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The Wood Dragon of the horn also didn't take too long to wipe out those semi-sage experts once that old man had died. However, his expression had turned rather strange when he saw that he was still one step slower than Ye Xiwen. He remained quiet for a long time before he eventually cussed out, "Fu*k! You're abnormal!"

The twenty-third prince also nodded fiercely. [Holy fu*k! He's really abnormal.] That old sage had chased him endlessly, and he hadn't been able to escape from that man. However, that same-man had been killed by Ye Xiwen in just one fist attack. So, it would be strange if he weren't to be called 'abnormal'.

However, he suddenly realized something and promptly shook his head. He had realized that he couldn't possible dare to make such a comment out loud… and that too in front of such a ferocious person! The Wood Dragon had dared to joke with Ye Xiwen. However, even the Wood Dragon was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. So, how he could dare to joke with Ye Xiwen?

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care too much about their reactions since he felt that there was nothing to flaunt about killing that old man. There had always been differences in the strengths of the experts of the same level. The matured heaven's pride experts had always been far more powerful than ordinary experts. Therefore, it would've been impossible for Ye Xiwen to win so effortlessly if his opponent were to be that Wood Dragon. In fact, it would've only been possible if he had already entered the intermediate stage of the sage realm.

"Thanks a lot to both senior brothers for saving my life!" The twenty-third prince immediately showed some courtesy towards both individuals once he saw that they had killed the enemies who had been pursuing him.

"En!" the Wood Dragon replied in a cold manner since he believed that they wouldn't have had to go through the trouble of rushing to the Meteor World from the True Martial World if it weren't for this idiot prince.

"I sense that people are coming over from everywhere!" the Wood Dragon suddenly spoke-up. Ye Xiwen had also sensed that there were many divine senses sweeping over from the surroundings. Many figures had appeared far away in the distant sky. This fight had evidently alarmed the nearby forces.

"We must leave quickly!" The twenty-third prince became frightened when he heard that more people were coming. He was completely exhausted at this time. And, it should be mentioned that he was scared that he would be chased down endlessly once again.

"What leave?! You mustn't escape at this time. Instead, you must return to the imperial capital and seize the throne!" Ye Xiwen faintly replied. He had learned a bit about the ongoing situation on his journey to this place. The current Emperor of the Great Wei State had faced a rebound during martial arts practice and lost his sanity. So, his condition had already become hopeless, and it could be said that he was hanging on his last breath. Therefore, the previously mild contest for acquiring the throne had suddenly become intense. And, this was the reason why the twenty-third prince was forced to escape. In fact, he had nearly been killed by them in this chase.

This had happened because the Northern Dipper Organization had withdrawn its support from him, but the twenty-third prince himself had the support of a number of other forces. Otherwise, he wouldn't have thought of leaving the Northern Dipper Organization. And, this point was enough to leave one to imagine that the competition for the throne of the Great Wei Empire had reached to what extent?

"Let them see that you aren't afraid anymore!" Ye Xiwen said. "Let them see that you have again got the support of some people. Show them that you can create your influence!"

The twenty-third prince wasn't the most popular one among the many princes. The most popular ones were the First prince, second prince, fourth prince, seventh prince, and the ninth prince. Moreover, all of them were formidable and ambitious experts of this generation.

The situation had turned to this because everybody had started to compete for the throne since the current Emperor hadn't crowned the new prince. Therefore, this wasn't the time to remain low-key. Rather, he must make a comeback and advance energetically. He must re-enter the contest for the throne at once.

The contest for the throne wasn't so simple. It wasn't that a third party wouldn't try to take the advantage of the fight between two people. Moreover, it was quite possible that some other prince would've defeated all the opponents by now, and may have integrated all the forces under his command while the twenty-third prince was still hiding. And, the power of the throne would become rock steady if that were to happen. Consequently, there would be nothing left to fight for.

The twenty-third prince genuinely deserved the Northern Dipper Organization's attention. He had surely panicked for a moment. However, he was quick to realize his mistake. He cupped his hands in obeisance and said, "Then, I will request both of you to help me!"

However, his vision was fixed on Ye Xiwen as he said this. He had already figured that the Wood Dragon's attitude wasn't very favourable towards him among these two senior experts. However, Ye Xiwen was talking to him nicely.

Ye Xiwen had noticed some ambition in him. However, he also believed that the twenty-third prince was a man of big ambitions but little talent. This was so because he wouldn't have rashly separated himself from the Northern Dipper Organization in the prevalent unclear circumstances if he were genuinely ambitious and shrewd.

[Sigh, there's long way to go when it comes to helping this guy get on the throne.] However, this was also the next part of the task that they had accepted. These two individuals wouldn't have arrived here from so far away if it was only about saving this guy's life.

However, Ye Xiwen and the Wood Dragon had already discussed about this while they were on their way. The best method would be to kill everyone else. They must kill whoever would challenge the twenty-third prince for the throne since things would become normal only if they were to kill everyone. Extremely bloody contests had taken place for the throne in the past as well. In fact, people were often slaughtered until only one of them had remained.

What are schemes and tricks in front of absolute strength? They are as insignificant as floating clouds! The entirety of those schemes would be shattered if one sword swept down to chop. This was the most straightforward and also the most effective method.

The three of them disappeared on the rainbow lights as the spies from many forces looked-on.

"This man is the twenty-third prince, right?"

Someone recognized the twenty-third prince and said this. The news that the twenty-third prince was being hunted had already spread throughout the Great Wei Empire by this time. However, nobody wanted to save him.

This was because there was a lot of confusion in the Great Wei Empire at this time. And, a lot of forces had gotten ready to make trouble. So, nobody knew what would happen in the next second. Moreover, people didn't wish to save a loser prince who looked like he was going to die soon.

"But, where he has found these two extremely dreadful experts? I know that that old man was an unfathomable expert in the fourth prince's faction. It has been said that the third prince had invited him join his force. In fact, he had even spent huge amount of wealth for that cause. However, he has been defeated by these two men in such an effortless manner!"

"Yeah! And, their dresses leave me to guess that they belong to some force or organization. Perhaps, the twenty-third prince has obtained a strong support. The situation will definitely get reversed if that has happened!"

"Well, it's difficult to say that. There is a big chaos inside the Imperial Capital at present. Each of these princes seems ready to make trouble. And, all of them belong to an ambitious generation. So, none of them is willing to lose. Only God knows who will be ordained by heaven and receive the title of the Emperor!"

"Ordained by heaven and receive the title of Emperor...? He he. Who believes in fate nowadays? That is only a means to trick the ignorant masses. Only the person who possesses powerful strength will receive the title of the Emperor!"

All three of them were martial experts. So, their speed was extremely fast. They reached the Imperial Capital of the Great Wei State in only half-a-days' time.

"Who are you people?" they had barely arrived above the imperial capital when a senior guard of the legendary's great complete realm came up flying, and shouted.

Even a city guard was of the legendary's great complete realm! The Great Wei Empire possessed far more powerful when compared to several big empires of the Southern Region. Powerhouses of the sage realm were rare in the big empires of the Southern Region. So, the semi-sage experts were the top experts in the main fighting force of those empires. However, this twenty-third prince was an expert of semi-sage realm in his own merit. Therefore, it was evident that the disparity between both regions wasn't small.

"Bastard! Don't you know me?" the twenty-third prince yelled at him. He had gone through a lot of hardships lately. And, he was running short of time. Moreover, he obviously cared about his prestige the most.

"Twenty-third prince…?" The guard suddenly became stunned as soon as he saw the twenty-third prince. He hadn't expected that the twenty-third prince would return. Everyone had thought that the twenty-third prince was doomed since his forces had been wiped out by the fourth prince. Therefore, this guard hadn't expected that he would see this prince again.

"No!" But, the guard immediately became arrogant after being surprised for a moment. "Everyone knows that Your Majesty disappeared a long time ago. So, you will have to pass through strict checking since you've appeared after such a long time!"

The complexion of the twenty-third prince immediately turned ugly. Did he wish to fight with him on the spot? Would someone need to go through an identification process if they return after an absence of some time period? Wouldn't the entire world become a mess if that were to happen? This clearly showed that someone was deliberately making things difficult for him.

Apparently, someone didn't wish for him to come back!

"Bastard! How dare you?!" The complexion of the twenty-third prince turned gloomy. "You're blocking my path. It seems that you don't want to live!"


The twenty-third prince stretched out his big hand after he had said this. He then grabbed that arrogant guard and crushed him to death. He was transformed into a mass of blood fog as a result.

The twenty-third prince wasn't a sage expert. However, he was powerful-enough to annihilate a legendary's great complete realm expert without breaking a sweat.

Ye Xiwen had explained this earlier to him. Either don't return… or show high-handed strength when you return. You will die soon if you remained low-key at this time because those other princes would have thought of all kinds of methods in advance. The people who are weak and don't have the qualifications to compete are the first ones to get cleared out. They would then wait and examine whether they can find a situation in which they can take advantage of the dispute between two parties.

He had revealed sufficient high-handed strength this time!

The three of them entered the city after they had killed that guard. Those remaining soldiers didn't dare to stop these three individuals since they looked like monsters. Moreover, one of them was the twenty-third prince. The Emperor had hundred princes and countless grandsons. However, no matter how many princes were there. A prince is a prince. One must not try to bully them. Didn't that pretentious guard get crushed to death a moment ago?

Anyway, these were high-level matters. So, why would these soldiers of the city bother to commit a crime and lose their lives in return?

The news of the twenty-third prince's return had spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital by now. Some forces who had faster news network had already got the news of twenty-third prince's return.

And, those better-informed forces had also investigated and found out that two ferocious experts had helped the twenty-third prince in killing a senior sage expert of the fourth prince's faction.

The rumors about the reversal of situation had begun to spread.

Many rumors had proliferated. Some had even said that the twenty-third prince had obtained the support of some force, and they had sent experts to support him.

There were many other rumors as well. And, all those rumors had spread out at a very quick pace.

(To be continued)

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