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Forces only used to give two things to their subordinates under normal circumstances - reward and punishment. Ye Xiwen had never come across the word 'punishment'. However, he had already obtained too many rewards in the beginning itself. So, it was difficult for him to not have a good opinion regarding the Northern Dipper Organization.

He was obviously very excited after he obtained the medicinal ingredients. However, he became calm afterwards. He could refine the 'Break Sage Yellow Pill' and make the breakthrough into the sage realm. The current situation was completely different from when he would make the breakthrough into the sage realm. Only the sage experts were considered the top-notch experts in the True Martial University's main force. He certainly did possess the sage level fighting strength at present. However, he only possessed the fighting strength of sage realm; and nothing more. His actual realm was still stuck in the late stage of the semi-sage realm.

Moreover, his strength would advance by leaps and bounds once he'd make the breakthrough into the sage realm. In fact, even Cao Yuyu wouldn't have the power to fight back once that would happen.

Cao Yuyu was a heaven's pride expert of his generation. So, his tyrannical strength had become even stronger with time. Plus, his realm was already far ahead of Ye Xiwen's. He was about to enter the half-step great sage realm. He possessed unfathomable strength.

Ye Xiwen took out the mask of the 'Golden Dragon of the Neck', and put it on after they entered the space. It was a dragon mask!

He soon found out that this mask had a special function — it could isolate the divine senses! Nobody could see his appearance under the mask as long as he had worn it.

Only their Big Dipper Lord could recognize the members of their organization. In fact, the rest of the people may not come to know about the other members' appearance in their entire lifetime since their identities were kept secret. This had been done to prevent the disturbance that might arise in the real lives of the members of the organization because of their identities.

He looked at the Wood Dragon who had also put on the mask of 'Wood Dragon of the horn'. His facial features weren't visible. In fact, Ye Xiwen didn't even know Wooden Dragon's real name so far.

The two of them had arrived in the vast space after having come out of True Martial World's atmosphere. They then arrived in a desolate meteorite zone under the guidance of the Wood Dragon.

There was a teleportation portal hidden among these countless and densely packed meteors. The Wood Dragon made a hand seal, and opened the portal. The two of them strode forward, and entered it. Then, they quickly disappeared inside this meteor field.

The True Martial World was situated extremely far away from the Meteor World. Therefore, it took them almost half-a-month's time to reach the boundary of the Meteor World even though they had travelled via a teleportation portal. They would come out of one portal, and go into another. They had consequently travelled through various different channels in this half-a-months' time. There were channels of all sizes. And, it was hard to say how many portals they had to go through by the end of it.

"Finally, we have arrived! An expert below the great sage realm suffers a lot during interstellar travel!" the Wood Dragon looked a little depressed as he spoke-up. His voice sounded like a buzz as it passed through that dragon mask and came out.

Great sage realm and Sage realm were two entirely different stages. In fact, it was no big deal for great sage experts to touch the magical powers of space principle to such an extent that they could manipulate the size of space itself. And, this obviously came in handy during interstellar travel.

"That guy has given us so much trouble. I really wish to slap him to death!" Wood Dragon waved his hand and made a slapping gesture.

He had become very irritated after having switched portals for half-a-month.

"Let's go. It won't be beneficial for either of us if that guy gets chopped to pieces!" Ye Xiwen opened his mouth and spoke. His voice sounded like the buzzing sound that's produced by the collision of gold and iron.

They stealthily swept past the interstellar space on their rainbow lights. The Meteor World had experts in abundance. In fact, theirs numbers here were even higher than the one inside the True Martial World.

They finally plunged into the atmosphere of the Meteor World after they had flown for several more hours.

"Let's go. That boy isn't far away!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up with excitement. He was holding a talisman in his hand. And, this talisman could detect that prince's presence.

The two of them had already rushed down to the sea area. They possessed the strength of sage realm. So, their speed was extremely quick as they were trod on the rainbow light. They rushed to the deeper region of the sea. The mighty waves were surging under their feet. The demon beasts inside the roaring sea were frequently attacking them. However, Ye Xiwen didn't need to attack. The Wood Dragon would use his imposing aura and suppress those incautious demon beasts to death.

Ye Xiwen remembered that he had also fought with demon beasts in the deeper region of the East Sea in order to train. And, the demons beasts of this sea weren't inferior to those in the East Sea in any aspect. However, it was impossible for these demon beasts to cause any trouble for them. A sage expert was enough to make the sea a 'dead zone' up to the radius of thousands of miles.

"I can sense he must be nearby!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up. The two of them immediately became wary because they knew that people must be chasing that prince in order to kill him. And, he was nearby. So, there was a possibility that his enemies could also be around. And, these two might have to face a bitter struggle in that case.

Ye Xiwen restrained his divine aura. And, his body melted into the void. He had managed to conceal his figure in a very efficient manner.

"Twenty-third prince, will you still not surrender? Your subordinates are already dead. Only you are left. Do you still think that you can escape?" someone arrived on the rainbow light as this ice-cold shout was heard from faraway.

Ye Xiwen looked-on with rapt attention. He spotted a young man who seemed approximately 20 years old. He was clad in a magnificent robe. His facial features were quite outstanding. However, he looked in a very distressed state at this time. His magnificent robe had been torn into shreds from several sides. Several huge wounds had also been opened on his body. Some of those wounds had already dried up, while blood was still gushing out from some others…

The 'real elemental energy' was shining feebly on his body. In fact, it was flickering. So, it was evident that he was very exhausted.

Ye Xiwen immediately realized that this man must be that 'idiot prince' as told by the Wood Dragon. He was presumably the one they were looking for…

The Wood Dragon had explained that this man had gotten the support of the Northern Dipper Organization at first. However, he had then wanted to leave the organization. He genuinely was an idiot. There was nothing wrong if he had wanted to leave the organization. However, he must've looked at his strength first. He had clearly overreached himself. So, he was now paying for his mistake…

Several rainbow lights were pursuing him closely. And, they were getting increasingly closer to him. Principles seemed to be twining in the auras of the pursuers. All of them turned out to be the experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm.

Moreover, a senior expert having outstanding aura was behind them. He was steadily following everyone from behind. He seemed like a senior expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm. He had a childish face. And, he was clad in splendid clothing. His strength was extremely dreadful.

Moreover, he was the one who had spoken those words…

"I didn't expect that he would be the only one remaining. It seems that his subordinates have already died. Moreover, a sage expert is leading a team to chase and kill him. It's not surprising that he's in such a distressed state. He looks like a dead dog!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up after he had swept out his divine sense. He had spoken this in a disdainful tone, but his gaze was firmly fixed on that old man who had a baby face.

"His subordinates haven't died yet. They've left him so that he can be brought under the control of the Northern Dipper Organization!" Ye Xiwen took a pause and corrected him.

"You're right. However, these are top-level matters. We're merely hired goons; and nothing more. So, why do you care about these things? Do you wish to compete with the seven Star officers? He he… There's no vacancy among the seven Star officers at this time. But, you may have a chance if you can get rid of any one of them!" the Wood Dragon laughed mischievously and replied.

Ye Xiwen didn't pay attention to his sudden leap of thoughts. Was it a joke? Ye Xiwen hadn't seen those seven Star officers. However, he had heard about them from the Wood Dragon. Each of those seven Star officers was a senior expert at the peak of the great sage realm. And, they wouldn't require too much strength to crush him to death.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen wasn't thinking about this for now.

He and the Northern Dipper Organization were merely taking advantage of each other. The constellation members were only considered as goons who had been hired by the high-level experts. So, he didn't need to pay attention to the secret matters of the Northern Dipper Organization. Moreover, he could decide whether he wanted to receive the tasks or not.

However, things would change in their entirety once he became a Star officer. He would obviously get integrated into the Northern Dipper Organization's core. But, he would also have to participate in the Northern Dipper Organization's management and future plans. And, he didn't want that.

"Give up any such idea!" the twenty-third prince shouted back in an angered voice. Then, a huge power burst out of his body. He was young. However, he was also a senior expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. So, it wasn't surprising that he had managed to escape under the nose of several senior semi-sage experts. However, he was struggling to escape from a sage expert.

Ye Xiwen secretly nodded. [He isn't ready to give up in this adverse situation. In fact, he seems prepared for a major fight on the contrary. It's not surprising that the Northern Dipper Organization had placed their bets on him, and had sent him inside the Meteor World as their saboteur.]

Ye Xiwen knew that this man wasn't the only saboteur of the Northern Dipper Organization in the Meteor World. However, this scene was enough to prove that this twenty-third prince wasn't as incapable as the Wood Dragon had said.

"Get ready to attack!" the Wood Dragon said. "It won't be easy to deal with this old man. You keep him engaged for a moment. I will return to back you up after I've wiped out those subordinates of the semi-sage realm!"

The Wood Dragon wasn't aware of Ye Xiwen's fighting strength. So, he felt that it would best if Ye Xiwen could keep this old man of the intermediate stage of the sage realm engaged for a while.

And then, both of them could defeat him together in the end.

"Then, don't you blame us for resorting to extreme methods!" That baby faced old man was still smiling. It didn't seem like he was talking about this matter. In fact, it seemed as if was talking about a matter that wasn't terrifying at all.

That old man stretched out his big hand to grab the twenty-third prince. It wasn't some martial technique. And, it wasn't some magical power either. It was just an average big hand that had swept out. However, it gave off a feeling of calamity as it swept out.

"Bang!" His big hand rose in the sky against the wind. And, it became bigger and bigger as it rose. It then swept down towards the twenty-third prince to arrest him. It seemed as if it would grab him to death very shortly after.


Suddenly, a loud shout came out from the void. Then, two figures came out flying from the void. They carried incomparably dreadful auras. It seemed as if mountains and rivers had reversed their directions, while sun and moon had lost their brightness. In fact, it seemed as if these two individuals were the only ones present in the world at this time.

"Who are you? Why do you wish to save this trash? Aren't you afraid of offending our Great Wei State's Fourth Prince?" The old man saw these two men clad in moon white robes. However, he couldn't see their faces. Instead, he only saw the shadows of two individuals who wore monstrous masks. And, this made him fearful and apprehensive to some extent…

(To be continued)

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