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A+ A- Chapter 528: Talking Nonsense Can Get A Person Killed!

"It's nothing. It's not a big deal!" Ye Xiwen smiled. It truly wasn't a big thing for him. Fighting demon beasts was much simpler than fighting complex and cunning humans. One merely needed strength to crush the beasts. In fact, one would have the power to crush these beasts if one had great strength, 'Real Elemental Energy', and other such things.

And, Ye Xiwen had gained an upper hand in all these aspects. The legends stated that the main objective of his 'tyrant body secret' was to go on expeditions against devils and gods. Therefore, dealing with these demon beasts must be very easy for him.

It wasn't difficult to deal with demon beasts after having an upper hand in all these aspects. In fact, dealing with human experts was much more difficult than dealing with these beasts. After all, the human experts had much more than formidable strength alone. They also had all kinds of divine tools, talismans, and whatnot in abundance. Therefore, Ye Xiwen felt that it was much more difficult to deal with human experts.

"Ke ke!" Yan Hong Yi suddenly coughed once again. Blood also came out from his mouth along with the coughing. His complexion had turned pale.

"Are you all right?" Ye Xiwen promptly asked.

"I'm fine. It's nothing. It's just old injuries. They've resurfaced due to my fight with that beast. Plus, I've also sustained some new injuries in that fight. I'm all right. Hey, I'm getting old. These injuries wouldn't have had any effect on me if I had been young!" Yan Hong Yi waved his hand. He smiled reluctantly, and used his martial power to suppress the injuries.

Ye Xiwen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Getting old? What kind of a joke was it? An expert would become more and more powerful as their cultivation deepened with age. Consequently, an older expert would possess more powerful vitality and vigour than the younger ones... unless they were on the verge of death.

Those remaining star beasts couldn't escape, and were killed very quickly with Ye Xiwen's assistance. Moreover, the team hadn't suffered huge losses since Ye Xiwen had killed that fierce star-wolf king in time.

Everyone's opinion of Ye Xiwen had also changed. They hadn't liked him initially. They had arrived here in the 'Hallucinatory Star Field' with the determination to lay down their lives. These chosen people of the villa were second to none. After all, the villa had so many experts. And, Ye Xiwen was merely at the intermediate stage of the sage realm. So, what could he have possibly achieved? However, they were amazed after they witnessed Ye Xiwen's strength.

They were trying to avoid making eye contact with Ye Xiwen at the moment. After all, they had said that he might be a spy of the Li Clan. So, they couldn't say anything to redeem themselves at this time. After all, they could only say that they had been rather unfair towards him so far.

However, they were also feeling a bit relieved. They would be at ease even if the Li Clan played some trick now. After all, they had a formidable expert like Ye Xiwen to keep watch. Their safety factor had enormously increased since they had two Sage Small Perfection level experts to keep watch now.

Everyone's behaviour towards Ye Xiwen had changed enormously after this matter. Fortunately, they didn't come across any other mishap until they came out of the 'Hallucinatory Star Field'. They then arrived at another star region that was adjacent to the 'Hallucinatory Star Field' – River Shore Star Field.

The Poyuan Villa was situated in the Shang Yang City. It was less than ten-thousand miles away from the borderline of the 'Ha

llucinatory Star Field'. Perhaps, an ordinary person wouldn't be able cover this distance in their entire lifetime. However, it wasn't very far for these experts.

Ye Xiwen felt that the distorted appearance of the void had switched back to normal once they had come out of the 'Hallucinatory Star Field'.

"Finally, we've come out of that damned Hallucinatory Star Field!" Ye Xiwen let out a sigh of relief. Xiao Ya was standing beside him. He touched her small head. However, she only quietly looked at him, and didn't say anything in response.

A huge city was floating in the space at a distance. It was emitting colourful rays of light that had illuminated this section of the Universe.

Yan Hong Yi told Ye Xiwen that this was the Shang Yang City. The Shang Yang City was undoubtedly much bigger than the Wind Dragon City. In fact, it was at least ten times bigger than the Wind Dragon City.

This city that was floating in space was established after many experts from various planets had ventured into this section of the universe. They had only established this city for their temporary stay. However, it had gradually developed into an enormous city. In fact, there weren't many cities in the True Martial World that could be compared with such a big city.

This endlessly spanning city looked pleasing to the eyes. One couldn't see its edge. The rays of light emanating from the barrier formations on the city's walls would flicker from time to time. Every section of the city's wall was covered with layers of matrix formation. This had been done in order to protect the city from the attacks of the star beasts.

The faces of the Poyuan Villa's people had a look of exhaustion when they saw that their home wasn't very far now. After all, they had been on the expedition in the Hallucinatory Star Field for a very long time. Even the sage experts would get worn out in that strange starry region. So, nobody had dared to relax even a bit at that place. However, they now got some sense of relaxation when they saw that their home was right in front of them.

Many experts were going through the required procedure for entering the city at the gates. The majority of them were legendary experts. The truth experts were very rare. However, the ratio of truth experts varied from world to world. This place was unlike various other worlds. So, it was difficult for the truth experts to survive in a starry region. In fact, it was even more difficult for them to survive in this starry region since it was very far from other inhabited worlds. Even the legendary experts could barely protect themselves here.

The ship entered the Shang Yang City. The experts stepped aside from the way. The soldiers above the city's walls didn't dare to stop the ship either. It was evident that the Poyuan Villa didn't have a low status in the Shang Yang City.

"Villa Lord Yan, it seems that your villa has a huge influence in the Shang Yang City…" Ye Xiwen let out a smile from the corner of his mouth as he looked at Yan Hong Yi.

"Don't make fun of me, Young Brother Ye. I am only slightly famous in this city!" Yan Hong Yi replied.

The ship arrived at an extremely big villa that was situated on the northern side of the city. Each house in the city was built like a huge building complex. The houses were spanning across the city. It was a magnificent sight.

"Villa Lord is back!"

The guards left to inform the people of the villa as soon as the ship arrived at the gate. Many old and young people gathered at the villa gate as a result. These people were the relatives of the experts that had gone out on the expedition.

Yan Hong Yi and the other experts stepped down from the ship. Then, a beautiful girl hugged Yan Hong Yi and shouted, "Daddy, you're back!"

She appeared to be 17 or 18 years old. She had a small and beautiful face. Her skin was as fair as snow. Her big and round eyes were nimble, and looked incomparably pretty. She was an extremely beautiful young girl. She was dressed up in fiery red dress which reflected her curvy figure. She also had a kind of indescribable agility in her.

Yan Hong Yi's face exposed a rare affectionate expression. He opened his mouth and said, "Of course, I am back! Where is your mother?"

"Mother fell asleep!" the young girl replied. Her wonderful eyes then turned towards Ye Xiwen. "You're Ye Xiwen, right? You're the one who helped my father in killing that fierce star-wolf king, aren't you?"

These experts had already sent a message, and had informed everyone about their safety. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that she knew about Ye Xiwen as well.

"Yun Ting, don't be impolite!" Yan Hong Yi said with a strict face. "Young Brother Ye, I'm sorry. This is my daughter Yan Yun Ting. She has been pampered since childhood. So, she is a bit impolite!"

"Why? I don't think he's that much older than me!" Yan Yun Ting bit her lips and muttered resentfully, "Wow, this little sister is so pretty!"

Yan Yun Ting became surprised when she looked at Xiao Ya, and her eyes started to shine. Ye Xiwen found her expression to be similar to that of those young girls he had seen in his previous life. They would have a similar reaction whenever they'd see a Barbie doll.

Xiao Ya's small and delicate face still carried a timid expression. It was also an expression of annoyance, but it looked cute nonetheless.

Xiao Ya didn't hide her face behind Ye Xiwen when Yan Yun Ting extended her palm towards her. She only grabbed his clothes. However, she seemed to be puzzled as she looked at Yan Yun Ting. Why does this elder sister look so surprised?

Yan Yun Ting didn't feel embarrassed on seeing that Xiao Ya wasn't showing respect to her.

"Yun Ting, don't cause trouble!" A serious look appeared on Yan Hong Yi's face. He was afraid that his immature daughter might offend Ye Xiwen. After all, he and Ye Xiwen had gotten close on their way back. He had also found that Ye Xiwen didn't care much about ordinary matters. However, he cared a lot about that little girl who accompanied him.

"Gee, I was wondering why there's so much noise. I see… so the Villa Lord Yan has returned!" suddenly, a strange laughter sounded. Then, a group of men arrived walking through the street. They were headed by a young man who looked approximately 25 or 26 years old. He had pretty facial features. However, he had a gentle and reserved air about him. He was clad in a magnificent robe, and looked like a playboy from his appearance. He was carrying a smile of mockery at the corner of his mouth.

A group of experts followed him. And, all of them were powerful sage experts who possessed a reserved aura.

"It's you, Li Chen Tian!" An expression of disgust appeared on Yan Yun Ting's face when she saw this man arriving.

[Li Cheng Tian? Li Clan's people?]

This name immediately appeared in Ye Xiwen's mind. He had heard this name many times from the mouths of the people of the Poyuan Villa while they were in the Hallucinatory Star Field. Apparently, both these clans had been enemies since many generations. The complexions of the Poyuan Villa's people would always turn ugly whenever they'd mention anything about the Li Clan's people.

And, Yan Yun Ting's behaviour had indirectly confirmed Ye Xiwen's speculation.

"Why have you come here?" Yan Hong Yi's complexion also turned ugly as he asked with a serious countenance.

"How could this little nephew not have come after he heard that Villa Lord Yan had returned?" Li Cheng Tian cupped his hands in obeisance and replied. However, there wasn't a trace of respect on his face, "I heard that Villa Lord Yan had been roaming in 'Hallucinatory Star Field' during those days. I wonder how well this trip of yours has turned out to be."

"How dare you say that? You're a mean scum! We wouldn't have lost so many brothers if it wasn't for you!" Yan Hong Yi's complexion had turned very ugly. However, it was Hu Anguo who had retaliated this time.

"Oh, oh yeah, you see sometimes food can be eaten without hunger. But, you must never talk nonsense. You-yourself went to the 'Hallucinatory Star Field'. What does our Li Clan have to do with that? Talking nonsense can get a person killed, you know?!" Li Cheng calculated secretly and said. "Honestly, this young nephew is very surprised. I hadn't expected that Villa Lord Yan would return safely!"

An expression of hate appeared on the faces of the Poyuan Villa's people. After all, they knew that the Li Clan's people had caused those troubles for them. However, they couldn't do anything.

"Villa Lord Yan! This young nephew has arrived here, and he wants to ask you something. What have you decided regarding the matter of marriage that I had mentioned last time?" Li Cheng Tian's intense gaze fell on Yan Yun Ting's curvy figure, and a sinister expression flickered in his eyes.

"Get lost! I won't marry a person like you!" Yan Yun Ting's small face turned a deep shade of red as she angrily replied.

(To be continued)

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