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Ye Xiwen wasn't the kind of person who would sit idle and wait for death. Nobody could make him resign to the fate. He hadn't been afraid of anyone since the time he had entered the True Martial University.

Bullying the weak and fearing the strong was the common issue that everyone faced. The people of the Law Enforcement Hall wanted to implicate him for restoring their prestige. It wasn't that he hadn't warned some of these people.

He had warned some of these people to not mess with him.

However, he didn't expect that he would end up attracting the attention of a figure like Mu Sheng Jie. One must know that Ye Xiwen just looked promising enough to enter the great sage realm in many people's opinion. However, Mu Sheng Jie had already entered the great sage realm. And, only the real great sage experts had the authority to speak-up in the True Martial University. But, this authority wasn't extended to those who had merely been labelled as 'geniuses' by other people. In fact, this tag was pretty much worthless before the real deal.

It wasn't clear how many geniuses were present in this world… perhaps 100 million would be a good estimate. It couldn't be said that they looked like a group of ants gathered at one place. However, it was almost the same in reality. Geniuses of different ages and levels had gathered at one place. However, not even 1% of them could reach to the top. Large number of such geniuses used to arrive in the True Martial University in every hundred years.

Geniuses and so on… were most valuable. However, they were also the most worthless at the same time.

"Ye Xiwen, how dare you?" Dou Hexing roared and glared at Ye Xiwen. However, he looked weak as he said this since he didn't have the strength to stand up again. His entire martial arts cultivation had been destroyed.

"What should I not dare? Don't forget that you are standing in my abode. And, I remember… according to the regulations of the University… I won't be held responsible even if I kill you since you have arrived here in secrecy and without taking the permission of the real owner of this peak!" Ye Xiwen grinned and revealed his white teeth. They were shining very radiantly in the sunlight.

However, the courage of the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall had vanished as they heard Ye Xiwen's words. This splendid smile was similar to that of a devil's in their opinion. An expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm like Dou Hexing looked like a paper-toy in front of him. In fact, he had fallen apart with just one poke. He was no match for Ye Xiwen.

They recalled one such rule. However, it was them who had initially recalled this rule in order to find an excuse to kill Ye Xiwen.

The Metropolis Single Peak was Dou Hexing's domain in their opinion. So, they had a great opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen here. And, those old fogies wouldn't be able to say anything even if they wanted to. However, they didn't expect that the situation would reverse. Those who had believed themselves to be predators in the beginning had become they preys at this time. And, they were shivering in front of Ye Xiwen since they weren't a match for him.

"No, this is my abode!" It seemed as if Dou Hexing didn't wish to give up. He had become a crippled person since his martial arts cultivation had been destroyed. So, he might not be able to catch up with his past achievements even if he would get the opportunity to restore his cultivation in the future.

Even the safety of his life would be in danger in the future. It wasn't known how many people he had offended in the past. And, he would now be even worse than rats for those old enemies without his martial arts cultivation if he were to face them again. So, they could easily crush him to death.

"Your abode…? I don't know how this place has become 'your abode'?" Ye Xiwen sneered and said, "You yourself can go and verify that this is my, Ye Xiwen's, abode. The Supreme Lord himself has especially rewarded me this abode!"

"This abode was expropriated by Senior Brother Mu. And, he has given it to us as a reward!" Dou Hexing was burning with rage as he looked at Ye Xiwen. However, it was no longer a killer gaze as it used to be.

"Mu Sheng Jie? What does he think of himself? Does he consider himself as True Martial University's Supreme Lord?" Ye Xiwen laughed disdainfully. "When did he gain the authority to have the final say? And, you thought it's really yours because he said it's yours?"

He had thought about this point carefully. And, this was where he was making sense in this matter. After all, the Supreme Lord had rewarded him this peak. And, this man took it over because Mu Sheng Jie had said that he could have it? How this could be such a simple matter?

"You..." Dou Hexing became angry. Mu Sheng Jie was like a God to him. However, he was no better than dog-shit in Ye Xiwen's opinion. So, Ye Xiwen's logical argument had touched a sore spot. He previously didn't care about Ye Xiwen. However, it wasn't because he considered that Mu Sheng Jie was superior to the Supreme Lord.

He believed that Mu Sheng Jie must have his reasons since he had done so. Moreover, he believed that Mu Sheng Jie could take care of high-level matter as long as he could deal with Ye Xiwen when he would come back… and that's the end.

However, he underestimated Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had arrived only 10 years ago. And, he-himself had arrived hundred years ago. So, there wasn't supposed to be any problem even if Ye Xiwen was this session's top heaven's pride expert.

Therefore, he allowed Ye Xiwen to speak so long as he could defeat Ye Xiwen. Verbal attacks don't are powerless anyway. However, he hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen would be so terrifying that an expert of the intermediate stage of the sage realm like him would appear like a paper-toy in front of him… and would be defeated by him so quickly.

He was the kind of person who was most proud of his own strength. However, he stood no chance in front of Ye Xiwen. This thing had hurt him the most.

More and more disciples had gathered in the surroundings by now. The fight between Ye Xiwen and Dou Hexing had extracted massive amounts of 'spirit energies' from the surrounding area of over 50 km radius. And, this had alarmed many sage level disciples who were undergoing closed-door training.

An ordinary fight couldn't alarm these top-notch disciples of the True Martial University. However, the sage level fight between Ye Xiwen and Dou Hexing had alarmed them. In fact, many powerful existences had also swept out their divine senses from the depths of the True Martial University.

This place was located in the depths of the True Martial University. And, many powerful existences were present in the depths at this time. So, they swept out their divine sense in quick succession to check.

"Isn't he Ye Xiwen? How this can be possible? Isn't that Dou Hexing… who has recently arrived? How has he been beaten to such an extent that his martial arts cultivation has been destroyed? Has this Ye Xiwen actually done it just now?"

"It's impossible. Dou Hexing is a disciple of the previous session. And, what is this Ye Xiwen? He is only a new disciple of this session. There is a difference of at least hundred years between them!"

"However, this situation… looks so. Leave the past. Ye Xiwen is the so-called heaven's pride expert. You think yourself. You yourself used to be a heaven's pride expert when you had arrived in that session back then. You are well-aware that ordinary reasoning doesn't apply on the heaven's pride experts!"

"However, why are they fighting each other? And, Ye Xiwen has even resorted to such extreme methods… Isn't he afraid that he will be punished by the high-level experts?"

"I think I know the reason. Ye Xiwen has won this time's Martial Arts Competition among the four forces. He was supposedly rewarded with a floating peak abode. And, this peak before our eyes must be that one. However, Mu Sheng Jie snatched it later. So, I reckon that this must be the reason behind this conflict!"

"Again… it's Hidden Star Peak and Law Enforcement Hall. Can't they stay together? It seems that the senior disciples of the Hidden Star Peak and Law Enforcement Hall don't have friendly relations!"

"What's strange in this? The Law Enforcement Hall regulates the punishment laws of our True Martial University. However, their way of working is very high-handed and overbearing. Don't all of us dislike them? The Hidden Star Peak doesn't have too many disciples. However, all of them are incredible. Whether it's Huang Wu Ji or Ye Xiwen… each of them is cruel and untamed. How they will obey the Law Enforcement Hall? And, this has resulted in a hostile situation between them!"

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at Dou Hexing. He didn't launch another attack on him because they were in the True Martial University. Otherwise, this man would've died at his hands by now.

He then entered the Metropolis Single Peak. This would be his abode in the future. This would be his lair.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't travelled too far inside the Metropolis Single Peak when a rumbling sound suddenly reverberated, and it seemed as if he had triggered some matrix formation. Countless spirit energies present in the surroundings gathered up as a result. And, they condensed at the centre of the matrix formation and took a humanoid form. It turned out to be the form of a man. However, it wasn't clearly visible. A dreadful pressure emerged out of this man's body, and swept towards Ye Xiwen to subjugate him. In fact, it seemed as if it would crush him in the very next moment.

Ye Xiwen looked in the direction of that man. However, he could only see that man's ice-cold and ruthless eyes. He looked towards Ye Xiwen and said, "You're Ye Xiwen? Good, you're very courageous. You dared to barge into the abode of a core disciple. Do you know what kind of offense this is?"

"Offense…? How would I know that returning to one's own home is an offense?" Ye Xiwen sneered. His eyes had turned ice-cold. He was staring back at that man who had a fuzzy appearance.

"I have given this peak to a disciple of our True Martial University as a reward for doing great deeds for the university. And you… you have just won a Martial Arts Competition. You don't deserve an abode!" that man looked at Ye Xiwen, and frowned as he spoke.

Ye Xiwen finally guessed the identity of this man. His appearance wasn't clearly visible. However, he must be that Mu Sheng Jie. He possessed an incomparably formidable strength. And, he must've laid down this matrix formation for the so-called future safety.

"Mu Sheng Jie, do you think that you're the Supreme Lord? Do you believe that whatever you say… will become the law? You decided to give it to someone… and so it will happen?" Ye Xiwen frowned. This Mu Sheng Jie was far more overbearing than what he had imagined. In fact, he was entire different from a proud and aloof person like Huang Wuji. Both had risen to fame because of their own strength. However, their personas were entirely different. Huang Wuji was proud and aloof. He would often keep distance from the outsiders. However, he didn't dislike anyone. However, this Mu Sheng Jie was overbearing. Even the spectators disliked him.

"That's right. Whatever I say becomes the law. My word is the law in the True Martial University. Ye Xiwen, you have committed many mistakes. You've killed the disciples of my Law Enforcement Hall. I wasn't present at that time. However, I have caught you red handed now!" Mu Sheng Jie spoke-up in a matter of fact manner. And, he didn't feel that there was anything wrong with it.

"You must surrender now. I know you are quite talented. So, I can let you go if you hand over your treasures and destroy your own martial arts cultivation. This is the only way for you to survive!"

"Good, good, good. It's a brilliant idea!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth in anger and replied. This thing would be even worse than death.

"You don't know how to appreciate a favor!" Mu Sheng Jie shouted. And, a big hand suddenly swept towards Ye Xiwen to grab him.

(To be continued)

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