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Presently, they were in a situation where they were surrounded by enemies from all sides. Therefore, they must be careful in all aspects. They must advance gradually, and must fortify themselves at every step. They couldn't afford to relax even a bit.

Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon didn't stay there any longer. They forged ahead since it wasn't clear who might arrive the next moment.

They went ahead and discovered that ancient demon beasts were present everywhere. This was probably so because this ancient world had been isolated from the outside world since a long time.

Corpses could be seen everywhere along the way they were headed in. Groups after groups of ancient demon beasts had been wiped out along the way.

"This must be the work of the people of the Meteor Sect!" Ye Xiwen speculated. He also knew a bit about the working methods of the Meteor Sect. After all, that Blood-red-clothed Young Master was a member of the Meteor Sect. In fact, he was a Young Lord of the Meteor Sect.

These people had wiped out the ancient demon beasts rather quickly. They had crushed the demon beast tribes one by one. They had also taken away the demon cores, skins, and other valuable stuff. In fact, they hadn't left anything behind.

"Flutter, flutter!" They came across a group of white snakes in the sky. They were surprised to see that each of these snakes was covered by fine snow-white scales from head to toe that were suffused with rays of light. There was a pair of long snow-white wings at the back of these snakes, and it was exceptionally beautiful to look at. However, each of those snakes opened their mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl, and rushed towards both of them.

Each of them was approximately 4-5 meters long.

"These are 'Flying Snakes'!" Ye Xiwen recognized these white snakes. These were the ancient demon beasts that were mentioned in the ancient books. These so-called 'Flying Snakes' were like the ones mentioned in the ancient legends. They didn't have feet, but they could fly since a pair of wings had grown on their ribs. Moreover, they excelled at puffing out smoke. So, they were similar to dragons in a way.

These 'Flying Snakes' had flourished in the ancient times. In fact, it was said that they were created by a Great God, and they were pets of that God. However, there were only legends. In fact, the 'Flying Snakes' had almost vanished from the world, and were quite rare as a result. Ye Xiwen had seen the records of these 'Flying Snakes' in some ancient books.

However, he hadn't expected that he would bump into these 'Flying Snakes' right after he would arrive here.

"Dammit! These are strange and ancient beasts. The past of this ancient world seems very remote!" The Wood Dragon was left dumbstruck. Those ancient demon beasts were ancient enough to be called 'ancient creatures'. However, these 'Flying Snakes' could be considered as 'old ancestors' of those ancient demon beasts. They were extremely old creatures. These strange beasts used to be very famous in the remote past.

These 'Flying Snakes' had formed overwhelming layers of white clouds in the sky. In fact, even the demon beasts didn't dare to stop the flying snakes.

These 'Flying Snakes' saw Ye Xiwen. They considered him as a prey, and rushed towards him in overwhelming numbers.

The expressions in the eyes of the Wood Dragon also looked firm. He knew that he couldn't dare to relax. These 'Flying Snakes' were very powerful. They deserved to be called as ancient creatures. Most of them were sage realm beasts. And, there were no less than thousands of 'Flying Snakes' in this flock. They could easily pose a deadly threat for both individuals.

The so-called a group of ants can also bite an elephant to death.

There were many among them that were at the late stage of the sage realm. Moreover, there were several strong monsters that were at the peak of the sage realm.

"Clang!" The Wood Dragon attacked first. His energy soared up and enveloped the surroundings. It strongly shook all directions. And, an astonishing blade energy swept out to chop its targets.

"Puchi!" Several 'Flying Snakes' that were flying cheerfully were cut into two halves.

"You audacious mortal. Seems won't surrender without a fight!" a loud shout came from the group of these 'Flying Snakes'.

Each of these 'Flying Snakes' was moving in a sequence that resembled a marching battle formation. These 'Flying Snakes' had already become mythical spirits with intelligence. In fact, people would have also believed that an army was marching if the appearance of each of these 'Flying Snakes' were to be replaced by a human's.

Moreover, many tyrannical and profound auras were hidden among these 'Flying Snakes'. Even some looming auras of great sage realm could also be sensed among them. These auras belonged to the intrepid snakes of the half-step great sage realm.

"Puchi!" Ye Xiwen's 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' grabbed several 'Flying Snakes' and exploded them. The flesh and blood of a sage realm 'Flying Snake' was very useful for cultivation. So, Ye Xiwen threw their entire bodies in the 'Heavenly Source Mirror', and let Ye Mo absorb them.

However, he didn't dare to delay any further. He prompted Wood Dragon, "Hurry, let's get out of here!"

The Wood Dragon didn't dare to delay either, and he promptly followed Ye Xiwen and flew away. His voice hadn't even faded when a big hand suddenly swept down. And, it smashed on the spot where these two individuals had been standing a moment ago.

"These 'Flying Snakes' have genuinely become mythical spirits!" The Wood Dragon looked horrified. These 'Flying Snakes' looked like snakes. However, how could those dumb demon beasts be a match for them? They weren't on the same level.

Basically, the more tyrannical the demon beasts were on an innate level — the more difficult it was for them to transform their appearances. The ordinary demon beasts of truth realm could transform their appearances very easily. However, those demon beasts were insignificant in comparison to demon beasts like these 'Flying Snakes'.

The 'Flying Snakes' were ancient demon beasts. Moreover, they possessed a very high-level bloodline in their bodies. So, they were naturally very outstanding.

However, one would be gravely mistaken to treat them as ordinary beasts even though they couldn't transform their appearances.

"Run!" Ye Xiwen shouted. Neither of the two individuals dared to delay. However, those 'Flying Snakes' were getting closer and closer behind them. These 'Flying Snakes' excelled at puffing out smoke. They didn't have feet, but they could fly. So, each of these 'Flying Snakes' had transformed into a silver light, and were chasing after them.

The golden divinities suddenly condensed into a pair of wings on Ye Xiwen's back. He held the Wood Dragon and instantly covered a distance of more than a kilometre. Those 'Flying Snakes' suddenly found themselves lagging far behind since he had opened up a huge gap in an instant.

Ye Xiwen transformed into a golden streamer under several flapping of wings, and disappeared before the eyes of those 'Flying Snakes'.

The sounds of the loud roars of those 'Flying Snakes' ancestors echoed from behind them…

"This is basically a shortened version of the ancient era!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up in a horrified tone. He had almost been eaten up by those 'Flying Snakes' a moment ago. He might not have escaped from those 'Flying Snakes' if Ye Xiwen hadn't carried him and escaped.

Both of them rushed into the depths of the ancient world after they had reorganized a bit. And, both of them had become extremely careful because of their recent experience.

Time was passing steadily. In fact, two months' time had passed in a wink. Both of them were wandering inside this world seeking the whereabouts of the bereaved. They weren't looking for the information of bereaved just because of the Great Wei State. After all, the Northern Dipper had also asked them to find the information of the bereaved once they had heard the news. Moreover, it was said that they might still send another senior expert to coordinate with these two individuals in finding the information.

More forces had arrived at this place in the past two months. Even some of the deeply hidden sects of the secret world had also sent their experts.

A rumor had gradually begun to circulate between those forces that had arrived. It was being said that this ancient world was actually the base station of a Bereaved Clan from the past. And, that Bereaved Clan had left behind heavy treasures inside this base.

This rumor had obviously made these forces excited. Moreover, it had attracted more and more experts. Someone had even said that they had seen great sage realm experts since they had also been attracted by this news.

One must know that they were known as the Bereaved race. However, the Bereaved race was also divided into many different tribal groups at that time. So, they weren't the same tribal group at large. One could say that their various groups were different from each other… just as it was for the human race.

It was said that this place was the ruins of a large Bereaved Clan. Therefore, it might have precious treasures of the Bereaved race. There was a big difference between the divine tools of the Bereaved and those of the Human race. However, these exotic treasures were undoubtedly enough to attract a lot of experts.

This rumor had made even more noise after the discovery of a palace's remnants by some people. Consequently, everyone had spread the rumor that a big ruin might have been discovered.

Initially, the rumor that the Bereaved had arrived here had attracted the experts of the younger generation. However, the older generation experts of some secret worlds had also begun to appear along with emergence of these rumors.

"It has been confirmed by an expert of the older generation that there is a ruin here. And, it may genuinely be the ruins of the Bereaved Clan. There may be some precious treasures as well. I don't know who will be able to get their hands on these treasures!"

"Don't look at this as an opportunity since it might be an enormous disaster instead. After all, would it be good to provoke those Bereaved? So much chaos had occurred in the past because of them. Who will be able to escape from the hands of these Bereaved?" Someone felt that this wasn't an opportunity. In fact, it could be a huge disaster. A bloodbath might take place if the Bereaved were genuinely present there. How many people wanted to plunder the treasure of the Bereaved? However, how many people would genuinely be able to achieve it?

"Those ancient demon beasts must be the spirit beasts that have been captured and confined here as guards in case those Bereaved people are genuinely present here. Many of the legends label the Bereaved race as barbarous and uncultured. However, one must admit the fact that those bereaved have also developed their own culture."

"I think the Meteor Sect has the accurate information because the majority of the Bereaved in the Meteor World had been suppressed by them. May be these ruins were sealed by them only! It's difficult to say, but they may have some information!"

This was the most widely circulated rumor. Many people had believed that the Meteor Sect had the information of these ruins in their hands. Didn't everyone see that those people of the Meteor Sect had arrived here first?

Therefore, it might be possible that they had obtained some information, and had then arrived here so quickly.

"Yeah! It seems that the people of the Meteor Sect may have the most accurate information if any exists in the first place!"

"However, who will dare to follow them? A few people had tried to follow them without causing annoyance. But, they were killed as a result!"

Some people had also believed that they could rely on their own strength to force information out of the people of the Meteor Sect. But, they had gotten slaughtered in the end. In fact, not a single such person had managed to survive.

Various kinds of rumors had begun to make rounds. And, this had made it difficult for many people to differentiate between the true information and the false ones. Every person had their own version of the events. However, most people still believed that this place had the vestige of the Bereaved.

"The Meteor Sect's 'Small Jupiter' is too vicious and merciless. More than hundred people have been killed by him. And, the majority of those people were sage experts!"

"He is known as 'Small Jupiter' because he is too fierce at heart. Who would dare to act rashly before the Jupiter?"

(To be continued)

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