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However, he now realized that he had perhaps underestimated the Northern Dipper Organization. It was evident that he was unaware about the entirety of their sources.

This was obviously dependent on Ye Xiwen since he was trying to collect those medicinal ingredients by himself. So, it would be very difficult for him to be on par with an organization's speed if he had tried to search them on his pace alone.

"However, you must know that the organization won't give you these things for free!" the Wood Dragon laughed mischievously and said, "It will cost you 5000 points. However, the organization wants to give you a choice since you've entered the organization recently and don't have accumulated points. The organization can give you these things as long as you complete a task. However, we won't force you. The choice is yours!"

Ye Xiwen smiled wryly. Did he have any other option in this situation?

Cao Yuyu's declaration of war had become an urgent matter for him. One mustn't consider the remaining ten years' time as a long period of time. Ten years' time wasn't too much for these cultivators. It would pass within the wink of an eye. So, not much time was left for Ye Xiwen.

And, the Northern Dipper Organization certainly had a reputation that they didn't force their members to receive the tasks. However, what if they would offer a task in a situation when one couldn't refuse it? Not refusing would mean as good as accepting the task.

The most important thing for Ye Xiwen was to enter the sage realm. And, it should be mentioned that he had been thinking mostly about this matter of late.

"What's the task?" Ye Xiwen asked. He didn't think much. In fact, he couldn't even afford too many thoughts at present. He would plan about further progress only after he had entered the sage realm.

His foundation was extremely solid and deep. However, this had also strengthened his thresholds beyond the required degree. So, it would be impossible for him to break the next threshold by merely the impact of his words alone… even after a span of 10 years.

"The thing is that some people have been chasing one of our subordinate members in order to kill him. They are looking for him everywhere. He must be found and rescued!" the Wood Dragon spoke-up while smiling mischievously.

"Which member?" Ye Xiwen asked. He knew a bit about the Northern Dipper Organization. He knew that it was an outstanding organization. The leader of the Northern Dipper organization was called Big Dipper Lord if the rumors were to be trusted. However, nobody had ever seen the Big Dipper Lord. There were 7 star officers underneath him. And then, there were another 14 constellation members. And, all of them were considered as official members of the Northern Dipper Organization.

There were many reserved constellation members as well. After that, there were the supporting members under these official members, and so on. It was certainly an incomparably huge organization. And, this was because of the sheer number of those supporting members. In fact, the Northern Dipper Organization would've been a small organization if those supporting members were to be excluded.

"One of our saboteurs is in the Meteor World!" the smile on the face of the Wood Dragon seemed restrained as he said.

"Your saboteur is in the Meteor World?" Ye Xiwen asked. The Meteor World was undoubtedly Meteor Sect's territory. Therefore, the other forces couldn't enter that place very easily. Moreover, it wasn't that easy to send a saboteur there either.

"He he… You don't ask this from me. I haven't joined the organization far earlier than you either. So, I don't know about a lot of things either. It will sound unpleasant, but you also know that we constellation members are mere goons who have been hired by the higher-ups to do the things they don't wish to do themselves!" the Wood Dragon said.

Ye Xiwen was rendered speechless. But, this was genuinely the case. He had joined with the Northern Dipper Organization very recently. However, it didn't mean that he didn't know anything about them. The Big Dipper Lord was at the top position in the Northern Dipper Organization. And, those 7 star officers were his direct subordinates. But, the constellation members were basically hired goons. They had powerful strength. They used to unceasingly complete tasks and get whatever they required in return.

These constellation members might never get to see the true colors of the Northern Dipper Organization. After all, a hired goon only needed to know what he was supposed to do. These constellation members were certainly called 'official members', but the fact was that they might not even know as much as those support members. And, that's because those peripheral members were the true subordinates of the Northern Dipper Organization. Whereas, these constellation members only used to work for the Northern Dipper Organization to get whatever they needed from them in return…

"Who is this saboteur?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"I don't know much. I only know that this saboteur was the prince of the Great Wei Empire in the Meteor World. He was developed into a saboteur of our organization from an early age. The original position of the organization was to help him become the Emperor. And then, they would slowly help him reach a high-level position in the Meteor Sect!" the Wood Dragon explained.

Ye Xiwen gasped. The Northern Dipper Organization was very courageous! The Meteor Sect was a very reputed force. In fact, it could be compared with the True Martial University of its most prosperous time. And, the Northern Dipper Organization had dared to send one of their saboteurs there. He immediately realized that the Northern Dipper Organization might also have a saboteur in the True Martial University. In fact, the possibility was huge since each big force would position their saboteur in other forces to steal information.

However, Ye Xiwen cast away these thoughts from his mind, and continued to listen to Wood Dragon.

"However, he rebelled afterwards. In fact, he was planning to leave the organization!" the Wood Dragon continued, "Therefore, the higher-ups decided to teach him a lesson to show him his place. So, they've withdrawn the group of people who were sent there to back him up!"

"Aren't you afraid of getting exposed? It won't be good for you if you have to face the Meteor Sect's wrath!" Ye Xiwen asked.

"He he… A big force like the Meteor Sect can't do anything to a force like ours. They will most likely turn a blind eye in this matter. Moreover, that prince is quite ambitious. And, he's not an idiot either. So, he won't let people find out about his relation with us. Otherwise, forget about acquiring the position of the Emperor… even saving his own life will become an issue for him!" the Wood Dragon laughed mischievously and said. However, his expression immediately became serious as he added, "It doesn't concern us alone. It concerns you as well since you are also a member of our Northern Dipper Organization now!"

"En!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He also thought that this was the right step. Every force had extremely harsh punishments for a traitor. In fact, these punishments could leave people to tremble with fear. This had been the case since ancient times. And, this was the same in any force. So, that prince wouldn't break his relationship with the Northern Dipper Organization on his own accord unless he was an idiot. Moreover, even a formidable force like the Meteor Sect would be at a loss while dealing with an erratic force like the Northern Dipper Organization since the latter was so elusive that even the location of its lair wasn't known to anyone. Therefore, even the power of the Meteor Sect wouldn't work since it would be like using an anti-aircraft gun to strike down a mosquito. And, that would also be very frustrating. So, it would be better for them to turn a blind eye in this matter.

"However, that prince suffered a defeat at the hands of other princes in a fight once we retracted our assistance. And, he's being chased down like a dog ever since!" the Wood Dragon continued to explain, "And, he has now recalled us. In fact, he's crying for help since people are looking for him everywhere. So, the organization has decided to send us there since we are the only ones suitable to go there. The Meteor World isn't like the True Martial World. In fact, a great sage expert would quickly get caught by them if he doesn't have any extraordinary method to hide his presence!"

A bunch of forces had risen abruptly in the True Martial World after the True Martial University's decline. And, the line of control of each force had criss-crossed with each other's. This had left behind many loop holes. And, the Wood Dragon could easily travel around through those loop holes. However, the Meteor Sect was different. They had extremely tight control over their territory. So, it wasn't easy to enter that place.

Sage experts were undoubtedly very low-key when compared to the glamorous great sage experts. So, it wasn't easy to catch them.

"It will take more than ten years to reach the Meteor World from the True Martial World by flying… and that too if we don't take any rest, eat, or drink anything in between. So, he would've been chopped into pieces by those people by the time we reach there!" Ye Xiwen said. The True Martial World was very far away from the Meteor World. So, it would take a few years' time to reach there even if he were to unfold his devil wings and fly at his best speed. And, everything would be over by that time since that prince would've been chopped into pieces by then.

Ye Xiwen clearly knew about the cruelty and brutality of the fights of these imperial clans. He had understood this because of his enmity with the Eighth Prince Yue Yi.

"We have an advantage. We can use the organization's hidden teleportation portal!" the Wood Dragon smiled mischievously and said. They would quickly reach there with the help of portal. And, they wouldn't have to fly for more than ten years in that case. Moreover, the universe was a very dangerous place. So, it would've been very depressing if they had died on their way there…

"Just the two of us will go there?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"Of course! It's just a fight between the princes; that's all. So, sage experts will be enough to keep watch!" the Wood Dragon replied, "Wouldn't that Emperor have been worried if our prince were to be very powerful?"

Ye Xiwen pondered over this matter for a moment. There's always a necessity of balance in power inside a force for its operations to be smooth. He then said, "When we are leaving?"

"It would be better if we leave immediately. The sooner… the better! I'm afraid that the boy who doesn't even know the profoundness of this world will get slaughtered!" the Wood Dragon added in an eccentric manner.

"Okay. Let me say goodbye to my Senior Sister and Senior Brother!" Only Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were present on the entire Hidden Star Peak apart from Second Sister who had been undergoing closed-door training and cultivating like a madman for many years. So, he would wish to inform them that he was leaving.

This was the first time that Ye Xiwen would participate in a task as a member of the Northern Dipper Organization. So, he took off his cyan-colored robe, and put on a white-colored robe in its place. It looked neat and refreshing.

Ye Xiwen's seniors only asked him to be careful, but they didn't ask where he was going since it wasn't necessary.

They flew away into the starry sky after they came out of the True Martial University. The Northern Dipper Organization's teleportation portal was situated in the space since it would've been discovered very easily by others if it were to be set up on land. And, one could imagine what would've happened if people had discovered it.

"These are the medicinal ingredients that the organization has gathered. They had asked me to give these materials to you in advance if you agreed. I don't know which immortality pill you are planning to refine. However, it will obviously be helpful for us if your strength promotes. In fact, we could also complete this mission easily if your strength manages to increase!" The Wood Dragon took out a cosmos sack, and threw it towards Ye Xiwen.

The Wood Dragon could also see that these ingredients were materials required for alchemy. However, he couldn't tell which pill Ye Xiwen wanted to refine.

Ye Xiwen swept out his divine sense, and confirmed that these were genuinely the same medicinal ingredients which he had wanted. He obviously became happy as a result. In fact, the Northern Dipper Organization had suddenly grown to have this generous imagine in his mind. One could even say that he felt as if it was quite difficult for people to have ill-intentions towards them. After all, these goons were also similar in that regard since they had agreed to get hired by the higher-up so that they could take advantage of the Northern Dipper Organization and vice-versa. It was clearly visible that Northern Dipper Organization possessed some high-handed management skills. The organization was quite relaxed. However, its cohesion clearly wasn't small.

(To be continued)

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