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Ye Xiwen had just relaxed a moment ago. However, he suddenly saw that the blood-red-clothed Young Master had slowly begun to condense in the air again. And, he slowly regained his shape soon-after!

"Ye Xiwen, you can’t kill me. I’m immortal. The Blood Emperor is immortal. Ha ha ha ha...!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master burst into laughter as he spoke this. His countenance had turned a bit sinister.

Ye Xiwen’s complexion had turned solemn. He knew that the blood-red-clothed Young Master might have practiced some dishonest method of the Demon God’s. And so, he may have become an existence that was neither a ghost, nor a demon…

"What? He had been cut into two halves a moment ago! But, he still hasn’t died? The blood-red-clothed Young Master isn’t a human!" the experts gasped from afar. It seemed as if they couldn’t believe the scene which had played before their eyes.

"He didn’t die! Can someone really kill him? This is unnatural!"

"Ye Xiwen, this fight has just begun!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master shouted. The lance in his hand was pointing towards Ye Xiwen from afar. The point of the lance issued astonishing scarlet lights. After that, a scarlet battle-armor crawled over his entire body.

His body had been cut into two halves a moment ago. However, it had restored at an astonishing speed. Moreover, intermittent screams had sounded as this scene had unfolded. These were the screams of the resentful ghosts of the people he had killed.

Countless people got terrified as they saw this strange scene. It seemed as if his body was undergoing some unfathomable transformation. His present aura had suddenly made a qualitative leap in comparison to his previous one. His aura had only made everyone feel gloomy and cold in the past. However, his present negative demonic energy had left them terrified. In fact, they had been scared to death even if they were watching him from afar.

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at his transformation. He could feel that something in had burst open in his opponent’s body. Consequently, his body had gone in an unknown direction because of this astonishing speed of its transformation.

However, Ye Xiwen knew that he mustn’t allow him to proceed with the transformation.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen didn’t delay, and he launched the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ attack. The surroundings transformed into the void of universe. And, countless stars began to revolve inside it in a crazed manner.

Nobody dared to come close this time. They knew that these stars weren’t real, and were merely an illusion. However, they were more terrifying than the real stars because these ones had been formed by Ye Xiwen’s ‘fist intention’. So, they would die if they came in contact with them.

Ye Xiwen’s fist had transformed into a huge star. It wasn’t clear how big it was in reality. It suddenly swept down towards the blood-red-clothed Young Master to crush him.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master also roared like a madman. His figure had gradually begun to fuse into the Blood Emperor who stood behind him. The Blood Emperor had begun to transform as a result. In fact, it had soon come to possess a presence of its own. His eyes looked like a pair of huge lanterns, and they were brimming with ‘killing intention’ for Ye Xiwen.

"I wasn’t ready to use this card since I wanted to use it against that bastard. So, congratulations, Ye Xiwen. You’re the first one who has seen this secret power of mine. And, I grant you death now!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master spoke-up coldly in an anger-filled voice.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master looked a bit relieved inside that Blood Emperor. He had finally transformed into a monster which was neither a human, nor a demon. So, Ye Xiwen was already a dead man in his opinion. Consequently, he gradually sank into his own thoughts…

This thought had remained buried deep inside his memories for a long time. He used to be an individual of the Meteor Sect who wanted to obtain his father’s recognition for becoming the Young Lord. He was a young genius. So, he had inevitably enjoyed all the praises… until that year when his elder brother had appeared!

His figure was like a giant mountain. And, it had become a nightmare that had destroyed his life. Everyone was surprised by his elder brother. Consequently, those praises and approvals were taken away. Even his fame as a genius had also been snatched away by his elder brother. Moreover, he cared about his father’s recognition the most, but that was also snatched away!

He had been waiting for an opportunity since the day he had obtained the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. He didn’t even know how many people he had killed in order to practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’!

He had invested everything, and all he wanted in-return was to kill those people who had despised him once. He wanted to break the neck of that bastard with his own hands since his old man’s facial expression would become quite splendid when that would happen...

The movements of the blood-red-clothed Young Master’s hand didn’t slow down. In fact, his movements had become even quicker after he had fused with that Blood Emperor. Then, the scarlet lance thrust out as endless scarlet energies wrapped around it.

Both individuals had resorted to extreme methods. And, this was enough to crush the entire world.


The battle wreaked havoc in the surroundings. And, the cracks became visible in the sky. In fact, the cracks proliferated across the sky like massive spider-webs.

They could be considered as formidable opponents for each other. However, Ye Xiwen was clearly a bit steadier, while the blood-red-clothed Young Master was more of the ‘impatient’ type. In fact, he had become even more anxious after the death of that black-robed old man.

He was born to sail with the wind as the Young Lord of the Meteor Sect. When had he ever been forced into such a disadvantageous situation in a battle? However, his opponent was an evil genius like Ye Xiwen!

He had met the strongest opponent in the form of Ye Xiwen. But, he wasn’t the strongest opponent for Ye Xiwen. However, this was the first time that Ye Xiwen had met an evenly matched opponent after his fighting strength had reached the sage realm.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds after he had fused with that great Blood Emperor. He had been nothing for Ye Xiwen in the beginning. In fact, he would’ve already been killed by Ye Xiwen if he hadn’t used his schemes and the guerrilla tactics.

After all, the ‘gilded tyrant form’ was extremely powerful. Nobody had met a good end while facing Ye Xiwen’s tyrant form. The same thing had happened with the one with the Titan Body. One could say that Ye Xiwen had never encountered physiques that were more powerful than the Titan’s body, the Barbarian God’s Real Body, and so on. And perhaps, those physiques could’ve been able to contend against the ‘tyrant body’. Ye Xiwen had also thought that whether he would be able to sweep away a truly powerful person if ever faced one. After all, the one with Titan Body only possessed the bloodline of titans; and nothing more. So, it would be an entirely different scenario if he were to come across a real Titan.

In that case, Ye Xiwen would probably have to fight a bloody battle instead of a bitter struggle!

This Blood Emperor was enough to make him pay attention towards himself.

"Rumble!" It took long to describe, but everything had happened in a split-second. Both sides had once again begun to attack each other without any hesitation. Both of them had resorted to extreme methods, and had refused to give up. It was a dreadful fight.

Everyone’s hearts had begun to bounce ferociously. These two individuals were extremely ferocious. Almost everyone’s gaze was fixed on these two individuals after the fight between that black-robed man and the skinny old man had ended. The fights between other sage experts like Qi Feifan and those old experts had already come to an end. Those old experts had been utterly defeated and killed. After all, these sage experts had become very old. Therefore, there was a big disparity between them and the likes of Qi Feifan who had become mature, and possessed plenty of vitality.

However, the blood-red-clothed Young Master had soon become terrified since he had realized that he still couldn’t overpower Ye Xiwen. He saw Ye Xiwen standing firmly in mid-air. He didn’t know when those golden divinities had crawled over that slim body of Ye Xiwen’s. Ye Xiwen looked like an ancient Golden God of War who was clad in a divine cloak, and was looking disdainfully at the mortals from the void.

He had become even stronger. He had also unleashed his ‘gilded tyrant form’ to the peak. Therefore, he had become far stronger than before.


The scarlet and golden figures looked like two clouds in the sky. They blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as they swept out towards each other.


Everyone heard a loud and dull scream. It had originated from that terrifying energy storm. After that, a figure dashed out of it.

Everyone was startled. They stretched their necks to see who had won. They knew that both individuals had disclosed their hidden cards. Thus, the person who would sustain injuries first would lose for certain.

Everyone looked closely. That person turned out to be the blood-red-clothed Young Master! They were surprised to see that his chest had nearly been punctured. He was drenched with blood, and the blood was still gushing out unceasingly.

The scarlet face of that blood-red-clothed Young Master had suddenly turned pale. That blow had left him seriously injured. In fact, that blow would’ve killed him if he hadn’t transformed into the immortal Blood Emperor – A monstrous physique which was neither a human, nor a demon.

That blow had inflicted serious injuries to him. And, it had also shaken his invincible confidence. After all, he hadn’t disclosed his hidden trump. So, he hadn’t lost his confidence even when Ye Xiwen had cut him into two halves. However, the situation had changed now. He had displayed his strongest fighting strength. However, he had still sustained serious injuries at Ye Xiwen’s hands. Moreover, he hadn’t been able to inflict any injury to Ye Xiwen. Was he genuinely so powerful?

This was the most unacceptable thing for him. He believed that he would be able to run amuck the younger generation since he had practiced the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. He felt that it would be enough for him to break that bastard’s neck in front of that old man. However, he couldn’t even defeat Ye Xiwen… a man he hadn’t even heard about. And, this shock had made him numb.

"Why? Why has this happened? I’m invincible!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master muttered in disbelief.

Many experts became excited when they saw this scene from afar… especially those who hated the blood-red-clothed Young Master. They hadn’t been able to voice their objections in the past because of this man’s dominance. But, they could finally hope for the dawn of a new era now. Ye Xiwen formidable strength wasn’t a good thing for them either. However, he wasn’t like that blood-red-clothed Young Master, and he wouldn’t kill everyone after he had captured a city…

Ye Xiwen stepped forward, and rushed forth. The divine golden cloak made him look aloof and indifferent. His invincible aura was similar to that of a mythical being.

The strength could be improved. However, not everyone could possess such an incredible aura. He had gradually accumulated such an imposing aura and self-confidence after having defeated countless opponents.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master’s aura was initially similar to that of Ye Xiwen’s. However, his’ had disappeared after this blow. Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen’s had become even stronger.

Ye Xiwen didn’t give him any opportunity to respite, and rushed towards him. It was hard to fully heal his chest since Ye Xiwen’s energy was causing coming in the way of the healing process. Consequently, his chest had been left to bleed…

The blood-red-clothed Young Master shouted loudly. He wanted to counterattack. However, he had no strength left in him. His entire strength had been drained by now. Ye Xiwen arrived in front of him, and raised him by the neck.

"Ye Xiwen, don’t you dare kill me! My Meteor Sect’s life-sign token will break if I die. Then, everyone in the Meteor Sect will come to know that you have committed an offense, and you won’t be able to escape!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master looked fiercely at Ye Xiwen. He then burst into laughter as he said this.

"Don’t dare to kill me!"

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen crushed that blood-red-clothed Young Master’s body, and it exploded.

(To be continued).

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