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"What Fourth Prince of Great Wei State? I haven't heard of him!" The Wood Dragon picked his ear and made a contemptuous gesture.

The old man's complexion sank when he saw this. He then spoke, "Do the two of you really wish to oppose us?!"

The old man could see that it wouldn't be easy to deal with Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon. And, this had left his heart to palpitate. Otherwise, a man of his temperament would've rushed up to kill them without wasting any time in idle talk.

"Great, you've finally arrived!" The twenty-third prince became relaxed when he saw both of them. He had been dragging this matter in the hope that the people of the Northern Dipper Organization would arrive. Things had gotten out of hand. And, he had consequently realized that he was too inexperienced. He used to believe that he possessed enough strength. And thus, he wanted to fly alone. However, he would never have imagined that the Northern Dipper Organization would stop caring about him, and would make him land into such a critical situation…

The Wood Dragon shot a glance at him. However, he didn't pay much attention to this prince since he believed the man to be an idiot. He was all 'jolly and frank' when he was with Ye Xiwen. But, that was because he believed that Ye Xiwen was qualified- enough to be at a par with him.

After all, who was Wood Dragon? He was one the top heaven's pride experts of the younger generation. So, he didn't pay any attention to ordinary heavens' pride experts. Let alone an unworthy person like the twenty-third prince.

However, Ye Xiwen nodded after he saw the twenty-third prince. Ye Xiwen didn't possess that unfathomable arrogance which the Wood Dragon did. In fact, Ye Xiwen felt that there was no need for such kind of arrogance.

The old man was looking at these two individuals in a fearful manner. He hadn't expected that the twenty-third prince was still hiding behind a force. Moreover, it was evident that these two individuals weren't the twenty-third prince's subordinates. So, they might belong to the force he had joined hands with...

This had immediately made him vigilant. They had dared to interfere in the matter of the Great Wei State's Royal Clan. Moreover, they had conveniently sent two sage experts here. Perhaps, it wasn't an ordinary force. And, the situation might get reversed since the twenty-third prince had the support of such a force.

"It seems that you genuinely wish to oppose us!" that old man spoke-up in a deep voice. "Then, don't blame us for being impolite!"

He was afraid of these two men. However, he was also quite proud of himself. After all, a sage expert was powerful-enough to run amuck in a region.

"Attack!" the Wood Dragon shouted loudly. He suddenly trod forward, and the void got shattered because of that. He then suddenly appeared in front of those semi-sage experts.

"Bang!" A semi-sage expert was caught off guard. And, he got killed by Wood Dragon's quick attack as a result. In fact, the Wood Dragon had broken his skull in one fist attack. He couldn't possibly have survived this.

"Stop!" The old man became scared and angry. He hadn't expected that these two individuals would resort to extreme methods. They simply weren't holding back!

He stretched out his fists towards the Wood Dragon. It was an incredible iron fist. He had practiced an extraordinary fist technique. He certainly looked old. However, his pair of fists was extremely powerful. In fact, it was an illustrious fist technique.

"Wait a moment. I'm your opponent!" Ye Xiwen finally decided to move. A fire-colored big hand stretched out. It seemed as if the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' could stir the Earth and shatter the Horizon when displayed by Ye Xiwen.

The old man promptly withdrew his attack from the Wood Dragon, and shot his iron fists towards Ye Xiwen to face his attack. His fists had condensed from his entire body's energy, and looked like mountains as they swept over.


It was a startling collision. The mountain-like iron fists and Sky Falling Hand suddenly collided with each other. Terrifying energy waves formed at the spot of collision, and swept across. It seemed as if they'd engulf the whole world. In fact, it seemed as if the entire space would be torn into shreds.


A loud scream passed through endless light screens. That old man went flying in the sky as blood splashed out from his body. His pair of iron fists had been shattered by Ye Xiwen. He screamed endlessly. The figure that had stood firmly in the void this entire time had been forced to retreat.

"Poof!" the old man spouted blood from his mouth. He was in disbelief as he saw the figure of this man who wore a dragon mask. And, he couldn't believe that he was unable stop even his one move of his'.

He had been immersed in practicing this fist technique his entire life. He had progressed and perfected the fist technique to an extremely profound level. In fact, his fists were also known as 'incomparable iron fists'. They could pulverize the entire world. He could even dare to resist a sage tool with his iron fists.

However, he didn't expect that his iron fists would get fractured and collapse in front of a single attack from Ye Xiwen. Countless cracks had proliferated from his fingers. In fact, they had reached up to his arms. Blood was gushing out from his arms. This scene looked exceptionally shocking.

He had felt as if a terrifying force was crushing his body a moment ago. That big hand had swept down with such a crushing force that it seemed like it could crush the world itself. He would've been 'done for' if it weren't for his iron fists which had withstood most of that overwhelming force.

This attack could've split open his body. Moreover, he saw that his opponent had barely moved. It was evident that his opponent's body was extremely tyrannical. In fact, it was beyond anyone's imagination.

The old expert had killed and crushed many opponents to reach the sage realm. Most of his opponents had been ordinary talents. And, all of them had died at his hands. However, he had never come across an expert so terrifying that he literally seemed like a God.

A gust of wind began to blow. It gave rise to waves of bloody aura. It blew the corner of the hem of Ye Xiwen's moon-white-colored robe. In fact, it looked as if it was floating in the air.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene. No matter whether it was those semi-sage experts… or the twenty-third prince… or the Wood Dragon — all of them had been struck dumb in that very instant.

A mere palm attack had crushed the offensive of that old man in its entirety. Just how dreadful was his physique? They could swear that they had never seen such a ferocious physique.

His opponent was a great expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm. Moreover, his iron fists were very powerful. However, they had been broken by a mere palm attack of this man's.

Those semi-sage experts felt despair as they saw this scene. That sage level old man was their backbone. These semi-sage experts looked insignificant in this clash between sage level experts. After all, evil geniuses like Ye Xiwen were very rare to come across.

However, this sage level old man didn't have the power to fight back in front of Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he had collapsed at the first encounter. And, this had pushed them into the abyss of despair. It seemed like they would collapse any moment now.

That twenty-third prince was also left dumbstruck when he saw this scene. He hadn't expected that he would see such a scene. That old man had been chasing him since a long time. So, he obviously knew that the-said old man was very frightening. He had survived till now, but he knew that it wasn't like the old man couldn't kill him. In fact, saying that would be total nonsense. Moreover, he knew that the old man was mere playing hide-and-seek with him… just like a cat plays with a mouse. The old man wanted to tease him before finishing him off.

However, the same old man had nearly died by a single slap from Ye Xiwen. So, this man had to be extremely terrifying. And, endless revere had arisen in his heart for the Northern Dipper Organization. Only some peripheral members of the Northern Dipper Organization had been there to accompany him at first. There were a few sage experts among them. However, there wasn't anyone as terrifying as Ye Xiwen.

How ferocious would this organization be if it had even a few such terrifying experts? It would simply be unimaginable. The thought of leaving the Northern Dipper Organization and being a lone evil genius had immediately vanished from his mind as a result of this realization. He obviously didn't have any other way either. Well, he at least didn't have such strength at present...

However, the one who was stunned the most… was none other than Wood Dragon. He also hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen could be so powerful. He was very proud of himself. After all, he was an expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm even though he was from the younger generation. However, he was still quite afraid of that old man since he must've been cultivating for god knows how many years. So, he had planned that he would deal with that old man along with Ye Xiwen. However, he hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would singlehandedly beat him up like a dog…

"Crap! This guy is abnormal!" the Wood Dragon had no choice but to say this. He finally understood why Qing Xu had strongly recommended Ye Xiwen for becoming a member of the Northern Dipper Organization.

One must know that the Northern Dipper Organization was a very loose organization. However, it didn't mean that they wouldn't inspect a person before they'd make them a member of the organization.

The Northern Dipper Organization had decided to examine Ye Xiwen, and had made him a member after he had been strongly recommended by Qing Xu.

"Young man, don't be so crazy!" that old man roared. Those horrifying cracks on his iron fists had gradually begun to heal. Moreover, his complexion had turned abnormally red. It was evident that he was using some secret technique in order to fix his injuries.

He had soon regained the original cold and metallic lustre.

Then, that old man launched an attack at Ye Xiwen in order to kill him. A pair of fists swept down like small mountains, and it seemed as if they wanted to crush the world. He had instilled his entire life's martial arts power into this pair of iron fists. Consequently, this time's attack had left everyone numb as it swept out. It was far more tyrannical than the previous attack!

However, Ye Xiwen didn't even look at him. He obviously didn't want any more trouble. So, he didn't use the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' this time. Instead, he used his current-top technique — 'Big Bang Stardust Fist'.

Ye Xiwen had gotten very used to the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand'. And, this wasn't the case with the 'Big Band Stardust Fist' yet. In fact, he had even deduced the essence of the 'Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand' technique. However, his understanding of the 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' was still higher than that of this technique. He had practiced the 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' for several years. So, it could be said that he had comprehended this fist technique to the pinnacle.

"Haa~!" the old man roared. His attack arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye. Ye Xiwen could almost feel that the wind pressure was tearing apart his facial skin.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen suddenly shot his fist. And, it pounded on that old man's iron fists like a big star.

"Crunch!" a horrifying sound of breaking of bones reverberated. That pair of iron fists had been broken in the sky once again. Moreover, the condition of the injury was far more dreadful this time. In fact, his entire fists had been badly mangled and mutilated.

That old man again spouted a mouthful of blood. His fists had been badly mutilated by Ye Xiwen. He didn't possess an insanely powerful body like Ye Xiwen. Only his fists were extremely powerful. However, they had directly been damaged at this time.

He had finally realized that he wasn't a match for this man in the dragon mask. So, he promptly turned around to make his escape. However, how Ye Xiwen could let an enemy escape? He immediately shot his 'Big Bang Stardust Fist' once again.

The old man screamed loudly. His body was blasted by the fist's impact. It then broke and he died at once.

(To be continued)

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