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Chapter 481: Kill Those Who Are Most Excited
The vitality of a young flood dragon of legendary realm wouldn’t have a big effect on the current Ye Xiwen. However, it would have astonishing effects an expert below the legendary realm… or even an expert of the legendary realm.
His niece and nephew unceasingly emitted clear energies from their bodies after they ate mouthful of oil and meat. They had gotten the access and control over their meridians within no time. Then, their meridians opened up, and they advanced into the Xiantian Realm.
Ye Xiwen had no choice but to sigh with emotion. He never had such a good opportunity back then. He had to work hard and had made many plans for obtaining the Xiantian Dans in order to enter the Xiantian Realm.
Perhaps, this is what we call ‘the younger generation reaps fruit from the trees which were planted by their ancestors’!
However, he didn’t dislike this thing. After all, hadn’t he also enjoyed so many of such small benefits? For example… how could he have practiced the Xiantian Cultivation Technique – ‘Bright Jade Technique’ — if he didn’t have a father who was an elder?
"Young Brother, you will have to kill several such flood dragons for me in the future. Of course, it would be better if you can kill real dragons!" Deng Shui Xin spoke while eating a mouthful of greasy meat.
Ye Xiwen suddenly broke into cold sweat. [What the hell is this request? Kill several of them? I was lucky that I had encountered a young flood dragon then. I might have been chased and hunted down if it were an adult dragon!]
It wasn’t a sensible idea to say the least of it.
However, it seemed as if Deng Shui Xin had spoken this in a careless manner. She then began to talk to his older sister in a passionate manner. Her temperament was similar to that of his sister’s. So, she had become friends with his sister quite quickly, and was now talking to her rather energetically. However, she was talking with a pure heart, and wasn’t speaking any empty words.
There are men who hit it off well even when they see each other for the first time. And, they help each other even though they have just met. Then, why couldn’t the same be true for women…
The high-level experts of the Yi Yuan Peak would eat the flood dragon’s meat, and would then exercise their martial power to digest it. Most of them had the profound strength of te legendary realm. So, it wasn’t that they would explode from the excess of energy. However, their complexions had turned ugly in their attempts to containing the burst of energy.
They had seen sage experts, and that was something they couldn’t see on a normal day. They considered a sage expert to be some sort of a God. However, these sage experts were also yelling and fighting over the meal at this time. It seemed as if they weren’t different from these other people.
They knew that one wouldn’t care about Gods or Demons after having cultivated to such an extent. And, they also knew that sage experts were far more powerful than them. However, it wasn’t useful even if they knew this… because they couldn’t reach this realm. A sage expert had such dreadful fighting strength that even one such expert could easily force a country into submission. So, the higher-ups of the Yi Yuan School didn’t have any choice but to be vigilant.
However, that old man clad in black clothes didn’t seem interested in all this. He was keeping watch over Qi Feifan, and didn’t seem to be moving. People tried to persuade him, but he didn’t touch the flood dragon’s meat.
Qi Feifan had mentioned that this old man was the servant of the Supreme Lord’s Family when he used to be a kid. Afterwards, he had entered the True Martial University along with the Supreme Lord. He had been loyal and devoted since the beginning. Therefore, he had been sent with Qi Feifan’s group this time.
However, this also showed how much the Supreme Lord cared about Qi Feifan. This was a big reason behind the fact

that Qi Feifan’s cultivation had made unceasing breakthroughs in such a short time.
Ye Xiwen was somewhat envious of his status. He thought about the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. It only had a very few disciples. He wouldn’t have entered the Hidden Star Peak if there had been any margin for a different option at that time. And, he might have been in a different situation today if that had come to happen…
"Young Ye, what are you planning to do?" Qi Feifan had become angry when he had seen the miserable situation of the Yi Yuan School and the Great Yue State. He wasn’t an outsider like Ye Xiwen. He had been born and brought up in the Great Yue State. Therefore, his sentiments for the Great Yue State were beyond Ye Xiwen’s imagination.
"They’re not interested in a direct and decisive battle. So, we will also accompany them in this game and have fun!" Ye Xiwen coldly replied, "We will eliminate those who are most excited. We must first uproot the most loyal pawns they have gathered!"
"En!" Qi Feifan also harboured deep hatred for those pawns of the Qi Coalition.
Time passed day by day. And, the Qi Coalition was still slaughtering everyone. In fact, they slaughtered the entire cities and villages wherever they went. That blood-red-clothed Young Master was also practicing the ‘evil technique’, and he needed time to digest the absorbed essence and blood. Therefore, they weren’t forging ahead at a quick pace.
The accusations made on Ye Xiwen’s name were also growing. In fact, many people had also begun to blame him for this calamity. However, not many people had the courage to criticize that blood-red-clothed Young Master.
The Yi Yuan School had maintained silence on the criticisms of the outside world. They didn’t say anything.
On this day, the shadow of a person appeared outside the Great Wu State’s Silver Light Mountain Village.
"Bang!" A huge explosion occurred. The shadow of that person suddenly stamped his foot, and released waves of golden ripples. These ripples then proliferated in the surroundings.
He was flying in the air like an ancient god. And, his eyes looked ice-cold.
The ground collapsed and the space shattered wherever those golden ripples went.
"Who has dared to enter our Silver Light Mountain Village?" a loud shout came from inside the Silver Light Mountain Village as many tyrannical semi-sage experts rushed out. Many legendary experts were also present. They too possessed profound cultivation and vigorous auras.
Each of them had tyrannical aura which could scare anyone.
Ye Xiwen faintly smiled, and didn’t say anything. Those golden ripples then swept across like waves of the sea, and flooded the Silver Light Mountain Village.
"Rumble!" the space got shattered, and buildings were destroyed in a split second wherever those golden sea waves went. And, those semi-sage experts were sent flying as soon as the waves struck them.
"Who is this man? He dares to rush inside the Silver Light Mountain Village?" someone shouted since they had been stunned by this incredible battle scene.
Many of the experts who were in the vicinity of the Silver Light Mountain Village rushed over to see. They saw that a golden figure had arrived in the sky above the Silver Light Mountain Village. This individual looked like a Golden God of War. And, these people became extremely surprised when they saw this.
Who didn’t know that the Silver Light Mountain Village had turned arrogant and despotic having made their surrender to the Qi State? In fact, they were brimming with arrogance. So, who would dare to offend them? Let alone arriving at their door to fight in this way.
"That man… is that Ye Xiwen? I’ve heard of him, and I have also seen his portrait. It’s genuinely him. I’m not mistaken about this!"
"What? He’s Ye Xiwen? Isn’t he guarding the Yi Yuan School? How he has appeared here?"
"Everyone is saying that he has transformed since we last saw him on that day he became famous on the Demon Island. Only 10 years have passed, but even the semi-sage experts don’t look to be a match for him!"
Some people became extremely shocked as they recognized Ye Xiwen. More and more people rushed over there to see this astonishing scene.
"Who the hell are you?" a senior semi-sage expert of the Silver Light Mountain Village shouted. Those golden waves unleashed by Ye Xiwen’s step had nearly blasted him to death.
"You are Ye Xiwen?" an expert of the Silver Light Mountain Village recognized Ye Xiwen, and became extremely shocked at this realization. Ye Xiwen had become widely popular in the entire Southeast region of late. So, they also knew about him. The experts of the Silver Light Mountain Village were one of the main forces that had besieged the Yi Yuan School. So, wouldn’t they have felt terrified to see him at their doorstep this time?
"Finally, someone has recognized me!" Ye Xiwen faintly laughed and said.
"Ye Xiwen, what do you want to do?" that powerful senior expert of the semi-sage realm tried to act calm and asked.
"I will do everything which you were trying to do. You have willingly become the pawns of those people of the Qi State. So, you should have been prepared for this day!" Ye Xiwen coldly laughed. "Today, I will prove that your Silver Light Mountain Village’s fate has come to an end!"
Everyone suddenly understood what was going on. The people of the Silver Light Mountain Village had besieged the Yi Yuan School. And now, they were happily acting as the pawns of the Qi State. So, it was time for them to face the retaliation.
Ye Xiwen finished speaking. Then, he slowly walked towards those people of the Silver Light Mountain Village. And, his imposing aura was becoming more and more severe with every step that he was taking. The golden waves under his feet surged up violently, and he appeared like the reincarnation of an ancient god.
"Rumble!" His dreadful imposing aura swept out. Those legendary experts couldn’t resist the terrifying might, and fell onto their knees. Their legs had broken on the spot.
Ye Xiwen didn’t restrain his murderous aura. In fact, he set it free without any hesitation. And, it spread everywhere in the sky.
Those onlookers also retreated several steps. They didn’t dare to come close. They couldn’t come close to that ‘killing intention’. They were trembling with fear.
"Ye Xiwen, don’t dare to act too insolent. Our Silver Light Mountain Village also has a senior sage ancestor. So, you won’t be benefitted if you killed us!" that senior semi-sage realm expert shouted.
"I see. Then, I’ll let him come for me. I wish to ask him what he was up to this entire time!" Ye Xiwen laughed disdainfully. "Nobody can be compared with you when it comes to talking too much. You were jumping in joy after you became the pawns. Many people have died because of you. So, it’s the time to take back the debt of blood from you!"
These people of the Silver Light Mountain Village had been jumping in joy since they had gotten the support of the Qi State. And, they had obtained enormous benefits because of that. However, they would also have to be the first ones to face the retaliation since they were on the front line.
"Ye Xiwen, don’t you dare to be hypocritical before me. You should’ve gone in front of that Young Master and asked for your death with your hands tied if you genuinely cared about the lives of those ordinary mortals!" a person of the Silver Light Mountain Village interrupted Ye Xiwen by saying this.
"Those people…?" Ye Xiwen coldly laughed, "They make too much noise. That blood-red-clothed Young Master can kill people. But, don’t forget that I can also do that!"
Countless experts became numb as they heard this. A chill ran down their spines. It wasn’t easy to deal with this man who was present before their eyes. He was no pushover. He had already become widely famous once because of his killing sprees on the Demon Island. So, it was rather funny that many people still thought that it would be easy to bully him…
People hadn’t dared to provoke that blood-red-clothed Young Master. Instead, they had blamed Ye Xiwen for this chaos. Many people even had ulterior motives, and wanted these words to reach the ears of the Qi Coalition so that they could survive.
However, they hadn’t thought that Ye Xiwen could also dare to kill people… just like that blood-red-clothed Young Master.
How could a person who had released such a statement be treated with leniency? Perhaps, some people were going to have a bad luck.
People had previously thought that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t say anything because of the criticism. However, it turned out that he simply didn’t care about some random person’s cry!
These disciples of the Silver Light Mountain Village reacted in quick succession. They realized that this man before their eyes was also a God-killer.
"Form a line-up. We must stop this guy. I have already informed the Great Qi Coalition. They are sending sage experts to kill this monster!" that senior semi-sage expert shouted.
(To be continued)

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