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These essence and blood had initially been suppressed by the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’. However, that suppression force had been uplifted since that the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ had been snatched away by Ye Xiwen. And hence, the essence and blood had broken out at once.

Ye Xiwen shouted and stretched out his big hand to grasp. A golden big hand emitted abundant of golden rays of light in the clouds as it extended in the sky. And, those boundless essence and energy were immediately grabbed by Ye Xiwen’s big hand.

Ye Xiwen felt that the resentful souls lingering in these essence and blood were eating at his golden divinities.

The divinities represented the most positive force between the Heaven and Earth. It was the most noble and mystical power in the world. But, those resentful souls were the most negative force. So, these two opposite forces began to boil and roll inside Ye Xiwen’s palm.

Ye Xiwen knew that his entire divinities would be consumed if it continued like this. And, he would have the same fate as those people who had been eaten alive a moment ago…

"Ye Xiwen, you will die. Ha ha ha ha... You are presumptuous if you think you will be able to control these essence and blood. Even I had no choice but to take help of the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ to keep them in check. How else could you have defeated me so easily?" the blood-red-clothed Young Master laughed wildly and said. He had nothing to be afraid of right now. So, he fearlessly provoked Ye Xiwen. Only a miracle could help him with escaping in the situation he was current in. So, he had nothing to be afraid of…

"Shut up!" Ye Xiwen chained him up inside the space, and isolated his consciousness so that he couldn’t see anything outside.

Ye Xiwen considered for a moment. There was only one solution, and that was to refine these scarlet energies. And, there was one such method in the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. He wasn’t going to practice this power technique. However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t borrow help from one of its methods.

This was the best solution that he could think of at this time.

Ye Xiwen took out the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ without any hesitation. He contained these essence and blood, and rushed back to the Yi Yuan School. The majority of the abilities of the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ had withered after Ye Mo had fallen into deep sleep. This was also a disadvantage of having a tool spirit. Ye Xiwen could have obtained complete control over the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ if there wasn’t any tool-spirit inside it.

However, he didn’t have any regrets because he might not have come so far if he had erased Ye Mo’s spiritual knowledge back then.

He had hurriedly transferred them inside a segregated microcosm after he returned to the Yi Yuan School. This microcosm had been dedicated for his ‘closed-door training’. And, he began the ‘closed-door training’ after he had planted the matrix formation and protective barriers.

Ye Xiwen cleared his thoughts as he sat cross-legged under the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. And, the entirety of those distracting thoughts suddenly vanished from his mind. Not a single distracting thought could affect his mind any more, and this kept his consciousness pure and clear.

The effectiveness of ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was truly extraordinary. Ye Xiwen felt that his mind had become empty. In fact, the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had also helped him a lot when he had comprehended the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’.

The biggest advantage of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was that it could help an expert to enter a state similar to the ‘moment of enlightenment’. Everyone wanted to attain such a mental state. However, they couldn’t achieve it. However, one could achieve such mental state with the help of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.

The mysterious space was quite incredible. However, it couldn’t provide Ye Xiwen a true ‘moment of enlightenment’. It could certainly boost his comprehension of a technique to 100%. However, it could never boost his comprehension to more than 100%, and couldn’t give him any new insights. This was the limitation of the mysterious space.

However, the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ could help him in attaining that ‘moment of enlightenment’ kind of state. And, this could allow him to have new insights. In fact, it would make him capable of sensing even the subtlest of changes.

Ye Xiwen had contained those huge blood clouds inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’, and had started to refine them with every ounce of strength he possessed. Those scarlet energies started to get pulled out like threads from a cocoon as he used the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. And, they transformed into a group of pure energy after undergoing the transformation inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. They were then absorbed by him.

This was also the reason why he had dared to attempt this. The ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ was capable of absorbing different kinds of energies, and could then refine and transform them. The refined quantity wouldn’t be much. However, the essence would be far more pure, and completely harmless. So, there would be no worries in the future.

The cultivation-pace of ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’ was very fast. However, the problem was that there could be many dangers in the future. One’s body could most likely explode, and they could die because of forcibly swallowing so much energy for cultivating it to the peak. The more one would cultivate it, the more dangerous it could be. Therefore, one must possess a myriad of methods to suppress these rogue energies.

For example, that ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ wasn’t only a divine tool. It was also one of the methods to suppress these possible dangers because those boiling energies were required to be contained within one’s body. The blood-red-clothed Young Master had finally lost to Ye Xiwen because he couldn’t utilize the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ to its full potential. And, this was the thing which he was most resentful about at this time…

Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to relax since he was in a situation where he could suffer a setback at any time. In fact, he was wholeheartedly submerged into his practice. Therefore, the energies were being gradually transformed and absorbed by him.

Everything was fine in the beginning. And, Ye Xiwen was transforming and absorbing the energies without any major trouble. However, he had no choice but to increase his refining speed since more and more resentful souls had gradually begun to eat his divinities. Otherwise, those resentful souls would have eaten him alive even before he could transform and absorb the scarlet energies.

Therefore, he had no choice but to gradually increase the conversion speed.

Ye Xiwen’s body had suddenly turned dark-red since his body was full of essence and blood which were being converted into pure energy. It wasn’t clear how many people had been slaughtered by the blood-red-clothed Young Master. He only felt that this power was nearly inexhaustible, and he couldn’t absorb it in its entirety.

He was left with no other choice. He could only use this immense power to sprint over to the next level. His only option was to strike the threshold of the late stage of the semi-sage realm in order to consume such enormous power.

The ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was operating inside Ye Xiwen’s body. His entire body transformed into the void of universe. And, he was sitting in the middle of this universe. He was the only God of this Universe. Enormous scarlet waves were frantically swirling inside the void of the universe. It was like the mighty ocean waves that crash against the shore.

He was already surrounded by endless scarlet waves. And, those scarlet waves were unceasingly striking against his body. It seemed as if they wanted to drown him.

Ye Xiwen would absorb a part of those waves every time they’d strike his body. And then, he would transform them into his own power.

He looked like a mountain that had remained motionless since millions of years. He let these scarlet waves hit his body, and then he transformed them into his own energy.

Ye Xiwen’s power continued to increase little by little. And, these scarlet waves also gradually decreased in volume.


It wasn’t clear how much time had passed. However, Ye Xiwen’s power had reached a peak point. He took a deep breath, and concentrated his entire power to break the barrier of the late stage of the semi-sage realm.


Ye Xiwen impacted the barrier, but failed. However, his countenance didn’t show any change. Rather, he continued to attack the barrier. He commanded his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ to emit the ‘Real Elemental Energy’ so that he could unceasingly attack the barrier to corrode it.


Failed yet again!

Once again failed!

Ye Xiwen didn’t know how many times he had tried by now. He himself had gradually become numb. However, he had gradually become accustomed to it. His strength would advance by leaps and bounds if he made this breakthrough. However, making a breakthrough was hundred times more difficult for him as compared to an ordinary man… or perhaps a thousand times.

That was the reason why he’d always go out on adventures. He’d always apply a myriad of methods to make breakthroughs. An ordinary person’s cultivation might have never advanced if they had come across such difficulties and barriers like Ye Xiwen.

He attacked again and again. He’d attack countless times in each attempt. He had become habituated to such delays while making a breakthrough long ago. So, he was in no hurry.


Ye Xiwen heard the cracking sound deep in his heart. So, he habitually attacked the barrier of the late stage of the semi-sage realm once again. But, he didn’t fail this time. On the contrary, he broke the barrier of the late stage of the semi-sage realm in one attack.

Ye Xiwen’s aura finally had no obstacles. So, it unceasingly burst out of his body, and surged across.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally made the breakthrough into the late stage of the semi-sage realm! His fighting strength had also climbed up once again. And, it had now reached the peak of the intermediate stage of the sage realm. He was now sure that he could contend against the weaker experts of the late stage of the sage realm. Moreover, his current strength was enough to sweep away the experts of the intermediate stage of the sage realm.

This was an astonishing change for him. However, another problem had arrived in front of him once he had made the breakthrough into the late stage of the semi-sage realm. And, that was… how would he make the breakthrough into the sage realm?

His fighting strength had made the breakthrough into the sage realm. But, his actual cultivation hadn’t made the breakthrough into the sage realm. In fact, his fighting strength had already made the breakthrough into the sage realm long ago. However, this had also brought a huge trouble for him. His fighting strength was making the breakthroughs at a very fast speed. But, his cultivation realm couldn’t keep up with that speed. And, this had made the thresholds even stronger and more firm for him. Hence, making a breakthrough had become countless times more difficult for him than an ordinary person.

Therefore, he couldn’t liberalize his fighting strength to grow uncontrollably. Perhaps, he might not be able to cross a mountain like the sage realm in his entire life if he didn’t control his fighting strength and it grew too far away from his reach.

It was very difficult for him to make the breakthrough into the sage realm even at this stage. In fact, it was far more difficult for him than it was for an ordinary person.

Those enormous scarlet energies couldn’t help him to enter the sage realm. However, Ye Xiwen recalled many ‘pill making methods’ at this time.

In fact, Ye Mo had once comprehended many ‘pill making methods’. He had learned to concoct a myriad of medicinal pills. And, they had ranged from low quality ones to the high quality ones. Ye Mo’s previous master — the mighty Devil Lord — had once travelled through many worlds unhindered, and had killed countless alchemy masters who used to refine medicinal pills. Consequently, he had obtained methods for a variety of pills.

One of those medicinal pills could help a person to make the breakthrough into the sage realm. Moreover, there were different kinds of such pills. Ye Xiwen quickly picked one of those pills – ‘Break Sage Yellow Pill’.

Ye Xiwen knew many such ‘pill making methods’. However, he didn’t wish to walk on the path of alchemy. Moreover, it was simply impossible to walk on this road by merely depending upon his unorthodox methods. One must know that the research and refinement behind each alchemy method required the support of huge volume of resources and medicinal ingredients. In fact, almost every renowned alchemy master of the past had been supported by some big force.

However, he had no choice at this time. He needed to take this road since he felt that it was difficult to make the breakthrough into the sage realm.

(To be continued).

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