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Chapter 523: Changes in the Last Three Years!

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A cold wind was whistling. It had transformed into a freezing astral wind at higher altitudes. The sound of fluttering of clothes echoed in the vicinity. However, Ye Xiwen didn't seem to care as that cold wind blew against his face. In fact, he didn't even use his 'real elemental energy' to block the wind!

"You are fortunate that you found a dead star colossus!" Ye Mo's voice echoed inside Ye Xiwen's mind. His voice was still weak. However, his condition had improved a lot after he had swallowed that palace sage tool.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He agreed with Ye Mo's point of view. After all, the True Martial University's decline was enough to guess the tyranny of an adult star colossus. Such a star colossus might not appear for ten-thousand years. However, it would cause an enormous calamity once it had appeared.

Therefore, this was an enormous opportunity for him even though he had only obtained the dead body of a star colossus. Even the great sage realm experts would go crazy over it!

"You should be able to recover after you've swallowed the dead body of this star colossus!" Ye Xiwen replied. He believed that Ye Mo would rejuvenate by using the exuberant vitality of this star colossus.

"Indeed, but..." Ye Mo shook his head and said, "This is an enormous opportunity for you. And, it could give you a huge boost. So, it would be extremely unfortunate if I swallowed it!"

"What are you saying?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"This star colossus belongs to the same race as the one that is sealed in the True Martial World. But, this one is merely an infant!"

Ye Mo's words left Ye Xiwen speechless. This star colossus had been so dreadful at infancy! So, one couldn't even imagine how dreadful an adult star colossus might be. However, it needed to be mentioned that an adult star colossus appeared as big as a star, and used to feed on planets.

"However, even this one's strength clearly surpasses the great sage realm. Moreover, the blood slave that you control can be used for controlling this star colossus. This star colossus is dead. However, only its soul has been destroyed. Its body is still the same as it was when it was alive. Moreover, I am afraid that its corpse will eventually give birth to a resentful soul if things go on like this. And, that would bring an enormous disaster!" Ye Mo explained.


"Your blood slave has also been condensed from the soul of a star colossus. It displays only a small might at present. However, it could contend against the experts of half-step great sage realm if you integrate it with this star colossus's formidable body. Moreover, your blood slave will eventually enter the half-step great sage realm once it has absorbed the entire soul of the star colossus that is inside the blood pond. And, it will be able to contend against the great sage experts when that happens. It will provide you with an enormous amount of protection as a result. In fact, even that Mu Sheng Jie can't harm you if you have the protection of great sage level!"

"Plus, I don't need it urgently. Moreover, I will recover quickly once you have the strength of great sage realm. After all, the level of strength decides whether a matter is difficult or not. A lot of problems can be solved very easily if you have enough strength!"

Ye Xiwen nodded. He didn't hesitate after he had heard Ye Mo's words. He first made the blood slave try and control the dead body of that star colossus. It could be said that the blood slave was doing the job here. However, Ye Xiwen's soul was connected to the blood slave. Therefore, it was no different than

him doing the job.

After this, a pair of huge wings appeared on his back. His wings suddenly fluttered. He transformed into a streamer, and disappeared into the horizon.

A heaven's pride expert of the Meteor Sect had died in the heavenly pit. This news should've caused a huge sensation. However, this news had been drowned by the other news that had proliferated from the heavenly pit.

The secrets inside the heavenly pit had gradually been dug out along with the arrival of a great number of experts. Even the information about the bereaved had been excavated with the passage of time. It turned out that these ruins belonged to the bereaved 'Third Eye Race'. It was reported that the members of the 'Third Eye Race' had a third eye on their foreheads. However, the rest of their body was similar to that of humans.

One such race had been present among the races which were purged by the Meteor Sect in the past. Therefore, this news had proliferated even more quickly. It was reported that this was the ancestral land of the 'Third Eye Race'. So, this was their foundation place. It had certainly declined. However, there should be many incredible treasures present inside.

Three years' time had passed in a flash. The bereaved were no longer part of rumours alone. Rather, there was conclusive evidence now. In fact, someone had even seen the bereaved people. And, it was reported that the high-level experts of the entire Meteor Sect were extremely concerned because of the appearance of the bereaved. Thus, they had sent a large number of experts here.

There was a city outside the heavenly pit. This city had become popular because of the heavenly pit. Hundreds of thousands of people had gathered in this city in a short time. And, the majority of them were cultivators.

A scholar-looking man was sitting upright on the main seat inside a lively restaurant. Many travel-worn experts had surrounded him. He faintly opened his mouth and said, "You newcomers think that you will find some treasures inside this heavenly pit. However, I will suggest you that it would be better to not provoke some people.

"The Small Jupiter of the Meteor Sect is an example of such a person. His strength has already entered the half-step great sage realm. It is difficult to find a match for him in the younger generation. In fact, nobody can outmatch him… apart from those old great sage experts.

"However, almost all the great sage experts in this Meteor World belong to the Meteor Sect. After all, this is their territory. One or two great sage experts may occasionally arrive from outside, However, they don't dare to mess with him either. This is the reason why he has suddenly risen to fame."

"Of course, how can we dare to provoke the experts of the Meteor Sect…? The Small Jupiter had earned his fame long ago. It is said that he will soon enter the great sage realm. How can we provoke someone like him?"

"Yeah... It's best that we don't mess with those people of the Meteor Sect!"

Many 'random cultivators with no background' spoke-up one after another. Offending the True Martial University in the True Martial World might not be a big matter. However, offending the Meteor Sect in the Meteor World was akin to courting death.

"Isn't there any other ferocious expert apart from him?" someone curiously asked. They had arrived here very recently. So, they wanted to know about the situation here.

Three years had passed. However, those who wanted to fish up some gold… or who wanted some treasures… were still arriving unceasingly. Many people had died inside. And, their bodies had been ravaged by the ancient demon beasts. However, there were many who had obtained a lot of benefits in the pit, and had soared to the sky after that. Therefore, this place's allure had attracted many people, and they had been arriving here unceasingly. This was probably an example of the saying 'seeking riches and honour amidst danger'.

"There's another calamity star apart from the Meteor Sect's Small Jupiter. Nobody knows his name. He usually dresses in green clothes, and carries an 8 or 9 years old girl along with him. Everyone calls him the 'Green-Clothed Traveller'. He had become famous after a fight two years ago. He had once managed to escape from a great sage expert. And, an expert of half-step great sage realm has also died by his hands. He is incomparably dreadful!

"These two are the most terrifying experts. But, there's no need to worry as long as you don't run into them. Of course, you can only blame your fate if you unluckily come across the attack of a great sage expert!" that scholar laughed mischievously and said.

Everyone nodded. This was true – great sage realm experts weren't the real danger here. They were certainly very powerful. However, they wouldn't move into action without any reason. After all, those old and sly foxes wouldn't move into action unless they had obtained some concrete information. Therefore, sage experts were the main powerhouses that were active inside the heavenly pit. And, these two individuals were the most frightening among them.

"Tap, tap, tap..." the sound of footsteps came from downstairs. It was gentle, and in rhythm.

A green shadow appeared in front of everyone along with the sound of footsteps. They were surprised to see a handsome young man dressed up in green. He didn't look very outstanding from appearance. However, he seemed aloof.

There was a little girl by his side. She was dressed up in a sky-blue long skirt; her skirt also had silver embroidery on it. Her face looked delicate and pretty. Her complexion looked a bit red. Her eyebrows were slanted, and her mouth was small. A timid expression was hung on her face. She looked approximated 8 or 9 years old. Her long and silver hair was rolled up into two knots on the top of her head. Two silver bangs were softly hanging down over her eyes; they were dangling in a rhythmic fashion.

"Silver hair..."

Everyone noticed that this young girl had silver hair. After all, this made her look very peculiar. However, they then noticed that the young man with her was dressed in green clothes. And, they immediately remembered the Green-Clothed Traveller that scholar had told them about.

[Isn't that?]

[Dresses in green clothes, and carries a young girl along].

Even that scholar had held his breath when he had seen them arrive. He had recognized who this person was. It couldn't be anyone else. After all, only that Green-Clothed Traveller could dare to dress up like that.

It wasn't that nobody had tried to impersonate him. However, he had quickly found out about those who had done so. And then, he had killed them. In fact, he had killed around a dozen imposters in a short span of time. Thus, nobody had dared to impersonate the Green-Clothed Traveller after that.

That little girl obviously became a bit timid when she saw so many people around. So, she grabbed that Green-Clothed Traveller's big hand. However, the Green-Clothed Traveller merely looked at the little girl with a faint smile on his face. Then, he took her to a table.

Everyone held their breaths as they saw these two young individuals – one big and one small. They didn't dare to say anything. Ye Xiwen wasn't too surprised when he noticed that everyone had held their breaths. He merely picked-up Xiao Ya, and made her sit on a chair.

The little girl sat there in a cute manner. But, she didn't say anything.

Ye Xiwen ordered some dishes. The trace of a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth under the mask. He had spent these three years fighting.

More and more people had continued to arrive since an increasing number of things had been discovered inside the heavenly pit. Moreover, it seemed that the craze for this place wouldn't quieten down in the several decades to come… or even the several hundred years after.

This three years' time had a very big effect on him. His slightly-unstable realm had consolidated, and had become stable. He had also made narrow escapes many times. However, the first one had been the direst of them all. This was when the Meteor Sect had investigated about Sheng Feiyue's death. And, Ye Xiwen had attracted the Meteor Sect's rage because of that. Consequently, they had sent a great sage expert to kill him!

He was eventually forced to merge the blood slave with that star colossus. And, its fighting strength had increased very drastically as a result. This is why he was able to escape from that great sage expert.

That fight had resulted in a bloodbath. Ye Xiwen had escaped after sustaining serious injuries. Moreover, a senior half-step great sage expert of the Meteor Sect had perished in an instance that had taken place later. He even clashed with the Small Jupiter one time. And, it had indeed been very terrible.

However, it was time to leave. Too many changes had occurred in the last three years' time. For example… the Great Wei Empire had already elected a new Emperor.

(To be continued)

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