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Ye Xiwen waved his hand, collected these 'spirit crystals', and put them inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. These 'spirit crystals' were the protective barrier with the help of which those mountain beasts had been flourishing. However, they had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands now.

It could be said that one 'spirit crystal' could be exchanged for 100 'Primary Spirit Dans'. In fact, one could get an even higher number of 'Primary Spirit Dans' if they exchanged it in the black market. However, he didn't wish to exchange these 'spirit crystals'. 'Spirit crystals' could be exchanged for 'Primary Spirit Dans' with ease. However, it was difficult to exchange 'Primary Spirit Dans' for the 'spirit crystals'.

Ye Xiwen must find a place to absorb these 'spirit crystals'. And, his cultivation would perhaps attain a brand-new progress once that had happened.

Ye Xiwen had barely emerged from the underground cave when energy fluctuations appeared in the sky. And, it was accompanied by the emergence of a 'Flying Fire Meteor' that illuminated half of the horizon.

They were the Meteor Sect's people!

Ye Xiwen immediately restrained his breath, and he operated the 'Restraining Breath Technique' to its capacity. His entire body sank into the subspace, and got concealed therein. In fact, he didn't even set off any fluctuations in this process.

His 'Restraining Breath Technique' had reached at a new realm once he had entered the sage realm. Consequently, even a great sage expert would find it difficult to discover him once he had concealed his presence. Of course, this was subject to the condition that he mustn't move. Therefore, he was confident that a sage expert couldn't discover his existence by any means.

He didn't need to worry about being discovered unless his presence had been locked on to by the enemies.

The Flying Fire Meteor had already reached above Ye Xiwen within a few breaths. He swept out his divine sense, and found a few familiar faces on that 'Flying Fire Meteor'. The Great Wei Empire's second prince and third prince were present along with their subordinates. He had seen them separating from each other before hand. However, they had somehow gathered together at this time.

A young man was standing at the top of the 'Flying Fire Meteor'. He was tall and handsome. His outstanding aura was quite threatening. He was dressed in the Meteor Sect's standard uniform. However, he had a special air about him.

The 'Flying Fire Meteor' came to a halt in front of the underground cave of the mountain beasts. Everyone got down from it, and swept their glances over the entire place. The Third Prince spoke-up somewhat remorsefully, "We are late. He has escaped. I didn't expect that this Dragon Master would be so sly. He's one slippery bastard!"

"I think he's a poisonous snake! A viper that can bite you anywhere and anytime!" the Second Prince opened his mouth and said. In fact, he had said this as he had looked towards that young man who was standing in front of everyone and seemed like the leader of this group.

"Has someone from our side leaked the news… and allowed him to get away?" a prince's consecrate opened his mouth and speculated.

"It's impossible. We had departed at the same time. And now, we have gathered together. So, he couldn't have obtained news… Let alone escape in advance!" the Third Prince denied and said. They had planned to deal with Ye Xiwen from the get go. It had seemed that they had scattered when they had departed. However, they had gathered together soon after that. Therefore, nobody here could say that the news might have gotten leaked. They had been pursuing Ye Xiwen since the last few months. And, they had finally obtained the news of him being present in this vicinity with great difficulty. Therefore, they had rushed straight here. However, it seemed that Ye Xiwen hadn't left long ago. "Look at this mess. It's obvious that this Dragon Master has left recently. Moreover, it doesn't appear like he has left in a hurry after getting the news. I can only say that this guy's luck is very good!"

"He must've left very recently from the looks of it. So, shouldn't we purse him?" someone asked.

Ye Xiwen had now understood that why these experts of the Great Wei State's Imperial Clan had left so quickly at that time — They had been planning to deal with him! Moreover, they had also brought the experts of the Meteor Sect along with them…

That young man's imposing aura was suppressive and threatening. He looked suave and outgoing. He had already entered the Small Perfection level of the sage realm. So, he was a step ahead of the Peak level of the sage realm!

Each martial art move of the peak level of the sage realm has a standard style as per the comparison based on the practice moves. But, these different styles can be linked up together in order in the case of Small Perfection level of the sage realm. So, there wouldn't be any gap in between the moves as a result of this linking. And, this meant that there was a big power gap between the two realms.

Furthermore, one could easily use these styles in an unorganized sequence once they had reached the Great Perfection level of the sage realm. One could disrupt the order of these moves. And, one wouldn't need to adhere to the sequence of the styles. Therefore, the experts of sage great perfection realm could unleash these moves at will, and without following any order. Consequently, they could cast a move at the time of unleashing the attack, but that move could get transformed into some other move when the attack would finally get materialized.

The Sage Small Perfection Realm was more incredible than the Sage Peak Realm. In fact, these two realms were almost entirely at different levels.

"There's no need. He's just a small fish; and nothing more. He can't stir up mighty waves in the sea!" the young man said disdainfully. It was obvious that he didn't give a damn about Ye Xiwen. "Many senior experts of our Meteor Sect have arrived. So, what's he? He's nothing. You don't need to worry!"

"Of course! Of course, you are right, Brother Sheng Feiyue! That Dragon Master isn't an issue for a talented man like you. I only suspect that those two belong to some organization. And, they might secretly wish to topple the rule of our Meteor Sect!" the Second Prince said. He had hit the nail on the head. He had harboured doubts about the origins of Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon since the beginning. After all, he hadn't been able to find anything about the backgrounds of both these individuals. And, this was the most dreadful thing for him.

"I will go and report this matter to the higher-ups. The Sect will investigate and find the origins of both these individuals. This is our Meteor Sect's domain. It's ridiculous if they think that they can topple our Meteor Sect's rule. They think too highly of themselves if they are embracing such a notion. They are overconfident!" Sheng Feiyue's face exposed a disdainful smile. His confidence had originated from the formidable strength of the Meteor Sect. They had been ruling the Meteor World since countless years. Moreover, they hadn't declined even once… unlike the True Martial University.

The Meteor World was their territory. Therefore, he believed that those two were thinking too highly of themselves if they thought that they could topple their rule in their backyard. They were overreaching themselves.

A mysterious light suddenly flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes. The Northern Dipper's objective wasn't to topple the Meteor Sect's rule. The Northern Dipper had tyrannical strength. However, they had a very few personnel in their ranks. So, their combined strength was far from rivalling that of the Meteor Sect's. Therefore, they wouldn't go for a head-on confrontation with the Meteor Sect by attempting to topple their rule.

However, this matter was tied to planting a Northern Dipper saboteur in the Meteor Sect. It wasn't clear when this saboteur would prove his usefulness. After all, Ye Xiwen didn't even know how many such saboteurs the Northern Dipper commanded. However, the Twenty-third Prince was very important for Ye Xiwen since this would be his first base of operation for obtaining resources from the Great Wei Empire at a steady rate. This obviously wouldn't satisfy his ever-increasing requirement of resources. However, it would still be a steady source of income for him.

Therefore, the consequences would be disastrous for Ye Xiwen if he ended up attracting the attention of a sect as enormous as the Meteor Sect. After all, the Meteor Sect had been ruling the Meteor World for so many years. So, they wouldn't show any mercy if someone tried to topple their rule.

Therefore, he couldn't allow them to spread this news. And, this meant that he would need to annihilate the sources of the news before that!

"That Dragon Master is only an irksome fly; nothing more. He's nothing. They aren't a match for our Meteor Sect!" Sheng Feiyue said. Ye Xiwen and his trusted aid could prove to be a big trouble for the Second Prince. However, they were nothing for him. He had such belief and confidence, and he also had the strength to back it up. Moreover, he was also confident that Ye Xiwen would be a mere peak level expert of the sage realm at most. However, he himself had already entered the Sage Small Perfection Realm. Therefore, he would crush Ye Xiwen to death if the latter dared to appear.

"This ancient world was once the Headquarter of the deceased Bereaved Clan. So, this place has countless precious treasures. My cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds as long as I obtain even one of these ancient treasures. Won't I be able to suppress that Dragon Master at that time as well? So, what if he is a great master of alchemy? I will crush him to death with ease!" Sheng Feiyue coldly said.

Sheng Feiyue sat down on the 'Flying Fire Meteor' after he said this. Then, he urged to fly forward. It transformed into a grandiose streamer of light, and disappeared in the horizon.

Ye Xiwen came out of the void. His pupils contracted, and a 'cold intention' flickered in his eyes. A pair of golden wings suddenly appeared on his back. He then opened his wings, transformed into a golden streamer, and chased after them at a speed that was even quicker than theirs.

He didn't have a divine flying tool like the 'Flying Fire Meteor'. However, his devil wings were an extremely powerful magical ability in their own merit. In fact, he could even travel back-and-forth between myriads of worlds once it had been practiced to the pinnacle. This was the strongest aspect of the devil wings.

Ye Xiwen caught up with Sheng Feiyue and other people soon enough. However, he didn't act rashly, and didn't alert them of his presence. Instead, he decided to hang behind them. He had restrained his breath with the help of 'Restraining Breath Technique'. And, he was outside their line of sight. Moreover, he was using his divine sense to examine their actions. However, they couldn't discover his presence.

Sheng Feiyue was driving the 'Flying Fire Meteor'. So, he was in the front. He had attracted the attentions of many demon beasts on-route. However, how could those ancient demon beasts be a match for him? They had obviously been crushed by these people.

Ye Xiwen was steadily pursuing them. And, a blur silhouette of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree' was present behind him. Consequently, he had never been so clear-headed. He was pursuing Sheng Feiyue and the others on the one hand. And, he was undergoing practice on the other. In fact, he felt that his cultivation was already at a critical juncture. He felt that he would reach the intermediate stage of the sage realm if he could make another breakthrough at this time. His fighting strength could be compared to that of an expert of the Sage Small Perfection Realm once that had happened. And then, he could blow up this arrogant Sheng Feiyue with a single punch.

He just needed to wait!

The look in Ye Xiwen's eyes was charged by thousands kinds of tricks. All kinds of plans and schemes had appeared in his mind one by one. His attitude had become unprecedentedly peaceful under the effect of the 'Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree'. His 'killing intention' had certainly become stronger with the passage of time. However, that hadn't had the slightest of effect on his rational mind. So, he could still think of all sorts of schemes in a calm manner.

Time passed day by day. And, it had soon been more than a month ever since Ye Xiwen had started to pursue Sheng Feiyue and the others. Sheng Feiyue and the others had gone on expeditions in all directions in this more than a month's time. And, they had also come across dangers several times. However, they had escaped all dangers. They had also obtained many benefits during this time.

They had already ventured deep into the underground world of the heavenly pit by now. They had also come across increasingly powerful ancient demon beasts as they had gone farther into the depths of this underground world. Many of those demon beasts had attained 'spiritual intelligence', and had established their own ancient demon beast kingdoms… And, that too in perfect order! Ye Xiwen had been amazed at the sight of this.

Everyone had arrived in front of a huge mountain at this time.

"There's something wrong about this huge mountain. I think it's a massive ancient demon beast!"

(To be continued)

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