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"Get out!"

A loud shout came from outside.

"Who is daring to act so audaciously here?" Everyone in the group looked at each other in shock. They hadn't expected that someone could arrive here and provoke them.

"Who are you? Do you have a death wish? How dare you intrude into our Law Enforcement Hall's territory and provoke us?"

Everyone cursed in quick succession.

This was akin to a tight slap on their faces!

"Who are you?" Dou Hexing asked the person who stood outside the Metropolis Single Peak.

He saw a young man who was approximately 20 years old. He was clad in black clothes. His complexion looked indifferent. He was standing firmly in midair.

"Ye Xiwen?" Someone in this group recognized Ye Xiwen. Many of these retinues didn't approve of Ye Xiwen deep down in their hearts. However, his reputation had skyrocketed after the Four Forces' Martial Arts Competition.

"You're Ye Xiwen?" Dou Hexing coldly looked at this man who stood before his eyes, and asked with some interest.

"You're Dou Hexing?" Ye Xiwen opened his mouth and asked. He frowned and said, "Don't you know that this is my abode?"

"I know!" Dou Hexing laughed mischievously. Then, his facial expression turned sinister and started to look very ugly.

"But..." Dou Hexing raised his head, and shot a glance at Ye Xiwen. He then said, "It's mine now!"

"We won't move out of here. This is our Law Enforcement Hall's area now!"

"Let's attack him right now. Let's take the advantage of this opportunity and annihilate this insolent guy. Let's put him down!"

Several people shouted from behind Dou Hexing. Many of them already considered Ye Xiwen to be an eyesore. Ye Xiwen's existence had enormously decreased the Law Enforcement Hall's prestige and status. Moreover, many of their Law Enforcement Hall's disciples had also sustained injuries because of him. So, they obviously weren't happy with Ye Xiwen.

"This man is someone who hesitates to do something until he's forced. He has even dared to come here by himself in order to kill all of us. I think those old guys won't have anything to say in this matter. Our Law Enforcement Hall must restore its prestige since senior Brother Mu has returned!" a disciple maliciously spoke-up. Ye Xiwen had killed several disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall. However, he was still alive and kicking since the Law Enforcement Hall hadn't been able to catch him. This was obviously a big humiliation for them. Even their left over prestige had vanished. It wouldn't make up for this insult if they had gotten hold of this man who had killed their disciples, and had offended their organization to such extent.

The Law Enforcement Hall was responsible for maintaining the laws of the True Martial University. Therefore, the loss of their prestige was deadly for them.

"I was looking for an opportunity to teach you a lesson. However, I must slaughter you since you've offended my people. And, I will restore the prestige of our Law Enforcement Hall by doing this!" Dou Hexing roared loudly. He hadn't been present in the True Martial University for a hundred years. However, he had already formed a bad impression of Ye Xiwen from whatever he had heard about him thus far.

"How dare a trivial semi-sage expert be arrogant before me?!" Dou Hexing suddenly attacked. He stretched out his hands, and grabbed the 'spirit energies' from the surroundings. Those 'spirit energies' were absorbed by his hands, and got transformed into a pair of big hands. Those big hands then swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

It was a secret martial arts technique. It looked quite simple. However, it was an extremely exquisite martial arts technique. The entire space had been distorted under the hold of his hands.

"Is this the legendary technique 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands'? This secret martial technique is a supreme technique which was created by some almighty force if one is to believe the legends. One can grab the mountains and rivers, and split them within their grasp if they are able to practice this technique to the peak. However, hasn't Senior Brother Mu obtained it? Senior Brother Mu had found this secret technique when he had made a narrow escape from the ruins. How has Senior Brother Dou learnt it?"

"I know about this. It has been said that Senior Brother Mu has taught him a part of this technique because he had accomplished a great deed for him. He only knows a portion of this technique. However, it still possesses endless might. Senior Brother Dou has become one of the strongest experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm even though he has entered the intermediate stage of the sage realm very recently. And, that's all thanks to this set of martial arts!"

'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands'. A mysterious light flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes. He and Mu Sheng Jie would certainly have to fight one day. So, he wouldn't be caught off guard at that time if he would get to see this technique now since this martial arts had been taught to this man by Mu Sheng Jie himself.

Ye Xiwen felt that an incomparably powerful fluctuating power had emerged out of Dou Hexing's body after he had used the 'Control Crane Seven Divine Hands' technique. His terrifying vitality surged up, and the dreadful strength of the intermediate stage of the sage realm manifested.

Ye Xiwen was wary in his heart. He must kill him on the spot, and mustn't give him any opportunity to fight back. Otherwise, he might not be able to deal with the enemy's deep strength even if he were to use the full extent of his semi-sage powers. He had cultivated his strength over the 100 years he wasn't in the True Martial University. So, Ye Xiwen obviously didn't know his real fighting strength. Therefore, the only possibility would be to give up and get killed if Ye Xiwen allowed him to unleash the true extent of his powers.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted, and stretched out his hand. It transformed into a fire-colored cloud as it took the form of a big hand. It seemed as if his big hand would shake the Heavens and break down the Earth as it swept down from the sky.

The Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand would reach the level of perfection when used by Ye Xiwen. Consequently, this attack made the entire horizon collapse, and left it to split open. Only red tracts were left in the vast sky…


Three big hands collided in the sky. Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand routed the offensive of the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands at a lighting speed. In fact, the opponent's move collapsed at the very first encounter. Therefore, the clash didn't continue for too long. This had left everyone dumbstruck. How could the legendary Control Crane Seven Divine Hands be so weak?

"How is this possible? You're just a semi-sage realm expert; nothing more. How can you be a match for me?" Dou Hexing couldn't believe this. It was simply unbelievable. Other people didn't know that he hadn't showed any leniency. In fact, he had gone all-out. He had revealed the entire extent of his powers in order to kill Ye Xiwen. However, he hadn't thought that he still wouldn't be able to kill Ye Xiwen. On the contrary, his own offensive had been routed.

"What kind of technique is this? How it can be so ferocious?" Dou Hexing couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen had more strength than him. He was only a semi-sage expert. How he could contend against an expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm? The only possible explanation was that it had happened because of the technique he had used…

"This is the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand!" Someone on the other side recognized this technique. He knew that this was Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand.

"This is Fire Cloud Cave's technique. You're a spy of the Fire Cloud Cave…?" It seemed as if Dou Hexing had suddenly grabbed an opportunity to prove his point. "You've dared to collaborate with the people of Fire Cloud Cave! You're courting death. Ha ha! You will die this time! Nobody can save you!"

"Idiot! Can only the people of the Fire Cloud Cave have the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand?" Ye Xiwen sneered in reply.

"It's impossible. Even the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand can't defeat the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands in this way!" Someone still couldn't believe this. "Senior Brother Mu had once crushed the body of a top heaven's pride expert of the Fire Cloud Cave, and had extinguished his soul with the help of the Control Crane Seven Divine Hands!"

"It doesn't matter whether the technique is ferocious or not. Everything depends on the man who uses it!" Ye Xiwen sneered. There were many techniques which didn't have any difference in their intensities. In fact, most of them were almost at the same level. It didn't matter whether it was ferocious or not. The most important factor was the person who was using them. There have been plenty of examples of this in the history. For example… Qiao Feng had used long-range punch and kicking style named 'Longfist Martial Art' to defeat countless heroes.

Ye Xiwen was at such a state that he would be more powerful than Dou Hexing even if his strength were to drop to its one-tenth. However, that should've been an impossible scenario. After all, Ye Xiwen's cultivation was only at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. But, his fighting strength was enough to sweep away the experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm. In fact, he could even contend against some of the weak experts of the late stage of the sage realm.

"This is impossible!" Dou Hexing couldn't believe this. The Control Crane Seven Divine Hands swept down towards Ye Xiwen once again.

"I don't understand what you're so optimistic about!"


Ye Xiwen unleashed a backhand blow. And, the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand attacked once again. The fire-colored big hand ripped apart Dou Hexing's Control Crane Seven Divine Hands, and struck him on his body.

"Poof!" Dou Hexing felt that a heavy force had suddenly 'banged' upon his body. In fact, this slap had broken down his defences, and had smashed against his body in a split second. He felt a strange taste in his mouth, and suddenly spouted mouthful of blood.

"Crunch Crunch!" It wasn't clear how many of his bones had been broken. In fact, it seemed as if the entirety of the bones in his body had been crushed by Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" His body crashed onto the ground on the Metropolis Single Peak like a meteor. And, a huge pit the size of his body had been formed in the ground as a result.

He couldn't even move. Moreover, he soon came to realize that his cultivation had been destroyed slim-looking man. This was more severe than a death penalty!

Death ends the entirety of one's troubles. He had lingered around life or death several times in his expedition of hundred years. So, death wasn't a big deal for him. However, he had now been tossed into a situation where he hadn't died, but hadn't been left to live either. He had become a cripple since his martial arts cultivation had been destroyed. And, this feeling had left him so depressed that he wanted to die…

"How can this man be so ferocious? Senior Brother Dou had followed Senior Brother Mu in the expedition to those ruins for many years. He possessed such high cultivation. However, he couldn't even resist one move from this guy? Isn't he just a new disciple of this session? How he can be so outrageously powerful?" someone who couldn't believe this exclaimed.

"He has dared to destroy Senior Brother Dou's martial arts cultivation. This man is extremely fierce. He is like an exceptionally ominous devil!"

Someone was left dumbstruck since he had witnessed that Ye Xiwen had destroyed Dou Hexing's Martial Arts cultivation. They had obviously heard Ye Xiwen's fierce name in the past. They had also heard that he had never had any trouble winning. However, Ye Xiwen had earned a fierce reputation among the younger generation. So, the seniors didn't care too much about that. They believed that the younger generation's disciples would need too much time to reach to their level. In fact, they felt that even the heaven's pride experts of the younger generation would need several decades for that. So, they obviously hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would surpass their strength so quickly. They had obviously heard rumors about him. But, they had believed them to be mere rumors; nothing more. So, they wouldn't have been shocked to such an extent if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes.

The time-duration for which the Law Enforcement had been regulating the True Martial University's punishment laws was unclear. They had already established supreme prestige among the ordinary disciples in the past. In fact, one would have to face a situation even worse than death if they dared to violate their rules, or offended them.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't met an untimely death even though he had dared to attack the Law Enforcement Hall head on. On the contrary, he had ultimately risen above the others, and had become an extraordinary persona.

Ye Xiwen grinned and revealed his white teeth. He was unaware how Mu Sheng Jie had come to know about him. However, he wasn't the type of person who'd just sit and wait for death when the opposite party had already made a move.

(To be continued)

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