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Chapter 475: Is that Ye Xiwen?
"Little Bastard, you shouldn’t have been insolent!" That old ancestor of the late stage of the semi-sage realm clenched his teeth and spoke, "I will ensure that your Yue State gets vanquished without even getting enslaved!"
The more that old ancestor of the late stage of the semi-sage realm spoke up… the more his imposing aura flourished. Ye Xiwen’s aura appeared to be at the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. His aura was certainly profound, and could even scare a person. However, it was only at the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. So, it was impossible for him to be a match for this expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm.
"Destroyed?" Ye Xiwen shot a glance at that man. He then unleashed the ‘Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand’. However, it wasn’t a red-colored fiery big hand this time. Rather, it was a golden hand. And, the big hand was wrapped up in divinities. It seemed as if it’d shatter the world itself as it pressed down.
Some semi-sage experts of the Silver Light Mountain Village attacked back. They wanted to stop Ye Xiwen’s attack. However, it was simply futile. They were no match for him. And, their attacks couldn’t put a scratch on his body.
Many experts had gathered in the surroundings by now. They found themselves stunned as they saw this scene unfold before their eyes. A majority of them had been scared to death by this spectacle. An expert of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm had dared to initiate an attack against several semi-sage experts and a group of legendary experts!
Such courage was enough to frighten everyone to their core.
Ye Xiwen had been apprehensive ever since he had found out some concrete news about the Yi Yuan School. So, he didn’t show the slightest mercy.
The big hand struck those experts, and they fell to the ground one after another like dumplings in a pot. Their bodies crumbled by the impact of Ye Xiwen’s slap. And, the bones in their bodies got shattered. They had basically been slapped to death.
Ye Xiwen grabbed that old expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. Then, he grabbed his soul and read his memory. He finally came to know that the army of the Qi State had besieged the Yi Yuan School. And thus, the most intense time had already arrived.
Ye Xiwen didn’t stop for even a minute and immediately rushed forward. There appeared golden light under his feet as he strode forward; he shattered the void in the process. And, he vanished before everyone’s eyes. In fact, he didn’t bother about that man and woman he had saved a moment ago either…
"Who is this man? How he can be so terrifying?" someone asked. An extremely frightening incident had taken place before everyone’s eyes. An entire group of experts were simply no match for Ye Xiwen, and had been slapped to death by him.
"That man looks a bit familiar. He is Ye Xiwen. He used to be a genius of the Yi Yuan School more than a decade ago. He is that Ye Xiwen!" Someone suddenly recalled Ye Xiwen. His words were filled with disbelief and speculation because he couldn’t believe that the same-person could be Ye Xiwen in reality…
Ye Xiwen had been famous among many forces at that time. However, ten years had passed in a wink. Ten years didn’t mean anything for these martial arts experts. In fact, ten years’ time wasn’t that long even for Xiantian experts. However, it was enough to make people forget about Ye Xiwen since he hadn’t showed up in these ten years.
Ten years’ time was enough to make many people forget about Ye Xiwen. Let alone, he used to be a mere junior disciple of the younger generation back then. Several groups of such young disciples often showed up every hundred years. And, one such group of young people had slowly grown up in the wake of Ye Xiwen’s absence. And, they had gradually masked Ye Xiwen’s glory with the passage of time.
Many people had forgotten abou

t Ye Xiwen. He had certainly awed everyone in the True Martial University, and had become a heaven’s pride expert of this generation. His name had shaken all directions. However, that was merely in the locality of the True Martial University. The news about his exploits hadn’t spread in the Southeast region. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had been dormant in the past few years… Therefore, many people hadn’t heard about his exploits of late.
However, he didn’t give them an opportunity to inquire, and disappeared before everyone’s eyes.
Everyone stared blankly at the direction in which Ye Xiwen had disappeared. They didn’t know what to say for a moment. [Who was this man? He was extremely terrifying even if he was that Ye Xiwen. He wasn’t even a legendary expert when he had departed more than ten years ago. And now, even the semi-sage experts couldn’t withstand a single blow from him…? Such strength is enough to rank him at the peak in the Southeast region. He was so terrifying just now.]
That man and woman had complex feelings as they saw Ye Xiwen leave. He had turned around for an instant a moment ago, and they had gotten to see him very clearly. He was really Ye Xiwen. They and he belonged to the same generation. Initially, they were also the elites in the Drifting Cloud City. They also used to be the focus of public attention back then.
However, they had been shrouded by Ye Xiwen’s glory at that time. In fact, they had been overshadowed by him. Perhaps, he didn’t remember that he once used to have two such rivals. However, they had always been impressed by him as well. He had been extremely powerful… to the extent that they wouldn’t be able to forget him even if they wanted to.
However, Ye Xiwen had faded away from their memories after he had departed a decade ago. And, the experts of a new generation had grown up. So, they had almost forgotten Ye Xiwen overtime. However, he had again graced the Southeast region with his presence and his extremely tyrannical attitude. The semi-sage experts appeared to be made of paper in front of him. They promptly crumbled by a mere touch of his’.
Were those semi-sage experts extremely weak? No. Rather, Ye Xiwen was too strong! They had believed that the gap between them and him must’ve decreased after ten years. However, it hadn’t decreased. In fact, it had widened beyond limit.
"I didn’t expect that he would become so formidable in just 10 years. It’s really incredible!" that man of the Drifting Cloud City sighed and said.
"Isn’t this great? It will be a great help for us since he is so tyrannical!" that woman added. The Imperial Clan and their Drifting Cloud City were the two forces among all the five big forces of Great Yue State which hadn’t surrendered. So, the fates of the two sides were tied together. And, both of them would lose their honor if any one of them lost its. So, she couldn’t help but be delighted after she saw that a formidable person had arrived for their help at this crucial time.
The Imperial Clan and Drifting Cloud City would’ve been afraid of a talent like Ye Xiwen of the Yi Yuan School if things had been any different. In fact, they would’ve hated him because such person could’ve disturbed the balance of power among the five big forces. Consequently, the other four forces would have become the subordinate forces of the Yi Yuan School. However, the True Martial University had fortunately started to recruit the disciples at that time. And, a group of the most formidable young geniuses who possessed great power and wisdom had left Great Yue State.
However, the matter seemed completely different at this time. Ye Xiwen had become more powerful. And, he could become a saviour for many forces of Great Yue State. They may have to become the Yi Yuan School’s subordinate forces. But, it would be better than getting wiped out.
These two couldn’t help but have mixed feelings in their hearts.
"Let’s go. Let’s go and see. Ye Xiwen must have returned to Yi Yuan School. So, we may get to see a startling battle this time!"
"Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go together!"
Ye Xiwen was treading on the rainbow light. He was so anxious that he didn’t even restrain his power. And, his tyrannical aura ripped apart the sky as he streaked across the sky like a comet. In fact, the friction arising due to his forward motion ignited flames in the sky.
He soon arrived at the main encampment of the Yi Yuan School. However, he was surprised to see that several tyrannical matrix formations had been laid outside the station of the Yi Yuan School in order to isolate it.
Each of these matrix formations was more intensive than the other. And, all of them were meshed together into a big matrix formation, and were strangling the great protective barrier of the Yi Yuan School.
Ye Xiwen immediately became angry. He flew above that big matrix formation. And, he shot one punch. The power of his fist distorted the space, and ripped apart the sky. It then condensed into a huge star in the sky, and fell down. It was the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’.
"Bang!" everything disintegrated wherever that big star went. It seemed as if the world itself was going to disintegrate. The scene looked like something one would see on the doomsday; it appeared like a bitter clash between two stars. Inexhaustible divine beams darted out everywhere, and set-off dreadful storms. These storms then swept across in all directions.
This was the first time Ye Xiwen had attacked with his entire strength after he had made the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. The attack carried dreadful might. This blast was like a scene on the day of Ragnarok!
The entire big matrix formation got eliminated in a flash by Ye Xiwen’s sudden attack. The terrifying shock waves didn’t get any place to dissipate under Ye Xiwen’s suppression. So, they got released inside that big matrix formation. Countless experts were caught off-guard, and turned into dust.
The big matrix formation had lost most of its power, but Ye Xiwen also had to use the entirety of his strength. His strength was equivalent to that of a peak expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. His attack already carried a bit of the sage realm’s might. So, it was exceptionally terrifying.
"Who are you? How dare you attack our Great Qi Empire?" a loud shout came from inside the crumbling big matrix formation.
Many tyrannical figures came out from that matrix formation in quick succession. They possessed tyrannical dao principles on their bodies. Their vigorous energies condensed together, and soared into the sky. It then formed a pillar of energy in the sky. Their eyes looked cruel and untamed. All of them turned out to be the experts of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, almost all of them were the experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. These people were old monsters of various forces that had surrendered to Qi State… just like that old ancestor of the Silver Light Mountain Village. And, these people had assembled together, and had then rushed towards Ye Xiwen.
It wasn’t surprising that the Silver Light Mountain Village had surrendered. Such a force was enough to sweep away the entire Southeast region. However, it would ultimately doom them to die at Ye Xiwen’s hands.
Surrender was understandable while facing a very strong enemy. However, they were willingly serving as the pawns of the Qi State at this time, and had invaded the Great Yue State. Such crime couldn’t be forgiven!
Ye Xiwen didn’t stop as he saw the big matrix formation crumble. He strode forward and transformed into a golden dragon. And, he swept past the semi-sage experts who had rushed towards him. The ones who came in contact with this golden light were sent flying.
Many of those semi-sage experts spouted blood from their mouth in quick succession. And, their bodies went flying in the sky. Ye Xiwen’s body was so intrepid that a mere collision with him had left them to spout blood. However, the extent to which their bones had been crushed as they had gone flying upside down wasn’t clear...
Everyone was left stunned as they saw this scene. They hadn’t anticipated that they would see such a terrifying scene. Neither the people of the allied armies of the Qi State… nor the disciples of the Yi Yuan School had thought that they would see such a terrifying scene. A group of extremely tyrannical semi-sage experts hadn’t been able to withstand one blow from him!
The disciples of the Yi Yuan School had given up all hope. However, Ye Xiwen arrived at this time. He had showed up like a God, and had shattered the big matrix formation that had been giving them trouble for so many days in just one move. Moreover, that group of tyrannical and cruel experts of the semi-sage realm had been sent flying by a single attack of his’.
(To be continued)

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