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Sheng Feiyue saw this, and became angry. He had realized that someone had taken advantage of the distraction his fight had created. And, this person had then drilled their way inside.

"Dammit! This opportunistic son of a bit*h has dared to take advantage of the distraction to go inside!" Sheng Feiyue roared. He stretched his big hand, and it emitted endless rays of light. They then transformed into a big net of light, and swept down.


The entire mountain suddenly collapsed under the attack of this huge net. It seemed as if the sky had fallen down to the ground, and had shattered into small pieces within a split second. Subsequently, the rubble from the mountain was reduced to powder. Then, waves of strong astral winds set off and dispersed these dusts.

"Bang!" A golden 'real elemental energy' appeared from below and soared into the sky. A violent turbulence surged up and around. And, a slim figure appeared along with it. He was dressed in blue clothes. His eyes looked profound, and his aura felt formidable. In fact, it seemed as if an Ancient Devil God had reincarnated.

The golden divinities were boiling on Ye Xiwen's entire body. An exceptional 'fighting intention' was overflowing from his body.

"Who are you?" Sheng Feiyue's ice-cold eyes flickered indefinitely. He had roared these words out loudly. He had also felt that the energy of this man who stood before his eyes was boiling ferociously.

Ye Xiwen grinned and replied, "Weren't you the one who was looking for me? Don't you wish to kill me?"

"You are that so-called Dragon Master?" The second prince became bewildered when he looked into Ye Xiwen eyes. He hadn't expected that the person they had been searching would appear in front of them in such a manner. Moreover, he was shocked to see that this man was much younger than he had expected.

Martial Arts Experts could maintain their youthful appearance. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't a several hundred or thousand years old expert who had maintained his young appearance. Instead, he was very young! He looked fifty-years-old at most. How was it possible for such a young man to become a great master of alchemy? However, it must be true. Otherwise, Jiang Zhou Qing would never have gone to meet him personally. Jiang Zhou Qing had been practicing since several hundred years. Yet, even he couldn't surpass this Dragon Master.

"You are a liar. Isn't that right? You are a liar because you claim that you are a great master of alchemy. You wanted to sneak into our Great Wei Empire, right…? What's your objective?" the third prince exclaimed in anger when he saw Ye Xiwen's real face for the first time.

"Humph! Where do you come from? You have dared to infiltrate the forces of our Meteor Sect. You have bad intentions. Wait and watch how I crack down on you and find out about your secrets." Sheng Feiyue sneered. His eyes didn't flicker anymore. His terrifying aura rushed out like an overwhelming vast ocean in order to suppress Ye Xiwen's soul. "I didn't know where to look for you. However, I didn't know that you yourself would appear in front of me. The time spent on trying to find you here-and-there didn't go in vain after all!"

Sheng Feiyue was at Sage Small Perfection Realm. He was leaps and bounds ahead of the Sage Peak Realm.

Earlier, Ye Xiwen would've been no match for Sheng Feiyue even if his fighting strength had been strong enough to rival that of the experts of the Sage Peak Realm. Not to mention that Sheng Feiyue was considered a very tyrannical expert even in the Sage Small Perfection Realm!

"It doesn't matter what your background is. You have dared to take advantage of me. You are courting death!" Sheng Feiyue shouted. His murderous aura surged up. He was a bit wary of Ye Xiwen at first. However, he didn't let that bother him for long. He belonged to a prestigious family, and he was a heaven's pride expert of his generation. Also, he had been unceasingly obtaining resources from the Meteor Sect. So, he wasn't worried about a 'random cultivator with no background' even if the said-expert also had good qualifications.

The contest between a 'random cultivator with no background' and an expert of a legitimate sect would be one-sided even if they were to be in the same realm. Their access to resources, spirit stones, divine tools, power techniques, and so on just weren't on same level.

Sheng Feiyue extended his big hand. Endless rays of light suddenly burst from it, and swept out towards Ye Xiwen to crush him. But, Ye Xiwen wasn't going to be outdone. Golden divine beams had covered his entire body. In fact, it seemed as if Sheng Feiyue was fighting against a golden statue.


The fight had reached a superheated stage in no time. And, both sides had started resorting to extreme methods. The entire space had shattered into pieces under their attacks. Their battle had reached to the sky.

Those experts of the Great Wei Empire turned pale with fright. They were visibly surprised by Ye Xiwen's strength.

All of them were familiar with Sheng Feiyue's strength. He had merely been practicing for three hundred years, but he had already entered the Sage Small Perfection Realm. He was a heaven's pride expert of his generation. And, there was almost no doubt that he would advance to great sage realm in the future.

He possessed incredible strength. That leader beast of Sage Small Perfection Realm had also been slaughtered by him a moment ago. So, they had seen the extent of Sheng Feiyue's strength. The ape leader was also in Sage Small Perfection Realm. Still, there had been a difference of cloud and mud between their strengths!

Sheng Feiyue's strength was so tyrannical that it was difficult to find a match for him among his peers. Perhaps, only those top heaven's pride experts could overshadow him…

They had thought that Ye Xiwen would only have the strength of the Sage Peak Realm at most. However, it didn't seem like he was in a disadvantageous position while fighting with Sheng Feiyue. And, this had left them in extreme shock.

"I didn't expect you to have some means of your own. However, that's also useless. After all, what are you in comparison to our Meteor Sect?" Sheng Feiyue hadn't obtained the upper hand over Ye Xiwen yet. And, this had surprised him. He would have understood if Ye Xiwen had been in the Sage Small Perfection Realm. However, he didn't seem to be. In fact, he appeared to be in the intermediate stage of sage realm. But, Ye Xiwen had still managed to match him until now. And, this had surpassed Sheng Feiyue's imagination by far…

Ye Xiwen slightly raised the corner of his mouth. His fighting strength had made a huge progress after he had made the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of sage realm. He couldn't have dealt with Sheng Feiyue so easily if he had still been in the initial stage of sage realm. In fact, he would've been in a very difficult situation; he would've had to retreat instead. After all, his realm differed by a lot from that of Sheng Feiyue's.

Sheng Feiyue had started operating the 'Green Rainbow Meteor Cultivation Method' inside his body. This was a very tyrannical power technique of the Meteor Sect. This technique had emerged out of the Meteor Sect's name. A starry-white light was emanating from his entire body. He was attacking with his entire strength, and wasn't holding back.

"I'll send you on your way to hell!" Sheng Feiyue flashed an evil grin. He brandished his palm. This was the Meteor Sect's technique - 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm'. Only a few people in the Meteor Sect knew this palm technique. In fact, most of the core disciples hadn't even gotten the opportunity to learn this technique. However, Sheng Feiyue had gotten this opportunity because he was a core disciple and a heaven's pride expert. This was enough to determine how praiseworthy this palm technique was.

That palm slapped through the clouds that hung from the sky, and broke down the entire blue dome of heaven. The 'killing intention' was clearly overflowing to the heavens.

However, he was surprised to see Ye Xiwen smiling in the face of this attack. Ye Xiwen suddenly raised the corner of his mouth, and brandished his palm. However, it wasn't the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' this time. Rather, it was the 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm'! Moreover, Ye Xiwen's hands had somehow displayed it in its truest form!

It wasn't entirely in its purest form so to say… However, it looked more tyrannical than the attack that had been launched by Sheng Feiyue. This was because of the star power in Ye Xiwen's body.


The two big hands suddenly collided in the sky. Countless shadows of those two palms filled the entire sky. And, it seemed as if these palm-shadows were ripping the vast sky apart.

The world shook and collapsed under their attacks. The 'murderous energy' flew from the sky and surged all over. The scene appeared similar to the 'Judgement Day'.

It seemed as if cold water had been poured onto those princes and other people of the Great Wei Empire. Chills ran down their spines. They looked insignificant in front of this level of fighting power. They could only acquire the position of the Emperor of Great Wei Empire. However, they were undoubtedly insignificant in front of these genuine young elites.

Only a colossal force like the Meteor Sect could have nurtured such young elites. Indeed, there were other people that had such exceptional innate talent. However, other people used to get a pitiful amount of resources when compared to the disciples of these big sects. A good amount of resources was the so-called basic requirement for effective cultivation. In fact, it was considered a joke if someone wanted to make the breakthroughs without having the unceasing support of these resources.

"How is it possible?" a look of fright flashed on Sheng Feiyue's face. He wasn't shocked because Ye Xiwen was able to contend against him. Instead, it was because Ye Xiwen had used the 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' technique. After all, this was the Meteor Sect's secret technique. "Are you also a disciple of the Meteor Sect...? It's impossible!"

[Could Ye Xiwen also be a disciple of the Meteor Sect?]

He had never seen Ye Xiwen. But then again… the Meteor Sect had several million disciples. How could he recognize all of them? However, another thought crossed his mind. It would've been normal if he hadn't heard about an ordinary person. But, Ye Xiwen wasn't ordinary. He had a very high cultivation level at a very young age. So, how come he had never heard of him?

He didn't believe that Ye Xiwen could be a hidden cultivator or whatnot. A chicken is a chicken, and a Phoenix is a Phoenix. A chicken can't be compared with a Phoenix even if a Phoenix has met with a misfortune. Only the cultivation of a person is the factor that can decide whether they are a chicken or a Phoenix. A Phoenix will always be a Phoenix. A Phoenix will stand out even if they have sunk into a group of chickens. Their shine won't get concealed.

[Could he be some elder's foreign disciple?]

This wasn't impossible. After all, the Meteor Sect had so many elders, and many of them were eccentric. They would teach top secret techniques to outsiders because they considered it to be their predestined affinity; the so-called 'Immortal fate is beyond everything'.

And, Ye Xiwen's 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' technique also seemed somewhat unfamiliar. Therefore, this ought to be the case...

Of course, Sheng Feiyue would never get to know the real reason why Ye Xiwen's 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' technique looked strange. It wasn't because he hadn't learnt it properly. And, it wasn't because he had misinterpreted some vital concept while learning it from a copy of a secret martial arts book that was left behind by some master.

Instead, it was because Ye Xiwen had used the 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' technique for the first time in his life. He had certainly used the mysterious space in that split second to deduce the mysteries of the 'Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm' technique. However, it would obviously look a bit strange since he had used it for the first time. So, this out of his hands.

"Meteor Sect? I am not!" Ye Xiwen grinned. His snow-white teeth somewhat horrified the people.

"It's over!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up. The 'killing intention' flashed in his eyes. Ye Xiwen had never shown any leniency in killing his enemies. 'A tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye' was his motto. If someone wanted to fight with him… he would certainly do that. And, if someone wanted to kill him… he would certainly kill that person. It was that simple.

The news of this mustn't spread outside. It would cause a huge uproar… whether it was about the involvement of Great Wei Empire or about the corpse of the star colossus…

The Great Wei Empire wasn't a very big empire for the Meteor Sect. However, this matter concerned Meteor Sect. And, they wouldn't allow other people to interfere. In fact, they would become extremely enraged if they found out about the things that were going on here.

And, he reckoned that he would be chased by a group of great sage experts if the news of the corpse of the star colossus got out. Ye Xiwen knew that he must not leave any clue!

(To be continued)

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