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Qi Feifan and other people also decided their sage level opponents in quick succession, and began to fight.

"Too Arrogant!"

Ye Xiwen coldly shouted. He didn’t say anything further. The iron sword in his hand slashed down along with the sound of collision of metals. It was merely an ordinary iron sword. It wasn’t clear from where he had obtained it. However, it displayed the greatest of might in his hand.

The sword energy soared into the sky. It swept across violently, and minced the clouds in the sky.

The sword streaked across and tore the vast sky. The metal clanging sounds sounded unceasingly. This ordinary iron sword carried endless power. In fact, it seemed like some immortal sword! Its power was so destructive that it annihilated everything that came in its path. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen had finally reached the doorway of the devil realm.

"Bang!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master sneered. The tip of his lance rose up in the air, and broke open a large hole in the void. It looked exceptionally terrifying. Scarlet rays of light covered his entire body. In fact, they started to seem like a blood-red cloak.

"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen’s sword and the blood-red-clothed Young Master’s lance collided. The vast sky had been disintegrated. It seemed as if the world had turned upside down. And, the chaos leaked out from the cracks in the space.

Both individuals possessed incredible fighting strength. It was a bitter clash, and it seemed as if two massive stars had collided. Their collision was truly earth-shattering.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master became terrified since he realized that his arms had turned a bit numb. He had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen! He had never experienced this before. It wasn’t clear how long he had been practicing the cultivation method of the ‘Meteor Sect’. He had been absorbing the power of the stars to temper his body for a very long period of time. He also had the assistance of several other supreme power techniques. But, he rarely revealed them. Therefore, he possessed a genuinely strong body. And, his body had become even stronger after he had begun to practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’. So, there were a very few people who could rival him when it to physique… let alone suppress him.

"Both of them are fighting neck-to-neck. It’s an evenly matched battle. They have met a good opponent!" someone among the spectators who were standing afar spoke-up.

They still had more confidence on the blood-red-clothed Young Master in comparison to Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen was certainly very powerful. However, the experts whom he had killed were at the semi-sage realm. None of them were as powerful as a sage expert. However, the blood-red-clothed Young Master had ripped-apart a senior sage level ancestor of the Great Yue State before their eyes.

However, they didn’t expect that it would be an evenly matched fight in reality.

"Whoosh!" The two figures broke away from each other. And, each landed on top of a mountain peak. They were standing opposite to each other, and were separated by a long distance. Incredible energies were fluctuating on their bodies.

"Very good. Very good. You’re quite strong. However, it’s also a good thing. I would advance a step further and proclaim myself as hegemon after I’ve absorbed your essence and blood!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master didn’t get scared after being amazed at first. On the contrary, he became more insolent.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes had turned ice-cold. An incredible chill was surging in his eyes. The blood-red-clothed Young Master had annoyed him. "You’re dishonest. And, your ways are truly despicable!"

"Humph! Dishonest? What do you know? I’m the most powerful and talented person. I’m the most eligible person to inherit the throne. I don’t care about the methods as long as I can achieve my goal. I don’t care if I have to slaughter people… as long as I can practice the ‘Dark Spirit Blood Emperor Power Technique’!" A cruel smile appeared on the face of the blood-red-clothed Young Master. This bloodbath was no different than walking on a pile of ants for him.

"You are talking nonsense. You are just a coward, and nothing more. You have already lost the self-confidence in your own strength and discipline!" Ye Xiwen shook his head and replied in a pitiful manner.

"You’re courting death!" It seemed as if Ye Xiwen’s words had touched a sore spot of the blood-red-clothed Young Master’s heart. Consequently, a ruthless ‘killing intention’ began to boil in his eyes.


The lance-point dropped on top of the mountain peak, and it got disintegrated. The surrounding atmosphere began to boil vigorously, and gradually began to transform into a red color. Then, the strands of these red-colored energies swept across. And, the space was crushed into fragments wherever they went.

Ye Xiwen’s long sword streaked across the sky. He and his sword looked very ordinary in comparison to the dreadful might of the blood-red-clothed Young Master. However, it seemed as if his one sword would break ten-thousand principles as it swept out. And, it appeared as if any terrifying attack would get defeated by his ordinary iron sword.

"Clang!" a loud metal-clanging sound reverberated. The tip of the sword and the point of the lance collided. Both individuals looked like two formidable Gods who had decided to fight on the earth. Both of them retreated several steps by the terrifying force of their collision. The space had been crushed as they trod several steps onto it. And, the ‘rumbling’ sound echoed in the surroundings.

Their murderous auras overflowed the sky. The power in their attacks had decreased a bit. However, their movements were still incredibly quick. And, they had already exchanged hundreds of moves within a short time. In fact, their movements were as quick as the lightning that pierces the atmosphere.

The complementary shock waves produced by their clashes bulldozed countless mountains down. The fight between these two individuals had been tantamount to an enormous disaster for the surrounding space. In fact, the entire space in this region might collapse if anyone of them wasn’t careful.

Everyone became scared. The experts of the younger generation especially found themselves too ordinary as they witnessed this level of fight and tried to compare themselves to these two individuals. Such fighting strength was enough to be named as the peak expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. So, they looked too ordinary in front of these two individuals.


Both sides had exchanged more than hundred moves within a short time period. Ye Xiwen’s moves weren’t too splendid. He would only hack and slash his sword in a casual manner. However, the blood-red-clothed Young Master would have to defend himself from these sword attacks every single time. In fact, the blood-red-clothed Young Master couldn’t launch any large scale attack on him because of this.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master became terrified as he realized that he had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen. His arms had turned numb. Moreover, he wasn’t in the kind of situation where he could use his ‘real elemental energy’ to overcome this numbness either…

"Clang!" the loud sound of metallic vibrations came from the sky. And, the energy rushed upwards into the clouds. Ye Xiwen didn’t give the blood-red-clothed Young Master a chance to respite, and the fierce sword once again swept down towards him.

Ye Xiwen had taken the path of full-on large-scale attacks. In layman’s language — he had gone all-out to kill his target by using brute force. In fact, he hadn’t even used any fancy moves in the process.

The long sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand didn’t seem to issue any complicated sword moves. It only displayed basic sword moves. However, Ye Xiwen possessed the greatest might in his hand. And, it seemed as if it would bring-about Armageddon as it slashed down towards the blood-red-clothed Young Master.

"Whoosh!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master had no choice but to move forward to face the attack. He mustn’t show any weakness this time.




Both sides went all out. They didn’t use any gaudy and gorgeous moves. It was a blatant collision of brute force! Anyway, no fancy styles would’ve worked in the face of such raw power.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master spared no effort while he confronted Ye Xiwen. However, he had still been suppressed by Ye Xiwen. Moreover, he didn’t get any time to breathe while facing Ye Xiwen’s quick and fierce sword attacks.

Each of these moves was very simple and basic. However, he had to face them nonetheless. Ye Xiwen wouldn’t die if he were to receive one of his blows. However, he would certainly be hacked if he were to receive even a single blow of Ye Xiwen’s.

He had also figured out that Ye Xiwen possessed a formidable physique since they had exchanged so many moves. He didn’t know what kind of special physique Ye Xiwen possessed. However, he couldn’t dare to face Ye Xiwen’s iron sword head-on.

Many spectators were left dumbstruck as they watched this from afar. This fight had started only moments ago. But, the fight had diverted from their imaginations since the blood-red-clothed Young Master hadn’t gained the upper hand even once. Rather, Ye Xiwen had. Moreover, Ye Xiwen was still gradually suppressing him into a worse situation.

"What kind of physique does Ye Xiwen possess? How he can be so ferocious? I can tell that blood-red-clothed Young Master isn’t daring to receive even one attack from him… Ye Xiwen’s iron sword had merely touched his lance, and then I saw that his hands were left to tremble!"

"That is known as ‘Tyrant Body’. It is said to be an extremely ferocious physique. Even the Titan Body isn’t its match!"

Someone explained it. That fight which had taken place in the True Martial University had gradually become publicly known. So, Ye Xiwen had gradually become famous in the world.

Ye Xiwen’s complexion didn’t change. However, he had become a bit anxious inside. And, that was because this blood-red-clothed Young Master was very cunning. In fact, he wasn’t as wild and tyrannical as he would pretend to be.

He had switched to guerrilla tactics after he had realized that he would lose if he were to recklessly charge head-on. Consequently, he would attack, and then promptly pull back. He didn’t prolong the time frame of the contact. His movements were also extremely quick. Ye Xiwen hadn’t opened his demon wings yet. Therefore, he wasn’t at his top speed at this time. So, he couldn’t overtake the opponent. Otherwise, a single sword strike would’ve chopped his opponent into two halves…

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. He then suddenly attacked, and the iron sword transformed into a dragon. It crushed the void, and the entire world trembled under its might. The tyrannical sword energy broke down everything in the surroundings.

This was the so-called ‘I have the entire world in my hand if I have a long sword in my hand’. Ye Xiwen wasn’t a sword cultivator. However, there wasn’t any difference between him and a sword cultivator when the long sword was in his hand.

"Rumble!" The long sword pressed down and crushed everything. It seemed as if the world had collapsed. The might of this sword was enormous. However, its speed was also extremely quick.

Ye Xiwen had slashed down this long sword with all his strength. The essence of the ‘Buried Heaven Sword’ had been revealed to its peak. It was only an ordinary iron sword which had been slashed down in a casual manner. However, he had already mastered the ‘sword intention’. So, it seemed as if it would destroy the world once it was brandished.

"Puchi!" The speed of this sword was so fast that the blood-red-clothed Young Master didn’t get any time to react. And, it cut open a terrible wound in his body.

Blood splashed out and sprayed in the air.

Ye Xiwen’s movement was extremely quick. In fact, it was almost like the lightning. The majority of people couldn’t see the movements of these two individuals very clearly. And, they only saw the blood as it splashed out. Consequently, they didn’t know who had sustained the injuries.

The eyes of many people remained wide open as they saw this scene. They had almost been scared to death. Almost everyone had been more optimistic about the blood-red-clothed Young Master before the fight had begun. However, Ye Xiwen had gained the upper hand here. Therefore, he had established himself as more formidable and savage than the blood-red-clothed Young Master in such a short time.

Many people had blind trust on the blood-red-clothed Young Master. So, they were still thinking that he would win until a moment ago.

However, they became extremely amazed when they found out that Ye Xiwen wasn’t the first one to sustain injuries in the battle. Rather the blood-red-clothed Young Master was…

"The blood-red-clothed Young Master has been injured. How’s this possible?" Many people had become shocked as they saw this scene. A chill ran down their spines. And, a feeling of reverence and awe aroused inside them as they saw Ye Xiwen’s slim figure.

"You have completely infuriated me!" The blood-red-clothed Young Master couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw the wounds on his own body. And, he shouted in a ferocious manner.

(To be continued).

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