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A+ A- Chapter 529
Chapter 529: Talking Nonsense Can Really Get A Person Killed!

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"Get lost! I won't marry a person like you!" Yan Yun Ting's face became flushed. She was gasping heavily in anger, and her bountiful chest was heaving. Her delicate face didn't have any deterrence force, but it still looked very charming.

"Yan Yun Ting, I'm talking to you nicely. Why must you always behave like this? I intend no harm to you!" Li Cheng Tian shot a glance at Yan Yun Ting and said.

"You should leave. My daughter will never marry a person like you!" Yan Hong Yi stepped forward and coldly stated.

"Villa Lord Yan, you might want to give it a proper thought!" Li Cheng Tian's complexion had turned cold, "You won't want to put your Poyuan Villa in harm's way because of your momentary anger, would you?"

Li Cheng Tian narrowed his eyes as he said. Then, a trace of madness flickered in his eyes, "Villa Lord Yan hasn't healed yet as far as I know. So, it would be better if you don't get too impulsive!"

"Wasn't it your Li Clan that used underhanded tricks to injure our Villa Lord? You get the hell out of here. Our young sister will never marry a scum like you even if all of us have to die to protect her!" Hu Anguo coldly replied.

"Do you have a death wish?" Li Cheng Tian's gaze turned gloomy and cold as he threatened. He then flew out, arrived in front of Hu Anguo, and shot his palm.

"Bang!" Li Cheng Tian's palm struck Hu Anguo's chest. A tremendous force exploded, and sent Hu Anguo flying away. He collided with several people before his backwards momentum finally came to a halt.

Li Cheng Tian was a shameless scoundrel. However, he was incredibly strong as well. In fact, his strength had reached the late stage of the sage realm. Moreover, he had only been cultivating for several hundred years. So, he could be called a top-notch expert among the younger elites. However, Hu Anguo had entered the sage realm recently. So, how could he be his match?

"Stop!" Yan Hong Yi moved into action. His big hand rose up, and swept towards Li Cheng Tian to grab him. The space trembled and got distorted under the pressure of his big hand. One could well-imagine the tremendous might carried by the attack of an angry expert of Sage Small Perfection Realm.

At this time, the five experts standing in the front row behind Li Cheng Tian attacked at once. Layer upon layer of divine beams fell from above, and formed a big barrier of five elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth — in order to protect Li Cheng Tian.

"Bang!" Yan Hong Yi's big hand grabbed this big barrier instead. And, a dreadful

rumbling sound swept out. Then, a terrifying aura proliferated in the surroundings.

Li Cheng Tian merely laughed as the dust settled. He looked towards Hu Anguo; the man had already lost his consciousness. In fact, it wasn't clear whether Hu Anguo was dead or alive, "Didn't I tell you? Talking nonsense can get a person killed!" Li Cheng Tian said.

Then, he turned towards Yan Hong Yi and said, "Villa Lord Yan, you're very impulsive!"

Li Cheng Tian's current ruthless appearance didn't divulge that he was the same person who had looked like an elegant young master a while ago.

Yan Hong Yi glared at him. However, he didn't rush towards him. Rather, he rushed towards those five individuals who stood behind him. However, he was surprised to see that each of these five individuals looked a bit similar to each other. All of them had a long and round waist, and a burly figure.

"You're the five brothers of the Huang Clan?" Yan Hong Yi looked at these five men with his ice-cold eyes. "I've heard that each of you is at the Sage Peak Realm. You've practiced the power technique of the five elements. So, you can lay down Five Elements Great Barrier to contend against the experts of the Sage Small Perfection Level!"

Ye Xiwen had never heard about them. Therefore, he didn't give much importance to them. However, the countenances of the people of the Poyuan Villa had changed. After all, these five individuals were extremely famous in the Shang Yang City. They had been famous for over a hundred years because they could lay out the Five Elements Great Barrier. And, they could even use it to contend against the experts of the Sage Small Perfection Level!

Sage Small Perfection Realm and Sage Peak Realm differed by far. There were many experts of Sage Peak Realm in the Shang Yang City. However, there were only a few experts of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. After all, every Sage Small Perfection level expert needed to create a solid and deep foundation. And, this was the disparity between the two realms. These five brothers were only at the Sage Peak realm, but they could still contend against the experts of the Sage Small Perfection Realm. Therefore, their names had become widely famous in the region.

These five brothers had always been independent. They didn't belong to any force of the city. However, nobody dared to provoke them even then. However, they had apparently joined the Li Clan. This was something that no one could've predicted.

"I didn't expect that the five Huang brothers would join the Li Clan. They have become the hired thugs of the Li Clan!"

"It's no wonder that Li Cheng Tian has dared to come here so arrogantly to provoke us. The backing of these brothers has

has given him so much confidence!"

Everyone was angrily looking at the five Huang Brothers. It wasn't surprising that Li Cheng Tian had such a carefree expression on his face. The five brothers of the Huang clan had collectively laid out the Five Elements Great Barrier. They surely couldn't defeat a Sage Small Perfection level expert. However, it was also very difficult for a Sage Small Perfection level expert to defeat them. Yan Hong Yi had sustained new injuries of late. Plus, his old injuries hadn't healed either. So, his strength had decreased considerably…

"Villa Lord Yan, you should think about it carefully. After all, it will be advantageous for both our clans if Yun Ting marries me. After all, the bond between our clans will strengthen because of our marriage alliance. And, we won't have to be afraid of anyone in this Shang Yang City after that. What do you say?" Li Cheng Tian recklessly proposed. He was confident that Yan Hong Yi couldn't do anything to him as long as he had these five brothers to back him up. This was why he had hastily arrived here right after Yan Hong Yi's return.

"I'm giving you three days to reconsider. I will return after three days. And, I will either marry her… or give you a declaration of war. I might as well inform Villa Lord Yan that my father has already reached the pinnacle of Sage Small Perfection Realm. Moreover, he is planning to undergo 'closed-door training' after my wedding. And, he will reach the Sage Great Perfection Realm in about three to five years. So, he will be able to dominate the entire Shang Yang City at that time. Even the City Lord won't be able to do anything to our clan. And, your Poyuan Villa will be destroyed if you reject my proposal. So, you must take the right decision since I genuinely don't wish to take that step!" Li Cheng Tian threatened.

However, nobody in the Poyuan Villa cursed Li Cheng Tian for his arrogant and despotic behaviour at this time. That's because they were still in a state of shock upon hearing that his father would soon make the breakthrough into Sage Great Perfection Realm.

There was a big disparity between Sage Peak Realm and Sage Small Perfection Realm. However, there was an even bigger disparity between Sage Small Perfection Realm and Sage Great Perfection Realm. A senior expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm could lay a strong foundation in the Shang Yang City. However, a senior expert of the Sage Great Perfection Realm could dominate the entire Shang Yang City.

The current City Lord of the Shang Yang City was the only Sage Great Perfection Realm expert in this city.

A proud expression appeared on Li Cheng Tian's face when he saw that

saw that everyone was in shock.

[This is the time to change the rule in Shang Yang City. This is my Li Clan's time to rule!]

However, his gaze suddenly fell onto Xiao Ya's body. And, a fervently perverted look flickered in his eyes.

"This little girl is pretty good. How did I miss such a nice little thing earlier? I would've taken her home with me by now. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway all these girls will be mine sooner or later!" Li Cheng Tian's perversion became even worse. He licked his lips and said.

"Dream on!" Yan Yun Ting's beautiful eyes coldly glared at Li Cheng Tian. Suddenly, the rumour about Li Cheng Tian's interest in young girls echoed in her mind. There was no reason why she wouldn't feel disgusted by him...

"This is beyond your control. There is nothing that I can't obtain if I want to!" Li Cheng Tian coldly snorted. He stretched his hand towards Xiao Ya in order to grab her.

The five brothers of Huang Clan were standing behind him, and they were watching Yan Hong Yi very nervously. They had gotten the information that Yan Hong Yi had sustained serious injuries. And, they knew that this had decreased his strength very considerably. However, he was still an expert of sage small perfection realm. And, they could contend against him only because of their powerful barrier technique. In other words, they didn't dare to underestimate a senior expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm.

However, they soon realized that Yan Hong Yi wasn't even thinking about attacking. Instead, a disdainful and gloated expression flashed in his eyes as he grinned. However, they couldn't understand why such an expression had appeared on his face…


Yan Hong Yi secretly sneered in his heart. [This Li Cheng Tian is courting death!]

However, Yan Yun Ting wasn't as confident as Yan Hong Yi. Suddenly, a burst of energy emerged out of her body, and soared upward. It was about to attack Li Cheng Tian…

However, she then heard a "bang" sound. A big hand that was made up of energy stretched out from nowhere. It then pinched and crushed Li Cheng Tian's hand. Then, the energy-hand transformed into a group of 'spirit energies' and dispersed.

"Who are you?" Li Cheng Tian's complexion changed as his sinister gaze fell upon Ye Xiwen. After all, he hadn't expected that this ordinary looking young man would've effortlessly crushed and dispersed his attack.

Ye Xiwen ignored Li Cheng Tian. He merely touched Xiao Ya's small head instead. He had seen that she had been scared by this incident, and her small face had turned deathly pale. So, he softly said, "Don't worry, I'm here!"

"Yes!" Xiao Ya nodded. She didn't say anything else out of sensibility.

Li Cheng Tian's complexion turned fierce after he saw that these two individuals had ignored individuals had ignored him. He felt embarrassed as he furiously laughed, "Ha ha ha ha... Interesting... Very interesting! Nobody has dared to interfere in my business for so long. So, you're obviously an outsider. I had cut off the hands of the last idiot who had dared to interfere in my business. I don't want much for you. I will only cut your limbs, and hang them on the city wall for everyone to see. And then, I will see who else dares to interfere in my business!"

The ten experts who were standing behind Li Cheng Tian also laughed nastily. They ran towards Ye Xiwen, and surrounded him. All of them were sage experts. After all, Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of the intermediate stage of sage realm in their estimation. How could he face such an elite team? He would surely get crushed if he tried to face them!

Li Cheng Tian took a glimpse at the expressions of those Poyuan Villa experts who had returned with Yan Hong Yi. However, he found their expressions a bit strange. Also, why had Yan Hong Yi not attacked yet? And, why was it that he had an optimistic expression on his face? In fact, it seemed as if these people were looking forward to a good show!

However, these thoughts disappeared from his mind as he ogled at Xiao Ya with a lustful expression in his eyes. Anyway, Ye Xiwen was already a dead person in his opinion!

"Attack!" it wasn't clear who had shouted among those experts. However, they rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and issued their strongest attacks without any hesitation. They didn't seem to care that they might destroy this place. After all, it was Poyuan Villa's territory.

"You're an audacious bunch!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. His big hand stretched out. And, that seemingly overwhelming barrage of attacks was instantly grabbed and extinguished by his big hand. These attacks didn't even get a chance to land!

The complexions of those experts turned dull. After all, they hadn't thought that this would happen. However, they didn't get time to think much since Ye Xiwen had already made his move. He trod forward, transformed into a streamer, and arrived in front of one of the experts. Then, his big hand suddenly swept out.

That expert couldn't avoid that hand. He could only watch it coming closer and closer. He could only stare blankly as that big hand slapped him on his face.

"Bang!" That expert went out flying because of the tremendous impact. His teeth got smashed, his body rotated like a spinning top, and he went flying. Then, he heavily slammed on the ground, and a huge crater opened therein.

"You were right about what you said — talking nonsense can really get a person killed!" Ye Xiwen's eyes turned extremely cold.

(To be continued)

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