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The Second Prince, Third Prince, Fourth Prince, and the Seventh Prince had died at Ye Xiwen's hands. And, the Big Prince had been suppressed as well. Therefore, only the Twenty-third Prince had remained amongst the favourites. So, he had eventually obtained the title of the Emperor. And, people's expectations had again fallen into his hands. He had ascended the throne two years ago. However, not everyone was convinced with his credentials. So, the Wood Dragon had to come out of the heavenly pit in order to help him in stabilizing his regime. However, Ye Xiwen had decided to wander inside the heavenly pit. In fact, that great sage expert of the Northern Dipper had also searched about for the treasures for several months. However, he hadn't found anything worthwhile here. Therefore, he had left much sooner. Many other great sage experts had also left in a similar fashion. They had certainly found many exotic treasures. But, these treasures weren't very useful for them. Otherwise, Ye Xiwen and that Small Jupiter wouldn't have been considered as the most ferocious people around...

This little girl's name was Xiao Ya. Ye Xiwen had met her when she was being chased by some ancient demon beasts. He had rescued her in a very convenient fashion. He had then asked her about how she had gotten there. But, she didn't know anything about herself. In fact, it seemed as if her memory had been sealed by someone. She only remembered her name — Xiao Ya.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to take her along. Fortunately, Xiao Ya was exceptionally cute. She never quarrelled, and never made any noise. In other words, she was far well-behaved than that wolf cub. Therefore, he had happily kept her by his side.

His cultivation had strengthened enormously in these three years. His cultivation of intermediate stage of sage realm had consolidated by now. So, he could make the breakthrough into the late stage of the sage realm at will. It could be estimated that he would be able to contend against the experts of the Sage Great Perfection Realm without the support of the star colossus once he had made the breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen had disguised himself, and he had even used the 'Restraining Breath Technique' to transform the star colossus into a human form. However, too many flaws had remained despite his best efforts. Consequently, he would still be exposed to danger if he were to come across a top expert.

It was very important for him to be strong enough to deal with these external forces.

He didn't get much time to think since the food arrived soon after. He obviously didn't need to eat. However, Xiao Ya did. So, he only observed Xiao Ya's gentle and refined movements as she ate. Her small mouth would swallow the food very slowly. However, she was eating at a very quick speed for someone her age.

Ye Xiwen was watching someone eating so gently yet with such ferocity for the first time.

Xiao Ya had soon consumed everything that had been set on the table. She then turned her small face towards Ye Xiwen. She seemingly felt a bit embarrassed. And, Ye Xiwen was also left to wonder. How could her small belly pack so much?

Ye Xiwen didn't stay once Xiao Ya had finished eating. He picked-up Xiao Ya, transformed into a streamer, and disappeared into the city.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after both individuals had departed. After all, Ye Xiwen's deterrent force had affected them very significantly under the shade of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. Moreover, they had been discussing about him when he had arrived. Subsequently, they were afraid that he would kill them if he were in a bad mood.

The people of the Meteor Sect had also received this news. So, they arrived here not long after Ye Xiwen had left. However, they were unaware that Ye Xiwen had already flown off into the space.

"Where… are we going?" Xiao Ya looked at him, and asked in her soft voice. Xiao Ya was standing beside Ye Xiwen above the escaping light high up in the sky. The loud astral winds in the upper atmosphere had nearly overshadowed her voice. However, Ye Xiwen had still heard it since the astral wind couldn't affect his hearing.

"We're going home!" Ye Xiwen gently smiled and replied. He had been wandering for several years now. So, he wanted to return. However, he didn't wish to use the Northern Dipper's transmission portals to return. Instead, he wanted to return on his own!

He would have to fight Cao Yuyu in another ten years. Cao Yuyu had entered the Sage Great Perfection Realm a few years ago. So, it wasn't clear to what extent he would have grown after ten years. Ye Xiwen was no match for him as per his current cultivation. Moreover, the star colossus couldn't help him in this case. In fact, he couldn't even reveal it since it would be too bad for him if the high-level experts found out about it. Moreover, this was his trump card. So, he would take it out only if he was in a life or death situation.

He could only strive to promote himself to the peak of sage realm in these ten years. Only then could he contend against Cao Yuyu.

Not much time was left!

"Home..." this word was very strange for Xiao Ya. She didn't remember anything when Ye Xiwen had met her. She didn't even know how she had arrived inside the heavenly pit. The first thing she remembered was that she was trying to hide from those ancient demon beasts that were chasing her.

"Yes!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He had already made a plan. He would make Xiao Ya enter the True Martial University after their return because he had found out that she possessed dreadful talent. He had met her one year ago. And, he had taught her the 'Bright Jade Cultivation Technique' six months ago. This was the technique that he had used for laying his foundation in the past. Who could have imagined that she would make the breakthrough into the Xiantian Realm in just six months? It had nearly depressed Ye Xiwen to death!

He had gone through so many trials in order to make that breakthrough. He alone knew how many dangerous expeditions he had gone on. However, Xiao Ya hadn't needed to do anything. She had automatically made the breakthrough into the Xiantian Realm. In fact, Ye Xiwen hadn't even given her any medicinal pills for support...

He hadn't given her a medicinal pill because she wasn't like him. He could digest those pills with the help of his mysterious space. Those pills could neither have any bizarre effect on him, nor could they shake his foundation. However, the fact that it had worked on him didn't mean that it would work on others as well. So, he wanted to make her practice for a few years so that he could observe her and polish her foundation.

Who could have imagined that she would improve at such a lightning speed? She had entered the Xiantian realm in just six months! Such talent was enough to blow him away. In fact, she was talented enough to shatter the pride of those heaven's pride experts.

Thus, he had sprouted the plan to make Xiao Ya enter the True Martial University after his return. However, he wouldn't let her join the 'Hidden Star Peak'. Instead, he'd have her enlist in some other heritage. After all, the 'Hidden Star Peak' was in an extremely miserable condition. In fact, the entire heritage was in ruins. It could be said that they would have kept on trying to mend the complete version of the 'Hidden Star Scripture' generation-after-generation if Ye Xiwen hadn't mended it for them.

It wasn't the time for the University to recruit the disciples. That only happened once in a hundred years. However, it wasn't a difficult thing for him to make a person enter the True Martial University. This was due to his status of a core disciple as well as a heaven's pride expert. In fact, it would be a piece of cake for him.

Moreover, people would always welcome such a genius with open arms.

It had been a grand occasion for Ye Xiwen when he was in Yi Yuan School and the True Martial University had opened its gates to recruit new disciples. After all, it was a once-in-a-century event. Therefore, he had put his entire effort to get recruited. However, putting someone through the admission process was nothing more than a slight show of strength and status for the current Ye Xiwen. His status and strength had changed... So had his vision…

Ants on the ground can never see the eagles hovering in the sky!

"Let's go!" Ye Xiwen stated in a loud voice. Then, he suddenly accelerated the speed of his flying light. He tore his way through the vast sky, and flew out of the Meteor World's atmosphere.

"What the hell is this place?"

Ye Xiwen was in the void. He was standing above a desolate planet. There was nothing in sight. The starry space was spread as far as he could see.

He had arrived in this section of space after flying for three months since he had left the Meteor World. However, he had been wandering here for one month now, and he still couldn't get out of this starry space.

"Hallucinatory Star Field!" Ye Xiwen checked in his star atlas and exclaimed. He had gotten hold of the Northern Dipper's top secret star atlas. The star atlas stated that this star region was known as the 'Hallucinatory Star Field' because it was very difficult to travel through this section of the space. The space was overlapping, and there were many natural transmission portals lying around. Therefore, one might end up passing through one of these natural transmission portals if one weren't careful. Consequently, one would be sent back to the beginning of the region.

This place wasn't as dangerous as some other parts of the space. However, many people had gotten trapped here, and had eventually died.

Ye Xiwen shouldn't have needed these many days to cross this place since he had sage realm cultivation. Moreover, he also had deployed his demon wings. However, he had still been wandering in this region for one month now…

Xiao Ya was cutely standing beside him. She didn't say anything. She merely raised her small face and looked at Ye Xiwen. She seldom spoke. In fact, she wouldn't have uttered a single word in this one month if Ye Xiwen hadn't asked her to.

"Let's go and have a look!" Ye Xiwen had detected some fluctuations. They had seemingly resulted from a fight that was happening far away. The fluctuations were very fine since they had transmitted from far away. However, he had still detected them. And, he had become excited because the people who were fighting could turn out to be some acquaintances. And, they could possibly guide him out of this place if that were the case.

Ye Xiwen had only flown forward for a moment when he saw that dozens of people were closely sticking together inside a boundless star filed. And, they were surrounded by several hundred star beasts.

"Damn it! How have we landed into a group of star beasts? It's not like our clan has arrived at this 'Hallucinatory Star Field' for the first time! In fact, we already knew that these star beasts inhabit this region. So, how could we land into their group by mistake? The people of Li Clan must've been responsible for this!" an expert who appeared to be in his thirties bitterly spoke-up as he brandished a blade towards those star beasts. His cultivation had already entered the initial stage of the sage realm. His blade carried extraordinary might. However, these star beasts were even more ferocious. In fact, more than one-third of them were at the sage realm. Therefore, he had slowly been forced to retreat even though he was strong.

"Concentrate on them, and don't complain. What's the use of saying these things at this time? First we need to get out of here. Only then can we settle the debt with those bastards!" a middle-aged man spoke-up at this time. He stood beside that seemingly thirty-year-old expert. Ye Xiwen was surprised to see his robust tall figure. He was waving his spear as if it were a dragon. Those star beasts screamed and transformed into blood fog wherever that spear went.

His cultivation made it seem as if he had entered Sage Small Perfection Realm long ago. So, a single blow from his spear was enough to kill one of those star beasts of initial stage of sage realm. Moreover, it could conveniently kill a large number of those semi-sage level star beasts as well.

This battle had transformed into a bloodbath. Both sides had suffered a disastrous number of casualties. Therefore, the star beasts that had surrounded them suddenly withdrew. They no longer encircled them…

Those experts relaxed to some extent after those star beasts had retreated. They promptly sat down cross-legged in the space, and began to meditate in order to restore the energy inside their bodies. The richer ones among them used medicinal pills to restore their energy. Medicinal pills were precious. However, it was more important to preserve life at such a dangerous place.

"Who is there?"

That spear-wielding middle-aged man shouted at this time. His knife-like sharp vision swept inside the void.

"Don't worry. We mean no harm!" Two figures slowly appeared in the space.

(To be continued)

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