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"You were right. Sometimes, talking nonsense can really get a person killed!"

Ye Xiwen's words seemed ruthless... as if they had come straight from hell. Xiao Ya had been with him for less than a year. However, this quiet and well-behaved young girl's cuteness had won him over. So, how could he tolerate the fact that someone had harboured ill-thoughts about her?

Li Cheng Tian's sinister expression had frozen. Ye Xiwen's movement was extremely quick as he appeared in front of another sage expert like a golden flash of light. Then, he lifted his foot, and kicked that expert. The speed of his foot appeared to be slow. However, it was incomparably fast in reality. Therefore, that expert could only look helplessly as Ye Xiwen's foot hit his chest.


"Crack, Crack!"

The sound of breaking of bones was heard along with a muffled scream. That expert was sent flying upside down. He crashed into the ground, and opened a huge crater before finally coming to a halt. His chest and sternum got crushed by Ye Xiwen's kick. Moreover, he couldn't breathe either. So, it was hard to say whether he would live or die.




Ye Xiwen's golden figure flashed in front of those experts one by one. They also didn't get any time to react, and went out flying by his bombardments. They had been rendered breathless by the attacks. These people were basically the lackeys of Li Cheng Tian. So, Ye Xiwen felt that it wouldn't be a problem even if they died.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen arrived in front of the last expert, and sent him flying too.

Everyone was in a state of disbelief… except those people of the Poyuan Villa who had returned with Ye Xiwen. Those people had no strength to fight back in front of Ye Xiwen's attacks. However, they were sage experts in their own rights.

Li Cheng Tian's subordinates could only be considered as hired thugs. However, they were considered to be on the superior side in the Shang Yang City.

Li Cheng Tian finally understood the reason behind the gloating expressions on the faces of those people of the Poyuan Villa. [They were laughing at my overconfidence.]

[This young man possesses incredible strength!]

Li Cheng Tian's countenance turned even more distorted since he felt that everyone present there was ridiculing him. And, all these things had happened because of the young man who was present before his eyes.

"Kill him for me!" he ordered the Five Huang Brothers who were present by his side. He didn't wish to believe that this young man couldn't be killed even after using the combined strength of the Five Huang Brothers.

The Five Huang Brothers moved into action without any hesitation after they had heard Li Cheng Tian's command. Each of their bodies separately radiated the light of five elements —metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They unleashed terrifying auras as the Five Elements Great Barrier swept towards Ye Xiwen to crush him.

The Five Huang Brothers were experts of the Sage Peak Realm. Even one of them was enough to wreak havoc. And, they could even contend against an expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm when together.

This attack was different from the one they had used to stop Yan Hong Yi a while ago. After all, they had attacked with their entire strength this time. The 'spirit energies' of the entire Shang Yang City had condensed at this place at a very high speed.

Many experts of Shang Yang City had also flown over to this place. However, they were witnessing this fight from afar because they couldn't dare to come near. After all, the Poyuan Villa was a big force in Shang Yang City since it was home to many experts.

"Aren't they the Five Huang Brothers? I've heard that they've joined the Li Clan. But, why are they fighting here at Poyuan Villa?"

"Li Clan has gone off the leash. Li Clan's Clan Lord is about to make the breakthrough into the Sage Great Perfection Realm. He will dominate the entire Shang Yang City after that!"

"Poyuan Villa's Yan Hong Yi has a very old enmity with Li Clan. It is said that the wife of the Villa Lord Yan Hong Yi had been courted by Li Clan's Clan Lord as well. However, Villa Lord Yan married her in the end. In fact, this bitter enmity between these clans is more than hundred years old!"

The Five Elements Great Barrier shook the void as it arrived in an overwhelming manner. It surged forward, and issued vibrations all over. The Five Huang Brothers had attacked with their entire strength, and had unleashed their endless might in sync.

Ye Xiwen's complexion had also turned a bit solemn. After all, he wasn't dealing with ordinary sage experts this time.

Faint golden rays of light had begun to flicker on his body; the divinities were looming. Suddenly, a dreadful murderous aura swept out from his body, and soared up. Consequently, cracks appeared in the void. Ye Xiwen didn't speak anything while facing the Five Elements Great Barrier. He merely stretched out his big hand. It transformed into a star, and swept out.

"Bang!" the star ferociously collided with the matrix formation of the five elements. The clash issued incomparably ferocious shock waves, and they instantly ripped apart the void. Even the fortified space of the city couldn't resist the impact that was produced by this collision.

Everyone's complexion had turned pale in amazement. The Five Huang Brothers were legendary. But, who was this young man? No one could believe their eyes when they saw that he hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position while fighting the five brothers.

The five brothers were also somewhat stunned. They had secretly locked most of their energy on Yan Hong Yi's body. After all, they were afraid that Yan Hong Yi might launch a sudden attack. They could indeed contend against an expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. However, that was only possible when all five brothers fought together. Also, they could only contend against an expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. But, they couldn't defeat him. Therefore, they had to be careful at all times.

However, they hadn't expected that Yan Hong Yi would never attack. And, that this young man who they didn't care about would be able to stop their attack single-handedly.

They certainly hadn't used their full strength yet. Still, an ordinary person couldn't stop the Five Elements Great Barrier. After all, it had the power to blast away an average expert of the Sage Peak Realm.

Ye Xiwen landed on the ground. His black hair was fluttering in the wind. His eyes looked profound, and it seemed as if a universe had taken birth inside them. His fighting intention soared, and it seemed that he possessed a monstrous aura. Everyone had thought that he wouldn't be able to stop the attack of the Five Huang Brothers. However, everyone had been proven wrong.

"Young man, you're pretty good. But, this is it for you!" the eldest among those five brothers shouted. Simultaneously, his imposing aura surged sharply. It had become even more dreadful than before. The minds of these five brothers were interlinked. Therefore, they thought of the same thing. They knew that they had to attack this man with all of their strength this time around. In fact, they had stopped thinking about Yan Hong Yi for the time being.

"Die!" Ye Xiwen bellowed. He trod forward at an abnormally quick pace. Simultaneously, the golden rays of light emanating from his body became even more intense. He looked like a Golden God as he rushed forward to face his enemy's attack.

Ye Xiwen didn't use any special move; only his fist swept out. Yet, it carried tremendous power. He forged ahead relying only on the toughness of his body, and took on the Five Huang Brothers.

His monstrous aura could've scared a person to death. The aura spread out in all directions.




Ye Xiwen hadn't used any fancy moves. He had only shot his fists. The Five Huang Brothers had thought that Ye Xiwen either had a death wish… or he had gone crazy. After all, that was the only possible explanation for fighting them unarmed.

However, they soon realized how mistaken they were…

There was nothing stylish about Ye Xiwen's fist attacks. However, every fist had shaken their Five Elements Great Barrier.

Li Cheng Tian's countenance had also turned exceptionally stiff on the other side. After all, he hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be so insanely powerful. In fact, he had initially thought that the Five Huang Brothers would take care of him with ease. However, Ye Xiwen had left them to tremble.


Ye Xiwen's fist pounded on the Five Elements Great Barrier once again.

"Bang!" The barrier shattered into pieces.




It seemed as if the five brothers had been accidently struck by lightning. They spouted blood from their mouths as their bodies were sent out flying.

"Bang!" They crashed into the ground, and a huge crater was formed.

Li Cheng Tian became scared when he saw that Ye Xiwen was coming towards him step by step; even his arms had begun to shake slightly. It wasn't that he had never seen a powerful expert. In fact, he had seen the strongest experts in Shang Yang City. However, he hadn't thought that this ordinary looking young man could wipe out the Five Huang Brothers within such a short span of time. After all, he had enormous faith in them. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to the Poyuan Villa so rashly...

"What do you want to do?" Li Cheng Tian swallowed his saliva. He had become very nervous.

"Didn't you do what you wanted to do just now? So, now I will do what I want to do!" Ye Xiwen replied insipidly. His expression looked cold... as if he was talking to a dead person.

Li Cheng Tian had killed many people in his life. However, most of them were young and weak people. In fact, he would've collapsed very easily if he had encountered people who were far stronger than him.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. Many of the people whom he had killed were more tyrannical than him. Of course, he had reached up to here after fighting and defeating all those powerful enemies. That's why he had a seemingly invincible aura, and Li Cheng Tian didn't.

"Don't you dare trying something…! My father is the Clan Lord of the Li Clan. The Li Clan won't let you off easily if you so much as even touched me!" Li Cheng Tian swallowed his saliva as he tried hard to maintain a stern look in order to intimidate Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen looked at him, and shook his head as a look of disappointment appeared in his eyes. Li Cheng Tian was also a sage expert like those Five Huang Brothers. However, his aura wasn't even close to their imposing auras. In fact, it was simply pathetic.

He was merely a weakling who depended on powerful connections, and bullied the weak. And, it was a waste to spend resources on trash like him!

Li Cheng Tian noticed Ye Xiwen's disdain for him by looking at his facial expressions. Li Cheng's face became stiff. Then, a sly look appeared on his face.

"Go to hell!" A sage level long sword suddenly appeared in Li Cheng Tian's hand. And, he hacked it at Ye Xiwen without delay.

However, he realized that his sage sword had only slashed Ye Xiwen's afterimage.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen appeared in front of Li Cheng Tian, and snatched the sage sword from his hand at a lightning speed. After that, he fiercely slapped Li Cheng Tian on his face.

"Bang!" Li Cheng Tian's body rotated rapidly like a spinning top, and went backwards at a very fast speed. His forehead almost got smashed, and his teeth got shattered.

"Bang!" Li Cheng Tian's body ferociously crashed into the ground, and a huge crater was formed. He lost consciousness soon-after.

(To be continued)

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