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A Bereaved Race… this name initially sounded rather strange to most people. However, many people also had recognized this name.

Many experts who possessed outstanding strength knew that the human race wasn't the aboriginal inhabitant of this world. Instead, this species was the aboriginal inhabitant of this world. However, these aboriginal inhabitants had also gradually disappeared before everyone's eyes after they had experienced intense battles with the ancestors of the human race for countless years.

Therefore, these species had gradually transformed into a mere name for everyone — a bereaved race! An incredible and bloody battle had occurred between the ancestors of human race and the bereaved race at that time. But, it wasn't clear for how many thousand years this era of turmoil had continued before it had gradually quietened down. It could be said that rivers of blood had been spilled. It wasn't clear how many individuals had died on both sides. The bereaved had been completely wiped out at that time. But, it wasn't clear how many years ago this had happened. In fact, many people had already forgotten this name long ago.

These bereaved would occasionally come into existence. However, their quantity was always very less. Therefore, only the name of bereaved had survived.

Therefore, many people didn't know much about the bereaved. Even those experts of sage realm and great sage realm weren't an exception. In fact, most people basically didn't know anything about them.

However, this name had again appeared on everyone's mouth along with the appearance of that heavenly crater. After all, traces of the bereaved race had been found inside that heavenly pit.

This news had quickly spread across the entire Great Wei State. It had also alarmed the entire Meteor Sect because the appearance of the bereaved could possibly sway the rule of the entire Meteor Sect. In fact, it could even affect the rule of the entire human race.

Nobody dared to underestimate these bereaved. They didn't have clear evidence. However, the human race had faced turmoil many times in the past because of these bereaved. Therefore, the people had gotten scared since these bereaved had been found.

Soon, a message got disseminated from the Martial Emperor of the Wei State. He had previously wanted to examine the princes. However, he didn't want to examine them anymore. In fact, he had asked them to go inside that heavenly pit. Whoever would find the news of the arrival of the elusive bereaved first would be appointed as the next Emperor of the Great Wei Empire! And, this information had incited all those ambitious princes who were fighting for the title of Emperor. This had nothing to do with strength. It looked as if whoever would find out the news of bereaved first and report back… would inherit the title of Emperor.

"We can't miss this chance. This is the best opportunity!" Ye Xiwen said. He had quickly realized that this was the best opportunity for the Twenty-third Prince. In fact, this was an opportunity that could lay the foundation of a dynasty!

The Martial Emperor of the Wei State didn't care about the position of the Emperor. However, the news about the appearance of the bereaved would've alarmed the Meteor Sect. And, he could obtain the Meteor Sect's reward if he got hold of the information before the others. And, that would certainly help him in cultivating further.

"However, you won't be going there. Wood Dragon and I will go instead!" Ye Xiwen addressed the Twenty-third Prince.

The Twenty-third Prince was merely an expert of the semi-sage realm. Therefore, the plan of Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon would go in vain if the prince died by accident. In any case, the Martial Emperor of the Wei State only cared about the news.

Ye Xiwen and Wood Dragon didn't delay much. The important thing was to obtain the information first-hand before anyone else. Moreover, it seemed as if the number of bereaved that had appeared might not be too many. Otherwise, the Martial Emperor of the Wei State would've personally moved into action.

Moreover, other countries would also send their experts after some time. And, their advantage would be gone by that time.

However, both individuals hadn't even set off when they received an order from the Northern Dipper Organization. The organization had asked them to thoroughly examine the situation inside this heavenly crater. Had bereaved genuinely appeared there or not?

These two individuals hurriedly travelled across half of the Great Wei State. And, they soon arrived in the Liusong City. This city was nearest to that heavenly crater. The Liusong City had recently experienced a brutal battle. So, the blood of unknown beasts was sprayed on the entire city wall. It was looking exceptionally dismal under the light of the setting sun.

"It seems that this locality has experienced a violent war!" Ye Xiwen looked at the chopped flesh and limbs above the city wall as he said.

"En! I've just got the news that this city has experienced the raid of ancient demon beasts. It is said that many ancient demon beasts have come out crawling from that heavenly crater. It is said that they had already vanished from this world many years ago!" the Wood Dragon replied. These ancient demon beasts had only existed in the records. Many such beasts had been annihilated by the ancestors of the human race in the past. The ancestors of the human race had faced an incredibly harsh environment when they had arrived in this world. Moreover, those bereaved had only been a part of it. In fact, it wasn't even known how many high-handed powerhouses of older generation had been slaughtered by those ancient demon beasts!

"This is kind of startling!" the Wood Dragon said, "Many forces would arrive because of the appearance of the bereaved. So, this matter would only become more and more complicated!"

These two individuals entered the city very easily because no soldier was keeping watch. That was because the soldiers had been slaughtered by a recent wave of the ancient demon beasts which had burst into the city. In fact, not many ordinary people were left there either. Most of them had run away.

The people who were still there in the city at this moment were the bold and daring experts. Most of them were the experts of the Truth great complete realm. In fact, they could only be considered at the bottom rank in this city which was full of experts.

Many sage experts were also present among them. Auras of some of these experts seemed weakened due to distance while some still seemed powerful. All of them were outstanding experts of the same rank.

However, there wasn't any great sage expert present among them. Perhaps, the situation hadn't reached to the extent that it needed the presence of the great sage experts. After all, the arrival of a few bereaved wasn't enough to alarm the great sage experts.

The two individuals went to a restaurant after they entered the city. The owner of this restaurant had already fled. Only the experts were left and were taking rest here. They were whispering among themselves as they discussed about all kinds of gossips and news that had rushed in from everywhere.

"I don't know what is at the bottom of that heavenly crater that so many ancient demon beasts have come out crawling from it. These ancient demon beasts must be much more powerful than the ones in this world. Can there be an ancient world concealed inside of it?" someone speculated.

The so-called 'ancient world' was a kind of microcosm or a region that had remained isolated from the rest of the world because of some reason. Therefore, many organisms which had gone extinct in the present age were often found lurking inside these regions or microcosms. Such ancient worlds weren't seen very frequently. However, their numbers were certainly large. It wasn't known for how long the calamity of war had ravaged the world since the ancient times. Many almighty experts had broken entire stars into countless pieces with a mere slap. So, that insanely fierce battle must have shattered the world into fragments. And, these fragments were now home to a huge number of such extinct creatures.

"It's hard to say. However, nobody has found any trace of these creatures since so many years. So, how would we have come to know that so many ancient demon beasts lived underground if that meteor hadn't fallen from the sky?"

"Whoever has tried to go inside so far has met a violent death!" someone regretfully spoke-up. "I've heard that 'a random cultivator with no background' of the initial stage of the sage realm has died a tragic death therein. He had gone inside recently, and I heard his endless miserable screams. So, I reckon he must've met a violent death inside!"

Many people trembled with fear as they heard this. An expert of the initial stage of the sage realm had gone inside and met such a tragic end. Suddenly, the thought of rushing inside had extinguished from the minds of many truth-realm experts. A sage expert had died so miserably. However, they were mere truth realm experts…

"Those talks make it seem like a big and ominous underground place," the Wood Dragon softly spoke to Ye Xiwen. They had changed their clothes after they had come out of the Imperial Capital. So, they weren't wearing the ostentatious uniforms of the Northern Dipper Organization anymore.

Ye Xiwen nodded. The most dreadful thing wasn't that something had killed the expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. Rather, it was the fact that it was the 'unknown'. They didn't know anything. So, they didn't know what ominous things could be lurking down there.

"We will have to find a way and explore this place. The great sage experts will possibly arrive here quickly if this place genuinely has some startling secret!" Ye Xiwen replied. Only some sage experts were present inside the city at this time. However, this didn't mean that those great sage experts didn't care about this matter.

"We could presently be in a city which might have a massive underground pit of treasures if that's the case. However, this isn't certain. Wouldn't it be better if we can dig somewhere and confirm?" someone proposed an idea.

"How it can be so simple? We may find the ancient world if we dig here. Moreover, it's very difficult to deal with those ancient demon beasts. How we will stop those beasts if a lot of them came out at once?"

It wasn't that nobody had thought to drill the ground and enter that ancient world. However, nobody had dared to do that. After all, they wouldn't be able to stop those beasts if several of them came out of the pit. And, it might even give rise to a startling turmoil. It wasn't clear how many people would die in this turmoil. Therefore, nobody had dared to casually bear the deed of such calibre.

Meteors appeared in the sky and filled the entire horizon while everyone was still discussing this matter. It was a magnificent sight to behold.

Suddenly, everyone's gaze fell on those meteors as they streaked across the horizon. Experts with formidable auras were riding those meteors, and they were flying directly towards that heavenly crater.

"These are the Meteor Sect's experts, right?" someone asked. The Meteor Sect was the leading force of the Meteor World. Meteor Sect alone was a massive force. However, this didn't mean that there were no other sects and forces. Moreover, there were numerous 'random cultivators with no backgrounds'. However, these forces couldn't sway the dominance of the Meteor Sect.

"Yes, they are. I've heard that those meteors are the ancient flying tools of the Meteor Sect. They are known as the 'Flying Fire Meteors'. Their flying speed is very fast. So, they are most appropriate for travelling somewhere quickly!" someone recognized and said, "They look like a group of glorious stars every time they go out and come in!"

"These divine tools are specially made for travelling anywhere quickly. This Meteor Sect genuinely deserves to be the super force that leads our entire Meteor World. Nobody can match this background!" someone sighed with emotion and said.

Divine tools were exceptionally precious for the majority of experts. And often, divine tools were entirely used in battles for combat purposes. However, divine tools that were made for other purposes were very small in number. Therefore, even the tools which had been used in several battles were good to use.

Hence, this made it evident that the Meteor Sect was genuinely very rich and overbearing.

(To be continued)

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