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Scarlet flames were frantically burning on the body of the blood-red-clothed Young Master. And, spooky screams could be heard from the flames.

"You talk nonsense!" an astonishing sword beam emerged along with Ye Xiwen’s shout.

Ye Xiwen’s movement was extremely quick. And, he forged ahead to kill without any hesitation. He didn’t even think about whether the blood-red-clothed Young Master had finished speaking or not.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master roared. His lance went into the sky, and produced an inexhaustible lance-shadow. It punctured the sky, and pressed down the horizon. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it swept down.


The lance’s shadow and the sword’s beam collided in the void. Consequently, a dreadful force began to boil, and then swept all across.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master retreated several steps in order to escape Ye Xiwen’s terrifying power.

He had put his own body at stake, and had gone all out. However, he wasn’t Ye Xiwen’s opponent. He couldn’t suppress Ye Xiwen even after he had used his power or his secret techniques. On the contrary, he had been forced to retreat by Ye Xiwen’s incessant attacks.

Ye Xiwen collected his iron sword, and assumed a stance. A boundless and grand aura spread out, and submerged the surroundings. It seemed as if the surroundings had transformed into a universe within a split second. He and the blood-red-clothed Young Master were in the centre of this universe at this time.

It seemed as if he had broken this world and had established another one in its place. He had masters the elements Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. A huge formation of stars had appeared behind him. It gradually began to rotate, and started to emit a domineering aura.

Both of them had landed into a sea of stars. It should be mentioned that the blood-red-clothed Young Master had fallen into the ideal condition of Ye Xiwen’s fist technique.

"What kind of Martial Arts Technique is this? It looks incredible!" someone spoke-up while trembling with fear. The ideal condition of a Martial Arts Technique and its level were usually related to each other.

The higher the level of a Martial Arts Technique, more dreadful its ideal condition would be. Moreover, that entire universe had been integrated into this fist technique in this case. So, one could well imagine the level of this Martial Arts Technique.

The complexion of the blood-red-clothed Young Master had also turned exceptionally ugly. He had been dragged inside the secret world of Ye Xiwen’s Martial Arts Technique. So, the consequences would certainly be very serious.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen shot his fist, and that huge formation of stars began to move behind him. It swept forth, and issued terrifying rumbling sound. It rushed-in from all directions, and swept over towards the blood-red-clothed Young Master to crush him.

"Whoosh!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master displayed the mystical world of his own Martial Arts Technique in order to counter Ye Xiwen’s secret world.

A scarlet world suddenly appeared, and bloody waves started to surge everywhere. Then, a Blood Emperor took his place above those bloody waves.

He shot his scarlet lance upward to welcome the incoming attack. It suddenly thrust out. The scarlet lance produced scarlet ripples as it swept out. And, everything turned red wherever the ripples went.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master was cruel and extremely arrogant. However, he genuinely did possess extremely powerful strength. His magical power overflowed the sky, and it was truly dreadful. In fact, it was more than sufficient to meet the standard of a top heaven’s pride level expert.

A ‘breaking’ sound was suddenly heard since the sea of stars was ripped apart. After that, mighty and boundless sonic booms dissipated in all directions. And, the blood emperor rode upon the scarlet waves, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen’s big star formation.

"Rumble!" The Blood Emperor and the stars collided. This was a contest between two individuals who possessed terrifying willpowers.

"Bang!" The Blood Emperor was crushed into fragments by that huge star formation. He managed to re-condense some distance away, but he had seemingly dimmed by a significant margin.

The complexion of the blood-red-clothed Young Master turned as gloomy and cold as dusk when he looked at Ye Xiwen. He then brandished his lance along with a long and loud roar. It emitted scarlet rays of light and suppressed the surroundings as it pressed down like a giant dragon.

The iron sword appeared in Ye Xiwen’s hand once again. After that, his right hand unleashed the ‘Buried Sword Secret’, while his left show-cased the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. He was doing two tasks at one time. His hands were unleashing the two different fighting techniques at the same time. Only he could do such a thing! He had become habitual of doing two tasks at a time ever since he had obtained the mysterious space. Even his mind had become used to multitasking...

Two stunning secret techniques pressed down at the same time. And, the blood-red-clothed Young Master retreated in the face of such attacks. The huge star formation swept down to crush, and the iron sword went forth to slash. Ye Xiwen had gone all out. He wasn’t holding back one bit!

The fight between these two individuals had become incomparably dreadful. It wasn’t clear how many times that scarlet world and Ye Xiwen’s star field had clashed in one moment. The scarlet ocean had reversed its direction due to the clashes, while the stars had started to chip-off.

Both the individuals had resorted to extreme methods. The blood-red-clothed Young Master firmly clenched his teeth, and made his best effort to attack again. And, the scarlet lance swept out like a dragon.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s sword slashed down. It appeared as heavy as a star. The blood-red-clothed Young Master raised his lance to resist the attack. However, his palm was split-open in a split second. It had been ruptured by the vigorous power that had been instilled into Ye Xiwen’s sword move.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master had survived till now. And, this feat was already beyond Ye Xiwen’s imagination. One must know that an average person couldn’t resist a single sword move of Ye Xiwen’s. However, this man had managed to survive till now. And, this feat was enough to prove that he also possessed an extraordinary physique.

Moreover, each of the heaven’s pride level experts was good in some aspects, and also had some weaknesses. However, he didn’t have any clear weak points. His physique was beyond an ordinary person’s imagination... even if it wasn’t as incredible as that of Emperor Chen’s.

However, Ye Xiwen had displayed the superiority of his physique when they had clashed.

"Puchi!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master spouted a mouthful of blood. He vomited blood from his mouth. His body looked very insignificant in front of the stars. It was impossible for him to face the continued barrage of Ye Xiwen’s stars and the ‘Buried Sword Secret’ attack at the same time.

His eyes had finally started to reveal a look of panic at this time since he hadn’t thought that things would turn out like this. His ego and arrogance had originated from his strength. He could be considered at the peak in the younger generation. Therefore, he hadn’t expected that he would suffer loss in such a rural region of the True Martial World. Moreover, this situation could be considered as a big loss for him.

However, he still hadn’t lost the confidence. Everything would reverse once that black-robed old man would defeat that skinny and old man in servant attire. And then, this guy before his eyes would die...

He had confidence on that black-robed old man’s abilities. After all, he was his protector. He was considered as an extremely powerful expert. Moreover, he was at the peak of the sage realm.

A stunning battle had broken out in the sky. And, all kinds of creative concepts were being displayed there. The fight had reached to an intense degree. In fact, it was much fiercer than the fight between Ye Xiwen and the blood-red-clothed Young Master.

"Puchi!" The complexion of the old man in servant’s attire had turned ice–cold. His blade had swept down, and an arm of that black-robed old man had been chopped down as a result. In fact, his arm had been cut down by the blade-intention of that skinny old man. It was a stunning attack. And, it seemed to be a very ancient move.

"Ah!" the black-robed old man screamed endlessly. His entire left arm had been severed. Consequently, blood splashed out, and formed a scarlet pool on the ground. His eyes were filled with a look of horror. He couldn’t believe that his arm had been severed by a blade move!

However, the skinny old man didn’t wish to give him any chance to breathe. And, another blade-attack was hacked down immediately-after.

"Bang!" The blade-intention congealed together, and came slashing-down... as if on its own will. It seemed unstoppable!

"Puchi!" The blade-energy swept down, and issued incredible rays of light. The black-robed old man didn’t get any time to respond, and his entire body got cut into two halves. Blood splashed out as his body got hacked into two halves.

Everyone was left dumbstruck by this development. They hadn’t anticipated that they would see such a scene. The real fight hadn’t even started long ago. And, the fight didn’t continue for several days and nights as they had thought. In fact, the winner and the loser had been decided in such a short time on the contrary. A peak expert of the sage realm had fallen before their eyes.

"How is this possible?" The blood-red-clothed Young Master couldn’t believe his eyes. A part of his concentration had remained fixed on the body of the black-robed old man from the beginning. After all, he knew that the final result was dependant on the outcome of the fight between these two senior peak level sage experts.

However, he hadn’t anticipated that the outcome would be decided so soon. And, he had obviously never imagined that the person on his own side would lose. The situation had changed very dramatically all of a sudden.

Ye Xiwen raised his iron sword. He pointed towards the blue dome of the Heaven, and said, "Now, I will send you on your way to hell!"

The complexion of the blood-red-clothed Young Master had turned ugly. He had fallen into the disadvantageous position in this battle with Ye Xiwen. And, that black-robed old man had been his only hope. However, he had been killed as well. Consequently, he had lost all hope.

"Bang!" His energy soared into the sky. His aura had promptly moved to the peak since he knew that he didn’t have any time to think.

"I will kill you in one move!" There was no expression on Ye Xiwen’s face. His opponent’s fate had been sealed. However, the fight between him and the blood-red-clothed Young Master hadn’t ended yet. But, he didn’t wish to delay any further.

Qi Feifan, Yang Wen Jun, and other people had also obtained overwhelming advantages in their respective battles. Their opponents had previously held the positions of the senior experts of various forces of the Southeast Region’s 10 countries. However, they had surrendered because of the tyranny of that black-robed old man whom the blood-red-clothed Young Master had brought here. However, that black-robed old man had been killed. So, why would these people willingly stake their lives and press forward for no reason? However, they couldn’t escape because of the interceptions that were made by Qi Feifan and the others.

It had taken some time, but the disparity between the fairly matured sage experts like Qi Feifan and his teammates and those old ancestors had eventually been revealed. These ancestors had already become old. Why would they have willingly laid down their ambitions and stayed here in Southeast region if they hadn’t become very old?

They had nearly no hopes for breakthroughs. However, Qi Feifan and his teammates were different. They would fight with honesty and vigor. And, they would display explosive strength while fighting.

Consequently, they had suppressed those old fogies with the passage of time.

Ye Xiwen didn’t wish to delay any further. And, the blood-red-clothed Young Master also knew that he might get a chance to escape, but only if he could kill Ye Xiwen right now. Otherwise, he might get killed on the spot.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen brandished his long sword. It transformed into a huge star, and it fell down from the sky like a bolt of lightning. It looked grand and dreadful. The entire void had been cut into two halves by the descending sword energy.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master also used his entire strength. His lance shot out, and punctured the sky. He clearly knew what this one attack could mean for him.

"Bang!" the dreadful sound of the collision of the weapons swept out. And, it set-off waves of storms.

"Puchi!" The hands of the blood-red-clothed Young Master had been fractured by this collision. He spouted blood from his mouth. In fact, the bones in his entire body had been smashed by this attack.

"Puchi!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master’s defence was shattered by Ye Xiwen. Then, his entire body got cut into two halves, and transformed into a mass of blood fog.

(To be continued)

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