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"However, only a small portion of the experts would get to use such extravagant devices even if it's the Meteor Sect we are talking about!" someone explained. Other people heaved a sigh of relief one after another. These people might have considered joining the Meteor Sect unconditionally if every expert of the Meteor Sect could have this type of divine tool of their own. However, it had to be said that the Meteor Sect wouldn't necessarily make use of these weak experts.

After all, the Meteor Sect commanded the Meteor World. They had very high standards. And, an average person couldn't fulfil their strict entry requirements.

Everyone's gazes fell upon Meteor Sect's people since they had just burst into the heavenly crater. Suddenly, numerous sounds of discussions echoed in the restaurant.

"The people of the Meteor Sect can't help but move into action. They are always the first ones to react every time the Bereaved appears. Such a big troop has arrived this time after they heard that only a few Bereaved may have appeared. Moreover, nobody in that group is below the sage realm. They are all extremely ferocious!" someone exclaimed.

"Yeah, a large group of experts have also moved into action apart from the Meteor Sect. What are we doing here when such powerful experts are present here?" someone unwillingly spoke-up. One must put their life on stake if they were weak and wanted to gain some big fortune.

"A lot of people aren't able to sit still right now. Not many of the Bereaved are left now. However, they still possess a lot of wealth that was handed down to them. So, whoever will grab those Bereaved will certainly advance by leaps and bounds. They will obtain a startling heritage!"

Everyone guessed that the current situation might give rise to a bloody battle. After all, many experts had arrived. However, not many people would be getting the benefits in the end. So, these people might get killed and buried here.

However, Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon left the restaurant soon because the other people of the Imperial Clan had also arrived. They looked grandiose. After all, they were also a big group of sage experts. In fact, their prestige wasn't less than that of those experts of the Meteor Sect. However, they didn't look as united as the experts of the Meteor Sect. In fact, every team looked entirely different from the other.

Everyone knew that this moment must be the deciding moment of the contest. Whoever would obtain enough information on the Bereaved would obtain the throne this time. And, one would definitely clinch the title of Emperor if they obtained exact information about the arrival of the Bereaved.

One would lose the advantage if they didn't act quickly and now. However, they had also heard that a sage expert had gone inside the heavenly pit, and had died miserably screaming as a result. Therefore, they didn't dare to go inside the pit even if they had arrived. They had no choice but to think their next move once they had gather here.

The majority of princes hadn't arrived among their princely forces. They had only sent their most competent subordinates. After all, the majority of princes hadn't reached the sage realm themselves. Therefore, they could've lost their lives easily even if they had merely come in the way. However, a few princes had arrived still.

"I've heard that the Twenty-third Brother has recently become very popular. He has recruited a ferocious great master of alchemy, and that great master has wiped out the Fourth Younger Brother's force in a flash!" an approximately 30-year-old young man steadily opened his mouth and said to the other princes. The way in which the other people were addressing him made it seemed that he was the Second Prince.

He had obviously become the Eldest Prince after the Fourth Prince was killed and the Eldest Prince was purged. He also had the biggest advantage, and the maximum number of supporters. In fact, many rumors even stated that the biggest factor because of which the Eldest Prince had taken the risk to raid the Imperial Palace was that the Second Prince had forced him to do so. He had left him to feel that he couldn't achieve anything by using ordinary methods against his younger brother. Therefore, he had no choice but to resort to extreme methods while facing competition from this Second Prince. And, he was suppressed by the Wei State's Martial Emperor in the end as a result.

A lot of experts who had gathered around him were his subordinates. And, most of them looked fierce. There were all kinds of people in that group. However, most of them were sage experts. In fact, these people had gained an outstanding reputation in the entire Great Wei Empire in their early age itself.

"It's very surprising. Fourth Brother was definitely obscure. However, his insight wasn't that bad. I wanted to recruit that Dwarf Tiger. But, I hadn't thought that he would fall into the hands of the Fourth Brother. So, his strength wasn't bad. However, he didn't turn out to be a match for that Dragon Master. In fact, he was killed in a few moves only. Even his sage-level sword couldn't protect him. To think that even a peak sage expert didn't turn out to be this Dragon Master's match…! I wonder what his origin is…" another prince who was standing beside him opened his mouth and said. He looked a bit similar to the Second Prince. However, he appeared somewhat frail in comparison. However, everyone knew that this was only a deceptive outward appearance because he was none other the Third Prince. And, he had gained outstanding military achievements in the entire Great Wei State. He had once gone into expeditions in all the directions, and had extended the territory of the Great Wei Empire. He was very dreadful in reality.

"There are so many experts in this world. What's strange if you don't know a few of them?" There was another formidable-looking prince beside the Third Prince. His breath looked deep. His vision appeared like torch. His arms were muscular like those of an ape. His lower back was very sturdy like that of a bee. He was the Seventh Prince.

Ye Xiwen noted that these three princes had the most following experts around them. These four princes used to have the most number of followers before the death the Four Prince.

However, the other prince's forces only had one or two sage experts by their sides to keep-up appearances. Therefore, they would have no choice but to die in the contest if they had competed depending upon their strength. In fact, it would have been a dead end for them if they had done so. After all, such meagre strength would have no other impact apart from fighting a hopeless battle.

However, it wasn't a contest of strength anymore. Rather, it was a race to see who would find the information of the Bereaved at first. One could climb to the position of the Emperor with the support of the Wei State's Martial Emperor as long as they could find the information of the Bereaved. Who would dare to have any objection? One's present strength might not be equal to that of other strong princes, but one could transfer the consecrate experts of the Imperial Clan under one's control after they had wielded the power of the country. Then, the forces of these princes would be no match for the newly appointed Emperor.

Many princes looked like trashes in this contest for obtaining the throne. However, they also had such ambitions in their minds.

An old man who was clad in dark clothes was quietly standing away from these princely forces. He had an incredibly formidable aura. Ye Xiwen knew that this man must be the consecrate expert of the Imperial Clan.

The Imperial Clan had sent a very formidable consecrate expert, and he was leading these princely forces. However, it was clearly visible that these princes didn't care about this old consecrate.

Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon had attracted many people's attention when they had arrived here even though they had changed out of the moon-white robes of the Northern Dipper Organization.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen heard the voice of the Wood Dragon at this time.

"Ye Xiwen, these princes are very courageous to have arrived here to die. After all, they have dared to appear here themselves. It's genuinely akin to courting death. These three princes are the biggest rivals of the Twenty-third Prince now. Is there any need to be afraid of the competition if all of them are dead? After all, the other people aren't a match for the Twenty-third Prince!"

Wood Dragon's idea suddenly stirred Ye Xiwen's thoughts. Everything had suddenly become clear before his eyes. The competition was intense. And, it was hard to decide who would obtain the throne in the end. However, what if all the rivals were to die? What options would the Wei State's Martial Emperor have apart from declaring the Twenty-third Prince as the Emperor?

This was the simplest and also the most direct method.

And, this method could be tested out!

"Well, well, look who we have here. Aren't those the two experts the Twenty-third has recruited? That man who has worn the dragon's mask is that so-called Dragon Master. I have heard that he's a great master of alchemy. In fact, even Jiang Zhou Qing had personally arrived and invited him to participate in the pill-processing meeting that would take place after many years!" The second prince had sharp eyes. He had recognized Ye Xiwen in an instant.

He sighed with emotion in his heart. He didn't want to recruit a great master of alchemy now alone. He would still wish to recruit a great master of alchemy even after he had become the Emperor of the Great Wei Empire! However, he hadn't expected that his Twenty-third Younger Brother would recruit one before him.

"I've heard that this great master of alchemy is apparently quite insane. Gee, Seventh Brother, you weren't present that day. So, you haven't seen him crossing the tribulation that day. It was an overwhelming tribulation cloud. I have never seen someone crossing such a sage realm tribulation!" A smile appeared at the corner of the mouth of the Third Prince. He hadn't even shot a glance at the Seventh Prince as he had said this. The Seventh Prince was considered the top-notch expert of this generation in the Imperial Clan. He had become a supreme expert of the peak of sage realm at this young age. Moreover, he was only half-a-step away from entering the Small Perfection Level of the Sage Realm. He was genuinely the most talented individual among the princes.

However, he wasn't present in the city when Ye Xiwen was crossing the tribulation. He had gone out of the city because of some other matter.

"So what…? He is only a great master of alchemy; nothing more. One can say that he is domestic dog of our imperial clan!" the Seventh Prince spoke-up in a disdainful tone. These princes currently didn't have too many powerful experts in their groups. However, many profound senior experts were present in the Imperial Clan.

Everyone in the Imperial Clan had become an expert in order to maintain rule over this enormous Great Wei State. It wasn't clear how many experts had taken birth in these many years and were hidden behind the scene. Just consider that Old Emperor who was hanging between life and death at present… He was also a senior sage expert!

Therefore, the Seventh Prince believed that tidying up people like Ye Xiwen wouldn't be an issue if he were to ascend to the throne.

"The Twenty-third Prince is a loser. He didn't even dare to come out on such a big occasion. He doesn't even have that much courage. How he can become the Emperor of my Great Wei State?" the Seventh Prince sneered and said. He didn't care about the Twenty-Third's robust force which was in the favourable situation at present. However, the people who were present in the surroundings looked normal despite his remarks. So, it was clearly visible that they had already become accustomed to the supercilious Seventh Prince.

"What is extraordinary in having the support of the subordinates? I don't believe that this person who has recently crossed a sage realm tribulation can be extraordinary!" A mysterious light flickered in the eyes of the Seventh Prince. "However, he has reached the Sage Realm at such a young age. So, he must've come across some fortuitous adventures. And, he must hand over all of them to me. Only I deserve to have them!"

Ye Xiwen had barely entered the site and found that a murderous aura had suddenly locked-down upon his body. He hadn't even reacted yet, and a battle spear had already been shot towards him.

(To be continued)

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