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Ye Xiwen obviously didn't know what the Second Prince and the Third Prince were planning. He was only looking at the Imperial Clan's old consecrate who was in front of him. However, that old consecrate of the Imperial Clan was also looking back at him in an attempt to evaluate him.

Unexpectedly, the old consecrate didn't attack Ye Xiwen anymore. He had also seen that Ye Xiwen's movement was extremely quick. Ye Xiwen wasn't a match for him. However, it wouldn't be easy for him to kill Ye Xiwen either.

In fact, there was also the chance of Ye Xiwen making a counterattack. Moreover, he would only weaken his team's strength if he attacked Ye Xiwen right now.

A lot of forces might arrive here because of the appearance of the Bereaved. A portion of the Meteor Sect had already arrived here. And, nobody knew how many forces could arrive later. Therefore, killing Ye Xiwen would only weaken the Great Wei's imperial strength at this time.

It seemed that everyone had forgotten about the death of the Seventh Prince. Even that Imperial Clan's old consecrate didn't care about his death. And, he didn't take any punitive measures against Ye Xiwen either.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but admire the heartlessness of the Imperial Clan. You are valuable only when you're alive. You would be of no use if you've died. Nobody would speak for you. Nobody would stand by your side.

The people of the Imperial Clan hurriedly rushed inside the heavenly pit after watching these scenes. Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon were behind these people. They were obviously witnessing the so-called 'division of so-called relatives and strangers'; close ones and unknowns. And, these two individuals were undoubtedly 'the strangers'. These two didn't wish to become cannon fodder for the Imperial Clan… especially the Wood Dragon. He was very ambitious… to the extent that he was eager to get control over the Twenty-third Prince and make him his puppet. How he could voluntarily become cannon fodder for someone else?

Everyone saw countless heavenly treasures all over the place as soon as they arrived in the underground world. Moreover, there were many of the precious herbs which had already vanished from the outside world several thousand years ago.

"This place is an ancient world. It may have been isolated from the outside world several thousand years ago. Therefore, many of these herbs can't be found in the outside world!" Ye Xiwen swept his glance over those heavenly treasures and said. He knew many 'pill making methods'. However, he could only use a few of them because many of the raw materials required for those 'pill making methods' were such heavenly treasures that had already extinguished many years ago. Therefore, it was useless to have the 'pill making methods' without the necessary raw materials. Ye Xiwen must think of a method to replace those drug ingredients that were required for these 'pill making methods' if he wanted to walk on the road of alchemy. And, this was a humungous task.

However, Ye Xiwen found several drug ingredients that were required for many 'pill making methods' he knew with a cursory glance.

"Now, everyone will separately look for the whereabouts of the Bereaved. You must know that this matter is related to the ownership of the throne of our Great Wei State. I won't say much. You do your best!" the old consecrate had barely finished speaking when he transformed into a streamer, and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

"Ye Xiwen, doesn't it seem that this old consecrate is the real main force sent by that old geezer of a Martial Emperor of Wei State to look for the Bereaved!" the Wood Dragon said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. This was quite possible. After all, it was useless to depend upon these princes. They were weak, and also had limited influence. However, this old consecrate could accomplish the task.

And, these princes might only be an element to attract attentions of others. In fact, this was a very strong possibility.

However, Ye Xiwen's vision was wandering on the present scene. The atmosphere at this place had gradually begun to become intense. There was a state of mutual hostility since there was no controlling factor on these people after the departure of that old consecrate. So, the princes and their subordinate forces had begun to tense up.

The Wood Dragon had considered taking advantage of this opportunity to kill these people. And then, he would've put the blame on those unknown ancient demon beasts that were present in this uncharted underground world. Even the Wood Dragon had thought along these lines. So, what could one say for these crafty princes…

Therefore, it would be better if they began to explore instead of believing each other at first. Then, they could at least continue to pretend that they were working in cooperation. However, everyone was each other's enemy because this task was entirely related to the ownership of the throne. So, how they could be working in cooperation?

The princes had quickly parted their ways after the departure of the old consecrate. They had trod on the rainbow lights, and had disappeared from there. They didn't want to stay any longer.

Soon, only Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon were left. Both individuals quickly collected these precious herbs that were present before their eyes, and put them in their pouch.

However, they hadn't even examined the surroundings thoroughly when they sensed that a spooky monster was arriving. The head of this monster was like that of a tiger's, and its lower body had a tail like that of a snake's. It was a kind of ancient demon beast. Ye Xiwen saw it, but ignored it still. But, that didn't stop that demon beast from approaching them. Ye Xiwen knew that it was powerful.

It was an ancient demon beast which was at the intermediate stage of the sage realm!

They had arrived here a moment ago. However, they had already met a sage realm ancient demon beast. It wasn't surprising why those people couldn't dare to come inside...

This place was like a hell where sage realm beasts were running amuck!

That tiger-head monster rushed towards Ye Xiwen to rip him apart with its claws. The entire space boiled up like a boiler, and exploded loudly.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm in reply. The 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' suddenly attacked that tiger-head monster and grabbed it.

The tiger-head monster still looked very tyrannical even though Ye Xiwen had grabbed it. It was unceasingly roaring and howling. It tried to attack Ye Xiwen's big hand with all its might.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen slapped the tiger-head monster, and it exploded. Then, its essence, blood, and demon core were absorbed by the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'.

"Be careful. The monsters at this place are more tyrannical than the ones outside. This monster was only at the intermediate stage of the sage realm. However, its fighting strength was perhaps more than that of some weak experts of the late stage of the sage realm!" Ye Xiwen immediately judged the fighting strength of the tiger-head monster. It deserved to be called as an ancient demon beast. After all, it was far more tyrannical than the present time's demon beasts.

The Wood Dragon nodded in fear. The tiger-head monster's fighting strength was perhaps not less than his'. Ye Xiwen's attack was powerful. However, the Wood Dragon would've had to go through a long battle before he could've killed this monster if he were to be in Ye Xiwen's place.

This place was far more dangerous than what he had imagined.

"I just saw a matrix formation placed at the entrance on our way here. I think it must have been laid down to seal this world. And, that seal might have remained intact for countless years if that meteorite hadn't crashed and broken it!" Ye Xiwen said. They had arrived in the ancient world, and had seen that a huge meteor was lying at the bottom of the heavenly pit. This meteor had broken the matrix formation that had sealed this world in one nick. And, many of the ancient demon beasts had come out because of that.

"Someone is coming!" Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his mouth and said. Both individuals promptly hid behind a broken rock. They held their breaths and hid their presence. Two black lights came streaking down from the sky a moment later, and burst into the heavenly pit.

Ye Xiwen was still thinking who could've dared to come down here. After all, the Meteor Sect had already arrived. And, only the Great Wei Empire's Imperial Clan had interest in this place apart from them. And, their people had also arrived here. Other people were basically spectators...

He heard the voice of the Wood Dragon.

"Ye Xiwen, those people belong to the Southern Dipper!" Wood Dragon's voice startled Ye Xiwen. He looked at those two black lights with full concentration. He saw two experts dressed in black robes inside the group of black fog. However, he couldn't see their appearance.

The Southern Dipper!

This was the first time Ye Xiwen had seen the members of the Southern Dipper. Moreover, they looked like the official members from their clothing. The so-called Northern Dipper's Lord was alive, but the Southern Dipper's Lord had died. Therefore, the Northern Dipper's moon-white uniform was different from the Southern Dipper's. And, this was the reason why their members used to roam in black robes, and carry a bit of ice-cold and deathly stillness.

The Northern Dipper and the Southern Dipper had a several years old enmity. Nobody could clearly tell how the conflict had aroused at that time. It seemed as if they had begun to oppose each other a long time ago. If the Northern Dipper genuinely had a sworn enemy… then it was certainly the Southern Dipper. And, their working style was also entirely different from that of the Northern Dipper's.

Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon were properly hidden. So, those two members of the Southern Dipper couldn't see them. Therefore, they directly entered the depths of the heavenly pit.

"This is going to be fun. The people of the Southern Dipper have obtained the news, and have arrived here. Moreover, it seems that they are the newbies of the Southern Dipper. This is going to be the first time I am going to be exchanging blows with the new generation members of the Southern Dipper!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up in excitement. He was a top heaven's pride expert. A very few experts of his generation had reached this stage if the experts of the older generations were excluded. And, he had already excluded Ye Xiwen from the list as well. After all, Ye Xiwen wasn't a human… he was simply a monster.

Moreover, the most talented experts of his generation belonged to the Northern Dipper and the Southern Dipper. Unfortunately, both organizations were sworn enemies. Therefore, the members of both sides never let go off their enemies whenever they met.

Those two individuals looked like official members. However, they didn't seem to have the strength of the great sage realm. So, they obviously weren't old members. They must be the new comers… just like Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon.

"He he. Let's wipe them out. We will certainly get rewards for it. In fact, there must be a significant reward for killing even one of their members!" the Wood Dragon was mostly excited because of this reason.

"How it can be so easy? I think you can't even handle one of them!" Ye Xiwen pointed out. He hadn't looked down upon the Wood Dragon. In fact, the Wood Dragon was truly strong. He could become a super-expert in the future if given enough time to grow.

Ye Xiwen had only glanced at those members of the Southern Dipper. However, he had caught-on to the auras that were being emitted from their bodies. They didn't have less strength than the Wood Dragon. In fact, one among those two members had given him a palpitating feeling.

"Of course, I certainly can't! However, that doesn't mean you can't? They may be abnormal. But, aren't you one as well?" the Wood Dragon casually countered his point.

A blue vein stuck out on Ye Xiwen's forehead. He desperately wanted to raise his foot and kick the Wood Dragon. His words had obviously come out as praise. However, Ye Xiwen had noticed what was wrong with this praise. How could he not have noticed the mockery in it?

However, the experts of the Meteor Sect had already arrived earlier in large numbers. Then, the members of the Southern Dipper had appeared. Moreover, it wasn't clear who else would arrive later. Even the Imperial Clan of the Great Wei State wasn't their close friend either!

(To be continued)

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