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"Monster?" Ye Xiwen laughed.

He didn’t even look at that man properly as he shot his fist. Countless ‘spirit energies’ began to rage up and roar. It seemed as if a universe was revolving on top of his fist. Then, a universe evolved out of his ‘fist intention’. His fist then transformed into a huge star, and pounded down.

"Rumble!" the matrix formation of the Silver Light Mountain Village got broken in an instant. And, the entire land got shattered into bits and pieces. Moreover, the microcosm that was there inside also collapsed. And, the innumerable disciples that were there inside died in the raging chaos.

It wasn’t clear how many people had sustained injuries… or had died under this one fist attack. The microcosm had collapsed. Those disciples weren’t powerful enough and had failed to escape.

A strong killing intention appeared in the eyes of that old ancestor of the Silver Light Mountain Village as soon as he saw the massive casualties of his disciples. He got so angry that he spouted a mouthful of blood.

"You big monster! How can you slaughter us like this without any hesitation. You will face the repercussions sooner or later!"

"Don’t you think it’s kind of funny? Everything happens because of a reason, and it must have its consequences. Hadn’t you thought about retribution when you were slaughtering everyone in the Great Yue State?" Ye Xiwen grinned. A bright smile appeared on his face. However, he looked as frightening as a smiling demon to other people.

"Everyone, do you only wish to watch with folded arms? He will die when our sage experts arrive. And, everyone will be rewarded for showing their might and glory when the time comes!" that old ancestor of the semi-sage realm promptly roared when he saw that he couldn’t stop Ye Xiwen on his own.

The experts in the surroundings were aroused to move into action when they heard these words of that old ancestor of the semi-sage realm. But then, they hesitated when they saw Ye Xiwen’s ice-cold eyes. Was this a joke? They didn’t know when those sage experts would arrive. However, this God-Killer was present before their eyes.

It was like the shame of a mighty dragon!

The golden rays of light condensed between Ye Xiwen’s palms. His palm then transformed into a huge dragon’s claw, and fell down from the sky.

"Bang!" the body of that old ancestor of the semi-sage realm got crushed. He only possessed the strength of an ordinary expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. He had condensed less than 700 dao principles. So, he appeared to have been made of clay in front of Ye Xiwen.

A semi-sage expert had been grabbed and crushed to death on the spot. This scene had purged the ill-intentions of many errant people. Such strength could scare a person to death. A semi-sage expert had been effortlessly crushed to death. Could it be the strength of the sage realm?

"Buried Person Sword!" Ye Xiwen shouted. His voice seemed ice-cold and ruthless. Then, a long sword appeared in his hand with a loud ‘clang’ sound. The ‘sword energy’ soared into the sky. The long sword flew into the sky, and transformed into countless golden swords.




The golden swords fell down along with the sound of the collision of metals, and they rained upon that entire region.


The sounds of explosion reverberated unceasingly. The huge area of the encampment of the Silver Light Mountain Village had shattered into pieces under the rain of the golden swords. And, countless disciples of the Silver Light Mountain Village had been impaled to death.

A river of blood had started to flow in the village and the surroundings. And, the blood fog had begun to diffuse in the air. It was a terrifying spectacle.

The warriors who were watching from the surroundings got scared as they saw this scene. In fact, they were so afraid to see this scene that they had been nearly scared to death.

Was this formidable fighting strength that of a sage expert? Such dreadful fighting strength was enough to suppress a country. It was the start of transcendence beyond the mortal world, and onto the path to become a sage. However, it was also the most frightening transformation.

Ye Xiwen used to be a young disciple of the younger generation in the past. However, he had now grown to such an astonishing extent.

The news that Ye Xiwen had destroyed the Silver Light Mountain Village had spread at a very fast speed throughout the 10 countries of the Southeast region. And, it had quickly become the most sensational news in the 10 countries of the Southeast region after being spread by the people who had seen it on that day.

Ye Xiwen hadn’t replied to the criticisms of the people of the Great Yue State. In fact, it had seemed as if he hadn’t heard them. However, he had now attacked in such a way that it had scared countless people to death.

And, one statement which Ye Xiwen had spoken had scared them in particular. ‘That blood-red-clothed Young Master can kill people. But, so can I!’

This statement had scared those errant people who had criticized Ye Xiwen. It wasn’t that they had been deceived or that they couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong. There was only one reason, and that was that they thought it would be easier to bully Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen looked relatively harmless in comparison to that ruthless blood-red-clothed Young Master who had killed countless people. Therefore, everyone had targeted him instead.

However, he had given them a tight slap on their faces with his practical action. In fact, he had made them confused and disoriented. They had been frightened to find that he wasn’t a good person either.

Those forces of the Great Yue State that had been criticizing Ye Xiwen disappeared almost overnight. And, nobody dared to talk things against him again. After all, they might similarly get uprooted if they provoked Ye Xiwen.

That blood-red-clothed Young Master could kill people. But, so could he!

Ye Xiwen had attacked only once, and all the criticisms had vanished in their entirety. This had made the influence of that blood-red-clothed Young Master go to waste. Everyone found out that they could no longer direct their hate on Ye Xiwen. So, their hatred was once again turned towards the Qi Coalition!

However, this wasn’t the only shocking thing that had happened. Qi Feifan and the other people had also attacked on the same day-and-time as Ye Xiwen had. And, they too had wiped out the nests of those forces who had been jumping in joy after forging relations with Qi Coalition.

The 10 most loyal pawns of the Qi Coalition had been uprooted within a short time of one day as a result. This development had shaken the entire Southeast Region. And, it had quelled the arrogance and rampancy of the Qi Coalition with immediate effect.

Ye Xiwen wasn’t the kind of person who would scold someone. He would rather eradicate them!

The forces that had been jumping in joy had been wiped out!

Many people made a scary discovery from these recent movements, and realized that many sage experts had appeared in the Yi Yuan School. Therefore, the Qi Coalition’s superiority would no longer be that obvious if this were to be true.

The Qi State’s attack didn’t have any relation with its national strength. It wasn’t like its national strength had witnessed an explosive growth or anything. Their attacking power was purely dependent on their sage experts. However, many sage experts had now arrived in the Yi Yuan School. Therefore, the Qi State hardly had any advantage left.

A rather clear situation had begun to become messy as a result!

The Qi Coalition didn’t respond to Ye Xiwen’s actions in the beginning. However, they couldn’t maintain silence since a few millennium-old inheritances was destroyed the very next day.

The Qi Coalition hadn’t been very united since the beginning. So, it was already on the verge of a collapse.

"Did you hear? Another inheritance has been wiped out. Everyone has been slaughtered, and nobody is left. It’s so terrifying!"

"So many inheritances have been wiped out in these two days. Ye Xiwen is so vicious and merciless. That blood-red-clothed Young Master had wanted him to come and ask for death in the beginning. However, it suddenly seems like a joke. That Young Master must be feeling like he has been slapped in the face. He must be seeing stars revolving before his eyes!"

Some people were continuously spreading these unfavourable comments regarding the Qi Coalition. The experts of the Yi Yuan School and some people obviously hated that blood-red-clothed Young Master.

It wasn’t clear how many forces had been wiped out during the glorious expansion of the Qi Coalition. And, many of these people were the survivors of these forces. So, they obviously possessed deep-rooted hatred towards the Qi Coalition. However, these people hadn’t dared to show up in public till now because of Qi Coalition’s tyrannical strength.

However, they had also begun to spread such news without any hesitation after they had watched the Yi Yuan School take the lead.

Consequently, the Qi Coalition’s fame sustained a severe blow.

Initially, many people had no other choice but to surrender because of Qi Coalition’s glory and prestige. However, many people had now begun to think that the Qi Coalition wouldn’t be able to dominate for a long time since more and more inheritance had gotten wiped out. Therefore, nobody was willing to act as their pawns now.

Many forces had also begun to side-line themselves from the coalition.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master had been very pleased and satisfied with his scheme at first. However, he almost exploded with rage after he heard about Ye Xiwen’s actions. This was the so-called ‘leading someone by the nose’. Someone was leading him by the nose for the first time. Moreover, Ye Xiwen hadn’t given him any respect. Instead, what he wanted to do to Ye Xiwen… was actually being done to him by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen was like a hedgehog who had made it difficult for him to eat its meat.

"I want him dead. This bastard will certainly die!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master shouted. His handsome face had begun to turn a bit distorted and sinister.

"Search everywhere. I want to know his current location!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master said angrily. He had believed that he could use these indiscriminate massacres to force Ye Xiwen to come out. However, Ye Xiwen had turn out to be a very cold-blooded person in his opinion since he wasn’t paying attention to the casualties of these ordinary people. So, this Young Master had found himself at a loss.

Initially, he wanted to kill everyone in Yi Yuan School in order to force Ye Xiwen to come out. However, he had changed his mind now. He couldn’t wait for so long.

Soon, someone gave him Ye Xiwen’s information.

"Reporting to Young Master, someone saw Ye Xiwen today. He has already arrived in Qi State!"

"What? He has arrived in Qi State?" The black-robed old man was standing beside the Young Master. He immediately became shocked by this news. He wasn’t like that blood-red-clothed Young Master. He was born and brought up in Qi State. He was a senior expert of the Qi State. So, he couldn’t helplessly watch the Qi State sinking into disaster.

"Let’s go, I will kill him today itself!" the complexion of the blood-red-clothed Young Master turned ugly as he said. He felt that he had been provoked. So, he would lose people’s faith if he didn’t counterattack ferociously.

The news that Ye Xiwen had arrived in Qi State and the blood-red-clothed Young Master was about to leave for the same place had spread out. Many spectators also followed en masse to see this stunning battle. This might be the first time that they would be able to see a battle between the powerhouses who were perhaps even more powerful than sage experts.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master was burning in rage. He led a group to the Qi State, and even the lowest ranked experts in that group were of semi-sage realm. They rushed back to the Qi State. It took only half-a-days’ time for a person as strong as him to arrive in the Qi State. This region would eventually become a battlefield.

"I’ve been waiting for you since a long time!" an ice-cold voice sounded from inside the void. A long sword fell down from the void, and streaked across the sky. It seemed as if the world would collapse. The ‘sword energy’ soared into the sky. And, it seemed as if it would destroy the Heaven and wipe out the Earth!

(To be continued)

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