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The blood-red-clothed Young Master was assured that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t dare to kill him. After all, the ‘Meteor Sect’ had a formidable reputation. In fact, it was of the same level as the True Martial University used to be in the past.

The True Martial University was still quite powerful. Experts were present in abundance… just like clouds. However, it couldn’t be compared with the True Martial University of those glorious days. There was basically no comparison in that respect.

In fact, the True Martial University of the past was more powerful than the combined strength of the forces of the current True Martial World. Therefore, one could imagine what kind of a force the ‘Meteor Sect’ was.

The people of the True Martial University obviously wouldn’t have cared about a young Lord of the ‘Meteor Sect’ if the True Martial University were to be at the same level as before. However, the situation was different now.

Therefore, the blood-red-clothed Young Master was confident that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t dare to kill him. This was also his last resort. After all, he didn’t have the option to escape after the death of that black-robed old man.

"Don’t dare to kill me!"

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen crushed the body of the blood-red-clothed Young Master, and it exploded. He then pulled out his soul from his body, and tossed it inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’!

Ye Xiwen thought that it was the right thing to do. Ye Xiwen was wary of the ‘Meteor Sect’. After all, it wasn’t inferior to a powerful force like the True Martial University of the old times. However, it didn’t mean that he would let this man off. He couldn’t kill this man. So, he pulled out his soul, and put it into the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. And, he intended to keep it there until the time when the ‘Meteor Sect’ wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble for him.

"Bang!" A magical tool had swept out from the body of the blood-red-clothed Young Master at the time his body had transformed into blood fog. It was a sage tool! Therefore, it hadn’t broken when Ye Xiwen had crushed his body.

This divine tool looked like a plate-shaped seal. It was blood-red in color. And, only one word was engraved on it – Emperor.

Ye Xiwen searched the soul of the blood-red-clothed Young Master, and found out about a myriad of evil secrets. This divine tool was known as ‘Blood Emperor Seal’. He had refined it from the many precious materials he had collected. It could be said that this ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ was the biggest wealth that he possessed.

This secret divine tool and his ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’ suited each other very well. However, he hadn’t gotten enough time to unleash it. Otherwise, it would’ve displayed enormous power.

Ye Xiwen naturally came to know about the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’ after he had searched this Young Master’s soul. However, he wasn’t interested in it. It wasn’t that the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’ wasn’t powerful. On the contrary, it was a very powerful technique. It might even be a power technique of some big force of the medieval era. Moreover, the blood-red-clothed Young Master hadn’t even obtained it in it’s complete version. However, Ye Xiwen possessed the ‘Observing Person Scripture’. So, the other power techniques were like fleeting clouds for him. Moreover, the soul memories of the blood-red-clothed Young Master also told him that one must transform their body into the immortal body of Blood Emperor in order to practice this power technique to the peak. One might even get transformed into a person who’d be neither a ghost nor a demon. And, Ye Xiwen didn’t want that.

However, he could learn a few things from it. For example, Ye Xiwen was quite envious of the ability which had enabled that blood-red-clothed Young Master to reorganize his body after he had been cut into two halves. His ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ was also quite incredible. And, his ‘gilded tyrant form’ was even more incredible. However, the consequences could be too disastrous if he were to be cut into two halves.

Ye Xiwen tossed the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ into the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. However, something unexpected happened, and he was totally surprised by it. He had barely put that ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ into the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ when a big hand suddenly stretched out, and grabbed it.

Ye Xiwen was about to react when he heard Ye Mo’s feeble voice, "Ye Xiwen, don’t attack. It’s me!"

"Ye Mo!" Ye Xiwen promptly exposed a surprised look. He hadn’t expected that he would sense Ye Mo’s presence this time.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t felt Ye Mo’s presence since the time Ye Mo had landed into deep sleep. In fact, it was like Ye Mo had already disappeared for him. Moreover, he didn’t have any method to sense Ye Mo since he wasn’t responding.

Therefore, he hadn’t anticipated that he would finally sense Ye Mo at this time.

"Ye Mo, how are you?" Ye Xiwen promptly spoke inside his consciousness.

"I’m fine. But, I am too exhausted. I’m taking this divine tool. I must consume as many of these divine tools in order to recover!" Ye Mo’s voice still sounded weak as he said.

Ye Mo hadn’t attacked at that time. He had merely released his imposing aura to intimidate the enemy. However, he had exhausted most of his energy in doing that. In fact, nearly the entirety of his energy had depleted. It could be reckoned that he would’ve died if he were to be a human being. However, he was a tool spirit. So, he had only fallen into deep sleep.

Ye Xiwen knew that Ye Mo could be a match for sage experts as long as he had stimulated the Heavenly Source Mirror to its full potential, and had enough spirit stones for back up. However, he had fallen into deep sleep that day since he had revealed his imposing aura. Initially, he had seemed to be a match for that person. However, he hadn’t responded for several years after that.

That man was unimaginably dreadful…

"You will have to find many divine tools in the future. Only then can I recover quickly!" Ye Mo disappeared again he said this. And, it soon seemed as if he hadn’t ever appeared.

Ye Xiwen became sluggish for a moment. This was a sage tool, and not some cabbage that anyone could own one. Most sage experts were still using pseudo-sage tools, and they too weren’t easy to get a hold of. Several senior sage experts had arrived in the 10 countries of Southeast region at this time. However, they too were using pseudo-sage tools. Only the blood-red-clothed Young Master possessed a sage tool.

However, Ye Xiwen grumbled at this thought. He would have some hope to find sage tools if he knew the way… even if it were to be difficult. Therefore, he was mostly troubled by the fact that he didn’t have a direction to tread on. Consequently, he didn’t know the direction in which he should put his efforts in.

Sage tools were rare. However, he believed that it would become easier for him to get hold of sage tools along with the unceasing promotion of his cultivation.

A long time had passed in Ye Xiwen’s heart. However, it seemed as if an instant had passed in the outside world.

Everyone was still immersed in the shock that Ye Xiwen had killed the blood-red-clothed Young Master. Ye Xiwen had certainly gained the upper hand from the beginning of the fight. However, gaining upper hand didn’t mean that he could kill the opponent on his own. After all, the blood-red-clothed Young Master had long been famous. Therefore, those spectators were left in shock when they saw him getting killed.

"I didn’t expect that the blood-red-clothed Young Master will die at Ye Xiwen’s hands. Moreover, there wasn’t any suspense in the fight, and he was defeated in such a direct manner. Ye Xiwen is extremely ferocious!"

Someone still couldn’t believe that a sage expert had died before their eyes.

A sage expert was like a God in the 10 countries of the Southeast region. Therefore, killing a sage expert was akin to killing a God. And, such an incident was bound to leave them stunned.

The fate had been decided, and the dust had settled. The Great Qi State’s two biggest benefactors had died in the battle. What could the remaining people possible do now?

There were many supporters of Qi State among those spectators. Many of them were also the experts of the Qi State. So, their complexion turned deathly pale when they saw this scene. In fact, it seemed as if they were mourning the loss of their mothers.

"Bang!" Suddenly, boundless blood and energy broke out like tsunami waves from the place where the blood-red-clothed Young Master’s body had exploded. The resentment and roars of countless people were mixed in that boundless blood and energy as it swept across.

The scarlet flood swept out at an extremely fast speed. It had spread out in a flash. Ye Xiwen, Qi Feifan, and his teammates reacted very quickly. And, they flew high up in the air almost-immediately. However, some spectators weren’t so lucky. Many among those were merely Truth Realm experts. And, they turned into skeletons as they got flooded by this bloody flood.

The loud screams began to reverberate unceasingly.

Ye Xiwen had clearly seen that they hadn’t been flooded and reduced into skeletons. Rather, they had been eaten alive, and thus turned into skeletons.

The number of resentful souls contained in that endless bloody flood wasn’t clear. These resentful souls belonged to those innocent people who the blood-red-clothed Young Master had killed.

Ye Xiwen didn’t know that whether there were things like ‘hell’, ‘reincarnation’, and so on in this world or not. However, he knew that a resentment-force would be generated if a person met a tragic death. And, that force would linger around in the form of a resentful soul. This was general knowledge.

The more tragic the death of a person… the more intense their resentful soul would be. And, the people who had been killed by the blood-red-clothed Young Master were truly innocent. So, one could imagine how much hatred and resentment they must’ve possessed. Moreover, this was the resentful force which had been formed by the souls of many such innocent people.

Even the sage experts would have to step away if they saw this. This was the reason an average person didn’t dare to approach some large battlefields. They knew that there would be too many resentful souls in the vicinity. One wouldn’t be worried if there were only one or two resentful souls. However, who wouldn’t be scared if hundreds of thousands of such souls… or perhaps millions of such souls rushed over towards them.

Perhaps ten-million of such souls were present in this bloody flood. Those Truth Realm experts had only begun to touch upon the world principles. How they could have possibly resisted this force?

The memory of the blood-red-clothed Young Master also informed Ye Xiwen that he would require a huge volume of people’s essence and blood in order to practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. Therefore, that man would frequently slaughter everyone in a city he had captured. He would attack and kill everyone in a city he had captured without any reason since he wanted to obtain a huge volume of essence and blood to provide assistance to his cultivation of ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’.

The malicious nature of this power technique was evident from his fact. This was also one of the main reasons why Ye Xiwen didn’t choose to practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. This power technique looked quite good. The cultivation speed was also very quick. However, one must slaughter tens of millions people if they wanted to practice this power technique till the sage realm alone. And, they must kill even more people if they wanted to practice it further. It wasn’t impossible. However, one would need to keep killing people until it was mastered.

Not everyone who practiced evil technique resorted to indiscriminate killings. However, that wouldn’t make one a powerful cultivator. Moreover, one would attract the attentions of countless people after they had slaughtered so many people. Most experts didn’t pay attention to the ordinary people. However, these ordinary people were the very foundations of the big forces. The majority of disciples in a force came from ordinary background. So, a force wouldn’t be very far from extinction if there were no ordinary people.

Therefore, he might get chased down if he practiced the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. And, Ye Xiwen didn’t want such a thing to happen. He was determined to kill only while facing an enemy, and not indiscriminately. Moreover, who would control such destructive and overflowing flood after his death? It would create a huge mess!

Moreover, he must be prepared to bear the entirety of these resentment-forces if he wanted to practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Power Technique’. One would get overpowered by these resentment force, and lose to one’s inner demons if one were to be careless. And then, they would go crazy.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master had suppressed these essence and blood within his body with the help of ‘Blood Emperor Seal’. But, Ye Xiwen had taken away the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ after his death. So, all of it had suddenly broken out since the repression-force had been removed.

However, Ye Mo had already taken away the ‘Blood Emperor Seal’ from him by now. Therefore, Ye Xiwen had no choice but to clench his teeth as he saw the blood and energy rampaging as far as the eyes could see. He could only do that much…

(To be continued)

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