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Chapter 489: Cuts Off That Dog’s Claw!
Ye Xiwen realized that one year had passed after he came out from the secret territory of the Yi Yuan School. Qi Feifan had already returned to the True Martial University, and had submerged himself into cultivation after they had helped Yi Yuan School in wiping out the Qi State’s forces.
The Yi Yuan School was the only big force in the 10 Countries of Southeast region at the moment. They couldn’t deal with Qi Coalition in the beginning. However, they had now defeated the Qi Coalition, and had even annihilated several sage experts.
Yi Yuan School was still busy in fixing those huge internal damages. None the five big forces of the Great Yue State thought that they could dominate the whole land in the beginning. Even the people of the Yi Yuan School found that they lacked the strength whenever they got the real opportunity. In fact, it was still a bit insufficient even if they put out the entirety of their resources.
They had chosen a descendant of the Royal Clan of the Yue State to step onto the throne. Yi Yuan School didn’t care about the worldly matters as long as they were the most dominant martial art force in this territory and were free to cultivate in seclusion.
Moreover, Yi Yuan School didn’t go on an expedition in the rest of Southeast region. Nor did they swallow the entire territory by taking advantage of the prolonged dispute with the Great Wu State. This was very unlike of what everyone had thought. The majority of the strong forces had been uprooted in the clash between the Qi Coalition and Ye Xiwen’s team. And, the Great Wu State didn’t have any power left to resist as a result.
So, the Yi Yuan School had already expanded up to its limit when it came to expansion in the new territory. They would’ve also met the same fate as the Qi Coalition had if they were to try and overstep their bounds.
However, the Yue State had still managed to annex the Wu State despite the fact that each country had sustained huge casualties. Consequently, they had leapt up, and had become the biggest force among the now 9 Countries of the Southeast region.
Ye Xiwen also didn’t stay any longer after he saw that the Great Yue State and Yi Yuan School had already cleared the mess, and had begun the post-war reconstruction. He returned to the True Martial University, and began to collect the raw materials for the ‘Break Sage Yellow Pill’ after he bid farewell to everyone in Yi Yuan School.
Ye Xiwen’s current cultivation had become twice as strong as before. In fact, he had returned to the True Martial University from the Yi Yuan School in just half-an-hour upon his rainbow light. His speed would’ve been even higher if he had used his devil wings.
Ye Xiwen wasn’t anxious. He had unceasingly organized his principles on his way back. He possessed 1200 Dao principles, and each of them was terribly profound. In addition, his aura looked mysterious. His realm had gotten stuck in the late stage of the semi-sage realm. And, it couldn’t advance quickly. Therefore, he wasn’t in a situation where he could continue to increase his principles. He could only deepen the understanding of these principles. His strength was enough to sweep away the powerful experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm and some weak experts of the late stage of the sage realm. He could do things which others at his level couldn’t...
"Ye Xiwen, the best way for you to make the breakthrough into the sage realm is by using alchemy to refine pills. The power of the medicinal pills can help you in crossing this threshold!" Ye Mo’s voice suddenly reverberated in Ye Xiwen’s mind. His voice was still feeble. However, it had become much better than before.
"En!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He and Ye Mo had thought about this solution separately. He didn’t care whether his foundation was unstable or not. His foundation was incredibly profound. The difficulty he’d face in making the breakthroughs every time had also mad

e his accumulation thousand times more profound than that of an ordinary person’s. Other people couldn’t be compared with him in this aspect. So, he could digest any medicinal pill without any danger.
"How much have you recovered by now?" Ye Xiwen asked.
"I’ve recovered a bit after swallowing the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’. However, it’s still just a drop in the bucket!" Ye Mo shook his head. He forced a smile and said, "It mainly depends upon you now. The quicker your strength would promote… the quicker I will recover. It’s hundred times more difficult for you to make a breakthrough than an ordinary person as per your current foundation. However, your fighting strength will advance and reach the peak of the sage realm once you make the breakthrough. It may even surpass the late stage of the sage realm!"
"However, the biggest problem for you is that you must be careful of the schemes. Those rival sects must be targeting you. They will frequently plot against you… by hook or by crook. Fortunately, you are in the domain of the True Martial University in the Southern Region. The True Martial University can look after you and protect you here. However, you may be chased down by countless forces once you venture out!" Ye Mo said.
"Ah! I will be careful. However, how will I see the rainbow if I don’t face the winds and rain? The small plants inside the greenhouse can’t grow taller and stronger than a big tree in the wild. My present experiences are nothing in comparison to that Ancient Phoenix World!" Ye Xiwen looked firm as he replied. He would often think about that humiliation when he had seen those people take Hua Menghan away. A rage had ignited in his heart. Don’t take the unfair advantage of my young age. Everything would reverse once I grow older and more powerful. Just wait and see.
"Sigh... you..." Ye Mo sighed. "You still differed by far if that Ancient Phoenix World is your target!"
Ye Mo’s voice again disappeared after he was done talking. He had again landed into deep slumber.
Ye Xiwen didn’t think much, and entered the True Martial University treading on the rainbow light. However, he was surprised to see that the True Martial University was in celebration mood at this time. He didn’t know what kind of happy occasion this was.
However, he wasn’t interested in knowing that either. So, he directly went to the Merit Palace Hall to receive his reward. The opportunity to cultivate in the Water Moon Fairyland wasn’t the only reward he had gotten for winning this time’s Martial Arts Competition. He had also obtained a reward in addition to this. And, this reward was his personal Floating Peak. He had received this reward so that he could set up his personal abode for cultivation. Only some true disciples of the great sage realm used to enjoy such treatment along with a few core disciples of the sage realm about whom the university was very optimistic. Even some other people who had provided great services used to get such treatments.
And, Ye Xiwen had undoubtedly done both. He had killed many other forces’ heavens’ pride experts in this Martial Arts Competition. The True Martial University hadn’t said it openly. However, it was a great service towards them in reality. Plus, his performance was extraordinary. Therefore, such reward for him was only natural…
He had gone to the Water Moon Fairyland on the very next day of his victory in the championship. And, he had gone to the Yi Yuan School after he had come out of there. Therefore, he hadn’t gotten a chance to collect his reward. So, it was the time to receive the reward now.
These Floating Peak Abodes were basically microcosms. Even the experts beyond the level of great sage couldn’t spot someone if they were to practice inside such microcosms. It was said that each of these floating peaks had been personally crafted by the experts beyond great sage realm. So, these peaks possessed endless prowess. It was appropriate for a highly secretive person like Ye Xiwen.
"What? My peak isn’t here?" Ye Xiwen looked at the disciple at the front desk of the Merit Palace Hall with glaring eyes.
"Yes, Senior Brother Ye!" The front desk disciple forced a smile as he saw Ye Xiwen. He was merely at the legendary’s great complete realm. He hadn’t even entered the semi-sage realm. How he could withstand Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura? Ye Xiwen had intentionally controlled his aura. However, even a tiny bit of it was enormous for this disciple.
"The Supreme Lord himself has rewarded me this peak. It can’t possibly disappear like that. This joke isn’t funny!" Ye Xiwen restrained that tiny bit of imposing aura that was leaking out. He also knew that there must be some problem since this front desk disciple couldn’t dare to defraud him.
"Well, Senior Brother Ye!" The Merit Palace Hall’s disciple somewhat hesitantly looked at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had joined the university after him, but he had become a senior expert now. However, he didn’t have any complaints or hesitation in calling him ‘senior brother’. This world was such that powerful people were respected by others.
"In fact, the real reason is that Senior Brother Mu Sheng Jie has returned!" The front desk disciple carefully looked around. It seemed as if he wanted to make sure that nobody was eavesdropping. He was quite careful.
Ye Xiwen searched his own memory. And, he immediately remembered Mu Sheng Jie. This man used to be extremely popular in the True Martial University. He was a senior disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall back then. He had boasted great influence in the Law Enforcement Hall. He was second only to the great Lord and the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall. However, it was long time ago. It was said that he had taken a group of disciples to a remnant abode on True Martial University’s expedition hundred years ago. The reason why Ye Xiwen remembered this man was because Mu Sheng Jie and Big Brother Huang Wuji were sworn enemies. Both exceptional talents had arrived in the True Martial University at the same time. Thereafter, they had come into the limelight in the True Martial University. All other heavens’ pride experts looked inferior to these two peak talents.
However, both of them had soon become the most problematic individuals from pride in the eyes of the True Martial University. Both of them were peak talents. However, they were also sworn enemies. In fact, they had a life-long enmity between them.
They would frequently oppose each other with equal bitterness. However, Huang Wuji had been sent into exile for several hundred years later. This was because he had killed a senior great sage expert of the Law Enforcement Hall. And, the True Martial University had become peaceful ever since.
Ye Xiwen clearly knew that Huang Wuji was ferocious. Therefore, he was impressed by this person who had frequently opposed the Big Brother with equal ferocity.
"What does his return have to do with me?" Ye Xiwen asked. What could be the relation between Mu Sheng Jie’s return and him not getting the peak?
"It seems that Senior Brother Ye has recently returned from outside. That’s probably why he still doesn’t know. Senior Brother Mu had led a lot of disciples on an expedition to a remnant abode hundred years ago. And, he has brought that place and that abode under our True Martial University’s control now. The experts of the other forces have been wiped out. So, he has done a great service for the True Martial University!" the front desk disciple explained. An expression of reverence appeared on his face. "Senior Brother Mu has deliberately rewarded these disciples who had accompanied him on the expedition for their accomplishments. Many senior sage experts have been rewarded with Floating Peak Abodes. And, Senior Brother Mu has personally asked for… and taken your peak!"
"What? He has gone too far!" Ye Xiwen stared at him with his glaring eyes. He didn’t give a rate’s ass about Mu Sheng… from where he had returned… and whether he had done any great service or not. However, he had taken away the peak which belonged to him. This was clearly aimed at him. He couldn’t believe that nobody would have warned Mu Sheng Jie when he was taking the peak, and informed him that this peak had been set aside for Ye Xiwen by the Supreme Lord. However, he had still taken it away. What did this show? This clearly showed that Mu Sheng Jie was targeting him.
True Martial University’s floating peaks were precious. However, they were present in large quantities. There were many peaks that didn’t have any owners. However, he had still taken away his peak. Wasn’t this obvious?
"Good, he has done it now!" Ye Xiwen laughed instead of being extremely angry.
"Senior Brother Ye, you can choose another floating peak. The Supreme Lord has told me to give you any floating peak of your choice!" the front desk disciple said.
"There’s no need. They don’t belong to me. So, I don’t want them. However, I will cut off the claw of the dog who dares to touch my stuff!" Ye Xiwen coldly replied.
(To be continued)

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