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It was the Metropolis Single Peak as that disciple had mentioned. In fact, there was no need to get too tangled with this matter. However, the opposite party had targeted him. And, Ye Xiwen couldn't swallow this thing...

"Do you know whose hands the Metropolis Single Peak has fallen into?" Ye Xiwen asked.

"I've heard that it has fallen into the hands of Dou Hexing. He is a disciple of the previous session. He was quite famous among the disciples of the previous session. He later went on an expedition to those ruins along with Senior Brother Mu Sheng Jie. And, he has returned now. I've also heard that he has already entered the sage realm. He has been rewarded with Metropolis Single Peak!" that disciple answered.

That disciple looked at Ye Xiwen. Sage expert wasn't as exaggerated an existence for that disciple… unlike the people of the 10 countries of Southeast region. However, a sage expert was hard to match nonetheless.

However, this man who stood before his eyes wasn't a pushover either. So, it wasn't good to make him angry either. In fact, one inappropriate sentence, and he might attack. Ye Xiwen didn't have a small number of murders to his name either.

The Law Enforcement Hall was too flamboyant. It was an independent force that was big-enough to rival the influence of the Merit Palace Hall. However, they were bound to face a fierce retaliation from him if they were to provoke him. There were only a handful of people in Hidden Star Peak, but all of them were rebellious and downright crazy. Even their leading disciple Huang Wuji had once been provoked like this, and the so-called 'might' of the Law Enforcement Hall had grovelled before his wrath.

"I will go and see who has dared to lay hands on my stuff!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He took large strides, and trod out of the Merit Palace Hall. He then transformed into a streamer of light and disappeared.

There was a jubilant atmosphere on a floating peak located in the depths of the True Martial University. 'Metropolis Single Peak' was engraved on a huge stele at the foot of the mountain.

There was a palace situated atop the floating peak. A group of disciples who were clad in different clothes were sitting in wooden chairs in a circle. And, an approximately 25 or 26 year old man was sitting on the main chair. His facial features looked rough and wild. He possessed a wild aura. The 'killing intention' that he had honed during the expedition hadn't completely vanished yet.

"Many congratulations to Senior Brother Dou on moving into your new home!" a disciple took the initiative and cupped his hands in obeisance as he said. Other disciples also followed suit, and cupped their hands in obeisance as they congratulated him.

That man with rough and wild facial features was Dou Hexing. His faintly looming principles and aura were leaking out of his body every-now-and-then.

Dou Hexing let out a tiny smile in the face of everyone's praise. However, he was very happy inwardly. People hadn't been very optimistic about him in the beginning. Then, he had left for the ruins along with Mu Sheng Jie. And, he had obtained enough in return after his arrival at this time. The efforts he had made over the last hundred years hadn't gone in vain.

"I would also like to congratulate senior brother Dou for attaining such a huge achievement, and moving a step forward to the intermediate stage of the sage realm!" An individual from other side congratulated him once again.

The faces of the other people exposed a slightly envious look. Their cultivations had been at the same level as his' in the beginning. However, they were still swaying in the initial stage of the sage realm at this time. In fact, some of them were still at the semi-sage realm. However, the other party had already entered the intermediate stage of the sage realm. So, it was evident that his cultivation must've been toned very well.

"It's nothing!" Dou Hexing waved his hand. He tried to pretend that he didn't care about this thing. However, the smile at the corner of his mouth showed how complacent he was with his achievement.

"However, I've heard that this abode belongs to some other disciple?" Someone raised this topic.

"I know. I've heard that he's the champion of this time's Martial Arts Competition that had taken place between the four major forces!" someone who had heard about Ye Xiwen added. These powerhouses of the sage experts didn't care about the new disciples. What was the value of a new heaven's pride expert for them? A new disciple may have become a heaven's pride expert, but the said-individual was still a new disciple; nothing more. They didn't need to be wary of a new disciple. They could easily dominate the new disciples whenever they wanted to.

"He is also a heaven's pride level expert!" someone raised his eyebrow and said. They couldn't do anything regarding a heaven's pride of the same generation. However, they didn't worry much about these younger generation's heavens' pride experts. He might grow up to an astonishing condition in the future. However, that wouldn't happen any time soon. So, there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Humph! He has merely won the Martial Arts Competition, and he was rewarded with a floating peak…? It's very unfair. We had gone on True Martial University's expedition. So, we should be the ones to get such a reward. What are those newbies in front of us? They are merely like flowers in a greenhouse!" Dou Hexing raised his eyebrows as he said in extreme anger. This was unfair in his opinion. He had been on True Martial University's expedition for a hundred years. So, he deserved such rewards. What did that Ye Xiwen do? He had merely won the Martial Arts Competition, and had obtained such rewards in return…? He believed that those high-level old fogies had gone blind.

That semi-sage disciple who had revealed Ye Xiwen's identity looked at Dou Hexing. He didn't know what to say. Ye Xiwen hadn't merely won an ordinary Martial Arts Competition.

Furthermore, he had also slaughtered many peak heavens' pride experts of the rival forces. The result of such contribution might not be visible in a short time. However, everyone would come to know after a long time had passed. He had effectively eliminated many senior great sage experts of the future. Many of his victims may have become great sage level enemies, but he had made them disappear without any trace. So, this reward wasn't excessive if one were to consider it in this light. However, he didn't say anything out loud since he was faced with the unanimous waves that were crusading against Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he too was quite envious of Ye Xiwen…

"You are right. These new disciples don't deserve floating peaks. Those higher-ups are doing a favour on them. I've heard that several other heavens' pride experts have been rewarded with their personal floating peak abodes!" a sage disciple spoke-up in a bitter tone. How long ago he had entered the sage realm? However, he still couldn't dare to think about having his own floating peak. Then, how could he bear to see these young talents getting theirs' at such a young age?

"The new disciples are supposed to maintain low-key profile, and cultivate with care. We aren't allowed to deal with them. Otherwise, we could easily crush them to death!" another unsatisfied disciple added.

"Humph! Humph! They haven't acted insolently yet!" Dou Hexing sneered and replied.

"However, I've heard that Ye Xiwen is quite insolent. He gives no respect to our Law Enforcement Hall!" One disciple had clearly heard about Ye Xiwen's previous accomplishments… especially the matter that he had killed the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall right after he had entered the True Martial University.

"What did he do?" Dou Hexing frowned and asked. All of them were the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall. So, they were obviously the most sensitive with regard to matters when someone looked down upon their Law Enforcement Hall.

"I've heard that he has killed many lower-ranked disciples of our Law Enforcement Hall. Many cultivators of the younger generation that had been nurtured by our Law Enforcement Hall have also died at his hands!" that disciple replied.

"Audacious!" Dou Hexing banged his fist on the table and shouted ferociously. "It seems that we have been gone for far too long. Many people have forgotten our Law Enforcement Hall's prestige. One must be killed on the spot if they've dared to oppose our Law Enforcement. But, he is still alive even though he has killed our Law Enforcement Hall's people. Are you people pigs?"

The faces of those disciples turned dark-red as they were scolded. However, they couldn't say anything in reply. They had secretly started to hate Ye Xiwen even more. Would they have been scolded if it weren't for Ye Xiwen?

"Which inheritance does he belong to? I can't believe that this bastard has dared to disrespect our Law Enforcement Hall, and he's still being shielded by someone!" Dou Hexing's piercing gaze swept across them. The murderous aura that he had nurtured throughout his expedition of hundred years had soon diffused in the surroundings.

"That Ye Xiwen is a disciple of the Hidden Star Peak. We had put pressure on every major inheritance, and had asked them to ignore his application to join them. All of them were afraid to offend us for one mere disciple. However, the people of the Hidden Star Peak offered him shelter. Moreover, they have also opposed us many times!"

"We thought that he's just an ordinary disciple. We didn't expect that he could grow to this extent!"

"It's that Hidden Star Peak again!" Dou Hexing frowned and said. It wasn't that they hadn't been able to deal with the people of the Hidden Star Peak this time alone… it had been this way since the start of that conflict between Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie.

It should be mentioned that the Law Enforcement Hall couldn't deal with many people. After all, many people weren't fond of Law Enforcement Hall's overbearing methods. The Hidden Star Peak didn't have many people. However, the Hidden Star Peak was considered as an eyesore by the Law Enforcement Hall because of Huang Wuji.

"Why not attack as soon as possible since we know that he's tough and it's difficult to deal with him? These cruel and untamed guys are the unstable elements that contaminate the University. So, it will be good for the university if we eradicate such people!" Dou Hexing suggested. He had forgotten that the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall couldn't be outdone when it came to being overbearing and unstable.

"Many high-level old fools are very optimistic about him. In fact, the Old Lord of Ying Xin City has specially told our Hall's Lord to warn us against resorting to extreme methods against him!" one disciple replied.

"These old fools are taking unfair advantage of their positions. They are incompetent fools. Wait for Senior Brother Mu to occupy the top position of the Lord. We will sort such people out once that happens!" Dou Hexing clenched his fist and said.

The other people weren't surprised either. The disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall would often become the Law Enforcement's Great Lord. The Great Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall was considered a big shot in the True Martial University. In fact, the Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall stood side by side the Supreme Lord, and the other big players in the university. In fact, even the Supreme Lord couldn't ignore the suggestions of the Law Enforcement Hall's Great Lord.

And, Mu Sheng Jie had almost been accepted as the next Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall. Many other elites were also cultivating in the Law Enforcement Hall. And, many of them were classified as important cultivators as well. However, those people couldn't be compared with Mu Sheng Jie. In fact, most of them had been trained under Mu Sheng Jie. So, he hardly had any decent opponent.

Therefore, it was already final that Mu Sheng Jie would be the next Great Lord of the Law Enforcement Hall. But, Mu Sheng Jie wasn't satisfied with the position of the Law Enforcement's Great Lord. He was eyeing at the position of the Supreme Lord. Not a single disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall had ever acquired the top position in the university. After all, one must think about the concerns of other powerful organizations as well. Who would check and balance the growth of the Law Enforcement Hall if a person of the Law Enforcement Hall itself had reached at the top position? Therefore, the people having backgrounds in these authorities were often not selected for the top position.

However, he didn't care. Nobody could stop him if he wanted to do something. In fact, he could create history since nobody had accomplished it before!

This idea had enormously affected these disciples since they were under his control.

Dou Hexing's voice had barely faded when a loud shout suddenly sounded from outside — "Get out!"

(To be continued)

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