun Ting, and made her stand up. "First tell me what has happened?"

"I know my request can be very troublesome for you. However, I plead you to save our Poyuan Villa… save my daddy!" Yan Yun Ting replied.

"Villa Lord Yan? What happened to him?" Ye Xiwen asked. "Is it about Li Clan's declaration of war?"

Ye Xiwen thought for a moment, and understood why Yan Yun Ting had arrived in such a rush. It obviously wasn't Yan Hong Yi's idea. After all, he would've arrived here personally if he wanted to talk. So, this must be her idea. Moreover, such a fast action also matched her carefree personality.

"Yes. Li Fei Bai's hates my daddy. So, he will

will resort to extreme methods if this mortal combat were to take place. He won't spare my daddy. Therefore, I request you to please save my daddy!" Yan Yun Ting's eyes were filled with tears as she said. She suddenly felt how foolish she had been when she hadn't seen her daddy's suffering in the past.

"I would've helped even if you hadn't asked when it comes to the Li Clan's declaration of war. After all, I'm also involved in this matter!" Ye Xiwen nodded and replied. It was true that the two clans had already harboured grudges against each other. However, it was Ye Xiven who had ignited this conflict. Otherwise, this conflict could very well have been delayed for several years.

"Thank you, thank you very much!" Yan Yun Ting bowed repeatedly to express her gratitude. Her eyes were filled with tears, "I will do whatever you want as long as you save our villa and my daddy's life!"

"Hey, hey, don't treat me like someone who would fall as low as to take advantage of your hardship, ok?" Ye Xiwen helplessly looked at Yan Yun Ting. After all, taking advantage of someone's hardship was beneath his dignity.

Yan Yun Ting looked at Ye Xiwen with a somewhat embarrassed expression on her face. However, she also felt a bit relieved. After all, she had made up her mind to sacrifice herself for saving her daddy and the Poyuan Villa.

However, she also became a bit annoyed once she felt relieved. After all, she was famous for her beauty in the entire Shang Yang City. How could she have such a weak s*x appeal?

Clarifying one's intentions was understandable. But, he didn't have to reject her offer so blatantly and hurriedly.

Yan Yun Ting's mind had previously been in chaos. However, she had suddenly felt stress-free once she had received the assurance that Ye Xiwen would help them. But, it wasn't known where her hyperactive little mind had flown off to all of a sudden…

Ye Xiwen didn't know that Yan Yun Ting was presently thinking about stuff like that. Otherwise, perhaps he would've felt even more helpless.

Yan Yun Ting's behaviour had gone beyond his imagination tonight. He had felt that she was a pampered little princess when he had seen her for the first time. However, she seemed a lot more mature right now. Apparently, people need to experience some things in life in order to grow up. Maturity has nothing to do with strength or age. For example, Li Cheng Tian was a spoiled brat of a rich clan in Ye Xiwen's opinion. And, there wouldn't have been any significant difference in his personality

his personality even if he had possessed formidable strength.

"Listen, Villa Lord Yan will think that I am bullying you if he sees you in this state!" Ye Xiwen looked at Yan Yun Ting helplessly and said.

"You don't look old from your appearance. In fact, you look like a teenager. You may even be younger than me. So, why do you always come across as an old man?" Yan Yun Ting smiled through her tears as she said.

"I've got a lot of experience!" Ye Xiwen laughed. He was completely different from the pampered Yan Yun Ting whose life had been smooth so far. He had obtained so much experience by cultivating for most of his life. How he could be like her?

"How deep is the enmity between your daddy and Li Clan's Clan Lord?" Ye Xiwen curiously asked.

The Poyuan Villa's people had been talking about the Li Clan since the time he had met them. So, it was evident that the two sides didn't have a small grudge.

"My daddy and Li Fei Bai courted my mother when they were young. Eventually, my mother chose daddy since he had a humble background. However, Daddy and Li Fei Bai have been fighting for several hundred years because of this matter. Li Fei Bai has unceasingly tried to destroy our Poyuan Villa. They've fought with each other many times. The old injuries on daddy's body are also because of Li Fei Bai's plot!" Yan Yun Ting slowly narrated the entire story.

It was very common for two people to be jealous of each other because of a love affair when they were young. However, it was rare for such a jealously to continue for several hundred years. Therefore, it was clear that Li Fei Bai's desire for revenge was very strong.

"Li Fei Bai and Daddy fought secretly at first. So, it was difficult to determine the winner and loser. However, Daddy has sustained serious injuries this time around, and Li Fei Bai has advanced greatly. So, he must be assured of his win. And, that's why he has sent this declaration of war. It's because this is the perfect opportunity for him to kill Daddy!" Yan Yun Ting said.

"This is going to be difficult!" Ye Xiwen secretly thought. It was widely known that Li Fei Bai was about to enter the Sage Great Perfection Realm... This obviously meant that he was at the pinnacle of Sage Small Perfection realm.

[He must be stronger than that fierce star-wolf king.]

However, he was involved in this matter. So, this matter. So, he couldn't back down no matter what.

Three days' time had passed in a flash. It had disappeared within the blink of an eye.

No news came out about Li Clan or Poyuan Villa in these three days. However, that didn't mean that the city was in peace. On the contrary, the entire Shang Yang City was seething with excitement because of Li Clan's declaration of war.

The hatred and desire for revenge between Li Clan and Poyuan Villa had lasted for several hundred years. So, many people knew that it was the time to end this hatred and desire for revenge. Moreover, it was inevitable that only one party would survive in the end.

The enmity of several centuries would come to an end when the two big forces would try to overthrow the other this time.

"Yan Hong Yi, come out to die!"

A loud shout came from the space outside the city on the morning of the third day. The rumbling sound shook the entire Shang Yang City. In fact, it seemed that it would disintegrate the entire city.

A figure was issuing dreadful power in the space. He looked like an ominous god who was demonstrating his monstrous might in space.

Everyone knew that the mortal combat was about to begin. This exceptional fight would decide the rise or fall of two clans.

The entire star field was shaking. This fight had to take place in the space. After all, it was a confrontation between two senior experts of Sage Small Perfection Realm. Therefore, the entire Shang Yang City could get destroyed if either of them forgot to take precaution. Consequently, such a stunning fight could only take place in the space. After all, only the space could withstand such a fight without thoroughly collapsing.

That ice-cold figure exuded a chilling and murderous aura.

Many people were left trembling, and didn't dare to come close. However, an increasing number of people had still gathered since they wanted to see this exceptional battle.


An imposing aura exploded from the Shang Yang City, and soared up. It was located far away from Li Fei Bai's stunning aura.

A figure came out of the city, and rushed into the space.

(To be continued)

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