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A+ A- Chapter 527: Astonishes Everyone!

"Bang!" the sword energy fell down from above, and exploded with incredible energy fluctuations. The entire space disintegrated under the crushing suppression of the sword energy.

Yan Hong Yi was left in a state of shock by this sudden assistance. However, he soon found out that this unexpected helper was none other than Ye Xiwen; it was that young man whom he had never taken seriously!

"You must quickly run away. This is a demon-beast of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. You're no match for it!" Yan Hong Yi promptly shouted.

Ye Xiwen merely grinned in reply. Yan Hong Yi was still asking him to run away… This was a rare occurrence. In fact, any other person would've sacrificed the helper's life to save their own.

On the ship, Xiao Ya looked serene as she witnessed Ye Xiwen's aura. It had become even more tyrannical with the passage of time. An overbearing energy was raging inside Ye Xiwen's slim figure.

Hu Anguo was staring blankly at Ye Xiwen. In fact, he looked embarrassed. After all, he hadn't expected Ye Xiwen to act like this. Therefore, he was very surprised that the person who had saved their ship had turned out to be Ye Xiwen… the same man whom he had doubted earlier. Consequently, he was forced to reconsider his opinion of Ye Xiwen.

The expression in Ye Xiwen's eyes had condensed, and his pupils looked profound. It seemed as if the birth and destruction of the universe was taking place within his eyes.

"Howl!" the fierce star-wolf king howled once again. An ominous and severe energy began to surge inside its body. Its eyes were red. It suddenly trod with its claws. And, it seemed as if the void beneath its claws had been ripped apart. Then, it quickly drilled through the void and pounced towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen shot his fist in retaliation. It transformed into a huge star, and swept down.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's fist suddenly pounded the body of the fierce star-wolf king. A terrifying explosion resounded as a result. In fact, it seemed as if this sound had originated from the collision between two planets. And, boundless energy waves swept across.

"How is this possible? He blocked that fierce star-wolf king by using his fist?! How the hell is this possible?"

"He is using his body to contend against this massive beast…? Am I dreaming or something?"

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene unfold before their eyes. After all, they believed that an average human expert couldn't contend against a demon beast. A human expert needed to have those divine tools, talismans, and whatnot if they wanted to contend against a demon beast. Moreover, it would be difficult to confront a demon-beast king even if one were to use divine tools. In fact, a human expert could contend against a demon-beast king of the same realm only if one were to be at the pinnacle among human experts of that realm.

However, he was fighting that fierce star-wolf king bare-handed. And, it seemed as if he hadn't even gone all out yet.

But, the thing that had surprised them the most was that Ye Xiwen wasn't the one who had been sent flying away because of that explosion. Instead, it had been that fierce star-wolf king!


Ye Xiwen's fist transformed into a huge star, and pounded the tip of that fierce star-wolf king's nose. That fierce star-wolf-king went flying upside down, and its blood started to splash out.

Everyone was left dumbstruck as they witnessed this scene. Ye Xiwen had struck the tip of that fierce star-wolf king's nose. It was the weakest part of a star beast's body. However, even the weakest part of star beast

's body was as hard as iron. What kind of a monster was Ye Xiwen to be able to pull this off?!

Everyone was staring blankly at Ye Xiwen. And, Yan Hong Yi was no exception. He had been greatly shocked by this scene, and remained speechless for a long time. Moreover, he had also become a bit depressed. After all, he had tried his best against this demon beast. But, he had failed to fend it off even then. However, Ye Xiwen had done that easily… and that too whilst being unarmed!

"Villa Lord Yan, thanks for letting us get aboard your ship. I have nothing to repay you with. So, I will deal with this beast for you as a means to show my gratitude!" Ye Xiwen looked at Yan Hong Yi, and spoke-up. Perhaps, it wasn't a big deal for Yan Hong Yi to take Ye Xiwen along with him. However, it was a very big deal for Ye Xiwen. He was confident that he wouldn't have stayed trapped in this place forever. However, he might have had to waste a year's time… or even more in order to escape this place if he hadn't met Yan Hong Yi and his crew. And, he obviously didn't wish to waste so much time.

Similarly, it was no big deal for Ye Xiwen to deal with this monster. However, it was a life-saving grace for Yan Hong Yi.

Ye Xiwen didn't pay heed to Yan Hong Yi after he had finished speaking. Instead, he shifted his attention towards that fierce star-wolf king. It had become even more violent after sustaining injuries at the hands of Ye Xiwen. The hair on its body had stood up, and transformed into spikes. In fact, it looked like a hedgehog when inverted. However, nobody dared to underestimate it. After all, its hair could inflict a fatal wound.

"Arrogant brat!" the fierce star-wolf king roared. It couldn't conceal the violent look in its eyes as it suddenly rushed out. Its massive body rushed over with the crushing power and pressure of a giant mountain that was rolling over.

"Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm!" Ye Xiwen shouted. His vision was locked on that fierce star-wolf king. A big hand stretched out, and a thousand palm-shadows suddenly appeared in the sky. They then transformed into thousand meteors in the Universe, and rushed towards the fierce star-wolf king.




Those meteors fell from above in quick succession, and pounded the body of that fierce star-wolf king. A loud metal clanging sound echoed in the vicinity as a result. The skin of this fierce star-wolf king was supposed to be invulnerable. Even a divine tool couldn't injure it.

Even Yan Hong Yi hadn't been able to contend against it with a sage tool in his hand.

However, Ye Xiwen was different. His 'tyrant body' had reached the seventh layer. Its might had reached a dreadful height. Every palm attack and every fist attack of his' was like a giant mountain that could cut off a thousand-miles-long river. It was incomparably dreadful.

The meteors in this 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' were the embodiments of his heavy fist blows!

Therefore, every meteor had gorged out a huge chunk of flesh from the body of that fierce star-wolf king. The body of that fierce star wolf was supposed to be incredibly powerful, but it had soon turned into a complete mess. It had gotten badly mutilated, and had been drenched in blood.

The fierce star-wolf king couldn't advance because of the continuous bombardment of Ye Xiwen's 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm'. Therefore, it couldn't come close to Ye Xiwen. In fact, it had been forced to retreat because of the barrage of attacks on the contrary. The protective layer of 'Demon Elemental Energy' couldn't protect it anymore. In fact, the protective layer was receding unceasingly.

The fierce star-wolf king had been forced into a difficult situation by Ye Xiwen's attacks. However, it wasn't scared. On the contrary, it became even fiercer. And, its ominous power swept in all directions.

It suddenly broke the space, and appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. Its tail swept out towards him. Its tail was the hardest part of its body. An ordinary expert would be cut into two halves if its tail struck them.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hands, and grabbed that tail. 'Bang!' his arms trembled. The fierce star-wolf king had used its entire strength. An average person's entire arm would've torn off if they were in Ye Xiwen's place.

However, even the web between Ye Xiven's fingers hadn't been ruptured. His arms had merely trembled a bit at first. However, he managed to grab that tail properly after that. Then, he suddenly threw the beast away.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen threw away the fierce star-wolf king. It went out flying, and crashed into a meteor. The meteor shattered, and gave rise to a small mushroom-cloud of dust.

"He's fighting with that star beast king with his bare hands!"

Everyone was left thunderstruck as they witnessed this scene. They had thought that Ye Xiwen was overestimating himself. After all, he had dared to put his body at risk by fighting with that star-beast. Wasn't that akin to courting death?

However, they weren't thinking so anymore. Moreover, they had realized that Ye Xiwen was a monster in comparison to that fierce star-wolf king. In fact, they had never seen someone fighting bare-handed against a star beast. Stunningly, Ye Xiven had dominated that star beast since the beginning of the fight. In fact, it seemed as if he was toying with it.

They had even forgotten that they too had a 'star beast' opponent to fight. However, even those other star beasts were dumbfounded at this time. After all, their leader was like a god to them. But, their leader had unexpectedly been forced into a disadvantageous position by a human in a clash of physical strength. This thing was simply beyond their wildest imaginations.

The fierce star-wolves didn't have the strongest body among the star-beasts. However, their not-so-powerful physical constitution was still very powerful when compared to that of human experts. It was their key strength. However, even this key strength had failed to manifest itself in front of Ye Xiwen.

Both sides reacted quickly, and engaged in the deadly battle once again.

The body of the fierce star-wolf king had been badly mutilated by Ye Xiwen's attacks this time. The star-wolf king even felt a little dizzy. Moreover, its fierce eyes were no longer blood-red. They had instead regained their normal shade. It was initially going berserk due to being by pushed by some secret method. However, it had been bombarded several times… and, had been sent flying here and there. So, the effects of that secret method had finally worn off. And, it had come back to its senses as a result. Moreover, it had finally realized that this slim man before its eyes was way too ferocious. And, it didn't have the power to defeat this man.

"It's over!" Ye Xiwen softly exclaimed. He took the initiative to attack this time, and he suddenly trod on the golden waves. His figure swept forward in a flash. Nobody could see him since their eyes couldn't keep up with his speed. This felt like the legendary magical power as mentioned in the fables. It was said that one could compress the Earth with a thumb with the help of this power.

Ye Xiwen arrived in front of that fierce star-wolf king in the blink of an eye amidst the flashes of golden light. The 'Inverting Ocean Seal' condensed instantaneously. It gathered endless 'spirit energies' from all around, and then condensed above Ye Xiwen's head. He raised his hands. And, it seemed as if he had lifted a boundless ocean. He looked like that legendary figure mentioned in the fables that had lifted the heavens for countless years.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. And, the boundless ocean poured down at once. Its dreadful weight suppressed, and broke down the void. It transformed into a huge seal midway, and swept down with a crushing force.

It might've taken a lot of time to describe what was happening. However, everything had happened in a split second. The speed of Ye Xiwen's seal attack was incredibly quick. He had manifested and unleashed the 'Inverting Ocean Seal' in an instant. And, it had pounded that fierce star-wolf king immediately-after.

Moreover, the fierce star-wolf king was still feeling confused and disoriented when the 'Inverting Ocean Seal' came down upon him.

"Bang!" a loud explosion sounded. The fierce star-wolf king was minced by the 'Inverting Ocean Seal'. The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' slowly emitted scarlet light within Ye Xiwen's body. And, the body and essence of the fierce star-wolf king was absorbed by the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' along with its most important part — the demon core.

The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had become much more powerful than it was three years ago. After all, it had recovered a lot during Ye Xiwen's three years of expeditions.

"It won't be too long before the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' recovers!" Ye Xiwen said in his heart.

"We've luckily survived this time, thanks to Young Brother Ye. It's a huge favour. I don't have words to thank you. Ke ke..." Yan Hong Yi coughed as he arrived beside Ye Xiwen. He then patted his shoulder, and said.

(To be continued)

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