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Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of the president of the association of alchemy masters because he enjoyed a huge reputation in the Great Wei Empire. Rather, it was fact that this organization wasn't only limited to the Great Wei Empire or the Meteor World. In fact, it also had its branches in the True Martial World even though it very far from this place.

It was an incomparably huge organization that was spread across the entire world. Even the records of the Northern Dipper Organization showed that it was an incomparably terrifying organization.

Ye Xiwen followed the internal attendant to the living room. He saw the president of the association of alchemy masters - Jiang Zhou Qing.

Ye Xiwen had also found out some of the information about this president of the association of alchemy masters while on his way to this place. Jiang Zhou Qing was regarded as a legendary figure in the entire Great Wei Empire.

A great master of alchemy had once arrived in the Great Wei Empire in the past. He was Jiang Zhou Qing's master. However, Jiang Zhou Qing had taken over the association of alchemy masters, and had become the president of this association after that great master of alchemy had departed. The association of alchemy masters had almost collapsed and fallen apart after the departure of that great master. However, it had slowly come back to life again under his leadership. And then, it had become a giant force in the entire Great Wei Empire.

Ye Xiwen saw Jiang Zhou Qing, and found out that he was a semi-sage expert. He was clad in a gorgeous robe. He was looking quite graceful and elegant. He had a childish face.

Jiang Zhou Qing stepped forward towards Ye Xiwen without waiting for Ye Xiwen to step forward. He then cupped his hands in obeisance and said, "This junior scholar has come to greet the Great Master Dragon!"

That internal attendant was left dumbstruck. He hadn't expected that something like this could happen. What kind of a person was Jiang Zhou Qing? He didn't possess too much strength. However, he could be regarded as a very high-handed person. His contact-network was spread throughout the entire Great Wei Empire. Even the Emperor had never ignored him whenever they came across each other… because even he had many requirements from him. Moreover, an association of even more terrifying alchemy masters was behind him.

Therefore, he hadn't expected that this man would greet Ye Xiwen like he-himself was a disciple of the younger generation. This was different from showing casual respect. After all, he had greeted Ye Xiwen this manner. And, this meant that he considered himself inferior to Ye Xiwen. In fact, this meant that he treated Ye Xiwen as his senior.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't feel anything strange in that. He sat down in front of Jiang Zhou Qing in a carefree manner. He didn't walk on the road of those alchemy masters. However, he also knew that there weren't many great masters of alchemy present in the association of alchemy masters. Moreover, they were even fewer in number than the sage experts. Therefore, they were as precious a treasure as a great sage expert was.

The person who could refine the graded pills was called as great master of alchemy. Great masters of alchemy could get respect wherever they'd go. And, a rumour had spread everywhere in the entire Imperial Capital that he was a great master of alchemy. After all, almost the entire city had got to see a live broadcast of that day's alchemy incident because of the Fourth Prince's invasion. Basically, that incident had become public.

Therefore, it was very easy to understand Jiang Zhou Qing's attitude. Any great master of alchemy was enough to obtain people's respect. And, these people didn't know that Ye Xiwen was a fake alchemy master.

"Would Great Master Dragon like to enrol in our association…?" Jiang Zhou Qing asked. The association of the alchemy masters was an organization that was formed by a group of alchemy masters. However, not all alchemy masters could enrol there… or could have a strong say in the association.

The association of alchemy masters was the same as the Northern Dipper Organization. They didn't force anyone to join their group. However, one could sell their own refined pills there. One could also purchase the drug ingredients from there. In fact, one could also purchase rare drug ingredients by accepting a task.

Therefore, there was still a great number of alchemy masters who were still wandering destitute far from home. In fact, there had been many whose existence had never been known to anyone.

Ye Xiwen shook his head. Was it a joke? He obviously knew many 'pill making methods'. However, he couldn't refine too many immortality pills in reality. Moreover, he didn't wish to walk on the road of alchemy. So, how could he possibly enrol in the association of alchemy masters?

"It's such a pity. A talented person like you will be considered as a guest of honour by our organization!" Jiang Zhou Qing spoke-up in a disappointed manner. However, he didn't say much about this.

"However, I would like to request the great master to help us in a matter since I have presumptuously made a visit!" Jiang Zhou Qing said. However, he didn't continue to nag when it came to Ye Xiwen's enrolment issue because it was pointless to do that.

Ye Xiwen listened to him. He wasn't a great master of alchemy. However, he also knew that it couldn't be a small matter since it appeared to have alarmed a great master of alchemy.

"The thing is that my teacher has recently obtained a secret pill making prescription of an ancient immortality pill. However, he's afraid that he isn't strong enough to refine it on his own. Therefore, we have informally invited our close friends for conducting a small-scale alchemy meeting in order to investigate the details of this 'pill making method'. Would you would be interested?" Jiang Zhou Qing asked.

An ancient Immortality Pill?

"Are the other great masters of alchemy also coming?" Ye Xiwen asked. Many 'pill making methods' had been lost since the ancient times because of various expeditions…

The masters of alchemy would often conduct such seminar between themselves.

"Yes! It has been ascertained that about 6-7 great masters of alchemy will come. I know that you don't wish to enrol in our association. However, this is a grand occasion for all the fellow alchemy masters who have the same beliefs. And, we want all those who share the same belief as ours to come for this meet!" Jiang Zhou Qing said.

His teacher was obviously the only legendary great master of alchemy of the Great Wei Empire. However, it was said that he had left the Great Wei Empire a long time ago. Moreover, nobody knew about his whereabouts. However, it seemed as if Jiang Zhou Qing was aware of his whereabouts.

A great master of alchemy was truly precious. They were as important as a great sage expert. And, this was still true for a low-ranked great master of alchemy. He would have been exceptionally precious if he were to be a high-ranked great master of alchemy. In fact, his name would have become sensational.

Several great masters of alchemy were gathering together. Even the attendance of one such master was enough to make people rush. However, so many of them were going to assemble together. This might even impassion the entire Meteor World.

The internal attendant was waiting on the side, and he was watching this scene with full concentration. He sighed with emotion. Even the Wei Sate's Imperial Capital couldn't ignore a great master of alchemy. However, several such masters were arriving in one place in this instance. So, the entire Great Wei State would begin to flare up if this news spread out… Including the news that such a highly reputed person like Jiang Zhou Qing had personally arrived to invite Ye Xiwen.

"En, I will be there on time!" Ye Xiwen replied. He had thought for a moment, and had then decided to go and have a look. The great masters of alchemy were very rare to come across. So, it was the time for him to make friends.

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid that he would get exposed. He knew all kinds of 'pill making methods' and alchemy techniques. In fact, he had casually grasped even those kinds of 'pill making methods' and alchemy techniques which those great masters of alchemy couldn't even spell out. So, it could be said that he had mastered this subject. Therefore, he wasn't worried.

He wouldn't even have to worry in case they asked him to refine some immortality pills. After all, he could do that on the spot. This wasn't an issue for him as long as he had the mysterious space.

"That's wonderful. We will personally send an invitation card to invite Great Master Dragon when the time comes!" An excited look appeared on the face of Jiang Zhou Qing. He was quite down to earth even though he was considered as an extraordinary person in the entire Great Wei Empire. Moreover, he wouldn't dare to act rudely in front of Ye Xiwen since he considered the latter to be a great master of alchemy. In fact, he believed that Ye Xiwen and his teacher were at the same level!

Jiang Zhou Qing informed Ye Xiwen about the time once it was decided that he would be coming. He said that this meeting would take place after 2-10 years. The reason why the time had been fixed after 2-10 years was that it would take a fair amount of time to collect those drug ingredients. And, this meeting wasn't being conducted to discuss about the feasibility of this ancient prescription alone. In fact, they also wanted to refine it on the spot. This was an extraordinary 'pill making method'. Therefore, several great masters of alchemy must gather and refine it together in the hope that they would succeed in the first attempt.

This duration of time was enough for Ye Xiwen. 2-10 years' time would be more than enough to settle the matter of the Twenty-third Prince. And then, he could leave for this 'pill-processing' meeting.

In fact, this meeting could possibly take place after the Competition of the Core disciples.

The Twenty-third Prince had gone to visit the Imperial Palace. And, he returned not long after Jiang Zhou Qing had left. However, he looked a bit disappointed.

Just as Ye Xiwen had expected, the Wei State's Martial Emperor had laid out his cards on the table in front of the princes. However, he didn't appoint anyone as the successor as Ye Xiwen had thought. However, many had been counting this as the biggest reason behind this meeting.

He had only made the princes well-behaved. Then, who could be the successor of the Emperor? He would slowly observe them for half-a-year. And then, he would decide…

Everyone looked at each other in the private room. They were speechless. They hadn't anticipated this outcome. The Wei State's Martial Emperor hadn't appointed anyone. Rather, he had said that he wanted to observe the performances of all the princes. However, nobody could call this reason an 'excuse'. After all, this old ancestor had been in the closed-door training since many years. So, he obviously didn't know too much about these princes.

Someone had also guessed that this Martial Emperor of Wei State was using this last resort to revitalize the current Emperor. It was said that the current Emperor had obtained the throne under the guidance of this Martial Emperor of the Wei State. Therefore, it was evident how much he cared about him.

Nobody knew what the Wei State's Martial Emperor was thinking in reality. However, other people couldn't say anything since he had said so.

Time passed day by day. And, one month's time had passed in a wink. It seemed as if everything had returned back to normal. Everyone was thinking that this would continue for half-a-year.

However, an incident suddenly occurred, and it completely disrupted the initial peace and tranquillity of the Imperial Capital!

A huge meteor fell from the sky. It pounded on a remote mountain that was located deep within the domain of the Great Wei State. The huge impact razed the mountain to the ground. Moreover, several nearby cities had submerged into the dust and debris that was produced by the terrifying shock wave. And, many experts and ordinary people in these cities met an untimely death within a split second as a result.

This sudden occurrence had shaken the entire Great Wei State. Someone had found out that a huge crater had been formed after the meteorite had crashed. In fact, it was so deep that its base wasn't visible. The most terrifying thing was that some strange creatures had come out from it crawling.

Then, someone had recognized these creatures. And, one name had started to echo in the entire Great Wei State after that - a Bereaved Race!

(To be continued)

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