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"Who is this man? How he can be so powerful? He looks like a devil god. How can a human be like this?" The entire camp of the allied armies of Qi State had already been devastated.

Ye Xiwen’s one attack of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ had devastated the entire big camp of the allied armies of the Qi State. And, they had sustained heavy casualties as a result. Afterwards, a group of semi-sage experts were utterly defeated by his attack. Such strength had left them in despair. Consequently, they had become exceptionally afraid. And, a chill ran down the spine of the surviving experts of the allied armies of the Qi State. [This man is too ferocious.]

He had effortlessly wiped out a group of semi-sage experts. Was there genuinely a sage expert like that in the Yi Yuan School?

It was impossible. They had already inquired about this before they had arrived here. The Yi Yuan School only had one sage expert, and that person was the old leader of the school. However, he had already died in a seated posture. Moreover, many people had witnessed that with their own eyes. And, this matter hadn’t made noise in the Great Yue State alone. In fact, it had also made a buzz in the entire 10 countries of the Southeast region at that time. After all, it was regarding the death of a sage expert. A sage expert could run amuck in a country and could even be the named the ancestor of a region. So, they absolutely couldn’t have made a mistake regarding the matter of the death of a sage expert.

They had time-and-again verified the death records of a person like the old leader to see if it wasn’t bogus. And then, they felt relieved in the end.

Therefore, this person before their eyes couldn’t be that legendary old leader. The martial arts experts could obviously maintain their youthful appearance. However, this person clearly wasn’t too old.

This meant that the person who had devastated the experts of the allied armies of the Qi State was someone else. The disciples of the Yi Yuan School were cheering in excitement. Those experts of the allied armies of Qi State didn’t know Ye Xiwen, but most of the disciples of the Yi Yuan School knew him.

Ye Xiwen had left a profound impression on them back then. He had been a latecomer, yet he had gained the fastest speed, and had become a pro-disciple. And, he had then gained an illustrious fame after he had returned from the Demon Island.

Everyone had initially believed that Qi Feifan possessed invincible might among his peers. He possessed an unshakable position among his peers. In fact, he held a legendary status.

Ten years’ time had passed in a flash. And, several groups of new disciples had arrived in the Yi Yuan School during this time. These people had also been hearing about how Ye Xiwen’s fame was growing slowly.

However, not many people knew him still…

"Ye Xiwen, it’s Ye Xiwen!" Many disciples of Ye Xiwen’s generation immediately recognized him. This group of people were his peer, and were most familiar with him among the people of the Yi Yuan School.

They had seen him rising step by step to become a pro-disciple. Therefore, they were obviously touched the most.

A small gap opened in the big matrix barrier of the Yi Yuan School, and Ye Xiwen went inside. Those experts of the allied armies of the Qi State didn’t dare to launch an attack on him. After all, they weren’t idiots. Hadn’t they seen how formidable Ye Xiwen was? A group of semi-sage experts had been sent flying in the sky as soon as they collided with him. And, they had sustained serious injuries as well. Therefore, they might meet their deaths if they tried to provoke this powerhouse any further.

Ye Xiwen saw a group of familiar faces as soon as he went inside the big matrix barrier. And, the head of that group turned out to be Chu Jing Cai. Ten years had passed and Chu Jing Cai looked extraordinary now. He had gotten promoted, and had become everyone’s chief. His principles were faintly twined around his body. He had also become a respectable expert of the semi-sage realm.

However, Ye Xiwen was merely a bit surprised; nothing more. After all, Chu Jing Cai had already been at the pinnacle of the half-step legendary realm back then. Afterwards, he had reversed his cultivation into the legendary realm. Therefore, his speed must’ve become even faster. Moreover, he had stayed in the half-step legendary realm for over a hundred years. So, he certainly had a profound accumulation as well. So, his progress wasn’t far from Ye Xiwen’s expectations.

However, his strength couldn’t be compared with that of Huang Luo Chen and Shuiyan Luo. Let alone with the strength of Qi Feifan and Ye Xiwen…

Ye Xiwen also admired him secretly. After all, Chu Jing Cai had chosen not to leave the Yi Yuan School at that time. His cultivation wouldn’t have been comparable to Qi Feifan’s at present, but it could’ve well been comparable to that of Huang Luochen’s and Shuiyan Luo’s if had decided otherwise.

His attire made it seem like he had already become the head of the Yi Yuan School. Ye Xiwen saw the former head of the Yi Yuan School — Wu Potian — standing behind him. In addition, he also saw the familiar figures of the Lord of the Penalty Palace Hall and the Lord of the Merit Palace Hall. However, their attires gave an impression that they were no longer the in-charges. And, the experts of the younger generation had taken over their positions. He had already seen a lot of these people back in the day. Many of them were the trusted aides of Qi Feifan. In the end, Qi Feifan had officially taken the control of the Yi Yuan School in his hands. So, having his trusted aides in the team should naturally make sense. These people wouldn’t have become the puppets of the sovereign of the school if he didn’t plan to assign them to the important positions.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but be secretly moved. The power structure of the Yi Yuan School had been completely transferred into the hands of the people of this generation in this short period of more than a decade. It was even quicker than what he had expected. However, the younger generation had also grown up extremely quickly. A person like Chu Jing Cai — who had been clearly inspired by Ye Xiwen at that time — had also put more efforts into his cultivation. And, he had made the breakthrough into semi-sage realm within such a short span of ten years. He had fully demonstrated his hundred year worth of accumulation of legendary realm.

"Young Brother Ye, I didn’t expect that we would meet each other under these circumstances!" Chu Jing Cai’s face exposed a bit of agony as he said.

Both of them hadn’t anticipated that they would meet in such situation. Ye Xiwen had also thought that he would return to his home in glory. However, he hadn’t anticipated that he would return in this kind of situation.

"I hadn’t thought of that either!" Ye Xiwen replied.

"Sigh, I’m incompetent. I couldn’t lead the Yi Yuan School on the correct path. I’m unworthy of being the leader of the Yi Yuan School!" Chu Jing Cai sighed. He forced a smile and said, "Don’t pay attention to what I say. Thanks a lot to Young Brother Ye for coming today and helping us out!"

"It’s not a big deal!" Ye Xiwen waved his hand to show that he wasn’t bothered by this matter.

"It’s not a big deal?!" Chu Jing Cai exclaimed and said, "It maybe not be a big deal for you Brother Ye, but was nothing less than a hopeless situation for us. Young Brother Qi had sent a letter one year ago, and he had conveyed that you have made a huge name in the True Martial University!"

He and Qi Feifan didn’t have any conflicts. They didn’t have a very friendly relationship either. However, their relation had become quite good after Qi Feifan had left.

Chu Jing Cai was deeply moved at this moment. Ye Xiwen wasn’t the only person who had gone to the True Martial University. And, he didn’t get time to send letter to his home. However, that didn’t mean that other people didn’t get the time as well. They got to know from the letters that Ye Xiwen had established a big reputation in the True Martial University. At least, these high-level experts had come to know about it.

Therefore, he was even more touched. The True Martial University wasn’t a small place like the Yi Yuan School. Standing out among one’s peers was no big deal in Yi Yuan School, but one must say that Ye Xiwen had outstanding innate talent because he had stood out among his peers in the True Martial University. Moreover, he had also won the championship in the big competition between the four major forces. In addition, he had also become the top heaven’s pride expert of this generation.

Everyone had seen Ye Xiwen’s power a moment ago. A group of semi-sage experts had appeared like paper in front of him. They had been no match for him.

His strength had even stunned the True Martial University. It was very difficult to make the breakthrough into the sage realm in the 10 countries of the South-eastern region. The semi-sage realm was considered as the peak fighting strength one could have here. However, even that didn’t look enough in front of Ye Xiwen…

Some people may have had doubts that whether the information sent by Qi Feifan was true or false, but they had nothing to say at this time. A group of semi-sage experts had been effortlessly tidied up by Ye Xiwen. So, who could say that this rumor was false?

"Senior Brother Chu is over praising me!" Ye Xiwen replied in a neither obsequious nor supercilious manner. He would often remind himself about the Ancient Phoenix World. And, he was still far worse in comparison. He might not be able to bring her back in his entire lifetime if he would be self-satisfied because of other people’s praises…

"We are lucky to have you this time. Otherwise, we didn’t know when we would have gotten besieged!" the elder of the Merit Palace Hall opened his mouth and spoke-up. Even though he had advanced to become an ancient elder of the school, but he still had a huge influence in the Merit Palace Hall.

He and Ye Xiwen had shared good relations in the past. He had helped Ye Xiwen a lot in those days. So, Ye Xiwen was very grateful to him. However, the complexion of the elder of the Penalty Palace Hall didn’t look very good. Everyone knew about the way his attitude had been towards Ye Xiwen at that time. He and Ye Xiwen had a big argument… especially regarding the Luo Clan’s matter. He had repeatedly spread rumors about Ye Xiwen, and had said that Ye Xiwen was a cruel and undisciplined person. He had further advocated that the Yi Yuan School would have to pay the price for his actions sooner or later.

However, the final result had changed into this. Yi Yuan School’s big protective barrier was in an imminent danger a moment ago. The enemy’s big matrix formation would have possibly breached it if Ye Xiwen hadn’t attacked on time.

Therefore, the people of the Penalty Palace Hall were a bit nervous to see Ye Xiwen. They were afraid that Ye Xiwen would settle the previous debts this time. And, they would have no other choice but to extend their necks for execution if Ye Xiwen decided to settle the debts of the past at this time.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t have time to bother about these people. He went straight into the Yi Yuan School. Chu Jing Cai explained the present situation of the Yi Yuan School to him on the way.

Yi Yuan School had no choice but to give shelter to the personnel of the other sects of various regions while facing the attack of the allied armies of the Qi State. The-said personnel unfortunately had to abandon their sects. However, these people were fundamentally everything. Otherwise, what would be the use of a sect if its people were dead?

They clearly knew this truth.

The interior of the Yi Yuan School looked as if it was already ready for war. Every floating peak was already flying. They were patrolling around the Yi Yuan School. The Qianyu peak had been completely transformed by Ye Xiwen in the past. And, it looked most glamorous among all floating peaks because it had been designed for a pro-disciple. So, it was a bit bigger compared to the ordinary floating peaks. And then again, it had also been reinforced by Ye Xiwen.

However, those reinforcements and arrangements and so on… appeared extremely childish in the eyes of the current Ye Xiwen. He could easily break them any time he wanted to…

"What about my father and mother!" Ye Xiwen felt a bit relieved as he heard Chu Jing Cai’s explanation about things. So, he was mostly worried about the safety of his family members since they were present in the Qing Feng Mountain sub-school.

(To be continued)

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