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The spear wreaked havoc. It got bigger and bigger in Ye Xiwen's line of vision. And, it arrived in front of him within a split second to kill him.

The spear issued a formidable aura. And, it seemed as if a vast ocean had been forced upon a person's consciousness from the sky.

It seemed as if the spear would nail and crucify Ye Xiwen to the ground.

Ye Xiwen snorted, and stretched out his hand. Then, the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' swept out. He had also gotten quite serious. He had realized that the Seventh Prince had launched an attack towards him almost immediately. The Seventh Prince was already at the peak of the sage realm. So, he believed that he could conquer the entire world alone and didn't require the aid of a consecrate expert. He himself was enough to sweep away the entire world. Therefore, he only depended upon his powerful strength. That was why he was so supercilious. He didn't pay attention to the Second Prince and Third Prince. Perhaps, he would have attacked those princes if he hadn't been restricted by the rules of the Imperial Clan.

Ye Xiwen punched at a lightning-fast speed. And, it rushed forward with the power of thunder. Then, Ye Xiwen hand grabbed that spear like the low-hanging clouds that spread across the vast sky.



The spear slipped into his hands to some distance. And, a metal clanging sound was issued as a result.

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a contemptuous smile as he said, "Is that all you've got? Looks like nobody will be able to save you today!"

The veins in Ye Xiwen's arm suddenly bulged out. He held that spear tightly in his hand, and suddenly threw it back.

"Whizz!" the spear issued incredibly sharp sound of breaking the void. Then, it appeared as if a giant golden dragon had swept out towards the Seventh Prince. And, it seemed as if it would crucify the Seventh Prince with certainty.

The Seventh Prince saw that his offensive had failed to cause any affect. On the contrary, Ye Xiwen had blocked it with only one arm. Then, Ye Xiwen had thrown that spear back with far more dreadful power than him. The irresistible force penetrated the space as if it were a mirror. The cracks proliferated in the entire space more quickly than the speed with which the spear had been shot. And, the cracks had instantly spread out like a swift black dragon.

"Don't you underestimate me!" The Seventh Prince had realized that he may have kicked an iron wall this time. However, he had been behaving superciliously since many years. Therefore, how could he be willing to admit defeat this time? How would he have admitted that he wasn't better than Ye Xiwen even though the latter had entered the sage realm very recently…?

One must know that Ye Xiwen had entered the sage realm. Moreover, he had crossed the sage realm tribulation under thousands of staring eyes of the entire Imperial Capital. So, this was known to all.


The Seventh Prince roared. The muscles of his hands suddenly bulged out. He unfolded his hands to catch that spear even though it appeared like an incoming dragon. However, he didn't dare to catch that spear with one hand like Ye Xiwen had...

"Whoosh!" the battle spear fell into his hands along with a tearing sound. It seemed as if a leather belt had peeled-off the flesh. This collision didn't produce a metal clanging sound like it had when the spear had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hand. In fact, the Seventh Prince was almost sent flying backwards by the impact of that spear. The skin of his palms was grated within a split second. And, the tip of the spear had almost pierced his chest!

"Tap, tap, tap!" The Seventh Prince couldn't control his feet, and was forced to retreat several steps. He stepped backwards on the ground, and left his huge footprints to trail in his wake. However, he couldn't stop the momentum of the spear. In fact, the entire spear was still wrapped with an incredibly tremendous force.

"Whoosh!" A golden light flashed. Ye Xiwen suddenly appeared behind Seventh Prince. A big foot suddenly swept out and kicked downwards at the Seventh Prince's back.

"Be careful!" the Second and Third Prince promptly yelled. They used to be at each other's throats on ordinary days. However, that was their internal dispute. But, Ye Xiwen was an outsider for all of them.

However, they couldn't act on time. Ye Xiwen had already kicked their brother.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's kick struck Seventh Prince. Meanwhile, the tremendous force of the spear had also been pushing him from the opposite direction.

"Puchi!" The Seventh Prince got caught between the two tremendous forces. However, he couldn't persist against their might. He couldn't hold that spear in his hand, and it penetrated into his chest. And, blood splashed out and sprinkled the blue sky as a result.

"Bang!" One end of the spear had ferociously pierced into the ground. A huge pit had been opened on the solid ground as a result. And, the other end of the spear had penetrated the chest of the Seventh Prince.

The Seventh Prince appeared in a strange situation. He opened his big eyes wide while hanging on the spear that had pierced his chest and nailed him to the ground. He couldn't believe this. He had been intensely proud of his strength. However, he had looked so vulnerable in front of Ye Xiwen.

However, it didn't matter how unwilling he was. It was useless. After all, he had been crucified to the ground. So, it seemed he was destined for this outcome when he had decided to attack and kill Ye Xiwen. Perhaps, he hadn't expected that the situation could turn out like this. After all, he had already entered the peak of the sage realm many years ago. And, Ye Xiwen had recently entered the sage realm…

And most importantly, he had never thought that Ye Xiwen would dare to fight back. After all, he was a prince. So, he had the status of royalty. And, Ye Xiwen was merely a consecrate expert of his Twenty-third Brother. So, one could even say that Ye Xiwen was merely a servant if one were to speak in a coarse language. Therefore, he had believed that Ye Xiwen wouldn't dare to counterattack him.

However, he hadn't thought that this could happen. He was supercilious and rampant. But, Ye Xiwen was also a lawless person. He had killed the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall right after he had entered the True Martial University. So, what was an insignificant prince to his eyes? Why he wouldn't dare to counterattack?

Even the Wood Dragon had also planned to kill all these people so that they could remove Twenty-third Prince's obstacles in acquiring the throne.

Ye Xiwen felt an astonishing blade energy as it swept towards him from above. It shrouded him and chopped the space little by little.

The golden divinities suddenly formed a pair of golden wings behind Ye Xiwen's body. He disappeared without any trace in a flash, and distanced himself from the onslaught of this blade energy.

"Bang!" the long blade crashed into the ground and opened a huge crack. The crack proliferated for more than a dozen miles, and went out of the city.

Ye Xiwen raised his head to see. He found that it was the Imperial Clan's old consecrate expert who had launched this attack. He was holding 4 long blades, and they had formed a terrifying array of blades. Moreover, each of those 4 long blades was a sage tool. He evidently possessed unfathomable strength.

The old consecrate shot an ominous glare at him and said, "That was a good method. The Seventh Prince is the most talented person of the younger generation in the Imperial Clan. However, you have completely dominated him. A person of your calibre must be very popular. But, why have I never heard of you?"

The old consecrate was looking at Ye Xiwen with a bit of doubt in his eyes. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen had suddenly emerged out of nowhere. He had never heard anything about Ye Xiwen. Other princes also had powerful consecrates in their factions… like the Dwarf Tiger who had initially disappeared for a long time. However, he had then reappeared in the Fourth Prince's faction. However, people could still search and obtain information about the Dwarf Tiger as long as they were determined. In fact, his information was no secret whatsoever.

The Dwarf Tiger couldn't escape as long as people had taken the initiative to find out. Therefore, people had eventually found out about his whereabouts. However, Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon were different. They simply had no past records. Therefore, they couldn't find information on Ye Xiwen even though they had used the network of the entire Imperial Clan.

They weren't afraid of Ye Xiwen's background. Instead, they were afraid of the fact that they couldn't look up his background.

Ye Xiwen replied back, "What's strange in that? I had been picking drug ingredients in the depths of remote mountains for many years. I wasn't born here. It's quite normal if you don't know about it!"

Everyone was considering him as a great master of alchemy. So, he also decided to act as one.

However, he was secretly vigilant in his mind. In fact, he had already set his martial power at its max. This reply was omnipotent. After all, everyone knew that these alchemy masters used to roam inside old forests and deep mountains for many years. And, only those alchemy masters who had the support of some big forces didn't do so. Otherwise, the other ones were always short of drug ingredients. So, this was a common thing.

However, Ye Xiwen still didn't dare to relax. After all, he might suffer a setback if that old guy suddenly launched another surprise attack. Ye Xiwen didn't care about those princes. However, this elusive old guy had really made him vigilant. In fact, that old guy could've scored the winning point in one shot a moment ago. And, Ye Xiwen might have died if his movements had been any slower. After all, that old guy had resorted to extreme methods, and hadn't showed any mercy.

Ye Xiwen was alert. However, he wasn't very worried. He might not be able to defeat this old consecrate. However, he could escape his attacks as long as he wanted to. He had escaped from the hands of a great sage expert in the past. And, he had been able to do that even when he hadn't even entered the semi-sage realm. However, one could say that he had also experienced a situation of life or death at that time. This old consecrate was certainly ferocious. However, he still couldn't be compared with a great sage expert.

"Who in the word is this man? I can't believe those alchemy masters can be so ferocious!" the Third and Second Prince used their divine sense to communicate with each other.

They weren't convinced that Ye Xiwen was genuinely an alchemy master. After all, it wasn't that they didn't know about the fighting strength of alchemy masters. Alchemy masters couldn't scare people with their own strength. In fact, their strength often wasn't equal to that of a martial expert of the same rank. However, the thing that made everyone scared was their huge network of connections. One or two senior experts might appear for their help at any time if someone attacked them… especially if someone attacked those great masters of alchemy. And, the said-attacker would then be in an enormous amount of trouble…

However, Ye Xiwen's performance had completely toppled the impression of the alchemy masters that they had formed in their minds. In fact, this was simply ridiculous. Why would these people have been so confused if all the alchemy masters were so frightening?

They weren't convinced that he was a great master of alchemy. However, his frightening battle strength was undeniable. Therefore, it was possible that there could be some other reason to it.

"There has to be a different reason. All of you know what kind of strength Seventh Younger Brother possesses. He is the top-notch expert of the younger generation of our Imperial Clan. And, there's no doubt about it. However, he appeared like a toy in front of this man. This man has completely dominated him. Such strength, gee, I don't know where the Twenty-third Brother has recruited him from!" the Second Prince sighed and said. How come he hadn't come across such a person?

"This man is a huge threat. Moreover, I can see that this man is also very ambitious. The Twenty-third Brother may not be able to control him. It doesn't matter how many disputes we have within our Imperial Clan. That's our personal matter. But, how we can let other people interfere in it?" the Second Prince continued.

"What do you mean by that, Second Brother..." the Third Prince asked.

(To be continued)

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