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Everyone was surprised to see this gigantic mountain when they arrived in front of it. They noticed that it was a mountain range that had stretched up to more than a thousand kilometres. In fact, it was so huge that they couldn't see its boundary.

"There's something wrong about this huge mountain. Wait, this is a huge ancient beast!" the Second Prince exclaimed on top of the 'Flying Fire Meteor'. He had realized that this wasn't a huge mountain. Instead, it was the corpse of an incomparably huge ancient demon beast. The corpse of this ancient demon beast had gotten covered with layers of dusts with the passage of time. Thus, it had eventually formed such a huge sierra.

It was covered with layers of dusts, and had passed through countless years of transformation. However, everyone quickly found out that this was a beast's corpse once they calmed down. They swept their divine senses through the layers of dusts, and saw that there was a gigantic beast under that cover of earth. Its entire body was covered with ice-cold black scales. Moreover, it seemed as if molten iron had poured out from its body, and had then submerged into the dust. And so, that huge body had taken the form of an endless mountain range.

Many ancient demon beasts were living on top of that mountain. They were surviving with the support of this giant creature's corpse. Moreover, its blood essence had already condensed into crystal stones.

"It's such a giant creature. It shouldn't be in hibernation, right?" the Third Prince asked sceptically. He had swept out his divine sense. However, he could still feel its looming coercion. Moreover, its corpse didn't seem to have decayed. In fact, it still looked vivid and alive.

His entire body stretched tightly. He was afraid that the awakening of this giant creature would lead to a terrible battle. One must know that this wasn't his assumption. Instead, it was possibly a disaster waiting to happen! In fact, it wasn't impossible by any means.

These mega-sized creatures were different from the human race. After all, the human race had a short lifespan. However, some inborn giant creatures were similar to dragon race and so on. They had a lifespan of several thousand years. And, such great lifespans meant that their life was simply endless. They could live for way too long before they died.

They possessed outstanding innate talent and noble bloodline. So, they could reach to a very profound realm during the innumerable years of their lives… even if they didn't practice. On the contrary, the human race had to work hard and cultivate with their entire strength in order to obtain a very long lifespan. One could even say that these giant creatures were the true 'heaven's favoured ones'.

Sleeping was a very good way to kill endless time. The human race had to strive to cultivate in order to reach to a particular realm. However, these creatures could automatically arrive at that realm by taking a nap. Anyone would become incomparably jealous by looking at such natural talent.

This could also be the case with this colossus. After all, it might have become a mountain range after being in hibernation for thousands of years. Therefore, it would be a dreadful disaster if this giant creature was to be woken up.

"He's already dead!" Sheng Feiyue concluded. He had relaxed after he had confirmed that this colossus was dead. After all, he had also been afraid of what could've happened if this creature was suddenly awakened.

"There's a huge empty wound on its head!" Everyone looked in the direction in which Sheng Feiyue had pointed his finger. Everyone then saw a huge hole at the peak of this huge mountain range. Streams of red water were splashing out of it from time to time.

Everyone held their breath. It wasn't clear when this colossus had died. However, it was still bleeding. Moreover, it didn't seem like its body had decayed. So, it was evident that this colossus must've been very powerful…

However, the thing that had alarmed him even more was the fact that such a formidable colossus had been killed by someone in one stroke. He could guess that this colossus hadn't even been able to fight back. Therefore, it was possible that it may have died in one shot. Moreover, there weren't any traces of superficial scars on its body either. That person must've been insanely powerful.

"This is a... star colossus!" Ye Xiwen had recognized it in a second. There was a faintly looming star power around it. So, it was obviously a star colossus! What else could it have been? Most importantly, it hailed from the tribe of that star colossus that was sealed inside his 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

Star colossuses had many tribes. It wasn't that they were a single race. However, they usually kept to themselves. They would rarely come together.

Ye Xiwen entered the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' as he realized this. That star colossus had already become motionless in the blood pool. After all, it wasn't its real body; it was only a wisp of its soul. Therefore, there was no power left inside it since Ye Xiwen had unceasingly been extracting its power. Ye Xiwen's blood slave was quietly waiting on the other side. This blood slave had unconsciously made the breakthrough to the peak of the sage realm.

The power that had been extracted from the body of the star colossus had been entirely absorbed by the blood slave. Therefore, the blood slave had promoted at a brisk pace, while the star colossus had become more and more dispirited. This star colossus was at half-step great sage realm. However, it still didn't have any way while facing the unending extraction of its vitality.

It hadn't anticipated that it would fall into Ye Xiwen's hand when it was plotting against him. After all, Ye Xiwen hadn't even reached the semi-sage realm at that time. In fact, he had merely been at the half-step legendary realm.

Ye Xiwen would have a half-step great sage realm helper by his side by the time this star colossus's entire vitality was absorbed by the blood slave. And, nobody below the great sage realm would be able to deal with him when that happens.

"Ye Xiwen, you'll die a dog's death!" the star colossus roared as soon as Ye Xiwen came inside. But, he had long been weak. The chains of the talisman that had shackled his body were still absorbing his vitality.

"Die miserably? Why you would have been in this situation if you hadn't plotted against me?" Ye Xiwen smirked. He had anticipated that he had no way to destroy the magic seed inside his body because of this star colossus. He had surely put his entire effort into suppressing it. However, the magic seed was still gradually maturing. And, it could pose a huge threat to him one day. In fact, it wouldn't be pretty if he were to die under the influence of the magic seed.

Practising 'Heart Seed Devil Method' was like dying 10 times without getting birth again. It was a method used for controlling other people. Ye Xiwen had that magic seed planted inside his body. And, he had been surviving it so far. However, it was like a sharp sword that was hanging above his head. And, it could fall at any time. In fact, it wasn't even known when it would fall. However, it would certainly be a dead end if it fell.

He could only improve his cultivation in order to suppress the growth of the magic seed. He would get an opportunity to live-on if this magic seed broke. Moreover, his martial power would increase drastically if that were to happen. However, he would die miserably if he couldn't survive it.

However, he didn't have any other choice at this time.

"That thing lying over there should be from your race!" Ye Xiwen loosened the star colossus's seal so that it could see outside.

"How's this possible?" The star colossus couldn't believe its eyes. However, it hadn't mistaken that familiar aura. They were similar star colossuses. However, they hadn't met frequently. In fact, they might not have seen anyone of their race in their entire lifetime.

However, that wound was even more frightening. It seemed as if someone had attacked from the sky with a spear, and had nailed it to death. It was hard to express in words how ferocious the killer would have been.

"Ha ha ha, God is really helping me. The corpse of such a colossus is infinitely precious. Ha ha ha! It seems that God has destined me, Sheng Feiyue, to rise to the peak!" Sheng Feiyue's eyes suddenly glittered as he glanced over it. He wouldn't have dared to provoke a living colossus. However, a dead one couldn't pose any threat to him. On the contrary, it was a huge treasure for him.

Sheng Feiyue immediately drove the 'Flying Fire Meteor' down. However, several hundred giant apes suddenly jumped out from the endless forest that was on that mountain range before they could land on it. Their entire bodies were emitting silver rays of light, and their faces looked fierce.

Many exceptionally vicious sage realm apes were also present among these huge apes. Most of them had already arrived in front of these people, and had launched attacks with their fists. Moreover, their fist-technique looked smooth. In fact, their fists even issued whistling sounds.

"These giant apes have already become sentient. Their fist technique is so smooth and relaxed. It isn't inferior to that of the great masters of human race who've been immersed in practicing fist-techniques for many years!" Ye Xiwen remarked, "Where have they learnt this from? Is it their innate magical skill?"

Martial arts cultivators used to focus on a particular martial heritage. Those who didn't have any dedicated heritage were called 'random cultivators with no background'. People often wouldn't pay attention to such people because it was quite difficult to become powerful if one didn't have a heritage. However, where had these silver giant apes learnt this fist-technique from?

[Is it because they are related to the bloodline of this star colossus?]

Ye Xiwen secretly guessed. The demon beasts on this mountain were perhaps born with the bloodline of this star colossus. They were visibly different from the ordinary demon beasts. In fact, this case was similar to how the star beasts in the foreign battlefield had taken birth with the bloodline of that sealed star colossus.

These giant apes rushed forward. Consecrates of a few princes didn't even get the time to react, and were killed by the fist-attacks of the giant apes.

"Audacious evil beasts!" Sheng Feiyue finally moved into action. His entire energy soared into the sky. He didn't say anything else as he stretched out a big hand. A blue light suddenly spread across the entire sky. And, the blue light that had emitted from his palm formed a huge net in the sky.

The swift giant apes that were approaching a fast speed bumped into that huge net, and got pierced by the blue lights. They screamed, and fell down from the sky.

Sheng Feiyue had displayed the true might of the Sage Small Perfection Realm.

A silver giant ape suddenly roared at this time. It came out flying from inside the mountain. This silver giant ape was nearly twice as tall as the other giant apes. It launched a long-range raid. It seemed as if a small mountain was rolling over with loud bangs.

Many stars were revolving around it. They were a representation of its star power. Its imposing aura was earth-shattering. After all, it was a demon beast of Sage Small Perfection Realm. It was the leader of these silver giant apes. And, it was very powerful.

This leader of the silver giant apes suddenly roared loudly, and the noise shook the sky. The silver star-power on its body looked incredible. It issued tyrannical aura as its fist swept out towards Sheng Feiyue. In fact, the sounds of its bellows were similar to that of a Devil God.

The space was shattered into pieces by the fist's pressure.

"Rumble!" Sheng Feiyue clashed with the leader of Silver Giant Apes. And, the result was earth-shattering. The remaining experts of the Great Wei Empire also began to fight with those other silver giant apes.

"Now is my chance!" Ye Xiwen's eyes lit up. He fluttered his golden wings. He took a detour towards the back of the mountain, and landed there.

(To be continued)

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