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Chapter 477: Meets Friends and Family Again!
"They are fine!" Chu Jing Cai began to talk about them.
Ye Xiwen came to know from Chi Jung Cai’s explanation that great changes had occurred here in the last ten years. It wasn’t that only he had progressed. Even his father Ye Kong Ming had been called-in a few years ago, and had been given the responsibility of an elder in the Main Sect of the Yi Yuan School. So, his life was settled now. And, even his elder brother and second sister had been recognized as key cultivators by the management. They were young and had already reached the Small Complete level of the Truth Realm.
Ye Xiwen knew how much this change was related to himself. The Yi Yuan School was naturally going to put more effort into nurturing his elder brother and second sister after they had witnessed his outstanding performance in the True Martial University.
After all, even his elder brother and elder sister were outstanding talents of his generation. They certainly weren’t geniuses like him. The ancient road would open again after several decades. And, the True Martial University would again begin to recruit new disciples. So, it wasn’t that they wouldn’t become outstanding experts of another generation. After all, they were still less than fifty years old. So, they still had a long way to go.
Originally, he would’ve also participated in the recruitment test of the True Martial University several decades later… just like his siblings. However, he managed to get recruited ahead of time; and nothing more.
These big forces were thousands of years old, and had produced many sage experts. However, these sage experts wouldn’t stay for long. And, they were also unlikely to come back in the future as well. However, the successors of those sage experts had always been given special importance in the sect because the-said sage experts might save the sect from calamity in the future if their successors were living in the sect.
Ye Xiwen became relaxed after he came to know that his family members were fine.
"The Qi State’s army is retreating. The Qi State’s army is retreating!" someone shouted. Suddenly, the sound of disciples’ clamor sounded outside. And, the cheers sounded throughout the Yi Yuan School. Chu Jing Cai also let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Ye Xiwen with a grateful expression in his eyes.
Everyone knew that Yi Yuan School’s breach was merely a matter of time if Ye Xiwen hadn’t returned on time. The Yi Yuan School had been besieged second time. One could say that the enemies hadn’t been prepared when they had attacked the Yi Yuan School for the first time. However, they had come prepared this time. And, the Yi Yuan School had been pushed to the verge of collapse under such a disastrous attack.
However, the entire Qi State’s allied forces then suffered a disastrous loss under Ye Xiwen’s unexpected attack. So, they had no choice but to retreat.
Ye Xiwen didn’t wish to chase and kill them because he knew that these people were nothing more than small goons. So, what was the point of kill these small goons if those genuine experts still hadn’t been taken care of?
"These bastards are finally leaving!"
"Fortunately, Senior Ye Xiwen has returned this time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous!"
Suddenly, several experts began to stretch their heads to look at Ye Xiwen as they clamoured. They previously couldn’t think of anything else because they were nervous since the Qi State’s allied forces were camped outside. However, they had become relaxed at this time since the enemy forces had retreated. And, they also knew that the enemy wouldn’t come again for the time being. So, they were finally paying attention to Ye Xiwen en masse.
Ye Xiwen was a great and legendary character for the people of this generation. He had rushed to the top by defeating countless experts in the process. He had gained outstanding achievements and fame. He had earned an illustrious rep

utation… not only in Yi Yuan School, but also in the True Martial University.
"Is that really Ye Xiwen?" a junior disciple asked with curiosity. Everyone had heard legends about Ye Xiwen. However, not many people had seen him in reality.
"Indeed, he is. Didn’t you see the school head talking to him? Gee, didn’t you see he looked like a god when he had broken that huge matrix formation of those Qi State’s dogs a while ago. He is extremely ferocious!" someone replied with admiration.
"Of course, those old semi-sage experts were sent flying as soon as they collided with him. They looked like paper tigers before him! I think he may have entered the sage realm!"
"Sage realm…? Who can dare to bully us if we have a sage expert to keep watch over us?"
Several experts of the younger generation had become curious when they saw Ye Xiwen. In fact, they had even started to make guesses about his strength. He was too far beyond their reach. However, they still made such unscrupulous guesses.
…With a bit of curiosity and adoration in their tones.
These people weren’t like him. They and Ye Xiwen were considered of the same generation in the days of the past. In fact, some of them had even fought with him. But, most of them had bitterness written over their faces. After all, they used to be his rivals at some point. However, he had matured and they looked so insignificant in front of him.
"Master, is that Ye Xiwen?" a sturdy figure was standing far away on a mountain peak. It was a young warrior clad in a magnificent warrior’s attire. He was looking at the distant crowd from that peak. Everyone had gathered around Ye Xiwen… as if he were a revered leader.
Ye Xiwen would’ve been surprised to see this person if he were here. It was his old rival — Mo Han.
Mo Han used to be at the Small Complete level of the Xiantian Realm at that time. However, he had steadily entered into the Truth Realm in these ten years.
A young boy was standing behind him; he looked approximately 16 or 17 years old. He had become a bit curious as he looked at the crowd from afar. So, he asked.
"Yes, that’s Ye Xiwen!" Mo Han nodded. He was feeling the bitter pain in his heart. He had lost to Ye Xiwen in the past. So, he had constantly put more and more effort to become stronger in his attempts to surpass Ye Xiwen. However, he had never imagined that the disparity between him and Ye Xiwen would get bigger and bigger.
He had thought that Ye Xiwen would admire his progress when he would return from the True Martial University. However, that didn’t happen. In fact, Ye Xiwen might not even remember that he had one such rival in the past!
"Is he genuinely so powerful?" that young boy curiously asked. He had heard countless fables regarding his legendary master. And, his master had always played the role of a villain in these legends. And, that was because Ye Xiwen had become a famous hero after his first fight in the Yi Yuan School. Therefore, Mo Han’s name had inevitably become famous as the person who had gotten crushed by Ye Xiwen in that fight.
Next to nobody had been optimistic about Ye Xiwen at that time. However, their evaluations had complete changed regarding him soon after.
"Ferocious!" Mo Han forced a smile on his face as he spoke. He was far more than ‘just’ ferocious. The entire Yi Yuan School had been sent shaking because of the Qi State’s allied forced, but they had been effortlessly defeated by Ye Xiwen in just one punch.
"Come on, let’s go back. The Qi State’s allied forces have withdrawn for now. However, we still have many things to do!"
Ye Xiwen didn’t know what his former opponents were feeling in their hearts at this time. He had already arrived at the Qingyu Peak. He hadn’t been accompanied by the high-level experts of the Yi Yuan School because they had to handle other matters post the retreat of the Qi State’ allied forces.
"Young Brother, you have finally returned!" Ye Xiwen’s elder sister arrived first to greet him as she saw him. Ten years had passed in an instant, and she wasn’t a delicate and naive girl anymore. However, she was still as frank as before.
Ye Xiwen’s elder brother, Ye Feng, was behind his elder sister, Ye Ruxue. He was exceptionally touched when he saw Ye Xiwen. These two brothers hadn’t seen each other since last ten years.
Ye Xiwen’s father, Ye Kong Ming, and his mother, Xia Chun Xue, were behind his brother. Ye Kong Ming looked calm and collected. A smile had appeared on his face when he had seen Ye Xiwen. However, his faintly shivering hand had revealed that he was emotionally moved in reality.
Xia Chun Xue was even more touched on the other side. In fact, she was repeatedly wiping her tears. She had always been near her younger son since his childhood. She hadn’t given him birth. However, she had always treated him as her own son. And, she had already counted the years for which Ye Xiwen had been away – more than ten years in the True Martial University. And, also the several years that he had spent at the Main Sect of the Yi Yuan School — A total of nearly 20 years…
"Father, Mother!" Ye Xiwen promptly stepped forward, and knelt down to greet them with respect. He had always had a soft corner in his heart for his family. He knew that he might never be able to return to the Earth. And, even if he could… he couldn’t tell how many months or years would’ve passed by then in Earth’s time frame. His foster parents had become even more important to him as a result. And, his identity, status, or strength wouldn’t change that.
"Get up quickly!" Xia Chun Xue couldn’t bear it when Ye Xiwen knelt down. She promptly advanced forward, and helped him up with her hands. She said, "You’ve become so thin!"
Xia Chun Xue had spoken this after she had observed Ye Xiwen carefully. He couldn’t help but smile wryly in response. The experts on his level could maintain their physique for thousands of years without letting it change even a bit. Then, how could he possibly become fat or thin? One could only say that it was a mother’s unconditional concern towards her son; and nothing more.
"Very good, very good!" Ye Kong Ming spoke-up in an emotional tone as he carefully observed Ye Xiwen. He had always been calm and solemn. However, his face had revealed a bit of emotions in this moment. This clearly showed how touched he was.
Another familiar woman had been standing behind Ye Kong Ming and Xia Chun Xue this entire time. She was Zhangsun Yuyin. She arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, and greeted him in a graceful manner. She then spoke in a melodious voice, "Accept Yuyin’s greetings, Brother-in-law!"
Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment. And, he immediately looked at his elder brother, Ye Feng, and said, "You got married?"
He was somewhat puzzled. He had returned to attend his elder sister’s wedding. However, he didn’t expect that he would hear the good news that his elder brother and Zhangsun Yuyin had gotten married as well. He already knew that the both of them were deeply in love. So, getting married was just a matter of time.
It was quite important for two martial cultivators to look for a lifelong companion. The so-called companion was one of the four key constituents of cultivation. The other three were — Land, Principles, and Wealth. And, they made for a very lovely young couple. It seemed as if their match was made in heaven. In fact, Ye Xiwen had been very optimistic about them even back then.
"Well, yeah!" Ye Feng felt a bit embarrassed, and touched the back of his head, "I’ve been married for a while now. I had heard that you were undergoing closed-door training at that time. So, I didn’t disturb you!"
Ye Xiwen had no choice but to let out a smile. A young boy and a young girl arrived behind Zhangsun Yuyin at this time. Both children weren’t even 12 or 13 years old. The young boy’s face exposed a heroic spirit. His forehead was quite similar to that of Ye Feng’s. And, that young girl was a baby-face. However, she looked a bit like Zhangsun Yuyin. She was a lovely child of a beautiful mother.
"Ye Ning!"
"Ye Ning Xuan!"
"Nice to meet you, Uncle!"
Both children walked towards Ye Xiwen, and knelt down in obeisance. Ye Feng introduced them to Ye Xiwen. They were his and Zhangsun Yuyin’s twin kids. They had been born more than ten years ago… shortly after Ye Xiwen had left for the True Martial University.
Ye Xiwen noticed that both kids had outstanding physical foundation and temperament. In fact, it was far better than that of his elder brother’s and elder sister’s when they were of this age. And, he couldn’t tell the difference between their current foundations, and that of his own when he was at their age.
They had already reached the peak strength of the Houtian Realm at an early age of less than 12. They might even become heavens’ pride experts in the future if trained properly.
(To be continued)

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