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"Don't worry. We mean no harm!" Two figures slowly appeared in the space.

A tall figure dressed up in green appeared in front of everyone. There was another short figure with him. This silhouette wore blue clothes.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief when they noticed that this man's cultivation was only at the intermediate stage of the sage realm. So, they didn't need to worry even if this man harboured malice. After all, what could an insignificant expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm do?!

A dozen or so individuals in this group were at the intermediate stage of the sage realm. Some of them were also at the late stage of the sage realm. Moreover, some were even at the peak stage of the sage realm. That middle-aged man was at the sage small complete realm. In fact, an expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm posed no threat to him even though he had sustained serious injuries.

"Who are you?" the middle-aged man asked. He felt somewhat alienated from these two individuals. However, he wasn't very vigilant. What could an insignificant expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm do? He could suppress him with the flick of his hand.

"We are travellers. My younger sister and I have accidentally arrived in the Hallucinatory Star Field. Now, we can't find a way out of this place. We don't know if we can get out of here on our own. Can you take us along with you so that we can leave this place? It will be a big favour on us!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in gratitude and said.

"Taking you along with us isn't an issue. However, you've also seen that we've perhaps been trapped by someone. We're already in the borderline zone of the Hallucinatory Star Field. However, we may come across an unavoidable deadly fight at any time. And, it won't be good if you were to come to harm because of us. So, you must give it a proper thought first!" the middle-aged man smiled and explained the situation in a straightforward manner.

"Villa Lord!"

"Villa Lord, you mustn't do this!"

"Villa Lord, you mustn't do this. God knows if the Li clan may have sent these people. We may possibly get exposed if we take them along with us. And, we may have to face an endless number of star beasts if that's the case. Consequently, it would become very difficult for us to find the Green Scaled Fruit for sister-in-law!" the man who had used the blade promptly stepped forward and spoke-up.

The voice of the middle-aged man hadn't even faded when many of the other experts started attempting to dissuade him in quick succession. It was evident that they were extremely careful. They were afraid that Ye Xiwen could be an enemy spy or whatnot…

"I have already made up my mind!" the middle-aged man firmly said, "We have already lost many young brothers in our quest for the Green Scaled Fruit. How can I, Yan Hong Yi, lose any more of our young brothers because of my family's affair?"

"Villa Lord, we are doing this willingly! Even the brothers who have died would have no complaints. Sister-in-law treats us so well. She doesn't look down on us because of our lowly background. We shall not give up… no matter what!" that blade-wielder firmly replied.

"Shut up! Do you wish to lose all of our brothers here?" Yan Hong Yi — the middle-aged man chided him. "I've decided to plunder the Great Building. I've also heard that someone had once found the Green Scaled Fruit inside the Great Building. It's still much better than trying to find a needle in a haystack inside this Hallucinatory Star Field!"

Ye Xiwen started to admire Yan Hong Yi as he heard his words. He had seen so many cold-blooded leaders who had never hesitated in putting the lives of their subordinates in danger for their own aim. In fact, leaders were callous and cold-hearted.

Therefore, it was rare to come across an affectionate leader like Yan Hong Yi.

Yan Hong Yi was extremely majestic. That blade-wielder was very reluctant to give up. However, he couldn't disobey Yan Hong Yi's words after Yan Hong Yi had scolded him.

Yan Hong Yi saw that everyone was reluctant. However, they didn't dare to go against his words either. He turned around towards Ye Xiwen and said, "I'm sorry. This family drama must've amused you!"

"There's nothing to pardon. The righteousness of the Villa Lord has only made me admire you even more!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and stated.

Yan Hong Yi sighed and said, "I am Yan Hong Yi — the Villa Lord of the Poyuan Villa that lies in the jurisdiction of Shang Yang City. And, these are my younger brothers!"

"I am Ye Xiwen. It's nice to meet you, Villa Lord Yan. And, this is my little sister Xiao Ya!" Ye Xiwen gave the introduction, "We would be troubling you for a little while, Villa Lord Yan!"

"No problem; no problem at all. Young Brother Ye, you are most welcome. It's not a big thing. We will go forward once we've tidied up here!" Yan Hong Yi smiled and said in a straightforward manner. He then turned around and ordered everyone to collect the corpses of those star beasts. These were top-notch materials. Moreover, many of the wounded individuals required some care.

Everyone's working-speed was very quick. They were acting in harmony, and were showing mutual understanding and coordination. It was obvious that they weren't doing this for the first time. So, everyone knew that they must pack up as soon as possible. Else, the smell of blood might attract other greedy star beasts.

These people were used to drifting aimlessly in the space. It was hard to tell how superior their skills were in these matters in front of an amateur like Ye Xiwen.

"Our Villa Lord is kind that he has offered you shelter. You had better not be a spy of the Li Clan. Otherwise, you are done for!" the blade-wielder flew over to Ye Xiwen and warned him in a cold manner.

His fierce expression scared Xiao Ya as she stood beside Ye Xiwen. So, she slightly retreated from her current position. She was visibly somewhat scared. Ye Xiwen frowned. He didn't like this. However, he didn't attack. He must get out of this Hallucinatory Star Field with the help of these people. Anyway, he would part ways with them after he had gotten out of the star field. So, there would be no dispute afterwards.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had noticed that this blade-wielding man had a bad attitude. However, he had also realized that this man was thinking about the well-being of his Poyuan Villa. Ye Xiwen certainly didn't like his attitude, but he couldn't say that he hated it either.

The blade-wielder went to help other people in clearing the stuff after he had warned Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen looked at Xiao Ya with a calm and gentle expression in his eyes.

[It seems like someone is targeting this team!]

Ye Xiwen had caught this information from the conversation between these people. However, it didn't bother him. He would merely take out the corpse of the star colossus, and he would death-slap anyone who'd try to cause him trouble. In fact, this would hold true as long as he didn't come across a great sage expert. Moreover, he was confident that he would manage to escape even if a great sage expert were to attack.

The blood slave had become increasingly proficient at controlling the star colossus. So, Ye Xiwen had stopped making it come out of the star colossus's body. Ye Xiwen simply made the blood slave reside in the body of the star colossus, and had been slowly transforming into its soul. This had indeed been a very big help for him.

Ye Xiwen had averted disaster many times in these last three years' expeditions because the blood slave was controlling the star colossus. The blood slave would be able to unleash the full potential of this star colossus once it would completely transform into the soul of this star colossus. Then, even the great sage experts wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Of course, this would happen after many-many years.

The people of the Poyuan Villa cleared up the corpses rather quickly. Yan Hong Yi took out a ship-shaped divine tool after everyone had cleared up the area. It was a pseudo-sage tool that was used for sailing in space. However, it was good-enough for moving faster.

Everyone went aboard the ship. The ship then transformed into a streamer of light, and shuttled in the Universe.

Ye Xiwen was standing on the deck of this large ship. He realized that this ship was moving at such a high speed that he couldn't even feel the outside. Moreover, it was sailing so smoothly that it seemed as if it was treading on level ground. He had never ridden on a speed-type divine tool because he was a lone operator. Moreover, he also had a magical power like the devil wings. Also, he had never seen a divine tool that could catch up with his sage realm speed…

However, he felt that he required a similar speed-type divine tool that could fly. This was because he had a little girl along with him now...

"Young Brother Ye, don't mind that Hu Anguo's words. That guy is always like that, but he doesn't have bad intentions!" Yan Hong Yi walked up to Ye Xiwen's side and said. It appeared that there was no need to worry about driving this ship. One only needed to input the route in such flying divine tools. These tools could then fly on autopilot mode.

Ye Xiwen smiled. He knew that Yan Hong Yi was referring to the person who had come to warn him a while ago. However, he didn't care about it either. After all, his temper would go out of hand in his lifetime if something like this would start to bother him.

"It's all right!" Ye Xiwen laughed. "It doesn't matter!"

"Where does Young Brother Ye come from, and where is he headed?" Yan Hong Yi asked.

"I have come from the Meteor World, and I haven't decided where I wish to go. So, I can go anywhere. Ha ha..." Ye Xiwen laughed and replied. He hadn't decided where he wanted to go. He could go to any place that would come along the way as long as he was travelling in the direction of the True Martial World. It would obviously depend upon the situation at the time. However, he hadn't thought about any particular place that he wanted to go to.

"Young Brother Ye might as well visit our Poyuan Villa since he hasn't decided where he wishes to go!" Yan Hong Yi smiled and said. He looked at Xiao Ya. He was indeed straightforward and generous. However, he was no fool. He had showed special fondness towards Ye Xiwen, and had hitched him a ride. However, it wasn't that he had made this decision in a casual manner.

After all, he was the leader of a force. And, the survival of this force depended on his actions. So, he could take this force to hell if he wasn't careful.

He had favoured Ye Xiwen because of Xiao Ya. He had never seen someone with such a pure bearing. She was as pure as a baby. She was without the slightest bit of contamination. Someone with such a pure mind could instinctively judge who was good and who was bad. After all, no amount of disguise could conceal one's malice from an infant.

And, Xiao Ya was so close to Ye Xiwen. This showed that Ye Xiwen wasn't a bad person. This was the reason why he had allowed Ye Xiwen to come aboard the ship. And, he believed that his judgement couldn't be wrong. After all, he hadn't been the leader of this force for so many years for nothing. He must have some ability to make good judgements.

Ye Xiwen obviously didn't know what was inside Yan Hong Yi's mind. However, he became very excited because of this invitation. The so-called 'a man is alive when he walks on the most dangerous roads, eats the best delicacies, has the most beautiful woman, fights the most powerful enemies, makes friends with the heroes who deserve his friendship, and does what he loves to do!'

And, Ye Xiwen believed that a man like Yan Hong Yi was undoubtedly worthy of his friendship.

"Well, how can I refuse if the elder brother has invited me?" Ye Xiwen smiled back. Anyway, he hadn't decided where he wanted to go. So, he could easily go with the flow for now.

"Good, you're very frank and straightforward!" Yan Hong Yi admired Ye Xiwen when he saw that Ye Xiwen was neither timid nor fake.

(To be continued)

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