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A long sword shuttled out of the void, and rushed towards that blood-red-clothed Young Master. The sword soared into the ninth heaven. It seemed as if that iron sword would destroy the entire world.

"Idiot, do you think I don’t have any defence?" The blood-red-clothed Young Master grinned fiendishly. He suddenly shot a scarlet lance to welcome the iron sword which was arriving ferociously.


That iron sword and the lance suddenly collided, and set-off boundless energies everywhere. The rogue energy blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it swept out. In fact, it swept across like great ocean waves. Consequently, turbulence surged up, and shattered a big chunk of void.

A slim figure appeared in the sky. He was treading on boundless golden ocean waves. It seemed as if he was clad in divine golden clothes. He was holding the iron sword upside down in his hand. He stood motionless in the void. His golden energy was soaring into the sky.

His facial expression looked calm and unaffected. In fact, it seemed as if he hadn’t launched that attack a moment ago.

The blood-red-clothed Young Master became extremely angry when he saw Ye Xiwen. And, his countenance started to look a bit sinister. He coldly squeezed out these words from between his teeth, "Have you come to die?"

"To die…? You think far too highly of yourself!" Ye Xiwen replied indifferently. Qi Feifan and the other people had arrived behind him.

Several elite experts had also arrived behind the blood-red-clothed Young Master in quick succession.

"Kill them!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master clenched his teeth and ordered, "Don’t leave anyone alive. I want them to die an ugly death!"

He had always given a lot of importance to himself. And, this wasn’t the first time that he had someone in this way. He had always schemed against other people. Moreover, he hadn’t suffered a loss in any of those instances. However, he had tumbled when he came across Ye Xiwen here. And, he would suffer a great loss if he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen.

"Yes, Young Master!" A black-robed old man came out from the shadow, and stood behind that blood-red-clothed Young Master. He then cupped his hands in obeisance and responded.

The imposing aura of that black-robed old man burst out. And, the released energy swallowed thousands of miles. It seemed as if it had swept across the entire world. He was a dreadful expert of the perfection level of the Sage Realm!

Many onlookers became scared as they saw this scene. Their complexions paled. They hadn’t reached the sage realm. So, they didn’t know about different power levels of the sage realm. However, they could feel this black-robed old man’s incredible power. It had far surpassed their imaginations. In fact, they felt as if he could destroy the world with a mere flick of his hand.

It wasn’t surprising that the blood-red-clothed Young Master had been so confident this entire time. After all, such an expert had remained hidden behind him. Anyone in his place would’ve been so confident!

Ye Xiwen’s complexion had turned solemn. [So, he actually has such a protector. It’s not surprising that he’s so insolent.] One must know that the Southeast Region was located in a desolate area. However, it still fell under the True Martial University’s territory. This Young Master may be at the initial stage of the sage realm. However, he wouldn’t be able to save himself if some experts of the True Martial University were to be mobilized to get rid of this guy for his atrocious acts.

[He has the support of such an expert. Is it possible that he also has the support of some big force?]

"Nobody among you will be able to go back today!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master let out a demonic laughter as he spoke-up, "The essence and blood of a sage expert is equal to that of millions of these ordinary people!"

However, the entire world had suddenly begun to tremble before he could think more on this…


The weather changed its color for a moment. In fact, it seemed like the scene before calamity… as if the world was about to disintegrate. A blade appeared, and it seemed as if it had managed to cut through perpetual flow of time itself. It pressed down from above, and its target turned out to be that black-robed old man who had revealed his dreadful strength a while ago.

A skinny figure suddenly arrived in front of that black-robed old man. The ‘blade energy’ split the vast sky and streaked across the void. And, it seemed as if it would chop the whole world.

That black-robed old man used his incredible strength, and avoided this blade in the nick of time. However, his complexion turned solemn since he was shocked to see the figure of an old man emerge before his eyes.

He looked like an average old man in ordinary servant-like clothing. However, he had seen the terrifying might of this skinny old man a moment ago. So, he had obviously become vigilant.

In fact, the black-robed old man couldn’t conceal the shocked expression in his eyes. That tyrannical blade-energy had shaken the world a moment ago. It was deafening. And, it would’ve cut him into two halves if it had struck him.

[His martial power is incredible and frightening! Who is this man?]

His eyes were filled with look of dread.

Everyone had witness this old man’s martial expertise a moment. And, everyone had been shocked by it. His one sword had forced that black-robed old man to retreat in frenzy. One must know that that black-robed old man was a senior expert of the perfection level of the sage realm. However, he had been forced to retreat in frenzy! Could this skinny old man be a senior expert of the great sage realm?

That old man in a servant-like attire was standing in the void. His clothes were fluttering in the wind. His spiritual pressure had suppressed all directions. He was carrying a long sword which could tyrannise the world.

"Who are you?" the black-robed old man seemed extremely scared as he asked, "Are you an expert of the True Martial University?"

"This is True Martial University’s territory. You have caused a huge disturbance here. Moreover, you have also looked down upon our True Martial University!" the skinny old man dressed in a servant’s attire solemnly replied. "Isn’t that right? My friend from the Meteor Sect…?"

"Meteor Sect…?"

Everyone went in uproar as soon as this name came out. They hadn’t expected that the blood-red-clothed Young Master would have such origin. Several people had been guessing about his background since nobody had been convinced that he was a ‘random cultivator with no background’. One could even say that other people must commit suicide if a ‘random cultivator with no background’ could cultivate to such an extent…

They had tried possible speculations and angles. They had even listed the big forces of the entire True Martial World.

However, they hadn’t thought that blood-red-clothed Young Master would turn out to be from the foreign territory. In fact, only a few old experts among the residents of the 10 countries of the Southeast Region had heard the name of the ‘Meteor Sect’. However, those people were the old monsters who had been cultivating for hundreds of years. They weren’t young and inexperienced who had recently made a debut like Ye Xiwen.

The so-called background of these old experts wasn’t visible from their strength alone. In fact, the mere vast pool of experience which they possessed had created an enormous disparity between them and the young experts like Ye Xiwen!

They were inferior to Ye Xiwen, but their experience had thrown him many streets. And, one needed time to accumulate knowledge and experiences.

"That’s not a legend. Isn’t the Meteor Sect an extremely tyrannical martial arts school of the ‘Chaotic Heavenly Territory’? It has been said that it rules over the entire southern region of the ‘Chaotic Heavenly Territory’. Their word is the law over there. It’s a very powerful school!"

"Yeah, it has been said that they rule a world which is called ‘The Meteor World’. The entire ‘Meteor World’ is their territory. And, it is as powerful as the True Martial University once used to be!"

Anyone would’ve been extremely terrified by their power… even if the-said individual had only heard a few words about them. A school had control over an entire world! It was an absolute colossus! It was same as the True Martial University used to be in the past!

Anyone could estimate how dreadful the ‘Meteor Sect’ was by looking at the True Martial University’s past glory…

However, the ‘Meteor Sect’ was very far from the True Martial World. Factually speaking, it was highly unlikely for people to travel from this world to that one… and vice versa. However, this could still be considered as provocation.

The entire void had broken into small pieces. There was a pin drop silence. That old man in a servant’s attire was still standing in the void. He looked very skinny. However, he possessed astonishing strength.

"You have broken the rule, and jumped across the worlds. So, don’t blame me for being impolite!" the skinny old man casually spoke-up. However, his words had a strange and persuasive strength about their tone.

"You are daring to stop us even when you know that we belong to the ‘Meteor Sect’? You are extremely reckless!" The black-robed old man attacked the undeterred skinny old man. A big hand swept out. And, it seemed as if a star had fallen down from the space as it charged towards that skinny old man to crush him.

Everyone gasped. It was an extremely frightening attack. Its might was merely one step away from reaching the threshold of the great sage realm. It had carried endless might!

The skinny old man in a servant’s attire was calm and composed. He raised his blade, and slashed it downwards. Thousands of creative concepts evolved, and stretched out in the sky like a magnificent picture scroll. This blade attack carried huge power as it smashed down.

Both of them had already reached the peak of the sage realm. And, their extremely terrifying battle had also reached the peak very quickly.


The dreadful attacks collided into each other. It opened endless cracks in the space. In fact, it wasn’t clear how many cracks had been opened in a vast radius. It seemed as if the world had lost its color. The Sun and Moon had lost their radiance. It seemed like a scene on doomsday!

Neither of them stopped at this, and went even higher in the sky as they continued to fight. The dreadful aftermath of their clashes set-off shock waves. Most of the spectators here were high-level experts. In fact, the weakest among them were at the semi-sage realm. Otherwise, these shock waves would’ve killed countless experts by now.

"Is this a fight between two sage experts? Then, how formidable would those great sage experts be?" everyone was left dumbstruck, but someone still managed to mutter these words out.

Sage level experts were like Gods to them. In fact, this was true when one considers that a sage expert could destroy the world like a God could. Not to mention that these two old men were at the peak of the sage realm. Hence, their battle had shaken the entire world.

The spectacle of a fight between great sage experts would be beyond everyone’s imagination.

Ye Xiwen slowly walked towards that blood-red-clothed Young Master. He still held the iron sword upside down. And, he coldly said, "I will teach you a lesson today!"

"I will send you on your way to hell!"

The eyes of the blood-red-clothed Young Master flickered as he looked at Ye Xiwen. It wasn’t clear what he was thinking. Perhaps, he hadn’t thought that the situation turn out like this.

He had arrived here in haste. He seemed like a bold guy. However, he had planned everything in advance. And, he had measured all the aspects. However, the only thing he hadn’t anticipated was that the opposite party would also have concealed a protector of the perfection level of the sage realm. Moreover, that skinny old man seemed like an extraordinary expert whose identity was unknown.

"The original plan has changed now. However, you will still die without a doubt!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master burst into laughter as he said. His ‘murderous aura’ surged up and began to boil. And, the surrounding space distorted because of his ‘murderous aura’.

The complexions of several spectators had turned pale when they saw this scene from afar. They could feel the ‘killing intent’ of the blood-red-clothed Young Master. It was such a grandiose ‘killing intention’ that it wasn’t clear how many people had been slaughtered in order to accumulate it. And, the entire of it had been set free by him at this time.

Ye Xiwen also looked serious. His aura seemed to have a lot of rage and killing intent as well. In fact, he had also killed many people. However, it wasn’t clear how much his murderous aura differed from that of the blood-red-clothed Young Master. Ye Xiwen had certainly killed a lot of people. However, he couldn’t be compared with that blood-red-clothed Young Master since that man would slaughter everyone in a city whenever-and-wherever he appeared.

"I will kill you and suck your essence and blood. Then, my cultivation will advance a step further!" the blood-red-clothed Young Master let out an evil laughter as he said. He could feel that Ye Xiwen possessed plentiful quantities blood and energy. So much so that they could be condensed into an energy pillar that could shoot up into the sky!

He didn’t know that Ye Xiwen’s foundation had become incredibly profound. So, his martial power would advance far more than a mere step if he could obtain Ye Xiwen’s essence and blood.

Ye Xiwen’s essence was certainly much more powerful than those ten millions ordinary people.

"You are too arrogant!"

(To be continued)

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