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The front side of this mountain range had already been damaged very severely. However, these cracks on the mountain range were only constricted to the range of a dozen kilometres. They hadn't continued to proliferate any further. In fact, it seemed that a mysterious force was constricting the cracks from proliferating.

This was the work of the principle of this star colossus. It that had automatically protected its body! This incredible star colossus still possessed amazing power even though it had been dead for countless years.

Ye Xiwen swept his gaze. There weren't any other creatures present on top of this mountain. Only the star beasts that had born with the bloodline of this star colossus were present on the mountain. Other ancient demon beasts couldn't come near this mountain. They had been repelled by that inexplicable coercion.

Ye Xiwen had barely approached the mountain range when he felt an overwhelming suppressive force pressing down upon him. His golden divinities automatically covered his entire body as a result, and resisted that huge suppressive force.

Ye Xiwen walked on the mountain and arrived at that huge wound. Small pools of blood were flowing inside the wound at all times.

Ye Xiwen jumped inside the wound. This was an extremely long passage. He could even feel that this star colossus's body still had the vitality. It didn't seem that it had died several years ago. Its ferocious body would've made it extremely difficult to kill it if its mind hadn't been extinguished by that strike.

Its blood still contained huge amounts of energy. It wasn't surprising that those silver giant apes possessed extraordinary strength.

Ye Xiwen went ahead walking along that huge wound. He could still hear the thumping heartbeats that were transmitting the blood in all parts of its body.

Ye Xiwen transformed into a golden streamer and flew inside the body of this star colossus. He saw a planet inside its body some time later. It was revolving, and a section of universe had taken shape around it.

This was a piece of universe! This star colossus had actually quenched a planted inside its inner core. And, it had used the star power from that planet as the driving force for its own body. No wonder that these star colossuses were so powerful that it was hard to find a match for them.

The True Martial University had been compelled to collapse by a star colossus in its most prosperous times. However, this star colossus's vitality hadn't gone down after its death. That's because its soul had been annihilated, but the star core was still preserved. Therefore, this huge body hadn't decayed since it had been supported by a steady stream of star power.

After all, this star colossus wasn't immortal in reality. Its body had only appeared immortal for countless years because of this nucleus that was unceasingly producing star power.

"It's hard to imagine the strength of the man who killed this huge monster!" Ye Xiwen had no choice but to admire. This world had many people whose strength was beyond his very comprehension.

However, he became excited soon after. He had always been worried about his future progress because he had started his journey late when compared to his peers. After all, that kid Pang Yang Bo had become a heaven's pride expert, and had advanced to the semi-sage realm at the age of 10 years. However, Ye Xiwen had merely entered the Houtian realm when he was 11 or 12 years old. He had surely put his entire effort to reduce this disparity in the future. And, his cultivation realm had also advanced quite quickly. However, there had been a big disparity from the beginning. And, he couldn't ignore this disparity anyhow.

He needed to advance quicker than those other heaven's pride experts in order to catch up. However, this would undoubtedly make his foundation unstable. This wasn't a joke. What would be the long-term prospect of a tall building with an unstable foundation? It might collapse at any time.

He knew about this matter more than anyone else since it was more important to him than it was to others. Therefore, he had always attached special important to this matter. He had always made the preparations before he would make a breakthrough. He would obviously do this to make his foundation safer and better. However, it required the support of countless 'spirit energies'. The realm was like the blueprint of a tall building. He could deduce it with the help of his mysterious space. However, he couldn't construct the building without the help of the raw materials.

He had nearly consumed the resources he had obtained by winning the Four Sects Martial Arts Competition. And, now this huge star core had fallen upon him like an enormous pie. Moreover, it was much easier to absorb it than the 'Primary Spirit Dans'.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate. He promptly laid out a barrier formation inside the body of this colossus. After that, he began his 'closed-door training'.

He put his entire effort, and didn't stop for even a bit. The 'Observing Person Scripture' was operating crazily; it didn't stop for even a moment.

The small universe in his body was also revolving frantically. The star core issued buzzing sound like a spinning cocoon since its star power was being extracted little by little. It was obviously being absorbed by Ye Xiwen's body.

This endless star power was a big supplement for him. He didn't even need to convert this energy. He must obtain the support of more and more star power if he wanted to expand the Universe that was inside his body.

The star power gradually entered his small Universe. His small universe had also begun to expand inch by inch.

Ye Xiwen's small solar system had taken shape after he had entered the sage realm. It could now function independently. In fact, it could even produce star power which could further expand his Universe. However, its speed was very slow. In fact, forming a proper universe still looked far-fetched. He would need to draw support from this solar system for several hundred years or thousand years… or even more than that to make that happen.

However, this star core had enormously accelerated this process.

He gradually reached closer to making the breakthrough under the influence of the surging star power. He looked like a real God sitting upright in the Universe and chanting sutras from ancient scriptures.

He was sitting upright under the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. The 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' was glowing silver under the shower of the star power. It gradually drooped upon his body, and shrouded it in its entirety.

A page of the ancient scripture emitted a dazzling golden beam above Ye Xiwen's head. It seemed like this chant had existed since ancient times!

Ye Xiwen knew that time was running out. Sheng Feiyue might defeat those star beasts anytime. And then, he would rush inside as well. Therefore, Ye Xiwen needed make the breakthrough before Sheng Feiyue arrived here. Else, he would have no other choice but to escape in distress.

He had decided to use all his methods in order to make the breakthrough within a short time. He had taken out the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree', and had also used that page of the 'Ancient God Scripture' along with it. This page of 'Ancient God Scripture' wasn't some incredible secret method or anything. However, it was like the most profound recorded principle in the world. He would gain some benefits every time he'd read it. And, this resulted in a long-term gain.

It might seem like he hadn't made a huge progress if one were to look after a short period of time. However, the accumulation over a long period of time would eventually turn into a very big profit. The Fifth God's cultivation speed had been very quick. And, this page of 'Ancient God Scripture' had played a big role in that!

"You beasts are acting very recklessly!" Sheng Feiyue repelled an attack from the leader of those silver giant apes. "I know your intelligence isn't inferior to that of humans. You should have surrendered to me earlier, and I would've spared all you mountain spirit beasts in return. However, you are following the path of your own doom now. So, I will kill all of you at once!"

Sheng Feiyue had become somewhat impatient. He would've spared the lives of these silver giant apes if they had surrendered in the beginning. And, he would've made them his slaves after that. However, he had already lost his patience by now. The dead body of this unknown colossus had attracted his desire beyond any known limits. So, he couldn't wait anymore.

"Arrogant human!" the leader of the silver giant apes roared. An invisible force suddenly rushed out from the top of its head. It seemed as if a godly ape was standing between the Heaven and the Earth. It felt as if its domineering presence could scare the gods and devil into submission.

"Someone like you doesn't stand a chance!" Sheng Feiyue sneered. A dreadful magical power suddenly pressed down from above. A palace suddenly appeared from the void. It issued waves of sage power as it fell down from the sky. It was a sage tool in reality!

Sheng Feiyue had condensed the palace where he lived into a sage tool. It possessed endless might, and could be transported anywhere and anytime via a portal.

"Rumble!" The palace grew bigger and bigger as it swept towards that giant ape leader to crush it.

The entire world broke down into pieces. Cracks appeared in the space as if it was a mirror. They then proliferated across the entire horizon like a spider web.

The legs of that leader of the silver giant apes suddenly broke down, and it fell to its knees. Its martial power was far inferior to that of a heaven's pride expert like Sheng Feiyue who had been practicing since several hundred years. Moreover, Sheng Feiyue's strength had increased very greatly since he had taken out a sage tool.

"Beasts will always be beasts. I had given you a chance to live, but you didn't take that!" A sinister look appeared on Sheng Feiyue's face. Endless divine beams emitted from the palm of his big hand. The divine beams got interweaved, formed a huge net of light, and advanced towards that leader of the silver giant apes to shroud and crush it.

"Bang!" That leader of the silver giant apes was trapped by the large light-net of Sheng Feiyue's. It then exploded in the sky and transformed into a mass of blood fog.

The other silver giant apes scattered in panic when they saw that their leader had been killed. However, how could they have escaped from the hands of Sheng Feiyue? They were annihilated one by one…

Sheng Feiyue jumped onto the mountain after he had killed those silver giant apes. He faced upwards and burst into laughter, "Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, God is favouring me! This colossus obviously has an extraordinary origin. Even its dead body is an astronomical wealth. Ha ha ha ha..."

"Congratulations, Senior Brother Sheng. You will become invincible throughout all the generations!"

The other princes and their subordinates clapped for Sheng Feiyue and praised him in flattery. They enjoyed a noble status in the Great Wei State. However, they knew that they were nothing in front of Sheng Feiyue. The Great Wei State undoubtedly possessed outstanding national strength. However, even dozens of such Great Wei States were nothing in front of the Meteor Sect.

These people could act domineeringly in the Great Wei State. However, they were nothing when it came to the bigger picture of the Meteor World. In fact, they were far inferior to Meteor Sect's powerful core disciple like Sheng Feiyue. They could only fawn over him when in his presence.

"Rumble!" Sheng Feiyue was still feeling pleased with himself when the energy of the entire world suddenly congealed together. Countless 'spirit energies' suddenly came whistling towards the mountain range. Then, a powerful aura erupted from the mountain.

Sheng Feiyue's complexion had darkened. Someone had beaten him to a punch!

(To be continued)

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