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News had transmitted after two months that a great sage expert had gone inside the depths of the heavenly crater. Apparently, he had found some clues, and was searching because of it. This had incited everyone even further. And, more and more experts had arrived there and joined in the search.

Ye Xiwen was straddling in a group of a group of ancient demon beasts in a valley, and he was slaughtering them left and right. He appeared like a swaying catkin while doing so. He was facing a group of ancient mountain beasts draped in golden scales. Their bodies were extremely hard. They were roaring loudly. They all possessed earth-type magical power, and they had been unleashing this power upon Ye Xiwen. A massive rock fell from the sky, and it seemed that it would crush Ye Xiwen to death.

Many of these ancient demon beasts were at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. But, the majority of them were at the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen looked like a swaying catkin among them. He had an iron sword in his hand. He was brandishing his iron sword like a dragon. He was relentless, and nothing could stop him. That falling rock hadn't even reached above his head when it was broken down by his sword light. It couldn't even get close to him…

However, each of these ancient demon beasts possessed 'spiritual intelligence'. Moreover, they seemed trained… just like professional soldiers. The rocks fell down from the sky in quick succession. In fact, they weren't even giving Ye Xiwen any time to catch his breath.

There was an ancient tree behind Ye Xiwen. It was partially visible within a layer of golden energy that was fluctuating behind him. Of course, it was the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'.

The 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' had shrouded Ye Xiwen's body in its entirety. The bright look in his eyes glittered with clear-mindedness. There was no trace of impurity in it. This unclouded expression in his eyes under the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' was simply unprecedented.

Ye Xiwen was launching attacks with a clear mind. Every sword attack was simple… just as the ones that were mentioned in the standard textbooks. He wasn't unleashing any gorgeous sword moves. However, even such ordinary sword strikes had stopped those falling rocks from approaching him.

Ye Xiwen had found out that his moves had become smooth, ferocious, greatly efficiency, and very machine-like whenever he was shrouded by the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. His might had also increased very significantly. He had concealed the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' inside his vital energies, and it was further covered by the dreadful divinities. So, an average person couldn't see the trace of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'.

These ancient demon beasts were his test objects. His iron sword suddenly issued a clang sound. It was just an ordinary iron sword. However, it looked like a legendary sword in his hands. In fact, it seemed that this sword could even cleave the heaven when he held it.


The sounds of explosions resounded unceasingly. Ye Xiwen's long sword was issuing endless sword-lights in the sky, and those falling rocks were being shattered into pieces at a very fast speed!

'Buried Person Sword' and 'Buried Sword Secrets' were being displayed regularly. They had already reached a superb condition.

Ye Xiwen strode-on by taking the advantage of a gap he had just created. And, his figure suddenly rushed out and stormed into that group of ancient demon beasts.


Ye Xiwen brandished his iron sword. The sword-light formed an ice-cold black light. Then, it shot out several sword strikes in an instant.

The bodies of those ancient mountain beasts were incredibly hard since they were draped in armors. It was difficult to injure them… even with a divine weapon. However, they were nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's iron sword.

Blood splashed out wherever the sword light fell. The beasts appeared to be made up of paper as they got ravaged by those iron-sword strikes. Moreover, those sword attacks had accurately struck the vital points of these demon beasts. Each of these demon beasts was more 3 metre tall. They were even taller than Ye Xiwen. However, how they could be a match for him?

He shuttled among those demon beasts as if he was strolling in a courtyard. Those mountain beasts roared and collapsed one after another wherever he went. They were no match for him. Hundreds of beasts had been killed by him within the blink of an eye.

He looked like the God of Death for a moment because he was causing deaths wherever he was going.

These demon beasts weren't weak. However, they were being slaughtered by Ye Xiwen's sword moves because he was extremely powerful. Each move was precise to an incredible degree!

His attacks were was even more formidable than before. In fact, Ye Xiwen felt that his inner realm had just made a breakthrough, and had entered another realm. He had previously walked on a road that had required great skills, but not much labor. His every sword attack used to have crushing power. It could crush anyone who stood in its front.

This was the so-called 'lifting heavy weight as if it's light'. A small mountain appeared as light as a feather in his hands. He could crush it while laughing and talking.

However, it was different now. His sword play looked even more ordinary. But, its power hadn't dropped even a bit. Even a mountain beast of peak sage realm couldn't stop one move of his'. He didn't even need to use another move, and could kill the demon beast on the spot in one move alone.

Perhaps this should be called 'lifting light weight as if heavy' instead of the other way round. He could crush many enemies even if he had a large feather in his hand. This was a new realm in its own. It seemed as if he had suddenly attained enlightenment. He had reached an entirely different realm alotogther.

The inner realm and the realm of strength were entirely different things on the path of martial arts. One couldn't turn back once they had attained a high realm of strength and gotten stronger. However, inner realm of martial arts was completely different from this. One could enter another realm only if they had comprehended the previous one thoroughly. Otherwise, one might return to the previous realm of 'lifting heavy weight as if it's light' at any time.

He still needed to practice a lot to strengthen his new realm under the 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' situation. And, he would be able to freely switch things around when he would get a complete hold of both 'Lifting heavy weight as if it's light' and 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' realms. This was the so-called 'degree of control' of one's mind… because the mind would interpret something 'heavy' as 'light as a feather' in one moment, and something 'light' as a 'giant mountain' in the other. It was truly a confusing and complicated concept.

However, Ye Xiwen had already entered this realm now. So, his frame of mind had become very clear. Moreover, he clearly knew that this had happened with the support of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. It wasn't surprising that many people had fought over the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' since the ancient times.

He only had a branch of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. It had surely begun to grow back. But, it wasn't clear how long it would take for the entire tree to grow up. One could advance by leaps and bounds if one could meditate under a complete 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' even for a day. In fact, one could make skyrocketing progress at that time.

However, it wasn't clear how much he would've grown up by the time the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' would grow back to its stage of maturity.

A scarlet mirror flew out of Ye Xiwen's body. And, those demon beasts that had been killed by him were immediately absorbed by the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' wherever the scarlet light went.




The iron sword issued 'clang' sounds. Ye Xiwen freely brandished his sword in quick succession, and the attacks unleashed unimaginable power. A large number of demon beasts were killed again, and their flesh was absorbed by the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' wherever the sword light went. This would obviously be used for Ye Mo's recovery later-on.

Ye Mo's condition had become much better. He had also woken up once in these two months. However, he had landed into deep sleep quite soon after that.

Ye Xiwen finally managed to kill these demon beasts after having fought them for half-a-day. He had also managed to produce the ideal condition of 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' concept this time. He could've entered this realm without the support of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'.

However, it would've been difficult. Moreover, it wouldn't have been a smooth process. He knew that he had reached his present limit. It didn't matter how skilful he was. He needed time to enter this realm. It was similar to the case when he had taken a lot of time to enter the 'lifting heavy weight as if it's light' realm.

Moreover, the thing that had made him the most happy was that his strength was showing signs of making a breakthrough after he had faintly started to feel the 'lifting light weight as if it's heavy' realm. He felt that his strength would soon make the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of the sage realm. It hadn't even been half-a-year since he had entered the initial stage of the sage realm. However, it was no big deal for him. His accumulation was extremely profound. An ordinary person must pay attention towards consolidating their realm once they had made a breakthrough. And, they also required time for doing that.

However, he was different. His foundation was very strong. An ordinary person required time for consolidating their realm. However, this time could be enormously shortened in his case… just like the Wood Dragon's. The Wood Dragon had just reached the late stage of the sage realm a while ago. However, he was almost about to enter the peak stage of sage realm now. It was hard to say how many adventures these heavens' pride level experts had come across. But, it was evident that they had obtained many more special methods than ordinary people. Therefore, it was only obvious that they couldn't be treated as ordinary people.

However, Ye Xiwen's foundation was more profound as compared to that of the Wood Dragon's. The Wood Dragon had also said that he had never seen such a profound foundation as that of Ye Xiwen's. In fact, it could scare a person to death.

However, he didn't know that this rich accumulation had been acquired back when Ye Xiwen was at half-step legendry's realm. And, it had only come to manifest to its true extent in his current foundation. He had built this unprecedented and incomparably strong foundation in order to cross that terrifying sage realm 'Heavenly Tribulation'. How could an ordinary person think to such extent?

However, this wasn't the time for 'closed-door training' because he didn't have anyone by his side for protection. The Wood Dragon had already left him and gone to meet that great sage expert the Northern Dipper had sent. Ye Xiwen had also gone about his own way. He would join them when the time would be right.

Ye Xiwen had only dared to bring out the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' because the Wood Dragon wasn't present there. Otherwise, it would have been dangerous if the Wood Dragon had recognized it. And, Ye Xiwen couldn't dare to take this risk… not at this time at least.

He and the Wood Dragon were partners. However, one can't tell what's going-on in the other person's heart. He knew that a group of great sage experts would swarm in if the news that he had a treasure like the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' got transmitted.

Ye Xiwen went inside the lair of those mountain beasts after he had killed them. It was a cave that curved down into the ground. He also killed the remaining beasts one by one on his way.

He walked for a quarter of an hour or so, and arrived at the bottom of the passage. He then saw a huge cavern at the bottom. Yellow-colored 'spirit crystals' were present all around the cave.

The so-called 'spirit crystal' was a pure natural crystal that was condensed from the 'spirit energies'. It wasn't like the 'spirit stone' because a 'spirit stone' was formed after a stone had gone through eternal polishing by the 'spirit energies'. Furthermore, it would even have to absorb the 'spirit energies' after that. Therefore, the spirit stone contained many impurities inside.

However, these 'spirit crystals' were different. They were pure and natural crystals that were entirely condensed from the 'spirit energies' alone. So, they were very pure in their make, and could be absorbed directly.

These treasures could often be found inside the caves that were formed innumerable years ago. It wasn't surprising that these mountain beasts were so powerful. After all, they had been thriving on so many 'spirit crystals'.

These 'spirit crystals' were much purer than ordinary 'Primary Spirit Dans'. In fact, one piece of 'spirit crystal' could be exchanged for more than hundred 'Primary Spirit Dans'. However, the fact is that only the experts of the great sage realm and above could condense 'Primary Spirit Dans', and that too up to some purity…

Ye Xiwen's initial estimate suggested that this room full of 'spirit crystals' could approximately be exchanged for one billion 'Primary Spirit Dans'. It could be said that he had become rich overnight! He would skyrocket in one fell swoop in case he managed to obtain so much wealth!

(To be continued)

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